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  1. LegoMyMamma

    2022 Friends Rumours, Leaks, Information And Discussion

    This integrated dual-mold rubbery mane style was used for Mulan's Khan, yet it's more prevalent with 2 different colors. It seems to also be as a white and black striped mane with grey on a white horse for Anna upcoming!
  2. LegoMyMamma

    Friends 2021 - Rumours & Discussion

    A lot more images (more than other years) with *spoiler* of daily builds (for those who wish to not see ;-) @Soupperson1 :-)
  3. LegoMyMamma

    Disney Properties 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Raya and the Heart Palace has a Review on Princess Bricks Warrior Princess with lots of NPU :-)
  4. LegoMyMamma

    [MOC] Secret Life of Magical Bunnies

    Magic bunnies hop out of a Magician's Top Hat that blew over a garden wall ... As they hop down the leafy branches, one is already plowing with a tractor to plant more carrots; while the rest gather for Carrot Cake by the Rainbow Waterfall. A seat is empty waiting for a special Minifig, while another Bunny clears the clouds in her airplane! So, now you know what magic bunnies do after escaping to the forest ... Built in 2019 for an event; finally have taken photos after updating a few pieces. A few more images in its album.
  5. LegoMyMamma

    Friends 2021 - Rumours & Discussion

    @Soupperson1 There are better images than scans of instruction pages via the online catalog pages 32-35, as you can zoom in quite far for details. Also the possible circus theme has a few more clues, as in this from show episodes -- looks like a fortune teller and the "hat" buckets of a ferris wheel are the same as the movie theater's screen sticker.
  6. LegoMyMamma

    Friends 2021 - Rumours & Discussion

    Review of Andrea's Family House shows a clue on the TV @Soupperson1 ;-)
  7. LegoMyMamma

    Eurobricks Flower Show: Voting

    6 - 1 point 7 - 1 point 11 - 1 point
  8. LegoMyMamma

    Noctura's Garden

    Great setting for her! I love the second image where we see the lovely pathway color matches her hair highlights!
  9. LegoMyMamma

    Friends 2020 - Rumours & Discussion

    It may be that the cover shell is white satin or clear with glitter, and the orange is merely showing through from the back shell -- which makes sense with center and top/bottom studs looking white. This was pointed out by @Lyichir and @ltdemartinet @eldeeem on twitter: Which would make sense as *snow* for Winter activities :-)
  10. LegoMyMamma

    Friends 2020 - Rumours & Discussion

    Yes, they are randomly placed into the Cubes (with no exterior # for ID, and no way to feel for shapes) in the colors of: Aqua, Teal, Cool Yellow, and Vibrant Coral. Mia's is the only one with a brick-built tree and bananas ;-)
  11. LegoMyMamma

    Friends 2020 - Rumours & Discussion

    In the USA, 41390 is also available at Target, Amazon, and Walmart. I'm not sure how the "retail exclusive" status really works these days. The new Jungle sub-theme is nice though -- I just reviewed 41423 Tiger Hot Air Balloon Jungle Rescue -- the waterfall is detailed, solid, and is fun to build with functions -- plus lovely to look at!
  12. LegoMyMamma

    Friends 2020 - Rumours & Discussion

    I'm not sure what you mean by "not have it" as I reviewed it and it's still available on LEGO Shop-at-Home.
  13. LegoMyMamma

    Friends 2020 - Rumours & Discussion

    They are Alpacas (smaller than Llama): the set is called "Alpaca Rescue in the Jungle" and is to be a retail exclusive. Volcano has working 'pop' function for Lava ... so cool! :-)
  14. LegoMyMamma

    [MOC] Modular Gardening Shop

    Very lively -- just like a real garden center ... I can almost smell the potting soil & fertilizer! ;-)
  15. MODified 41905 Rainbow Jewelry Stand into Birdhouse Jewelry Stand: Moving objects and pegs around is fun! Although I kept the Teal pooled water, I topped with Teal curvy tiles (saving the shiny silver for something else), and blended the roof shingles with Teal. With some of my jewelry: My FFA Sweetheart charm bracelet, my Aviation Wings, and Emerald globe drop earrings ... found my Tinkerbell charm (on the Lily Pad) after thought lost 20-years ... Very fun set -- and the container is the bomb! I wish all LEGO sets to come in one -- for sorting & storing! More in its flickr album, such as the important of backside bricks ...