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  1. Congrats to everyone involved -- for taking MOCs to another level. It would be fun to have this set up at a comic con, or even an HP con, and watch people freak-out when they realize it's all LEGO!
  2. LegoMyMamma

    Ninjago Polybag Contest Winners

    Sssertainly ... I chose Llyod'sss Thanks for hosting Pep!
  3. LegoMyMamma

    [MOD] Rocket Diner

    Rocket Diner Retro style made me think of Route 66 and Area 51 for some reason, when building the Drifting Diner. So ... I have modified it to be "Rocker Diner" by changing out the sign from a huge burger to a rocket launching. Perhaps the target is landing on a planet with French Fries! I used mostly only the parts from this set; only a few Aqua tiles and Magenta tiles to give it a bit more finished look. Inside: The dining Booth had an adorable car shape; since I used that piece in the rocket, I tried to balance out the Teal color as a tabletop, and added a burger there. Plus, a Jukebox at the booth. The red spatula is from 2014's Caravan set -- and goes perfect with this diner. Sweet Mayhem & Wyldstyle are enjoying "Best Friends" Day at the Rocket Diner by toasting with fruity drinks! Happy "Best Friends" Day!
  4. Here is my NinjaGO-fied version of LEGO Friends "Olivia's Remote Control Boat" into "Shark Army Angler's Remote Control Junk" polybag: Instead of going around a pond, Angler's is at the NinjaGO City Docks and the remote control can make it "rock" as if hitting the waves. The Friends 30403 polybag looks like this: My new version has 26 or 27 parts and Olivia's has 25 (+ spares). I bought and reviewed Olivia's last year and liked the boat's snot build and the overall concept of a polybag representing an activity. Hope you like Shark Army Angler's boat ... she left her mace at army HQ today, so you're lucky!
  5. LegoMyMamma

    2019 Friends Sets - Rumors and Discussion

    Looks to be a new printed waffle tile in 41375: All the Summer 2019 set images, including Summer Heart Boxes, Ocean Rescue, HLC, and Pier Fairground/Amusement Park on one page: New mini-doll versions added to Mini-dolls page: including new-to-doll-form characters Lillie (with glasses) and Kacey (who appears to have Teal eyes).
  6. LegoMyMamma

    [MOD] Eggsplore the Friendship House

    Thanks! Those train coupling plates sure do warm a heart The Crazy Egg Car is the inspiration for the whole scene -- I should have made a video because every time you push it ... it goes in a different direction And I should have specified "painted" eggs, oops -- so the one in the kitchen is the one Emma is painting, yet there is another on in the house ... Thank you -- I'm glad it makes you laugh because it has me too! This makes me very happy and I hope you have fun building with her, and a wonder Easter/Spring time! Glad I can make you smile, again Inspiring youngsters was the brief, so by doing that and 'entertaining' a few AFOLs at the same time makes me smile
  7. LegoMyMamma

    2019 Friends Sets - Rumors and Discussion

    Here are the Summer Heart Boxes: :-)
  8. LegoMyMamma

    [MOD] Eggsplore the Friendship House

    @Mylenium An observatory in a tower for sky viewing, rather than just a "lookout" telescope, is a great idea -- wish I'd thought of that when building. Those sleeping mats could be moved to the rooftop for Stargazing! I may have to incorporate that into a future build. Thanks! As for it being too Friends looking: well it is a set from that line, plus I should have mentioned in the post that it was requested from TLG's social media team for a Friendship House build that can show kids and parents some ideas of what to do with their set once built. It was shown on LEGO Life (geared to age 5-10) and so I hope an Easter themed event could inspire other type of events for the clubhouse!
  9. LegoMyMamma

    [MOD] Eggsplore the Friendship House

    An Easter Egg Hunt event hosted by Friends - Olivia waves an event ticket and pulls a wagon with their Easter Egg sign so mini-dolls walking by can know of the event. Zobo follows behind making sure the Eggcellent sign doesn't fall out! - They've decorated their clubhouse, the Friendship House, with Spring and Easter items to welcome their open house guests. Are you going? - From the balcony Andrea makes an announcement over the loud speakers: "Hop hop hop along in everyone!" :-) - So the baby bunnies take her que and hop to Mia by the giant Easter Egg Basket, spinner ride and bouncy house! - Making sure the driveway is clear ~ Stephanie cranks up her Crazy Egg Car in the garage! Watch out Zobo -- it goes every-which-way! Her doggy Dash is smart and hides in the dog house that belonged to the former Fire Station's dog ... hmm, I wonder what breed of dog that was? ;-) - Wait, where's Emma though? Oh, she's in the kitchen painting Easter Eggs! - There are 5 Easter Eggs hidden in and around the house -- can you find them? - Then, watch the baby bunnies get their photo taken in a "bucket of colored eggs" by Emma. Bunnies hop to the Bunny Bouncy House and Spinner ride! Castley balcony lookout and pool top ... Andrea yells to Mia about the bunnies ... Rumble and a friend are busy in the hamster hutch ... under the slide ... Friendly critter hiding in the tree ... Inside the clubhouse, and kitchen with back patio ... Bunny gets a picture taken in a bucket of colored eggs! Giant Easter Basket and other highlights of the setting ... ____________________ The Friendship House was renovated a little more than what the girls did already: - Now the twisty fire-fighter's pole in enclosed, making 2 flagged rooftop towers -- sort of castley -- with a rounded-out top balcony. - A 5-heart bunting has been strung across the front -- to represent them all. - The front lawn has been landscaped and the driveway extended. - The side Patio has been expanded with a larger grill, five chairs, and the slide is covered. - Out back the tree with swing has grown to shade the yard. Can you spot a friendly critter whose home is there now? - Plus, the old Fire Station's Dog House was found and cleaned up for Stephanie's dog Dash. - Under the patio extension is where Rumble and his friends play in the Hamster House. - The kitchen gained outdoor seating -- with matching color stools. - Inside the garage has been cleaned and the sleeping room enclosed with the fire-fighter's ladders access added to the back. - Rooftop pool is fitted with plumbing. Great place for enjoying a pizza! - Back to the front -- the garden grew a little bit, and so has the bunny population! Happy Spring! Happy Easter! ~~~ As seen on LEGO Life -----------------------------
  10. LegoMyMamma

    Emma's 2019 Lunar New Year Party!

    Thank you, I started to tile all the floors but ran out of time. At least now I don't have to pry them all up Thanks, I could have done lots more tweaking, for sure! I especially enjoyed Emma's bedroom. I couldn't go with trans blue dining chair backs. So glad someone noticed that! Glad you like my designs :-) ~~~~~~~~~~~ Happy New Year! This is the TLG edited version of it, used in a frame hung at an event in Shanghai, China, and on social media.
  11. LegoMyMamma

    Emma's 2019 Lunar New Year Party!

    Lunar New Year celebration at Emma's House! The 5 core Friends visit Emma's House to learn about the Lunar New Year traditions of the Wishing Tree, and to see Emma's art poster of the "Year of the Pig" for 2019! Wishes are written on a ribbon type of paper, usually red or pink, and then hung in a tree by attaching string to a kumquat (small orange type fruit) and tossing it up into the branches. ~ Built for the "Spirit of Chinese New Year 2019" events for The LEGO Group. My brief was to show it in a Friends setting :-) Emma writes her wish for the Wishing Tree next to her art post of the "Year of the Pig" for 2019. Emma's mom Charlotte is happy while her dad takes a photo of her creating her art poster for the party! Chico is not sure what to make of this piggy! Charlotte in the new 2019 master bedroom suite. Emma's bedroom renovated just in time for the 2019 CNY February 5th! You can see more images of the modifications, such as adjusting modules by 4-studs in its flickr album. Thanks for coming to the party ~ Happy New Year! Enjoy lots of other wonderful builds from around the globe for this celebration on the LAN blog!
  12. LegoMyMamma

    [MOD] Petal & Kettle

    I think the original was cute ... I hope I made it cuter ;-) Thanks! Thanks, I am a fan of cafes with a rooftop balcony or terrace -- I wish I had white curvy tile for finishing it, yet I think the grey is OK. Thank you, the cherry tree was inspired by the box art. The rotating window display is probably one of the finest designs to come out of an official set of an eating place! Glad you like my modifications -- since you reviewed this set -- you know it well ;-) I didn't bake cupcakes when finished, but did make afternoon waffles for coffee time!
  13. LegoMyMamma

    [MOD] Petal & Kettle

    Welcome to Petal & Kettle ~ Flowers & Tea ... if you please :-) MODification of Heartlake Cupcake Cafe 41119 [2016] Naomi trims the Cherry Blossoms off the tree for flowers and the leaves for tea! Cherry Blossom Tea ~ smooth and fruity. Modifications: - Switched side patio for rooftop patio, and added cherry tree - Used brick-bricks from side patio to extend along rotating display window side - Added a brick-built sign rather than tall front door archway - A Teapot with flowers or a Watering can into a tea cup -- you decide ;-) - Changed oven pastry warmer to cooler for cut flowers -------------------------------------- Features: Selection of Teas Potted and Flowers in vases Rooftop bistro table, cup and pot return area Shaded by Cherry Blossoms branches Stephanie enjoys her tea and chocolate cupcake with peppermint frosting on the rooftop patio, under the shade of the Cherry tree. Inside. Birdseye view. Naomi shows Emma the cut flower selection in the cooler. Meanwhile, Stephanie get ready to deliver a flower pot to a customer. Emma decides to take the Candy & Flower arrangement as a gift for her Mom. Naomi getting ready to water the flowers. A teapot is always steaming hot at Petal & Kettle! Back from delivering flowers, Stephanie enjoys another cuppa Tea! The rotating display window showcases flowers in vases, as well as yummy pastries to go with your tea. Thanks for visiting :-)
  14. LegoMyMamma

    MOC: Forestside House

    It is beautiful -- I'd love to see it built using 'real' bricks!
  15. LegoMyMamma

    [MOC] Winter Village Ice Rink

    Glad you like it and get some inspiration! Thank you, it was fun remembering skating rinks as a kid -- even though one of my boots fell under and behind the bench -- then into the fire pit while I was skating! I can still see that melted red rubber boot - LOL Thanks, I couldn't not utilize that part, right! Glad you like it -- I had meant to build-out and modify the whole 41322 as a small Lodge after reading your review of it. Hopefully nobody tells Anna that Kristoff was riding in a sleigh with Stephanie!