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  1. MaximB

    Arabian Street

    I missed this video, thanks! Amazing layout!!
  2. MaximB

    [MOC] Goblin Slayer & Priestess

    Wow! Cool! The characters are very recognizable! The base with the chopped goblin is also gorgeous!
  3. MaximB

    [MOC] Gatehouse

    Cool gatehouse! Interesting design and color scheme for vegetation.
  4. MaximB

    [MOC] Fright Knight's - Witch's Tower

    I've always found it strange to use black for towers and castles, but this one looks cool! Great work!
  5. MaximB

    [MOC] Avendor. Quest - Strange glow

    Thanks! It's cool when old parts come in handy ;) Thanks!! Thank you. I wanted to diversify the urns. Glad it worked out.
  6. MaximB

    [MOC] Avendor. Adventurers' guild

    Thank you! She'll be pleased to hear it. Thanks! I was inspired by this anime too. Thank you! I'm pleased you like it.
  7. (Afoland Castle Game. Meronia) “Not far from Avendor is the crypt of the Baneful Tomb. Toward nightfall, a shepherd was leading his flocks back. He said that the doors of the crypt were slightly open and a deathly blue light emanated from them. You need to go to the crypt and find out if the rumors are true.” Taking the quest, Gerard went to the crypt. The shepherd wasn’t imagining things - the crypt was full of undead...
  8. MaximB

    [MOC] Avendor. Adventurers' guild

    Many thanks for all your comments!! I'm glad you liked it!
  9. MaximB

    [MOC] Avendor. Adventurers' guild

    He was celebrating completion )) Yep, she drew them all. Thank you! I'm glad you liked! Thank you!
  10. (Afoland Castle Game. Meronia) In Avendor, the capital of Meronia, there is an adventurers' guild. It exists to help adventurers so they don't have to find quests themselves. The guild receives requests for tasks, checks them for legality and complexity, and sets the reward price. During the break between the king's errands, Gerard decided to visit the guild and take on the task. Special thanks to my daughter for painting the tiles! More pictures:
  11. MaximB

    [MOC] North Tower

    Apparently I need to get acquainted with this work, since many people quote it )) Thank you! Here's a studio file, but it's more of a sketch. Thank you! I'm glad you liked it! Thank you! I'm glad you liked it! There is probably a better solution with fewer parts and a more durable design.
  12. MaximB

    [MOC] Avendor. Marketplace

    Thank you! Glad you liked it!
  13. Amazing work! Incredible similarity with the reference! The textures of the building were well chosen and implemented!
  14. MaximB

    Arabian Street

    Awesome layouts! The buildings are well detailed and in the right style, both in a poor area and in a rich one. The characters and scenes with them are also great! Everything looks very harmonious!
  15. MaximB

    [MOC] North Tower

    Thank you! Thank you!