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  1. MaximB

    [MOC] Apartment building

    Thank you! Thank you! Thanks! Here is your order. Bon Appetit! ;) Thank you!
  2. MaximB

    [MOC] Apartment building

    Thank you! Thank you!
  3. MaximB


    Awesome, very stylish moc!
  4. MaximB

    [MOC]Malaysia Style Coffee Shop

    Wow! Very interesting work, exactly like the original!
  5. MaximB

    [MOC] Apartment building

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Yes, custom.
  6. MaximB

    [MOC] City mocs - by Barthezz Brick

    It is a pity! In its present form, it causes admiration and I can not imagine how cool it will look like when completed. I think the new project will be the same great.
  7. MaximB

    [MOC] Apartment building

    Thanks! No, only the exterior. I build mainly for exhibitions, where the distance to the viewer more than a meter. Thank you!
  8. MaximB


    Many thanks!
  9. MaximB

    [MOC] Apartment building

    Apartment building In September this year, my wife and I went to the exhibition of our LUG into Dnepr. On our way, we stopped in Lviv. The impressions of the architecture were incredible. During the 9-hour walk i could capture a lot of buildings. One of them I tried to portray in this work, with a few changes. Apartment building by Maxim Baybakov, on Flickr More photos in the spoiler
  10. MaximB


    Thank you! In big trouble! 400+ soldiers went to the borders of the kingdom. I think that some members of the forum have a lot more soldiers. Nevertheless, it's a lot for our land. Many thanks!
  11. MaximB


    Many thanks! As already answered by Henjin_Quilones, this torso is 973px82ac01 with other hands (made several combinations with two torsos and two hands). Good luck in expanding your moc! Thank you! The result was a young forest)).
  12. MaximB


    Many thanks for comments! I'm glad that you liked it!
  13. MaximB


    I have already created a theme with this castle at the beginning of the year. Now it is overgrown with landscape and story. This stand has already been sent to the exhibition, which will be held in several cities. "In the last couple of weeks attacks on eastern villages have increased. The first Kwynn and Troughbren were ravaged, then Ehlerdah. In all cases, the survivors spoke of knights with the flag of the dragon. More than 10 years have passed since the last conflict with the Empire, during which their leader Emperor Rimusk and most of the vassals were defeated. The new Emperor Marius maintained a good relationship and seemed to be turned up for peace. But not all lords agree with him... Whatever it was, the scouts confirmed - the attack involved the warriors of the Empire. After gathering the army, King Edric and Lord Gerard go to the borders of the kingdom to establish order." Campaign by Maxim Baybakov, on Flickr More photos in the spoiler
  14. MaximB

    [MOC] Springald

    Faladrin, Littleworlds, Venefic, Paddi, many thanks for the comments! Faladrin, here is information about springald:Тенсионный_спрингалд And also in the book Ancient Siege Engines (Payne-Gallwey, Ralf), chapter IX The spring engine
  15. MaximB

    [MOC] Springald

    For the second stage of the Ukrbricks contest "The spring engine, as portrayed in medieval works, appears to have been of simple construction though it was no doubt an effective weapon. This engine is well depicted, together with the slip-hook which releases the arm or spring, when the latter is drawn back far enough to strike the butt-end of the javelin with sufficient force to project it." (Ancient Siege Engines, Payne-Gallwey, Ralf) Springald by Maxim Baybakov, on Flickr Springald by Maxim Baybakov, on Flickr Springald by Maxim Baybakov, on Flickr Springald by Maxim Baybakov, on Flickr Springald by Maxim Baybakov, on Flickr