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  1. Geertos13

    [MOC] Theatre stage with modular background

    Such a wonderful creation! And such a fantastic, original idea! What a great idea to transform one of our greatest playwrights into a LEGO set! Voted for it immediately! Fantastic idea! Truly wonderful initiative, and not to mention a great way to open up children to classical theatre and great french authors!
  2. New portraits have been added :) Including the first Fantastic Beasts portraits! More to come soon.
  3. Thanks everyone for the friendly comments, much appreciated.
  4. Geertos13

    MOC - Harry Potter part 7: Courtyard battle

    This is terrific! Fantastic work! And what a scale! Highly impressive! Love the use of colours and overall architecture, accurate and yet very well translated into lego style!
  5. EDIT! New Harry Potter Portraits have finally arrived! Enjoy! :)
  6. "The wand chooses the wizard, Mr. Potter " - Mr. Olivander, wand maker Hi Eurobricks! Another stop motion based on the first Harry Potter book/movie : Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. This time, we go back to the very beginings. Harry pays a visit to wandmaker Ollivander, in full lego style! --CAST-- Geertos13 as Harry Potter Gary Fairhall as Garrick Ollivander Jonathan Kydd as Rubeus Hagrid ---------------------------------------------- The Small Minifigure Legs are available at C&Cs appreciated
  7. Thank you. Those are great suggestions, be sure to check back soon for your requests will be made real ;)
  8. Thanks for the praise guys, much appreciated :) New portraits have been added to the mix, including Giant Grawp, Ron and Ollivander
  9. Thanks for the praise! Another wave has been added to the collection! Including Aberforth, Grindelwald and Marcus Flint! Hope you guys enjoy!
  10. Geertos13

    71040 The Disney Castle Discussion

    Everybody seems quite annoyed at the minifigures, but I've been wondering. Since they made all those rooms for all major Disney princesses/characters (aladdin, beauty and the beast, sleeping beauty etc), would it be safe to assume that this set might later on turn out to be a "shelf" set in which one can expose his Collectible minifigures? Seriously though,when looking at the beauty and the beast room, they clearly put in two studs for minifigures. Now, one may argue that those aresimply there to offer another spot to pose the included figures, but what if, we end up getting a second disney series and all rooms will overtime be filled with their appropriate characters? That would make up for an amazing play-set and would make a terrific marketing tactic!
  11. New portraits have been added once more! This new round include Crabbe & Goyle, Colin Creevey and werewolf Fenrir Greyback!
  12. NEW PICTURES ADDED! Portraits include Augusta Longbottom, Lavender Brown, Romilda Vane and more! I simply cut the necks off to make Vernon and Dudley look fatter Thank you
  13. 5th Edition of the Harry Potter Portraits! New pictures, including Arthur and Molly Weasley
  14. EDIT: NEw pictures have been added! Thank you, the grey knot is actually Ma Cop's hair from 70809 Lord Business' Evil Lair Lupin is coming in the upcoming update!
  15. EDIT: A new range of pictures has been added to the collection.