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Found 36 results

  1. To me, the “purist” line is drawn at using fake/custom/3D printed moulds and permanent modification. For many of my custom figures, I make pauldrons and kamas out of paper, and sometimes even torso wrap-around things. I also make “paper decals” (idk) where I would usually just create markings and the like which I use blu-tack to stick onto the figure. As LEGO fans, would you approve of this and/or consider it “purist”?
  2. Hi! This is the thread where I'll be posting my figs from time to time, glad to have you here! I've been quite active making OC figs in the past (not so much nowadays) but I never really shared a lot of them on EB, most of them stayed on Flickr. Recently I've been compiling years worth of individual figure shots into collages, in an attempt to streamline my Flickr photostream and to also free up some space for future images. I thought now would be a good time to share them. In no particular order: Alternate Ninjago Pythor (Ninjago Rebooted) || Galactic Federation Zane || Cyborg Ronin Captain Cole || Saiyan Kai || Darth Cole Magma Cole || Relic hunter Zane || Saiyan Cole Modern fantasy & sci-fi Business Man || Agent Headhunter || Scarletti Pilot Black(White)tron || Roadhoa || Deathgun Saiyan || Agent Wolffe || Techno Ninja Hunter Medieval fantasy 1 Warrior || Dragon Drow || Uorenn Kerbunnt || Siralia of Ilyasvir Agéra || Reptarian || Vampire ronin || Dragon Rider Enzan Armafur || Exetrius Centario (custom army uniform) || Pumpkin mage || Aethereal guard The OC Ninja project Green Ninja || Master of Spinjitzu || Ninja of Stars || Quérardo Scalpellina || Airiana || Retrorius || OctanCorp Ninja Tsunamo || Crimson Skull || InstaGoProNinja || Yoshinturamachi Sasekageojima _________________ 2019: Ninjago figbarf (Serpentine tomb) Nindroid || Overlord-possessed Min-droid || Techno robes Jay || Techno robes Kai || Venomari Leader || Tomb guard Lasha || Stone Army scout statue || Stone Army warrior statue Villains figbarf Supercharge || Alexei "The X" Erpotov || Deathwing || Umbra Brittanica || Dr. Osmund Divine beauties figbarf Cavernis || Kitsunari || Yokazuki (top) || Onibashiri (bottom) || Racha'on || Umiamaru _________________ Thanks for looking!
  3. I notice there is less resistance against using non-Lego solutions in this board than in the past. In a recent topic about pulleys for a crane,, at least three different people suggest modding pulleys by changing the axle hole, while the same problem can be easily solved by putting the wheels on a bar instead of an axle. In a recent topic about turntables,, the first suggestions are to use AFOL custom part designs. This is suggested before anyone even thinks about how this can be done in Lego. In, someone built a miniature verson of 8865 using only the springs from the shock absorber parts and the first 20 replies made no mention of that specific point. (What speaks in favor of the builder though, is that he provided an alternative solution using rubber bands.) I thought this was a forum about Lego, where people use Lego pieces to solve problems, without "cheating". I remembered the days where if you used a modified piece your MOC wasn't even considered a Lego model by many people. Nowadays, there's hardly mention on this and it sometimes feels that I'm the only person here that still cares, that can't appreciate a model if the builder copped out somewhere. My rule still is, If you can't do it in Lego, then you can't do it. And a model that doesn't do it is better to me than a model that does it by cheating. After all, if you're allowing A, then why not allow B, and then C, all the way to Z and if that happens, what are we even doing? I understand 3D printing has something to do with it, but isn't the whole sport that you have a limited set of pieces that you'll have to do with, and that that means that some things can't be done? Isn't that the whole idea? I mean, if everything can be done, where's the achievement in doing it? Having done my bit of a rant, I am curious to see how others are seeing this. Have others also noticed a trend over the years? What are your opinions on it? What are your opinions on purism vs. using non-Lego solutions? Do you use non-Lego, and if so, why? What's OK to you and what's not, and why? Custom string? Custom stickers/prints? Custom tyres? Custom coloring? Custom springs? Can you define a limit that makes clear what's within and what's outside? If it's not clear, how do you handle the gray area? If you're an extensive user of non-Lego solutions, why are you into Lego instead of scale modeling in general? What are your opinions about all this?
  4. Figbarf, Magnhildr the Wanderer. Put this character together for another bash at the Heroica RPG quest being run in the games section. Parts: Ninjago Hair, Widowmaker Head, Kraven The Hunter collar, Fabric cape from Star Wars, Torso is a Rebel/Resistance. Weapon from Ninjago, Black utility belt. Legs are TLM2 Wyldstyle. Character: "Little is known about Magnhildr; "she" has been recorded by the tribes for centuries, wandering in and out of settlements with useful items to trade - food, hides, tools and scrap the people could use traded for entertaining trinkets. A barbarian by necessity, the icy wastelands are a dangerous place. Those who have simply encountered her have been scared off by the stern looking figure. However, the families she has traded with for generations know a different side of the Etherian they call Mags. A person who loves the fractals of the ice she wanders through and has been known to swap a valuable item for a child's drawing." With Theme Music! More MOCs for this figure will be coming, the little backdrop is a go at something Techno-Magical. Thanks for taking a look!
  5. Hello, everybody! I live in a place where acquiring LEGO (sets or parts) is incredibly difficult due to many reasons, including the inability to buy online. I would like some ideas concerning minifigures I never had. What I would like is: -A head design for Kit Fisto (Purist, and I can apply decals for the face. I just need ideas for the tentacles.) -Luminara's hat. -Aayla Secura's twi'lek tentacles -Pong Krell's head. If any of you have any ideas, I would be extremely glad to learn from you! Thank you!
  6. Some of you may already know that I enjoy creating custom CMF series, with an even and coherent group in mind. But sometimes, I end up with that one individual minifigure, who insists on standing on its own without the need of a whole serie. So here is the topic where I will gather those minifigures. They will be added in individual comments, with an updated recap right here as I create them. Pictures are clickable and lead to each character's own comment.. <
  7. We all know that LEGO will not release many of our favorite movie or television characters. Here is thr place to show off your purist figures! Rules (I know, bad word, but must be done): 1. Absolutely must be purist. That means no 3rd party brands, knockoffs, or any custom printing. These must be made from existing LEGO parts. 2. No Star Wars, Marvel, or DC characters. There are separate forums for those. 3. Keep the profanity to a minimum. We have people of all ages here. No hard cursing. Otherwise, let's do this!
  8. Hello! In this thread, you can post purist customs that you have created from movies and games, like John Wick and Mortal Kombat. You may suggest parts that look good create a recipe share your customs Please do not post super heroes customs in here, there are seperate threads for those. The figures do not have to be entirely accurate, as some characters are incredibly hard to make. Have fun!
  9. Hello everybody, I've been looking at some threads here, and I found some pretty nice ideas for the thing that I like the most, minifigure customization. I like making purist figures more than anything, and I'm specialized in Marvel Comics and Star Wars minifigures. What I'm looking for is some parts to use to make rather obscure villains of the Hulk; The U-Foes. I've been searching for many ways, and could come up with nice designs, but I would also like to see what people think is good. The U-foes are Ironclad, Vapor, Vector, and X-Ray. You can give me ideas, whether they're based off the regular comics design, the ones from the Video-Game, or even a custom design of yours. Every idea would be appreciated!
  10. CommanderGrimm

    [PURIST FIG] Commander Cody Phase II

    INFO: Commander Cody has always been my favorite character of the Clone Wars Era despite his betrayal of his Jedi master, General Kenobi. I decided that, since I had a few 212th battalion figures around, to try to make as accurate of a phase 2 Cody as possible. This is the result. PARTS: -The main body is that of the Clone Wars Commander Cody. -The legs are of the 212th Airborne Trooper. -The helmet is from the 212th Trooper. -The head is from Boba Fett. -The backpack is from a First Order Stormtrooper polybag. -The hair is a military-style black haircut. -The rifle is composed of a blaster rifle and a black connector piece. -The Palpatine hologram is from the Republic Frigate. The binoculars are macro-binoculars. PICTURE:
  11. To all who come to this happy thread, welcome! As you may know, I'm a huge Disney fan, so after the popularity of the Purist Superhero Figs thread, I figured it would be great to have a similar thread dedicated to creating purist Disney minifigs! Since it will probably be a while until we get another series of Disney CMFs (if we get one at all!) it's up to us to fill up the roster of minifigs based on Disney movies. Anything from TV shows, short films, animated features, and live-action films is welcome here! Flesh skin-toned figs are preferred since they look more accurate and fit in with the CMFs (unless the character has a different skin color in the source material of course), but yellow figs are accepted as well. Allow me to start by sharing some of my creations. First off, here is a pure Joy from Inside Out. I made her yellow since she always has that golden glow. The Cyborg hair actually suits her pretty well. By the way, if you want an official Joy minifig as well as the other emotions, please support my Inside Out Ideas project! Pure Joy by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr Next we have the Sultan and his trusted advisor Jafar along with Jago from Aladdin. The sultan's turban doesn't fit on his head completely due to the beard. He could use a cape, but sadly there are no tan capes. I'm pretty happy with Jafar, even though his skin is not the right tone. Sultan and Jafar by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr Lilo & Stitch is probably the most under-represented property in Lego, so here are some figs to fix that: Lilo herself, Pleakley, and Cobra Bubbles. Lilo looks a little... boyish, but that's just because the head and hair that are most accurate for her come from male minifigs. Lilo, Pleakley, and Cobra Bubbles by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr Also, this isn't mine, but somebody made a Beast using the minidoll head: So what combos can you come up with to make our Lego Disney dreams come true? Please share your creations along with a little description!
  12. Anonknee Muss

    Purist Green Lantern Mod

    "In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might Beware my power Green Lantern's light!" After seeing the new lantern piece, I thought to myself "What's stopping me from putting different colours in the lantern?" Nothing is. Then that's where the lightbulb lit up like fireworks on 4th of July: Green Lantern's Lantern! I like the lantern from the 2015 set; the designers did very god work with the old lantern considering the scale and the pieces they had available back in 2015. However, with the addition of the new piece I feel it looks a better scale than 2015. Honest opinions are appreciated and welcome. Expect to see some more photos soon
  13. I make alterations to minifigures sometimes, but a lot of the time, I simply find myself adding accessories that the characters didn't originally have in their sets. I've tried mentioning them in topics aimed at general minifigure customization, but I've gotten little to no response there, so I thought I'd make a place dedicated to that idea. Below are some examples of my own accessory additions, or images that inspired me to alter the accessories. When I saw the Green Lantern lantern that Sheldon is holding in the image below, I thought that it was much closer to the scale of minifigures than the one offered in the Green Lantern set, itself. I also became curious if I could make that same design in any other colors with existing pieces, so I looked up the four pieces used to make it, and I discovered that I could also make red, blue, yellow, black, and white lanterns. My Hal Jordan now has a much smaller personal lantern battery, and I made one in yellow for my Sinestro as well. I also gave Hal and Sinestro translucent studs on their hands in their respective colors to represent glowing rings. When I saw the Teen Titans Robin from the Jokerland set, and I saw what they gave him for his bo staff (a black lightsaber blade), I was unsatisfied with both the length and color. I wondered if the old longer rod with narrower stop came in the newer version of grey, and I found it, so I'm using that now, and it works perfectly. I don't like the ADU guns used for the Super Heroes themes whenever a non-space-based minifigure needs a gun, and I liked the old black guns used in the Indiana Jones theme, so I was very excited when Lego brought them back for use with Sabine from Rebels, so I bought a bunch of those from B&P and I use them with my Avengers Black Widow, my USM Nick Fury, and I'll give one to any normal human character in the future to whom Lego gives an ADU gun. Speaking of Black Widow and ADU guns, that's what they give her in the Age of Ultron sets, though her shock sticks are arguably more iconic to that movie, so I wonder why they didn't give her those. I got the idea to give her trans light blue lightsaber blades for them, because that's the color normally used to represent electricity, and then I see this image on the Marvel Super Heroes minisite, which shows that piece used for that purpose. That made me more confident about that choice. The Winter Soldier minifigure doesn't come with any weapons in his package, but I wanted him to have a sniper rifle of some sort, so I gave him a blaster rifle that's used in Star Wars sets. None of the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade sets have the Holy Grail, which is what they're hunting in that movie, so I gave my Indiana Jones minifigure a gold goblet piece for that, along with the other two small pieces I gave him to represent the other movies in the trilogy (I gave a crystal skull piece to my Mutt Williams minifigure, if anyone's curious). I'd love to see what other ideas anyone else came up with. Please share, but focus on the accessories here. There are other places to post the minifigures, themselves.
  14. Who can make the best Sherlock Holmes Purist minifigure? Let's find out. Here are the rules: your minifigure must be purist [no modifying beyond swapping arms,legs, etc. You can make whichever Sherlock you want, Downing, Caumberbach, etc. You don't have to use the Lego Detective minifigure. That's it. By the way, I just made my account yesterday. I love this site.
  15. Hi! This is exactly what the title says, a topic about purist Star Wars custom minifigs. I know there was a topic like this before, but it hasn't been replied to for a while and I'm not sure if I would be allowed to bump it. This is not restricted to just minifigures, so custom droids etc, can be posted here.
  16. Hello World! I am Marcos "Takeshi" Miranda! I used to live in the USA and now living in the Philippines! On July 21, 2017, I will be celebrating 20 years of GNU/Linux experiences. On January 18, 2017, I officially escaped the Dark Ages for not working LEGO in four decades, when I bought the LEGO® Classic Large Creative Brick Box (10698) and LEGO® City Prison Guard Key Chain (853568). I also have the LEGO® Brick Calendar (853195) since January 2013, however, my wife builds & rebuilds it (the calendar) almost every month. My first, physical LEGO MOC build was on January 19, 2017, and was done during my second visit to Singapore. I've done two more before returning to the Philippines. Then, on February 5, 2017, I bought the LEGO® Bionicle Lord of Skull Spiders (70790) and LEGO® City Police Starter Set (60136). My wife built 60136 and I built 70790 at 2AM the next morning. I think I have done nine (9) physical LEGO MOCs by now and they're posted in my DeviantArt LEGO gallery. I know people don't like clicking on URLs (links) but that is the only site where I am publishing my LEGO MOCs, both physical and virtual builds. Though I am already building LEGO® MOCs (from my LEGO® Classic Large Creative Brick Box), I am not a LEGO® Addict! I'm just a simple LEGO® Purist that randomly builds for the sole purpose of making digitized LEGO® Art. Though I have countless hours available, producing a LEGO® MOC (physical/virtual) is not a priority. I have recently added LEGO® Digital Designer and LeoCAD to my collection of digital art development tools. For those building LEGO® MOC police themes, please let me know by using the tools available on Eurobricks. Thank You! Law enforcement is one of my multitude of interests. Marcos "Takeshi" Miranda
  17. A few days ago, LEGO has started uploading episodes of "Beyond The Instructions" on their YouTube channel. The idea is that they show an official set and then modify it, often using 3'rd party parts like RC drone equipment, helium balloons, cameras, laser pointers, IE things that are obviously not made by LEGO... wait, isn't that "against the instructions"? Sure is! Now the question is: Is LEGO promoting non-purist thinking? Are they doing it to rattle the brand-loyal builders? Or is there anything positive that you see in these types of experimental videos? PS: The idea is not to endlessly debate if "purism" is good or bad, because that never ends anywhere constructive. It's just to discuss what intentions LEGO might have and what effects there could be in the way MOCers and MODers carry out their hobby.
  18. I'm as susceptible as anyone to "the cult of the new" when it comes to minifigures and bigfigs, prone to oohing and ahhing over LEGO's latest creations. But sometimes I don't get that feeling and find older versions better than newer ones. Here are some examples: This is my favourite Joker (though with the big smile on the double printed head, not the smirk pictured), not the forthcoming one. And here is the Hulk I like most, not this one that came out a year later. I like this Spider-Man more than this one despite it being 10 years older. The ghosts I prefer are this one followed by this one. The more recent CMF one is cool too and I have one in my display collection with a different head, but the ones with the white shrouds are top of my list of phantoms. I realise that these preferences are entirely subjective and that opinions will vary, but was wondering what older versions or minifigures, bigfigs and moulded creatures other FOLs prefer to newer versions. Are there any that have disappointed you or do you always like the latest ones most?
  19. Has anyone here had much like making a flail with the new spiked ball piece we got in series 15 and a short chain? I'm not a huge fan of the single-piece ones, and I've previously made larger, blockier ones but would love this opportunity to make something a lot sleeker looking - but I'm really struggling finding good ways to attach the ball to the chain. Any suggestions?
  20. I wanted to show off all of my purist figs, because I have some that aren't TV show or movie characters, or Superhero figs, so here they are. I will be updating this constantly with new figs. I'm moving all my figs to this topic instead. NOTE: I do not take of minifig arms, as it breaks the torso, but will take off hands, and occasionally legs too. I will list the parts of each minifig (Hair / Helmet / Hat, Head, Neck, Torso, Hands, Legs, sometimes hips, etc.) Hope you enjoy the figs! [001] Shazam! [002] Bizarro V1 [003] Kid Flash [004] Yondu Udontu [005] Bizarro V2 Thanks for looking! MANY more purist figs coming your way soon!
  21. This is a topic for purist custom minifigures from other themes, not a superheroes\villains, Star Wars and TV-shows characters. Rules and tips are here. Enjoy!
  22. Hi After the overwhelmingly positive response to my James Bond project, which is still a WIP, I have decided to make a sister project of Bond's famous adversaries. Like the Bonds, these will all be purist and I am open to any suggestions, feedback or constructive criticism, enjoy! Please note, some of the descriptions may contain spoilers for the associated movies. Dr Julius No (Dr No) "Unfortunately, I misjudged you, you are just a stupid police man" The first Bond villain, Dr No plans to demonstrate the power of SPECTRE by sabotaging US Space launches from his secret base in Jamaica. Having lost his hands through radioactive exposure, he has metal claws strong enough to crush a gold statue. Donald 'Red' Grant (From Russia with Love) "I get a kick out of watching you, the great James Bond, find out what a bloody fool he's been making of himself." Grant is SPECTRE's most formidable assassin, sent to kill Bond aboard the Orient Express and steal back the top secret Lektor machine he took from the Russians. The figure is carrying the exploding briefcase that causes his downfall after he blows his cover as a fellow British agent by ordering red wine with fish. Auric Goldfinger (Goldfinger) "This is gold, Mr Bond. All my life I've been in love with its colour... its brilliance, its divine heaviness." A millionaire obsessed with Gold, Goldfinger embarks on the crime of the century, to break into Fort Knox, but doesn't plan to take a single bar of gold... Elektra King (The World is not Enough) "You wouldn't kill me. You'd miss me." After her oil tycoon father is assassinated, Elektra inherits the King pipeline, bringing crude oil from Azerbaijan to Europe. She and Bond become extremely close, before she reveals her villainous intent to monopolise oil production with a nuclear meltdown in Istanbul. Gustav Graves (Die Another Day) "You're a rare challenge, Mr Bond. " A wealthy diamond miner, Graves has developed the Icarus satellite, supposedly capable of increasing daylight in parts of the world which normally spend months in darkness, however he is in fact the disguised Colonel Moon, a North Korean war criminal who Bond supposedly killed. Graves and Bond meet during a fencing match, so I have re-created that look here. Le Chiffre (Casino Royale) "I hope our little game isn't causing you to perspire." A maths genius and expert poker player, Le Chiffre is also a terrorist banker who uses his skills with statistics to play the stock market, but when Bond prevents a terrorist attack on Miami Airport, his plan to profit from a drop in airline stock fails and he must turn to the casino tables to recoup his loses, hence he is seen here with a gambling chip. That's all I have for now, I hope to post some more (and better pictures!) soon!
  23. mmcclelland

    James Bond

    Hi I have decided to create a custom minifigure of James Bond for each of the official films, which will eventually include the soon to be released Spectre. For each film, I am trying to recreate Bond's 'signature look' which is easier for some films than others, any ideas, comments and criticism is welcome. These are the ones completed so far, all are purist Dr. No Being the first film, I went for Bond's iconic tuxedo and, since the only guns are revolvers which don't really match what Bond uses, I have given him a Martini glass. From Russia with Love For most of the film, Bond wears a light grey suit and tie, this one I think is a good match. I have given him the sniper rifle he uses in the film and the brown suitcase represents the Lektor machine he is assigned to steal from the KGB. Goldfinger One of the most famous scenes in Goldfinger has Bond and the villain play a tense game of golf. The outfit here is very similar to Bond's but in the wrong colour, his sweater should be a dark red or brown, but I haven't found a better match so far. He is seen here holding the bar of Nazi gold he wagers against Goldfinger in the match. You Only Live Twice In You Only Live Twice, Bond must disguise himself as a Japanese fisherman in order to infiltrate Blofelt's base. I have recreated that look here with a black kimono and Japanese wig. While Bond himself does not actually wield a samurai sword in the film, several other characters do and it seemed a good fit. On Her Majesty's Secret Service The first film without Sean Connery, hence I have given Bond a different face and hair. For much of the story, Bond impersonates a Scottish Baronet, in appropriate attire. As he proposes marriage in the film, I have given him a wedding ring. Licence To Kill One of Timothy Dalton's two films sees Bond pitted against the evil drug dealer Franz Sanchez and cut off from MI6, so his sharp suits give way to more practical clothing. As the story revolves around drugs and money, including $5 million dollars Bond steals from Sanchez, Bond has a bank note here. These are all of the Bond's I have completed so far. Most of the other films are somewhere in the pipeline! Coming soon; The Spy who Loved Me Moonraker The Living Daylights Die Another Day
  24. LegoPercyJ

    Purist Arnim Zola MOC

    This Is my Custom/Purist Arnim Zola and a hydra stand with logo Zola is composed of Orange Legs, MODOK's Body, a Nixel Head, and a brick built camera/head thing The hydra logo is simple, as I wanted something colorful for him to stand behind. Enjoy!
  25. The Chosen Minifigure

    Large figs?

    Hi there! (This part can be ignored) I'm currently doing a project that involves taking every currently available D&D 5e miniature and making them into Lego. I've been doing my preliminary thoughts, and a problem came up: (Important starts here) I need a way to make minifigs larger without being Bigfig sized, partly due to the minimal customisation options of Bigfigs. So I'm asking you guys for help; how can I make a larger figure without going Bigfig? Any questions just ask. Thanks, and I look forward to you guys sage advice.