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  1. DeCommander96

    Purist Superhero Figures

    What armour did you use for stealth spider man?
  2. She said another is coming i think she thought I meant DC set though lol
  3. Just spoke to a Lego employee and she said the d2c set is being revealed tomorrow, I don't know whether she knew what I was talking about lol,so don't get your hopes up but keep your eyes and ears open
  4. My bad sry, I remember it being leaked but I googled it and you're right
  5. Last year,in September I think it was, we got the leak for the big venom set. Also in February 2018 we got the infinity war leaks
  6. DeCommander96

    Purist Superhero Figures

    This has probably been done before,but for a decent Solar Suit Superman you could use Bruce Banner's hair Normal Superman face Zod's torso from Man Of Steel sets black legs/rockstar batman from the minifigure series 1 These legs
  7. DeCommander96

    Purist Superhero Figures

    Nice work! I would give him the Sakaraans gun from guardians of the galaxy vol 1 to complete the look
  8. DeCommander96

    Lego Marvel/DC Mechs

    Nearly finished building my Destroyer mech pictures coming soon
  9. I'm pretty sure they just wanted to make a flurken lol i heard the marvel set was meant to be for the movie but they scrapped it due to it being too small so they are releasing it now
  10. DeCommander96

    Purist Superhero Figures

    Does anybody have any ideas for a Lego muse from daredevil? I am using rhinos torso, a beanie, white arms with red hands and black legs need an idea for the head plz How about aqua man?
  11. How much you wanna bet lol i agree though
  12. Later this year,October I think
  13. DeCommander96

    [MOC] 1989 Batmobile V2019

    Nice! I like what you did with the swords!