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  1. Made this this afternoon. I was gonna wait till I saved up for Captain Rex’s AT-TE before making this so that I could use some of the parts from that but I am impatient. I designed it so that It can actually hold the ghost! I also made purist custom minifigures of Rex, Wolffe and Gregor. See images bellow.
  2. Feedback much appreciated The figures: Screenshots of Am and Karre for comparison:
  3. AD_Bricks

    What counts as purist for a custom minifigure?

    Here are my Omega, p2 Rex, p2 Cody, p2 Echo, p2 Appo and p2 Fives:
  4. To me, the “purist” line is drawn at using fake/custom/3D printed moulds and permanent modification. For many of my custom figures, I make pauldrons and kamas out of paper, and sometimes even torso wrap-around things. I also make “paper decals” (idk) where I would usually just create markings and the like which I use blu-tack to stick onto the figure. As LEGO fans, would you approve of this and/or consider it “purist”?