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  1. That's a good point! The sets certainly do seem like they'd go very well together, even if the Clone speeder and turret don't fit inside. I hope they do.
  2. So what I'm getting in reference to the accessories in the battle pack: They didn't really need to be there, and it has nothing to do with accuracy, but it would have made it a marginally better toy for kids if there had been an accessory pack, and collectors would have liked access to a "new" recolour (i.e. red or black), right? To be honest, I personally would have been willing to pay that potential extra $5 to have them in black.
  3. Eurobricks should add emoji reactions. This post needs a little "" reaction, but I had to make a whole post just to express this.
  4. I haven't seen the image, is it similar to how it's done for the 187th troopers and others with shoulder straps?
  5. Do I spy Mortis in the background (top right)? Funny to see LEGO acknowledge it.
  6. I did mention those. But as I said, it's still arguably a CW set, just based on an iconic battle from a movie rather than an obscure one from the series. Could go either way. Precisely.
  7. I mean, the only thing definitively RotS about the AT-TE was the background of the box art, and other than that, in terms of the physical set, I guess there was the fact that it was missing a couple of red markings, but even the omission of the crab droid from RotS in favour of the DSD-1s that appear lots in TCW make the set seem overall more CW-y. Everything else was more of a subjective design choice, like how LEGO usually only puts damage scuffs on clone armour from live-action media. What I'm trying to say is that, arguably, the way I see it is that the AT-TE was a part of the Clone Wars line, as it is functionally a CW set, however the designers chose to base it specifically on a scene with the 212th that happened to be from a movie rather than a more obscure and less interesting battle from a CW episode. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.
  8. Personally not a fan of the bible, but good on you for not taking any of that stuff to heart. We love you, mate. Your hints are much appreciated.
  9. Then again, I'm fairly certain I heard somewhere that the N-1's development was very rushed. People were churning out MOCs of that thing within hours of its first appearance, and everyone I talked to was dying for a set of it. Furthermore, the end product did seem like it was probably designed very quickly, and things like the darksaber remaining not-updated was probably also because of that.
  10. No wait, you're right, that does make more sense in context. This was hardly supposed to be a leak/hint, I took it more as just a comment on how exciting one of the upcoming figure selections is going to be, but one that they can't share details of at this point.
  11. Don't blue curtains usually mean that there definitely is a deeper meaning of sorts?
  12. I bought one for myself and one for my dad, and though I've been waiting 'til this weekend to build mine (all of my assessments for school will be over by that point in the term) I'm quite excited and they look like they'll be pretty epic Christmas decorations. Also definitely worth it for the price, seeing as sets that size are normally AU$50, but this one is $45, which is what all sets in that price range were before the price increases.
  13. Not surprising. Everyone knows about the iconic scene from Rebels where Maul utters the well-known quote "KENOBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA".
  14. Congratulations! Your efforts are much appreciated.
  15. Wait, FIVES??? No way, surely not, I won't believe it. Too vague to draw conclusions. Must not get my hopes up. But like... I reaaaally want Fives. Please?