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  1. Last I heard, we were unsure if LEGO was doing any minifigure packs for 2023. Is that still the case? I'm hoping they take the opportunity to make them both Andor sets and give us Normally I try not to be annoying about correcting mistakes, but this is about the 6th time you've misspelt "definitely", and my brain's built-in spellcheck is now holding me at gunpoint to make me write this.
  2. Have we heard anything new about the potential 2022 minfig packs? I was hoping for more clones and such before, but now I want both of them (assuming they're coming) to be from Andor so that we can get
  3. Holy cow, it's beautiful. The blurrg could probably have been better but it's not bad at all. If only I could afford it, money-wise and space-wise.
  4. That's certainly interesting, to say the least. I hope it turns out to be pretty cool in the show and as a LEGO set! I wonder how big the LEGO version will be... I can see the designers trying their hardest to make it only a little bit larger than the figure and failing miserably and deciding to go with a massive version.
  5. With some luck, soon enough, we may be able to start asking LEGO for a UCS Ghost without it being only from an animated show. I know its appearance in Ahsoka isn't confirmed, but with Ezra, Sabine, and Hera making an appearance, it'd be weird if it wasn't there.
  6. But what if - get this - it turns out to be a good brick built creature? Crazy proposition, right?
  7. Though I didn't mention it here, I predicted the pre-beskar Mando with arm printing! This sounds great! I won't be buying the set but I really hope that the Bricklink prices for the figs don't get too high. I wonder if there'll be an easy way for me to buy the blurrg separarely too...
  8. As far as I know, the designs from the battle pack were roughly based on background Mandos from season 1, with the designs being provided by Disney to multiple companies. LEGO got all four, while there's a Funko pop of the female mostly-green one, and the Minecraft x Star Wars mash-up pack has iron armour retextured to look exactly like the orange one with jaig eyes and chainmail armour retextured to look like the blue one with the purple marking.
  9. Those ranked/specialised clones had Coruscant guard versions before that update, but I don't think they exactly match the classes. Even if they did, unlike Rex, they use game-exclusive helmet moulds with the accessories apparently being part of the mould, and in some cases have cloth kamas, so that's why Rex using the new mould and a printed kama unlike every other clone in the game (minus Echo because of his printed kama, although he's a real figure) is so surprising.
  10. At first, I wasn't convinced, but now... yeah, we're definitely getting Rex next year. Maybe they might even give him that arm printing, just to satisfy the fans? The stripe going down his arm is a pretty iconic part of his armour, and it would make him the second clone ever to receive arm printing after Echo (third if you count Omega). Interesting how in one shot of Cassian, where he is walking forward towards the "camera", he is holding his correct 1-piece bley blaster pistol as seen on the physical figure, but in another shot where he does a side-roll, his blaster has an extension using the binocular piece as seen on a few other characters in the game. Maybe/hopefully that 2nd clip was just older footage? Some of it is definitely work in progress, as Reva is shown in the clips to have skin-tone hands, but the correct black gloved hands in the poster they released for the new packs. Also, I hope they update the existing Bad Batch character pack to include Omega and possibly Cad Bane, but I'm not getting my hopes up. Also also, since the Grand Inquisitor is almost certainly not going to be in the Kenobi pack, will the Rebels pack have any villains at all, like Kallus or Thrawn? Also also also, I wonder if they'll update Mando to give him his new face print. I can see that happening as they introduced the new skin tone into the game for Cassian, and possibly for Tala as well, although she's not confirmed at this point.
  11. If that works for you, go for it, but a lot of us are looking for a more purist-y solution that doesn't involve modifying LEGO pieces or using 3rd party pieces. I just wish LEGO would do a new mould for it themselves.
  12. Don't you already have a spare blade from the second set you bought?
  13. Yeah, most of the draw was for that beautiful beskar Mando when he was exclusive. I actually ended up buying a second one of it so that I could have a larger Tusken camp, but if you only have one, there's not much point in such a small camp, especially if that's the only Tusken raider you've got. Still, not a bad set, that Tusken ballista is pretty cool (same with the silver spring loaded missile), but probably one of the worst Mando sets.
  14. Would it? The p2 ARCs have the same helmets as normal troopers, and even if it was a p1 ARC, even though the old mould is far beyond still being in production, I don't think they'd design a new one, they'd probably just bring it back looking exactly the same.
  15. Ok, cool, thanks, that's what I thought.