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Found 7 results

  1. Roebuck


    I tried to find a old post about xtra sets, but for some reason could not Anyway there are 2 new sets on Instagram now, looks like there is one with a ocean tape and one with a road The parts included look similar to earlier sets, I was hoping for a xtra set with pirates parts to go with the new bay set or some set with focus on animals, hopefully next time
  2. nixtron1

    Post your LEGO Collection here

    Aside from my minifigures collection (Batman, SW Jedis, SW Siths, SW Bounty Hunters, Space minifigs, CMS costumes, custom space minifigs), I also collect these printed minifigure helmets: Nix Antonio, on Flickr
  3. I make alterations to minifigures sometimes, but a lot of the time, I simply find myself adding accessories that the characters didn't originally have in their sets. I've tried mentioning them in topics aimed at general minifigure customization, but I've gotten little to no response there, so I thought I'd make a place dedicated to that idea. Below are some examples of my own accessory additions, or images that inspired me to alter the accessories. When I saw the Green Lantern lantern that Sheldon is holding in the image below, I thought that it was much closer to the scale of minifigures than the one offered in the Green Lantern set, itself. I also became curious if I could make that same design in any other colors with existing pieces, so I looked up the four pieces used to make it, and I discovered that I could also make red, blue, yellow, black, and white lanterns. My Hal Jordan now has a much smaller personal lantern battery, and I made one in yellow for my Sinestro as well. I also gave Hal and Sinestro translucent studs on their hands in their respective colors to represent glowing rings. When I saw the Teen Titans Robin from the Jokerland set, and I saw what they gave him for his bo staff (a black lightsaber blade), I was unsatisfied with both the length and color. I wondered if the old longer rod with narrower stop came in the newer version of grey, and I found it, so I'm using that now, and it works perfectly. I don't like the ADU guns used for the Super Heroes themes whenever a non-space-based minifigure needs a gun, and I liked the old black guns used in the Indiana Jones theme, so I was very excited when Lego brought them back for use with Sabine from Rebels, so I bought a bunch of those from B&P and I use them with my Avengers Black Widow, my USM Nick Fury, and I'll give one to any normal human character in the future to whom Lego gives an ADU gun. Speaking of Black Widow and ADU guns, that's what they give her in the Age of Ultron sets, though her shock sticks are arguably more iconic to that movie, so I wonder why they didn't give her those. I got the idea to give her trans light blue lightsaber blades for them, because that's the color normally used to represent electricity, and then I see this image on the Marvel Super Heroes minisite, which shows that piece used for that purpose. That made me more confident about that choice. The Winter Soldier minifigure doesn't come with any weapons in his package, but I wanted him to have a sniper rifle of some sort, so I gave him a blaster rifle that's used in Star Wars sets. None of the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade sets have the Holy Grail, which is what they're hunting in that movie, so I gave my Indiana Jones minifigure a gold goblet piece for that, along with the other two small pieces I gave him to represent the other movies in the trilogy (I gave a crystal skull piece to my Mutt Williams minifigure, if anyone's curious). I'd love to see what other ideas anyone else came up with. Please share, but focus on the accessories here. There are other places to post the minifigures, themselves.
  4. This thread got me thinking about what minifigure weapons and accessories don't exist, but really should. I don't mean re-colours of existing parts. I mean objects that aren't currently made for minifigures either by LEGO or a third party (BrickWarriors, BrickForge, SI-DAN, Kre-O etc) but would be particularly useful. What weapons/accessories would you like to have? For the purposes of this thread, let's imagine that 3D printing isn't an option and we have to rely on LEGO and injection moulding third parties .
  5. Hey everyone, I just wanted to share an awesome MOC from my friend on Lego Ideas, nunki-psi. Nunki-psi was recently staff picked for another project, Medieval Pharmacy. Nunki-psi's newest project is a peddler's wagon with opening doors, a removable roof, many accessories, and amazing details and aesthetics. The link to it is here: Here also is a picture of it:
  6. So, the daughter put a princess hat/hair from a previous CMF onto a Jasmine minidoll head. Surprising to me, they aren't compatible. The head is on straight, yet it is still wedged in place and I cannot separate them. Suggestions? (and I searched the forums but the archives seem to be oddly truncated and nothing useful came up)
  7. Some neat news: Guy Himber (of V&A Steamworks fame) recently unveiled a new Kickstarter project for a series of custom pig and cow minifig-compatible heads to fit the "Pigs vs Cows" theme of BrickCon 2013: http://www.kickstart...r-brickcon-2013 Shots of the prototypes Guy had created to showcase what this project would produce: I've already pledged to the project, and for how great these heads look, hopefully a few Eurobricks members might consider doing so, too and help make them a reality!