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  1. @Frike Thank you so much! My personal favourites are the ones for the 17 and 22...
  2. Day 10 : Wooden Bridge Dresghar – “Bridges are more than just functional structures: they are also symbols, transitions from one world to another.” Previous | Next @Kai NRG Thank you very much! I'm so glad you enjoyed the night theme! @Yperio_Bricks Thank you! Embervale is definitely less quiet at night than expected...
  3. Day 9 : Somnambulist Evrart – “The miller’s daughter. She takes a stroll almost every night in the village, fully asleep. Cold, snow, locked doors – nothing stops her!” Previous | Next Which leads us to the second scene of this Advent Calendar! Dresghar - "Who would have thought that such a tiny, backwater village would be so busy at night?" @Frike The branches are based on part 1566! I had initially ordered a bunch of them to build a vineyard and/or espaliers, but eventually found them useful for normal trees too.
  4. Day 8 : Little Owl on Tree Dresghar – “My owls see everything…” Previous | Next @zoth33 Thank you! I can't claim the idea behind the Hearth Gnomes though, there are creatures like them all over European Folklore! According to legends, there was a tribe of them in a cave a few km away from the village I come from...
  5. @Kai NRG Thank you! The head comes from the Silver Horn Demon from Monkie Kid (both of my gnomes actually have the exact same head, just different sides ) @Yperio_Bricks Thank you very much!
  6. Day 7 : Hearth Gnomes Alrune – “In spite of their unsightly appearance and sometimes mischievous attitude, Hearth Gnomes are benevolent creatures who are a great help for the villagers. They come at night, when the village is asleep, and carry out chores for every household that leaves food and wine for them.” Previous | Next @Simon_S Thank you very much!
  7. @Kai NRG Thank you! It's so easy and obvious, yet for some reason it took me some time to get it right... @Eyrezer Thank you so much! I have started planning for this calendar in early november, and had all first 17 builds ready and photographed by november 19. As of today, the builds for the 18th to the 21th are ready - photos planned for this weekend...but I only have a rough idea of what will be for the 22th-24th!
  8. Aurore

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    My thoughts upon seeing it, exactly! And like @hikouki, I hope one day we get the headpiece...
  9. Day 6 : Kitten and Log Pile Alrune – “More than often, what lurks in darkness and frightens the town guards is small, cute, fluffy, and able to melt hearts with a single meow.” Dresghar – “Taken literally, it sounds rather frightening indeed.” Alrune – “Well, now that you mention it…guess what kind of spell I’ve been experimenting with lately?” Previous | Next @GeoBrick Thank you very much! The 1x1 quarter dome brick is indeed a treat for snowy landscapes, I love it! @zoth33 The mouse is incredibly cute! I wish it would reappear in sets, or in BAM...
  10. @Kai NRG Thank you! The idea of larger scenes came from traditional Christmas Villages...This year I don't make any, so the parts of this Advent Calendar end up decorating the fireplace mantel! @Yperio_Bricks Thank you! I initially planned a different character with this Batman head, but eventually found out it would be perfect for a thief. I love the print, it's so expressive!
  11. Day 5. Mouse and Barrels Dresghar – “Our villagers have taken the habit to let barrels and chests outside their houses. Then they have fun filling them with whatever come to their mind – rubbish, pranks, booby traps or trinkets they don’t want anymore: it keeps Adventurers busy and usually causes a good laugh!” Previous | Next
  12. @zoth33 Thank you! The torso is from a 2014 Chima minifig called Stealthor.
  13. Day 4. Gingerbread Thief Alrune – “One more honourable member of the Adventurers’ Guild taking an unhealthy interest in the specialties of Embervale...” Previous | Next @Sympatik Brick It's the very first time I find a use for the kunai...It's so big, compared to minifigs! But the skeleton leg-with-boot is more versatile that I would have thought.
  14. Day 3. Signpost Dresghar – “Indicating directions in a land where most people are illiterate requires creativity. I’m thinking of replacing the straightforward signs we have in Embervale by riddles to spice things up!” Previous | Next As many of you have noticed, this year's little builds fit together to form bigger scenes. Here is the first one!
  15. @zoth33 Thank you! The torso is indeed from a HP minifig (the Death Eater from 2019), and the legs are quite commonly found in the Star Wars sets.