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  1. Aurore

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    I would nominate the hermit crab as the smallest too, but probably Smaug from the 2014 Hobbit sets as the biggest!
  2. Aurore

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    Last year's ocean exploration polybag included the stingray, which was also included in larger sets. I hold out little hope that the wildlife rescue polybag will be different and include an animal that would not be in an other set of that wave. But I do hope it will include one of the new molds as opposed to a crocodile, for example!
  3. Aurore

    How to make a black castle less boring

    This sounds like an interesting challenge! I agree with the previous commenters : textured walls, architectural details on the castle itself, or landscape/surrounding details, can balance a quite monochrome palette. For example, this castle uses very few colors but is far from boring thanks to its original architecture and great level of detail : Schwarzwald Castle by Ciamosław Ciamek Or this one, whose walls are only subtly textured but features unusual proportions and one tiny blue and white section (and colorful landscaping that your skeletons would not approve) : Farwin Castle by Brother Steven Or this abbey, which has the same color as the rock it's standing on, but whose surroundings feature interesting splashes of colour : Abbey of St. Delyn by Patrick Massey
  4. Aurore

    [MOC WIP] Horgaard Hall

    @mrcp6d Thank you very much! There were horn torches all over Skyrim, I thought they would be perfect for Mitgardia!
  5. Aurore

    Future Castle Sets?

    Out of curiosity, I just checked the Playmobil website : there are at least 6 themes that qualify as medieval-fantasy. Two with knights, one with a more viking flair, and three girly ones with princesses and fairies. No idea if those sets sell well, but their mere existence would tend to indicate that the kids of today can be interested by such settings.
  6. Aurore

    Golden gate

    Impressive gate, the texture created by all those gold lacquered plates looks absolutely gorgeous! Very nice use of the unicorn horse battle helmet too.
  7. Aurore

    Queen's bedroom

    How regal! I really love all those extravagant golden details.
  8. Aurore

    My first MOC

    Quite impressive, for a first MOC. I agree with the previous commenters - great work! The house itself looks very nice, I like how many lively details it includes (the pig pen, the woodworking area, the well…). Also, there are some huge mushrooms in this forest! The design of the door frame looks quite classy - this farmer sure dwells on a productive land. Nice choice of minifig expressions too!
  9. The green candle has become unavailable in France just when I placed my previous order...I had one in my basket, but could not order more. Now it's unavailable.
  10. Yay for the Blackmith sign! The following new parts are also newly available in France : - printed watermelon head piece (6338758) - light bley ornamental lattice fence (6328334) - cash register with credit card terminal slope (6329696)
  11. Aurore

    Future Castle Sets?

    Yes I did! It's neither female, nor medieval, but it's nice. I doodled a forest elf - no clue if I'm going to use that guy in a build one day, but whatever! Btw, I'd love a full Castle theme with some elves like the ones we got in CMF...It would probably be considered too close to the minidolls Elves theme to be actually released though.
  12. Aurore

    Future Castle Sets?

    We're not saying there are no options, just that they're scarce! Let me illustrate with an example : mine. Two years ago, when I decided to join the Guilds of Historica, I had just emerged out of my dark ages and had not a single minifig part in my house. I wanted my GoH sigfig to be a female herbalist or alchemist - just a commoner, neither a princess nor a warrior. So what is it like to try to create such a sigfig? First point : like @Alexandrina said, there is a choice to be made between fleshies and yellowies as most medieval-looking female torsos show skin... And from the moment such a choice is made, half of the existing medieval-appropriate torsos become irrelevant unless one is ready to mix fleshies and yellowies. I deliberately chose fleshies on the assumption that licensed themes were more likely to include new useable parts for future Historican village dwellers that in-house themes. I hope a new Castle theme will prove me wrong! Second point : those medieval-looking female minifig parts can be really expensive! The Helga Hufflepuff minifig is gorgeous, and her outfit would be perfect for my sigfig. Also, her average price on BL is around 15€. The Kingdoms peasant maiden, the one with the nice blue dress, costs around 20€. It seems like a medieval LEGO world is a place where commoner outfits cost more than fancy dresses. Third point : we need more skirts. There are quite a few printed slopes that work as medieval skirts, but then your lady will tower over everyone else as if she were wearing high heels. Plain skirt parts look...plain and blocky. Printed skirt parts are as scarce and, again, may be quite expensive. And even when you've gathered all the medieval-appropriate torsos and all the medieval-appropriate skirts, smooth, consistent combos are not easy to find. Example : at first, I wanted my sigfig to use the dark tan torso from the Leia on Endor minifig or the one from the Padme minifig. To years later, I still have not found the perfect skirt part to match them. Conclusion : yes, my sigfig reasonably looks like a medieval herbalist, but I'm still not satisfied with her outfit as it looks weird without the cape. Yes, I've also done a full CMF serie of Historican ladies, but most of them are much more fantasy than medieval. Building female medieval minifigs is really a creative effort!
  13. Aurore

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    The shark looks like the one from this polybag, but modified : The crab comes from an Atlantis set : The machete appeared in recent City Jungle sets :
  14. Aurore

    Future Castle Sets?

    How amazing! I had never seen that picture, this would have been such a wonderful set! That's an impressive variety of civilian minifigs and original molds (those paned sleeves!).
  15. Aurore

    Future Castle Sets?

    I completely agree with that! There are very few parts useful for female commoners, mainly from Fantasy Era, Kingdoms and CMF. The majority date back from a time when torsos had no back printing and skirts were just slope bricks : in terms of details, they're not living up to the standards of recent medieval minifigs such as the CMF Viking or new Black Falcons!