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  1. Oh, great news! And awesome categories...
  2. Count me in if anything happens around here! I'm going to have a few tough months at work, but I have a GOH build-in-progress - and story-in-progress, too, even if I've been experiencing a bit of a writer's block recently.
  3. Interesting! And perfectly appropriate for an austere 15th century tournament knight... On an unrelated note, and according to promobricks, the 2023 wave of Harry Potter sets is likely to bring us interesting parts for fantasy MOCs - again. At least a mermaid and a little underwater monster (probably a new mould).
  4. Aurore

    [MOC] Protector of the Vale

    Oh my, how beautiful! I love how the stone and vegetation interact in a coherent and harmonious way to create the shape of the dragon ...
  5. @Simon_S Thank you so much for those kind words! I really had a lot of fun designing and building it...
  6. My entry to the "Gradient" category of the 2022 Summer Joust. And also an Historican urban legend... Noone really knows if Galder survived the encounter, to which Guild he belonged, or even if he actually existed. But anyways. This, kids, is why you shall not forget to deactivate your planar portal once you're done with today's experiment.
  7. The serie 22 foal is also rumoured to be recoloured in white for this year's City Advent calendar! I don't know what the budget for Advent Calendars is, but it would be the very first time there's something I find as awesome in such a set. Other than that, at least the violin from series 21 made an appearance in two Vidiyo sets. But the Vidiyo theme was not really limited in terms of new moulds !
  8. Aurore

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    Interesting indeed... Like @Accio Lego, first thing I'm thinking of are a deer doe and a fawn in city wildlife sets. The fawn could also be included in a Winter Village set (and the dreamer in me still hopes for a fawn in this year's WW set). In the same serie of wildlife city sets, I'd also envision new moulds for a bear cub, a wolf and wolf cubs. And just with that I've already reached the five-animals limit! I was still thinking of an update of the current parrot mould (seems absolutely necessary to keep on par with all the recent bird moulds), and of a unicorn in a HP set...
  9. Hmmmm...I can't say I'm thrilled by those new sets. I agree with you that the brickbuilt creatures could look good in a fantasy setting, but I'm not entirely convinced by their design. Something with the wings. I'm pretty sure we'll see great MOCs using their parts though! Aside from that, I do like the vegetation in those sets: quite inspiring and featuring nice recolored parts. I need glow in dark carrots!
  10. Oh wow, I absolutely love the rockwork and the uneven shape of the stairs. Excellent part usage on the vegetation as well. I also really enjoy how the main character blends into the background while the salamander stands out!
  11. Aurore

    Albion Bookstore

    This is excellent! The long-and-lean footprint of the build really suits the shop and is perfect for the giant bookcase. I also love the basement - and the kitty dutifully protecting the books from rodents!
  12. @LordDan Thank you so much! I have to admit the rat tunnel, while being the smaller "level", is my personal favourite. I'm really glad you noticed and appreciated the details! @Kai NRG Thank you very much! The Starry Night was a late addition, but the print is incredibly beautiful and I thought it would go well in a treasure room... PS: oh yes, you do need shrunken skeleton heads. They're the cutest thing ever. Sort of. @Frike Thank you so much for those heartwarming words! I had a lot of fun designing each level as if it was a room in some dungeon-crawling game, with plenty of details to keep "players" entertained... @socalbricks Thank you very much! I'm definitely thrilled that the rat tunnel, painting and storage room ladder get so much appreciation! The Eriaxis Monstrosa began as a delicate, alien-looking plant for the desk of my sci-fi lover of a husband...but halfway through its construction it made me think of all the beautifully coloured vegetation that has been created here on GoH for the Kolgari...and gave me the idea for the whole build.
  13. Fleshing out Embervale Castle...and taking part in this year's Summer Joust, in the "Subterranean" category. --- Guard Captain's log, arcane date-time 140630B SUM 1322 Intruders broke into the basement. Two killed, two captured. One vanished. No own casualty. Minor material damage. Prisoners interrogated: they’re from the Adventurers' Guild, tasked to retrieve some magic gizmo (see attached drawing). Contracting party unknown. They had a map marking the hidden room in Lord Dresghar's cheese cellar. I'm off to the city to have a word with the representative of said Adventurers' Guild. Side note: the trap in the goblins’ crypt was triggered. No need to feed the plant-thing below before next week. --- Level 0: from the scullery, access to the well and to the storage room below (with a handy goods elevator - carrying barrels while using a ladder is quite a delicate task). Level -1: just a regular storage room, with food and jumble. Level -2: the goblin guards' crypt. The idol's pedestal is held together only due to the friction of its side plates. Messing with it - e.g. removing the idol - triggers a trapdoor that leads direcly to the lower level. Concealed behind a sturdy, regular stone wall without any secret door, this level also includes a treasure room shielded by a shadowguard... Level -3: let me introduce you to Eriaxis Monstrosa, a subterranean carnivorous plant from the Kolgari realm, that definitely appreciates the snacks the trapdoor above keeps sending it! Level -4: the cheese cellar and the well. And a secret door hidden in the wall, that leads to a (rather disappointing) secret room...
  14. Aurore

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    Mine will show up tomorrow! Great news for the baby crocagator's eyes...and the colour of the owl! I thought it was reddish brown, but dark orange sounds way cooler!
  15. Hmm...nope. Right. But I'm still convinced they'll find a way of including a frog!