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    75945 (HP Expecto Patronum)

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  1. Aurore

    [MOC] The Ring of the Nibelung

    @sander1992 Thank you! It's a great epic story about how cursed gold lead the norse/germanic gods to their demise. Many different versions exist though, with more or less surnatural elements...
  2. Aurore

    [MOC] The Ring of the Nibelung

    @rodiziorobsThank you very much! @LEGO Train 12 Volts Glad you like her!
  3. @soccerkid6 and @Henjin_Quilones, thank you very much for your warm welcome!
  4. I'm rather new to this forum and not exactly an experienced builder, but I find the landscapes and history of Mitgardia inspiring. So I created a sigfig and I'd love to join you! Sigrid Haraldsdottir Titles and profession : advisor and aspiring herbalist Short bio : Sigrid was the youngest daughter of the ruler of Horgaard, a tiny village nested in a secluded valley of the Heavenly Mountains. She spent a peaceful childhood bickering with her siblings and riding in the mountains, while showing an insatiable curiosity about...well, about everything and anything - but especially plants. And rocks. And animals as well. When her father and brothers went to war, Sigrid and her older sister Dagmar were left behind in charge of the village. Years later, none of the men have returned. Dagmar has become the de facto ruler of the village, and Sigrid acts as her advisor. HometownHome-one-horse-village : Horgaard Parts : Hair - Head - Cape - Torso (with white arms) - Skirt (alternate legs when mounted)
  5. Aurore

    [MOC] The Ring of the Nibelung

    Thank you very much! I can't claim the idea of the trans red bar though, I'm pretty sure I've seen it somewhere (but I don't remember where).
  6. Aurore

    [MOC] The Ring of the Nibelung

    Thank you very much for your warm welcome and comments!
  7. I'm honoured (and rather nervous) to present you my very first MOC since childhood... As of now I had only built minifigures or modified existing sets. Then I built a Valkyrie minifigure. Gave her a horse (all girls want a pony, right?). Remembered the Nibelungenlied, the legend of Siegfried. Added other characters. Wanted to display them on a shelf and built them a stand. Now here they are... Characters from Wagner's opera "Der Ring des Nibelungen" (Ring of the Nibelung). From left to right : - One of the Rinemaidens, water nymphs and guardians of the Rhinegold, - The Wanderer, aka Wotan, king of the gods, with the two Ravens, - Brünnhilde the Valkyrie, with her horse Grane, - Siegfried, the infamous dragon slayer, - Mime the Nibelung. Mythical - Der Ring des Nibelungen by Aurore, sur Flickr More details of each character: Mythical - Der Ring des Nibelungen : Rhinemaiden by Aurore, sur Flickr Mythical - Der Ring des Nibelungen : Wotan by Aurore, sur Flickr Mythical - Der Ring des Nibelungen : Brünnhilde by Aurore, sur Flickr Mythical - Der Ring des Nibelungen : Siegfried by Aurore, sur Flickr Mythical - Der Ring des Nibelungen : Mime by Aurore, sur Flickr
  8. Aurore


    Thank you very much for your welcome!
  9. Aurore

    [REVIEW] 75945 - Expecto Patronum

    Thank you very much for the review! It confirms my decision to buy it (my very first LEGO set purchase since...decades??) I was reluctant to buy it just for the stag, but now I see that the minifigs are nice as well, and that I'll be able to re-use all the other elements.
  10. Aurore


    Hello, my name is Aurore, and I'm from France. Thanks to my little nieces and nephew, I recently re-discovered how LEGO can fuel one's imagination and creativity. And now as an adult I'm falling again down the rabbit hole to the LEGO Wonderland. As of now I'm falling slowly (just some minifigs and tiny vignettes) - but I'm probably going to fall faster and deeper. So many great MOCs around there to inspire me! I've always been especially fond of the Castle themes, and also of all City sets with a science flair. Looking forward to meet you and your creations on the topics! -Aurore