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  1. According to the description of the next Monkie Kid sets that showed up on the LEGO Malaysian website, we may be getting new interesting minifigs for fantasy setting. Namely, a second depiction of Princess Iron Fan (I hope she will have a different outfit, but I highly doubt it), and a Spider Queen. I'm wondering what the "Calabash weapons" mentioned in the description of Monkie Kid's Cloud Roadster could be, though.
  2. Aurore

    GoH Book III

    Great news! I made a small build with a Valkyrie a while ago, that means she could find a place in Mitgardia… @Exetrius That guy looks great! And Indeed rather overpowered - being a god of Vanity and Ambition suits him very well!
  3. Aurore

    [EBFS] Herbalist's Garden

    @Jerry McGlade Thank you very much!
  4. Aurore

    [EBFS] Herbalist's Garden

    @(Luc)ky Luke Thank you very much! Those parts are cupcake holders (Indeed!) from Friends sets (part of a kitchen accessories subset).
  5. @Exetrius The layout you created for your loot shot is really beautiful!
  6. Aurore

    Kiruna watchtower

    As I said on Flickr, I really like the texture of the tower and those amazing purple trees! @Zilmrud Indeed, it would be a nice addition to the list! @adde51, would you mind if those purple trees end up in my Mitgardian Flora thread?
  7. @Anak They're both from Ninjago, in this year's Ninjago Spinjitzu Burst - Cole set!
  8. My first post-lockdown B&P order showed up today! Here's my loot shot (higher resolution on Flickr) :
  9. Aurore


    It looks great! You perfectly captured a rat-like attitude.
  10. So many great parts in your hauls! It seems like we have all been inspired by the new elements! Man, that shark is impressive! It could almost eat the smaller shark...
  11. Aurore

    Lego hair pieces

    I had not noticed that immediately, but it seems like one of my favourite hat-hair combos got a recolor! In Friends set 41437, Mia sports the Series 13 Paleontologist's pith helmet + ponytail recolored with dark red hair instead of dark orange.
  12. Aurore

    [Purist] Misc Minifigs

    @blackdeathgr Thank you!
  13. Aurore

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    According to Wikipedia (now I'm curious!), Seinfeld seemed to suffer from a bad French dubbing which probably impacted its popularity in our country...
  14. Aurore

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Of course! My point was not about business choices, it's more an answer to the fact that Americans seemed to be surprised that us non-Americans don't know the show as well… And maybe having it on Netflix (and as LEGO) will enable us to appreciate it too!
  15. Aurore

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Well, it was indeed a massive hit in the US, and seems to have had a great impact on US pop culture. I can't really speak for the rest of the world, but here in France, it went rather unnoticed! It aired a while in the nineties on a pay-TV channel, and I'm not sure it was aired again after that. Whereas Friends was very popular, and was aired many times and by many channels until very recently...