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  1. @soccerkid6 Thank you very much!
  2. It looks a bit vintage, but LOTR Merry's torso could work for Dr Kilroy. The beard should hide the light flesh collar. The new HP Ernie Prang's torso could work as well, but I think it depends on the setting : it's knitwear after all... The City female volcano explorer's torso could work well for Pippin, depending on the exposure of the back (which features the volcano logo). Sadly it's designed to work with sand blue legs, and there are not many sand blue legs with an adventurer flair. Maybe the ones with dark green boots, or the Serie 15 Janitor's hips with plain legs, or those ones or those ones from Jurassic World. As far as red or green legs are concerned, there are none I really like for adventurers. Except from Ginny Weasley's dark red legs, but they are awfully expensive! The Serie 12 Dino Tracker's legs are great, but they are olive green.
  3. The torso of the leaked SW Tuskan Raider may be interesting for a medieval peddler or any other character who would need plenty of pouches! I hope it will be easy to find on BL.
  4. Aurore

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    Yay for the new owl! Found it on Instagram - tan, with brown feathers, and either winking or one-eyed (is Errol one-eyed??). Looking forward to the dog, I have not found it yet.
  5. @Kai NRG Thank you very much! Well done for the crown-spotting! I also tried to use the brown Witch-King's crown, but did not manage to find a suitable plant design. @Grover Thank you for your very kind words, I'm really glad you like this vignette - and the hydrangeas. As hydrangeas are among my favourites in my own garden, I tried several LEGO hydrangea designs before being satisfied with this one. @zoth33 Thank you very much, I'm glad you like the plants and Sir Scarecrow!
  6. Aurore

    Book III - Challenge IV: The Turning Point

    Another entry for Category B :
  7. Here is my entry for Book III Challenge IV, Category B "The Crown in Daily Life". It was a bright, sunny autumn day in Horgaard, but Sigrid was worried. The rulers of the nearby villages had gathered to discuss the rumors that kept being relayed and amplified. Bards from the south sang the greatness of Queen Ylspeth, her wisdom, and how pleasant and prosperous life was in Avalonia under her rule. Scalds from the north sang her weakness, her ignorance, and how hard and barren life was in Mitgardia under her rule. Some of Horgaard's neighbours wanted Queen Ylspeth down, while others were ready to take up arms to defend her. The debates had been heated, to say the least. And Sigrid had no idea of what was the right thing to do. The information that reached the tiny, secluded village of Horgaard was so inconsistent and distorted that she felt unable to make an enlightened decision. After an endless, sleepless night, she needed to empty her mind. She had neglected her precious garden lately, and there were many things to do to prepare it for the winter. As with my previous MOCs, the hidden text gives more information about the featured flora.
  8. Aurore

    Useful Pirate Pieces from other Themes?

    I think a few parts from the late 2019 sets look interesting as details for a Pirate setting : - The coral/turquoise parrot from City - - The map from Jurassic World (for those who don't mind the obvious 'Isla Nublar' marking) - - The golden lantern (for fancy ships!) - - The golden egg - - The new tan envelope with red wax seal - And also for minifigs : - The new Sirius Black (fleshie) - - Barney Rubble's legs (fleshie) and, arguably, the other Flintstone's legs - - The Executioner's torso (fleshie) - - The Klatooinian raiders' torsos and legs - - Not from 2019, but Professor's Trelawney hair and bandana could look nice on a Pirate Lady - And, of course, plenty of parts for a ghost ship crew in the Hidden Side sets (ex. or
  9. @Thedarkmaster2 The totem head is the kakamora from set 41150 "Moana's Ocean Voyage".
  10. Aurore

    Onion Dome Mocs?

    Paul Vermeesch has used it in a interesting way as the central element of Willy Wonka's inventing room : Inventing Room Left by Paul Vermeesch, sur Flickr
  11. @bricksboy Thank you very much! @Henk61 Thank you so much for those kind words!
  12. Aurore

    Book III Challenge IV: A Stop on the Road

    Very nice build and story! And good luck to Eoin to manage to find the truth...
  13. @WesternOutlaw Exactly! That song is the first thing I thought of when I saw "Clan of the Cave" Batman's leg part… Thank you for your comment! @MAB Thank you, I'm glad you like it! @JJBricker Thank you very much!
  14. @Retro Thank you very much! I have to admit I had a more "temporary" return to primitive life in mind when building this vignette, more along the lines of the classic robinsonades than the Hothouse...but that is definitely an interesting perpsective! PS : the minifigure head belongs to Carina from PoTC (I think it has been re-used for Hermione in one of the latest HP sets)
  15. Aurore

    Fort Cander

    Great build and great story! The rockwork is nice and the beach is very well done too, with the wet and dry sands and stranded seaweeds. I really like your idea of a haphazardly built fort on top of a rock. I also really enjoyed the lighthearted story and details - I'm definitely fond of the guard and the two hedgehogs who all patrol very seriously.