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  1. Promobricks named it "Mondkriegerin", which, if my german is not too rusty, indicates a female character. I definitely hope she will be a dark elf / drow of some kind too! Oooooh, that's such a thrilling theory! Fingers crossed...
  2. @DwalinF ... thank you so much! I had a lot of fun with the colours... @BardDandelion Thank you very much! I went with the kind of characters I usually appreciate in series or video games. @Eyrezer Thank you so much! Those swirling minifig stands, like the one I used in green for the dryad, are indeed really great! Most - if not all - of the colours were available from B&P if I recall well. The head piece is the new remembrall from the HP theme (part #6350923)
  3. @Eyrezer Thank you so much! It feels so motivating to read your feedback about the wings! And for the that you say it...that's right! I've looked for something big enough to use as a backdrop, representing a landscape with colours that would complement the build....and did not update the story. Hrm. You know, those old maps often contain information that's not relevant anymore nowadays. And Dresghar has the unfortunate tendency to write what he has in mind regardless to the reality? Makes sense, right?
  4. Aaah, OK - now I understand better! I indeed used a physical reproduction of the painting as the backdrop (with a little bit of good old printed paper underneath the build to blend with the scene). I had initially thought of using a screen as a backdrop too (I'm a millennial too!), but from a logistical point of view, it was easier to use a basic paper backdrop...
  5. Aurore

    CDC2 Ancient Wonders: Varlyrian Temple

    Impressive! The choice of colours is beautiful and original, an the building itself looks very...classy. Great interiors too, I really like how it seems to have been designed with the story in mind!
  6. @Frike Thank you so much! The Dragon Age vibe might not be entirely coincidental (yet subconscious), as I designed the scene and began the build while re-playing Dragon Age Inquisition... @zoth33 Thank you very much! So glad you also appreciate the story. @LordDan Thank you so much! I'm somewhat relieved the moonbird ended up looking good... @Kai NRG Thank you so much for all those kind words! I'm sure I just blushed (but no-one can see it, so it's not really a problem). I agree with you that the head looks quite...square and flat viewed straight from the front - but I have not managed to make it better. PS : the backdrop I used for some of the pictures is a painting from 1870, the "Autumn of the Hudson" by Charles Wilson Knapp! @W Navarre Thank you very much! I have to admit I had a lot of fun with the posing of the minifigs...
  7. There's something bothering me...on the leaked photos I've seen, the torso of the "researcher with tucan" doesn't seem to be printed. Wouldn't that be weird and rather unusual? Her legs appear dual-moulded and nicely printed though.
  8. Aurore

    CDC CMF BardDandelion

    Oh wow, they're all so inventive! I really like that you have given your Mitgardians an eastern Europe flair. The Tzarina is absolutely gorgeous - and the winged Hussar's wings are perfect! The side builds are as nice as the minifigs themselves, I especially enjoy the Dark Elf's book! PS : then the winged hussars arrived... Great, now I have that song stuck in my head!
  9. Meanwhile, interesting parts with a fantasy flair keep showing up in B&P. I never get tired of opalescent parts. Also, sheep!
  10. Granted, the snow warrior has a white beard, but he also has a sword, shield and husky (according to Promobricks): that does not really make me think of a warrior Santa (phew!). But since the shield has a snowflake pattern, which sounds rater cartoonish to me, I also think it's unlikely he's going to have the rugged look of a Lake-town or Mongol character (unlike the Series 12 Hun warrior). I'm really looking forward to photos of that series, some of the figure do sound intriguing!
  11. @Garmadon Thank you very much for the answer - and for the kind words!
  12. Aurore

    CDC2 CMF DwalinF

    Wow, excellent figs! I find the forgotten comrade especially well done - both his concept and his parts. Very nice posing for the water-bearer too, and I also really like your choice of head for the cherry picker...
  13. Aurore

    CDC2 CMF: LittleJohn

    There are some very unique concepts here! Especially the minotaur florist, the wizard - and the pumpkin pie master which is...perfect. The idea, the parts of the fig, the accessories, the nod to a previous build, what else? I also really enjoy that in Historica, owning goats is apparently the epitome of wealth!
  14. Oh my, those custom baseplates are genius! The figs themselves look great too - the choice of accessories for the ice cutter is spot-on, but my absolute favourite is the gardener! Her expression and the matching quote are priceless!
  15. Aurore

    CDC2 CMF soccerkid6

    How great! I think the Warrior Wraith is my favourite : he really looks both menacing and jaded, which perfectly fits his description! I like the fairy too, her choice of parts are excellent.