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  1. Erik Leppen

    Rubber technic pieces?

    Maybe though, you can use the 2L rubber connector as some kind of micro spring in a mini-scale build in some kind of way. Not sure it's good for the part though.
  2. (Re: 42101) In any case, it's weird to rate a set so low because its suspension is too hard. I can't remember people doing that with 8880. ;) i would rate the buggy definitely higher than the crane (you rated those 2 similar). In my view, having a lackluster B-model is much better than none at all, because I don't expect the target audience - 8-year-olds - care much about how the B is similar. It's 2 times as much fun either way, and any B-model, no matter how bad, tells the message: you can build other things with this. I'd say the crane lacking a B model is an unforgiveable downside, because it defies the whole idea of what Lego is ultimately about. Given that the parts don't need to be reusable, no compromises need to be taken, so that single model could have been the best of the best of the best. But it simply doesn't deliver. I just think the buggy is great for what it is, and couldn't have been much better within the price range. In contrary, I'm certain much better cranes can be built with fewer than 1300 parts. But I guess I just weigh some properties differently than you do :) Anyhow, the Claas is a brilliant little set and I think I might get 2 just for the parts, but I think the buggy is a great starter set too and for the rest the catamaran is original, I learned from your review how realistic it is, and it's highly functional. The bouyancy is great, but as another review stated, how many children will actually be playing with it in water?
  3. Erik Leppen

    General Part Discussion

    Would two half pins and a 1x3 tile work for your use-case?
  4. You must have made some kind of building mistake, because if you compare your photos of the hood and windscreen with those on the box, you should notice clear differences. The hood should be sloped a bit and the windscreen much nearer to vertical. So that may explain your "weird proportions". It looks like everything stays in place by friction alone, so maybe you can just pull the hood forward and it all pops into the correct shape.
  5. Erik Leppen

    Technic General Discussion

    The only way I can think of is 2 holes and a threaded axle (and of course 2 nuts). But threaded axles are very old out-of-production parts from the studded era. But more than anything, I wonder why you would want to have a turntable without a turntable. What problem are you trying to solve that the standard Technic turntables cannot solve?
  6. Erik Leppen

    Telephone building Modular

    I like how it's so different from the official modular buildings but still works really well. One detail I particularly like is how you used the ridges of tiles to create a subtle effect on the corners. It creates a variety of textures that works really well. The separate color for the side wall makes it much more lively as a Lego building, so great choice. Also the subtle use of plates (also in dark orange) on the side wall works really nicely. The black, the greenery and the flowers on the ground floor add a bit of color, making it a really nice composition that separates the gray floor and tan tower.
  7. Erik Leppen

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    By yourself? Curious you will review the sets, particularly the crane that noone seems to like (myself included). I can still remember how your reviews on 42039 and 42070 - two other sets that had few fans - made me more positive about them and in fact I rather like 42039.
  8. Erik Leppen

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    Now this is a susprise. Not sure what to think. I'm not really worried about the availabiltiy of official Lego parts, but what kinds of consequences does this have for things like Brickarms, Chromebricks, custom (aluminum) parts, and other such "fan-created additions" to the building system?
  9. Erik Leppen

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    Hm. Not sure about this wave. The crane seems decent, but still nowhere near 8460. Much will depend on the functionalities. Fake engine? Probably not. All 4 outriggers linked? I don't count on it. Lifting capacity? We will see how this turns out. The huge cabin looks rather ugly to me anyway, and it would have been cool if it were bright light orange, but whatever. For the rest, it's mostly "meh" for me. I hope the boat sports some interesting functions. Cool to see floating elements, anyway (albeit in a weird color). I hope 2 of them can carry a batterybox and 2 motors, then you can have some fun with RC boats. I like the return of medium azure in the stunt truck, but most of the models look rather ugly to me, and there are way too many "race" vehicles. If you remove all the "fast things" it looks like only 2 sets remain - the mini Claas and the crane. Which seem to be the best 2 sets of the wave, in my humble opinion.
  10. Erik Leppen

    COPPA and Technic Youtube creators

    Move to another platform? I mean, if we all hate YouTube, and we mean it, we should all leave the platform. Don't stay on a platform you hate. Remember: if you don't pay for a product, you are the product. Google is a company, and by extension Youtube is a platform, whose main business is to sell people's attention to ad companies so they in turn can sell us more crap noone needs but will destroy our climate. I'm considering deleting my videos and finding another place for them. Any suggestions?
  11. Just speculating on the diff... if the axle has to rotate independent of the housing, and the housing is a gear, then the red 28 gear must have a round hole... what if that's a clutch gear (that would explain why it's red), and the new diff housing has the same 4 ridges as a driving ring? That would also explain why it's off-center, and hence, the 2 different axle lengths. Other than that, I'm really not a fan of a pre-assembled diff. I'm not a fan of pre-assembled anything, because that'd be exactly not the idea of Lego. Maybe it's a sign of the times and Lego just trying to get its share of a market where kids don't assemble things anymore, but I don't find it a good sign... But this set is atrociously ugly and overpriced anyway, so what do I care.
  12. Doesn't this answer your own question? I have my doubts about the setup anyway. The dark-gray CV part is also supported only by a half-stud. So I would expect some gear slipping here. Try it out, and see where the weakspot is by engaging the motors while holding the output axle. My expectation is that it's not the half-inserted axles. Also, I'm slightly worried about the combo of XL motors and (single) bevel gears. Is there room to move the motors to the left (to the left of the gray 2x6 plate) and use three 24t straight gears instead?
  13. Erik Leppen

    General Part Discussion

    It looks like a photoshopped image. For example, the stud text is not parallel to the axes of symmetry of the axle. On a true Lego part, this would surely be aligned. (Also, it would be a horrible part to remove.) So my assumption is it's a "wish part" mock-up put together by a fan.
  14. Erik Leppen

    Which Steering Hub?

    This is the key. Your (dark gray) steering arms are 2x6, but the linkages connected to the gear-rack are 9L. This makes the cirular movements (while moving up and down) different, and the wheels will turn inwards or outwards (i.e. not parallel, when seen from above) when the arms are not horizontal. Fortunately, 6L steering links exist.;idColor=11#T=C&amp;C=11 As a side node, I personally often try to make the suspension arms approximately horizontal on average. Then, most of the movement range of ball-joints and CV joints (for driven axles) can be used for steering. Also I often try to keep suspension travel (= vertical distance between highest and lowest point) relatively little. Yours is 2.5 studs, which I would find quite a lot. The longer the travel, the stronger the springs you need to hold a certain weight. Also, you need somewhat larger wheel arches. But, this is personal taste. I think many builders use larger suspension travels than I do. By the way, I quite like the setup with the linear actuators. However, I didn't realize that they might run into "click" as per @brunojj1's remark. For my Chiron rebuild, I used a solution with worms and 24t gears. You need to beware of twisting axles though, and keep the worm as close as possible to the lever that holds the springs. (In brunojj's setup I'd personally worry about the 8t gears cracking or the dark-gray 8L axle twisting...)
  15. Erik Leppen

    Limited Technic Reviews

    Does it matter that a review comes out before the set? I'd hope not. Jim's reviews are good (the pictures, but also the text). Isn't that what matters? And, if reviews aren't allowed to be critical, then they lose their trustworthiness. I'd much rather have an honest review that is late, than a timely review whose truth is doubted. And I expect that most of us see it the same way. The question is: does TLC see it this way too? Is a critical review better for them than no review? Does them providing a set give them anything in return if the resulting review may end up being harsh? Does them providing the set influence how we see them, and therefore, how we review their sets? If they don't provide a set, may the review end up being even later, but harsher? I think those are questions only TLC and ambassadors can answer.