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  1. Have you seen the crane? As far as I know, there haven't been images around, or did I miss something? I'm asking, because if you haven't seen it, you cannot comment on whether it's better or not (and you're much better off taking your example from the plethora of sets we know how they look and work - because there are plenty. The 10303 roller coaster for example.). For all we know the new crane will be fantastic. For example, 42082 was a really nice set. It's big, but the size is justified by all the gearing and function switching going on inside. There wasn't much empty space. Who knows what the crane will be able to do. I really understand the appeal of size, @Jundis. I too liked the BWE 42055 or the huge 42100 Liebherr digger (even though I can't justify the price and don't care for electronics). I just don't understand the appeal of size alone, so if someone could explain that :) Sorry @ moderators by the way if this is hijacking the thread. (But we don't have much info anyway, so it's either speculation or discussion :) )
  2. Which raises the queston why "bigger" would be a good thing. All "bigger" does is consume more space (and make builds harder because big is more prone to bending and needs more structure). Sure, if bigger is used/needed to sculpt a better shape, that's all good. But "bigger" by itself has only drawbacks. Let's as an example compare the white Technic Porsche 42096 (1580 parts) with the Cretaor Expert Porsche 10295 (1458 parts), which have a very similar part count. Reasons I can think of why anyone would want the large Technic one, are it has suspension and a fake engine to re-use the pieces as a base for modding or moccing These reasons mostly have nothing to do with the fact that it's a car, rather than some other 1500-part Technic set. Reasons I can think of why one would want the small Creator one, are It's much better looking, making actually worth putting on a shelf and look at It's much more recognizable as a Porsche to probably most people, proving that bigger is not needed to sculpt a better shape. I think system building is more varied and more "fun" to build A system build looks more "Lego" to most people including almost all non-Lego-fans It takes way less space in a room. Maybe I'm an outlier, but to me, "big" is mostly a negative property. The best Technic sets are those that are not bigger than needed to host their functions. Both 42128 tow truck and 42145 helicopter, the two universally praised Technic sets from these years, are as small as possible given their functions.
  3. I see the Racers lineup has been announced. The plane seems a bit of an outlier though. As if it's in the wrong list... Wonder when info on Technic will come. ... But in all seriousness... overall feeling: Oh well. At least we can bricklink the pieces.
  4. Come on, use your creativity ;) connections with the bevel gear may have more friction connections with the bevel gear may have a tendency to slip the ends of the teeth were rubbing against the surface below when turning a spur-only gear may be easier to mold, or cheaper the spur gear may allow chain drive (or so I hope) they were remolding anyway for other reasons, and figured they didn't need the bevel gear It's easy enough to "think of a reason to make this change". Which reasons are the actual reasons, we cannot know, but there's plenty of possible reasons.
  5. This will be hard. Chance is, I bought a few of those balls just a month ago, mostly because I was sorting out a lot of old system bricks and I was thinking, what could I do with those? and then I thoguth about someone on a meeting who told me "maybe you could try GBC one time, I think you'll enjoy it" so for preparation I bought a few balls and tried building something. But man, this is hard if you have never done this before! So I hope to enter, but I'm 100% a novice in this theme :D
  6. I wonder what percentage of the general Lego (Technic) building public uses sites like Rebrickable... versus what percentage used to build B-models when they existed. To be honest I expect the usage to have already dropped significantly when they replaced the paper instructions by a downloadable pdf, but I expect a normal Lego (Technic) building person doesn't care about B-models, and probably doesn't even come up with the idea of rebuilding, if everything in the whole set is designed around it being 1 model and nothing more. At least in the past they hinted at the idea of recombining the parts into something else that was just as official, with leftover parts that invite doing something with them. One can wonder what value TLG places on creativity if B-models are apparently not worth it. That is a short-sighted idea. The question of course is what is the long-term effect. We don't know, but I would expect the effect of B-models on sales, if it exists, to be mostly long-term. More people may stick to lego if it has more longer-term value, and B-models create long-term value. But oh well. Us discussing this doesn't make B-models come back, so whatever. Probably I overestimate the effect. I just hate the fact that financial arguments are almost always the ones that survive and overshadow all the rest.
  7. If you see it that way, then every problem in existence anywhere at any time is a "lack of resources" allocated to something by someone at some moment. That makes it a vacuous truth.
  8. Can you link to the quote please? I also wonder lack of what type of resources. Didn't they turn record profits in 2020? So "resources" can't be money, but it can't be bricks or paper because they could make the B-instructions digital. So my current assumption is that resources must be people or time, or that lack of resources means it costs more than it earns.
  9. Erik Leppen

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    That's why it costs € 300 without including motorization and a light source... (enough) people will buy it anyway.
  10. No, because I don't dislike the coloring. To be honest, I sort-of build like that myself. I hate to build grayscale-only. So when I build, like, anything, I fill the interior with all kinds of stupid colors, usually trying to pick colors I don't expect to need anytime soon, or I simply pick a color I know I have good quantities of the given part. Or just the first color I find 4 of the same color, if I need 4 of something. Also, using more colors makes sorting less tedious. And you're completely correct that actually using color to code for certain functions would be really great. It would also be more educational for builders if color coding was used like that. However, I'm afraid that being educational isn't TLC's main goal... What I'm getting at is, we can complain, but it's going to bring us so little... Color usage isn't going to become more sensible, I'm afraid... I would also redesign the whole coloring for gears or pins or axles if I could redesign everything, but I assume TLC know what they're doing. So I try to see the bright side of it. That's why I keep saying, without the wicked colors we wouldn't have all those very useful parts. Now, I know I'm guilty of complaining about set's focus on looks, but I think it's a bit of a shame to see people spend their energy complaining about part colors, if it's something you can change (yes, I understand it can be cumbersome, time consuming, expensive, etc.) But most parts are available in more neutral colors. In the meantime, (to bring things ontopic a bit...) let's all get that awesome new helicopter. And then, people who hate the neon yellow can replace it with white or normal yellow, and then sell the neon yellow parts on Bricklink so I can buy them cheap :D
  11. People complaining about color vomit often forget that without it, we wouldn't have all these shiny new parts, as TLC thinks the target audience couldn't tell them apart by shape alone. Same goes with all the different gears, now blue and green, yes it's a bit untasteful but would you rather had these or none at all? You should count the number of different pin molds we have today versus the different number of pin molds we had when 3L pins were black. You'd be surprised. Count your blessings - quite literally ;) Secondly, real-life machines also use color coding. It's not like all real-life machines are only gray from the inside, they also have color coded cables, functional bits or other elements that come in similar shapes but crucial functional differences. Usually not the chassis itself because that's mostly the same type of element (beams), but the principle is the same - parts that are easily confused but crucially different, are color-coded. It's only sensible. If you're on a desktop PC, just screw the lid off the casing and look at all the color vomit there! Don't complain about color vomit - just pick a black part out of your own collection if you're so concerned about it, and keep the lime part for when it comes in handy.
  12. Decide on a fixed budget, and do not go over it. Then, everything you buy means there will be something else you cannot buy. Then, the choice becomes "A or B", which is much harder than "A or not A", because that last one is obvious (from a Lego fan's perspective). Of course, it's easier said than fone, so, to help yourself succeed, find some (cheap!) reward you only allow yourself if you stay within budget for a given month, trimester, whatever. (Also called reward substitution.)
  13. Erik Leppen

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    It's not just conflict based themes. I would have bought the Stratocaster guitar if it wouldn't have come with a stupid amp (which I understand subject-wise, but it's just not as interesting to build). I might have bought the huge Jurassic Park T-Rex if it wouln't have come with that huge gate. I'd probably buy an Atari set if it were just the 3 micro worlds. And why is that beautiful Bowser on such an ugly platform? So yeah, lots of cases where I withheld a purchase because parts I don't like inflate the price.
  14. Isn't yellowing mostly related to UV light, or sunlight in general? I have some white parts that have yellowed, to varying degrees, but nothing serious IMO. But I normally don't let models stand in direct sunlight for long periods of time. But, as pointed out by @howitzer, it may depend on where you live. I don't know. In my experience, however, this problem is not really limited to just white. I have some LBG parts that almost look like they're old gray. But those are parts from I estimate somewhere around 2010. That all said, I do like the orange cabin on 42043! (The dark-gray version seems a bit dull to me, personally)
  15. Very nice looking little truck, it looks like an official model (not even B-model, just an A-model), everything looks as if it belongs there, so well done with the parts limitation. Also, 100% agree with this comment: