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  1. [TC12] The Mean Machine

    That's offence, even with "no offence" before it. The reason it's offence is that you don't explain your position, making your remark useless to the receiver. But let's not have this discussion here - take it to the topic of the entry in question.
  2. [TC12] The Mean Machine

    This is not fun. This looks so good that you wonder whether any of the others have any chances left in the compo. The only thing I find a bit less succesful is the wacky function. It feels a bit too simple for me. But for the rest, it looks awesome (and I don't know anything about the original). Some great parts usage (indeed, the wheel arch panels are wonderfully used here) and seeing this new color being used so well makes me want it even more. Wonderful, and the chassis seems pretty intricate too. I love creations like this - modest scale, original, colorful, no wasted space. And your photography skills are very good as well.
  3. General Part Discussion

    Was it ever very common? I can remember it took a while before I had a sizable collection, and ever since I bought 25 in one order on bricklink I can't remember ever having a shortage of them. I don't seem to need them in huge quantities. (But I don't build huge models, so that may be a factor.) What worries me more is that 1x2x0.5 beams seem to become rarer as well, and that's a part I use a lot. However, this is just a feeling, and using @Gnac's link and changing some numbers show it hasn't been very common since 42000, and that 42069 and 42070 contain some again. (By the way, cool to see you can use Brickset like this. I never knew this.)
  4. [TC12] Arachne

    See entry post for a video. I's the most boring video of a Lego model ever, though.
  5. [TC12] Arachne

    I have finished and added the entry post. I went for the name Arachne, meaning "spider". Also, I changed a few details. I changed the color of the seat to purple, and added a headrest to the seat. This required moving the HOG two studs further back, unfortunately this makes its desing less "clean" because I had to add 3 8t gears to move two studs backwards without reversing the direction It did enable me to change the design of the back half of the cabin. The gray is replaced by black and the large blue beams made place for a more intricate design with smaller parts and some panels. Personally I think it's an improvement. Also, the HOG is now black instead of tan and I added some more purple parts to the bottom part.
  6. 15. Arachne Functions The vehicle has 8 bogies with 2 wheels each, totalling 16 wheels that can roll freely. All bogies are always parallel with each other and with the superstructure. Steering works by rotating all bogies simultaniously, along with the superstructure. The wacky function is an ejector seat that launches the driver forward, gaining a small bit of time in the last seconds of the race (and saving the driver in case of emergency). Images Video Discussion topic
  7. [TC12] The Stretch Slicer

    Wow, you managed to create a vehicle with a steering radius that's worse than 42070. But yeah, it is a bit of a stretch (yep). Let's hope that the race track doesn't have curves tighter than the Moon's orbit. Or height differences. How long did it take to take that picture? It must have been quite a while before the light coming from the rear end of the vehicle arrived at the camera lens... But I would like to see a side view... of the front and rear part I mean... ;) It will be interesting how to judge this as a racer though. I mean, people standing at the finish line will think you have already finished, while at the same time, people at the start line think you haven't even left off, because the back of the vehicle hasn't passed the starting line yet... Oh well, at least it's hard to overtake this thing.
  8. [TC12] Arachne

    I have some progress! I added a cabin, with two movable side panels. This is neede becuase the cabin needs to "open" in some way to let the driver pass through. So it's linked to the ejector seat mechanism. I think it's rather cool. Also, I decided on a color scheme, using colors I think are rather original; I can't remember having ever seen these two colors together in a MOC. In case you're wondering, the purple is the old color from the Technic Competition sets of around the year 2000. During last and this year I have done a few large Bricklink orders and with every order I added various parts in cool colors, among which both Competition colors. Fortunately, when I order parts I always think in numbers of 2, 4, 8, etc, so I happened to have exactly enough of each beam type for this project. (16 of 4x6bent, 8 of 5x9bent, 16 of 1x7x0.5 is currently all purple that it uses) I could add a lot of extra connections and more strength to the frame, but I'm considering leaving it as it is now. It's relatively few parts and still relatively rigid (and it doesn't have to carry a lot of weight). And I kind of like the open structure. It would have been cool though if 5x7 frames existed in black. The central structure with the turntable was very weak, I replaced it by something stronger; even though it's less modular now. (basically, there's 2 modules) I'm not entirely happy with the back half of the cabin (the blue 4x6 and 5x9 beams), so I might change that into something cooler. The blue stud at the back is a handle for activating the mechanism. I will, but don't expect too much of it. It's powered by two of 8880's springs, and (now) it also powers the two side panels of the cabin that have to move out of the way. The mechanism does cheat a little though, by using those rubber 1x2 beams where you would expect a normal beam but then it doesn't fit. Thanks. I spent a lot of time just thinking of an idea, and when I thought of this I found it my best idea so far, so I went with it. I'm not sure about adding more details. Deadline is nearing and I want to keep it rather simple and focused. I have added some colors now that, I think, make it stand out more already. Also, about the name, what's cool is that without the wheels on, it looks as if you're operating eight dancing puppets that move in unison when you turn the upper knob. So I was thinking of something along the lines of "choreographer" as a name theme. But something spidery may do great as well. Not sure which way to go yet.
  9. Lola T70 MOC

    That's a very nice car. I think the front view is the best. What I miss most is something that defines the windscreen. The side view looks a bit odd because the windscreen is completely missing, so it looks as if it's vertical. Personally I would add one or two additional axles to suggest the outline of the windscreen. If you google "Lego Technic Koenigsegg" you'll see various models of Koenigsegg cars (that usually also have very curved windscreens) where the same thing is done. For the rest, I really like it. I think the engine detailing is very convincing, and I like the color scheme. A wonderful way to start your stay at Eurobricks :)
  10. If the topic starter has decided to sell, the advice in the topic should be how best to sell. Not, whether to maybe not sell after all. And even if the topic starter is only thinking of selling, then still, noone on this community can judge the sentiment of the topic starter. Whether to sell, is up to only one person - the topic starter. But if you happen to have kids in the future, there will be Lego to rebuy then which will be new and up-to-time, so this can't be a reason to hold on to stuff you don't want anymore. Having a large amount of Lego lying around unused seems like a waste to me. I sold about 15,000 pieces or so a few years ago. I sold it all at once to another AFOL with a Bricklink store. That way, the store owner had a bit more inventory, and people who buy there can enjoy those pieces. This was the least time-intensive way for me to get rid of it. I think I got about 5 cents a piece, which I found very reasonable given most was used, and huge quantities of it was common Technic axles and pins (there were also rare pieces, like Train rails or City road baseplates). Putting it on Bricklink would have gotten me more profit probably, but I would probably still have had those pins lying around and it would have cost me a lot of time (and I would have had complaints all over because most of it was more used than what is common on Bricklink). I chose time over money (having a store is not my hobby). What someone else chooses over what, is something they can only decide themselves.
  11. I know I'm late to the party, but I had this idea for a few weeks already and did some tests, and yesterday I had time to start building on the real version. I think it's wacky enough to partipicate, although the "wacky function" is not the most original, I admit. There's no drive, just rolling, and there's no suspension. It's fully manual. It can roll (no drive, no fake engine whatsoever); and it can steer all eight bogies simultaniously. This means the vehicle doesn't "turn", the body keeps always facing the same way, but the wheels turn so it can drive anywhere it wants. There's also no "steering radius" - it can turn on the spot, which of course is an advantage in the race. Obviously, the top part (where the driver sits) turns the same way as the wheels. The "wacky function", as you may have guessed from the springs you see behind the seat, is an ejector seat. Launching the driver forward gives a tiny advantage for the last few meters before the finish (assuming the winner is the driver who crosses the line first). And of course, it's a nice way to leave the vehicle quick and clean (how to enter the vehicle, I don't know). I don't want to make this thing much more complicated, so I will be adding a nice cabin, and I will decide on a color scheme (I have some ideas already), make it a bit more sturdy and add a few details here and there, and that's pretty much it. It sounds doable to finish this before the deadline.
  12. 42054 C model- Articulated Hauler

    This looks like it comes straight off one of those futuristic RTS video games as a resource-carrying truck. That's what it makes me think of. I like it. The use of lime is nicely laid out. The bed may be a bit small but I think it matches the rest of the vehicle nicely. Making it bigger would pull things out of proportion maybe. The seat could be a bit further backwards though. If you sit in this, it's almost as if you're outside of the cabin. I think if you swap the black 2L cross blocks that hold the seat, so the seat is 2 studs backwards relative to where it is now, it would be better. (But I don't know if there's anything in the way for that). Also, if parts availabilty permits it, I'd put two seats instead of one, to the left and right of the steering HOG axle. Then, seats can be even further backwards, so the driver can actually use the small side windows of the cabin. Also, maybe you can swap the two 2x3x5 panels with the two 2x3x7 panels in a way, so the Claas stickers aren't upside down :) For the rest, nice model.
  13. What are the most ugly B models

    42064 B isn't very good either. It depends on your definition of "ugly" of course, but to me, 42064 B is a box made of panels, with a movable ledge that holds onto another box made of panels. 42070 B isn't much, but at least it's a single thing, and at least it has functions, so at least it can be classified as a Technic model (even though the weird gap makes it look as if it is extendable). 42064B has fewer moving parts than many City models. (Also, it's very boring to build.)
  14. I'm not so sure this is allowed. But maybe a moderator can tell more about this. Pictures will come, when time is due.
  15. Depreciation of Technic sets?

    It depends on what you value. Sure, the price goes down if you start using it. But the value of the Lego can only be "consumed" by using it. After all, Lego is meant to build and play with, so the value of Lego is that it can entertain the people who build/play with it. So my thoughts are, I don't care that that number called "price" goes down, because I don't intend to sell it. I intend to get value from it and that can only be done by using it.