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  1. Wow, people have started already, or have ideas. I have multiple vague ideas, but without a particular preference for any of them. I am thinking of not doing suspension, because I figure that will complicate things a lot. There's a lot of wacky things you can do with wheels that will become exponentially more difficult if you want suspension as well.
  2. How good of a builder you are isn't even important. That's not in the job description. As I see it, there are two main requirements. Good voice, and car knowledge. Edit: so I'd even dare to say that Eurobricks isn't the probable place to find the ideal candidate, because my estimate is that great talkers are relatively under-represented here, simply because this forum focuses on other things (building talent and written communication).
  3. Looking very nice! I like how much space it has inside and how you used black 5x9 beams to create a stiff structure. The only thing I'd do differently is the color of the side pillars. I think because they're dark gray, it looks like the side is one very long window. I'd personally make them white too, to break the large dark panel into sections. Also, why is there a gap in the digital side view that isn't there in the real car? There is a angled gap is between the large panel of the front door and the long thin panel below it. It looks like the panel is angled in the real car, but not in the digital file.
  4. This is exactly how a great Technic set has to be. Lots of functions, but still a great looking truck. That said, I'm not sure whether it will work as a set, for children. The functions are realistic, but they may not speak to children's imagination as much as an excavator or a crane would. Especially the functions that handle the garbage will probably work the same way in reality, but they may not be "cool" enough for Lego's primary audience. They may also be a bit hard to operate for kids because they require a specific order. In normal sets this is often less the case. But as a MOC, it's as good as it gets. Do you think you will be doing some photos from the inner workings?
  5. If there's a product planned for 2018, you can assume its design/production is already long underway. The product won't change much. What this Voice person will be helping with is communicaton. So I think he or she is more of a sales person than a designer. Basically, they're looking for a good talker with some in-depth knowledge so they can ask the right questions to the people TLC wants to speak.
  6. I'm not so sure about this model. I mean, the all wheel drive is nice, and steering and articulation are OK functions, but most of the other functions are just moving panels. The trailer's arm isn't driven, and the "base" is a folding box with a crane that's simpler than that of 42064. Not sure how this qualities as "technic". A City set or a Star Wars ship also has hinged panels. You can't even deploy the "outriggers" without lifting the box (which can't be done in reality). I think my problem with it is that all functions just feel very "local". There's no function, except drive, where the part controlling the function is any distance away from the function itself. The main model has this problem too in places, for example with the doors. At least 8466's doors had a knob on the roof that had to be pushed. In 42069A, you open the door just by, well, opening the door. In 42069B, you move the loading arm by, well, moving the loading arm. You rotate the crane by grabbing the crane and rotating it. That's not Technic. It would have been Technic if all the moving panels in the base were linked and you could fold the base out with one movement. Usually I build both models of a set, but here I really see no reason to.
  7. Interesting theme! I see I have been credited for thinking it up, but it's quite different really. It's a race! Cool! It's pretty different from what I thought about when I wrote it, but it sounds a lot of fun. Having this race narrows things down to vehicles that look like they can win something. So there's a game element that has been added. This is interesting, because it makes us think about how our vehicles will race against god-knows-what, in a race, and try to win. And we don't know how we should win - the rules of the race are probably wacky themselves too! I mean, maybe the winner of the race through Lego City is the vehicle that the City's inhabitants find the most fun. But I have a question (that I don't see covered. Yes, I found a hole :wink:) It's said this is a driving contest. Does this mean that drive and steering must be remote-controlled? I.e. is it a driving contest between Lego builders? Or is it just a driving contest between the imaginary drivers sitting in our vehicles? And in the latter case, should our vehicle have a driver? (say, a minifig?) But let's see what I can come up with. I have some vague ideas, but not sure yet about their wackyness.
  8. The Technic Confessional

    I never liked the term "color vomit" because I was never really against it. On the day 3L pins became blue instead of black, I liked how you can read pictures of models much better. That's what color coding does. I can't stand when people use black 3L pins - it just feels as if something is wrong. I use color coding too. In my recent instructions you will find colored axles. It's somehow more fun, and makes it easier to read. I do try to do it the same way though as TLC does it: one length = one color. So if 6L is red, then all 6L are red. And if I need red 8L, I try to make 6L and 10L black and 12L red again. For some reason I really like doing things "official style". Coincidentally, I needed yellow 7 and 11 axles in a new model I'm building, and red 6L, so it fits the color scheme exactly. (That model is almost done, so I will show it shortly on the forums).
  9. Now this is a really nice Technic model. With proper functions; I like how you made such large sections move relatively smoothly and how the sprayer has only very little bending. And I like how you added lights everywhere, and of course the tiny fold-down ladder. And even though it clearly places function over form, it still looks great. (And I say this as totally not into agricultural machinery). The color scheme works really nicely here, with the black details around the cabin. Why doesn't TLC make sets like this. It's very original and different, yet still a vehicle, so it would fit great with the existing lineup of sets. I'm not fond of the tyres personally. But, given the limitations of Lego wheels they're the best choice to come close to the real version, I guess. With the Claas tyres it would become a wholly different scale. And I like the size of this - it is large enough to have all the functions, but not larger.
  10. I'm not so sure the designer himself is to blame. We know Uwe can design great models, so my feeling is there has to have been some kind of external constraint he had to follow. That new color, with its very limited range of parts, may be one of them. (Remember that 8258 and 8285 use colors that had almost all pieces available)
  11. Umm, no. Technic set "should" not "look big and mean". That's not what Technic is for. The Technic slogan has long been "technik wie in Wirklichkeit" (roughly "techiques as in reality"). That's what Technic is for - for building things that can do things, modeled after some realistic or existing thing. The main model of 42070 seems to do that pretty decently, with its 6 functions, but it's painfully missing decent suspension that shows how it's done "in reality" on off-road trucks. So 42070's A model I would rank as "OK-ish", at best. I has no redeeming qualities, it's stuck together with large parts and lots of empty space and unfinished things, the gearbox and, in fact the whole internal structure, looks like a mess (I don't mean the colors, I mean how everything is built up. It's beams running everywhere without a clear design method), and frankly 6 functions isn't very much for a €250+ set. By comparison, a set like 42008 (that seems to be disliked by some, I don't know why), is a technical marvel that has the same number of functions but with 1300 pieces for about €110, and it looks better (as much as you may hate the shaping, and there's certainly critique to be given, at least it looks finished from every angle). If 42070 was made to "look big and mean" then by all means it seems to have succeeded, but if that was the goal, then why is it a Technic set?
  12. This is a strange set of spares, but it seems @kolbjha is correct. If you check the set's Bricklink inventory,, and see the Extra parts at the bottom, it mentions the same four axles.
  13. General Part Discussion

    Adding that fourth gear doesn't do anything of value, though, except adding a tiny bit of friction and maybe decrease the chance of slipping between the other three gears. It doesn't strengthen your drivetrain, because it just sits there loose.
  14. Do you have any idea why the steering system is like this? Why is it not gear-rack based?
  15. This is starting to look really nice, man. Good job so far. I like how popeople are thinking along to help find the best solution for the front.