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  1. I have progress! I have added the engine (as low as possible). Also, I added a steering wheel for the driver. But the most important thing in this update is that I joined the front and rear modules I had into one and determined the length. It's going to be pretty long, in relation to other cars using the same wheels. But it's in scale with the image. The engine is not connected to the rear wheels yet. I did move the drive axle further up, it now goes over the diff instead of under, because this way I can move the engine one stud lower. What's most interesting is that there's a large empty spot between the engine and the seat. As you can see here, it's six studs. So that might be enough to put a simple gearbox in between. The two yellow axles with axle joiners could be used to control the changeover catches. They probably won't be linked though, so you need to disengage one manually if you want to use the other. What I'm hoping for is to fit a 4-speed, with the left lever controlling gears 1 and 2 and the right lever controlling gears 3 and 4. You also see three blue pins above the engine, that can be used to form a nice closed frame that hopefully makes things rigid and strong. As a precaution, I changed the way the steering HOG is connected. I now used U-joints instead of a gear system. This uses much less space, as the axle now fits closely beneath the seat. The downside is that the HOG is currently turning the wrong way, but I have already found a spot closer toe the front axle where two 8t gears should fit to reverse the rotation, without flipping the steering wheel (which turns the correct way now). This is the underside view. I replaced the rear suspension's 5x11 frame by a 5x7 because the engine block is in the way. If you follow the HOG axle you see a CV joint. That section of the axle can be replaced by two 8t gears.
  2. Ok, this is another picture than I had seen. You guys are probably right. So I take back what I said. Sorry guys! Edit: @JunkstyleGio Actually, without stickers it looks much better for me. Cleaner. Less of a mess. Thanks for the nice photo edit.
  3. Don't count on it. The black bush was a mistake too. I have the idea that people "see" new parts all too soon, without being really critical. Now I have to say, I don't know which image this isa bout, but I have seen an image of the side of the 42077B buggy, and behind the frnot wheels, right below a blue panel, you can see a black beam with two holes visible at distance 2 from each other. My contention is that the hole in between is simly filled by a pin and therefore not visible, so it looks like the side profile of a 5x7 frame. It's probably not a new piece.
  4. Technically, you're right @AkiyamaWataru. But I think I will keep the seat centered for several reasons. First of all, there's no room. Off-centering the seat would require spaced needed to enforce the chassis. Second, off-centering the seat would make the cabin wider. You see the effect of this in set 42039. Third, I find "theoretical room for a second person" not enough of a function in a Lego model. Fourth, the seat isn't realistic anyway, because there's already too little leg room. So yeah, I think the model would be better off with a centered seat, even though that would not be conform official Le Mans regulations. The only reason to off-center the seat would be that I could use the space on the free side for a gearbox.
  5. The rally car is most definitely medium blue. Not dark azure, not medium azure, not regular blue. Alas. It would have been a great opportunity to add more panels in regular blue. Also, many of the panels in the rally car already exist in medium blue. At least the numbered panels. The wheel arch and 3x13 curved panel are new in medium blue. Further, I personally find the set butt ugly, but I like that it has a rollcage. And, technic isn't meant to be beautiful, so I like how it doesn't spend hundreds of extra parts on better paneling. It seems a bit light on functions though: steering, engine and suspension and a few opening doors isn't enough for 1000 parts. The Mack truck really looks splendid! A really pleasant surprise. And I might like the garbage truck even better! I might just get this set, after having missed out on the Arocs. The only thing I don't like is the colors. It's a lot of gray and black. I really like how they added some green to liven up the color scheme a bit. The rest of it is a lot of grays and blacks. There's a lot of System stuff, much more than we're used to from Technic. I think it's a good thing, but it does inflate the part count, and also the parts-to-functions ratio. I'm not sure whether that's what Technic is about. But I'm pretty enthousiastic about the set as a whole, from the images we have seen so far. I'm so glad they went for this scale and not the larger scale of the 62.4 tyres. Also, good to see more panels starting to appear in dark gray. I think the rest of the sets is a bit dull (but I'm not the target audience, they're kid's toys after all). Also, 1000 parts for the hovercraft may be a bit much given the simple nature of the functions (from my guesses so far). I'm still hoping for the jet boat to do the set a bit more justice though. If I may predict my purchases, it's the sail boat early on, and maybe the Mack truck later, depending on price.
  6. Yes, I will. But the axles fall out so long as the wheels are not on, so I use this as a placeholder.
  7. New progress! The color of the seat may not be to everyone's taste but it's a way to deviate from black-only. The two handles on the sides with the yellow axles have no purpose yet. Also, it's not rigid enough yet, so the connection to the 5x7 frame will have to be rebuilt, but at least the door mechanism is in place. Here's the same mechanism when it's opened. (Left and right are independent)
  8. Ever since set 42039 hit the shelves, I feel attracted to building Le Mans prototype cars, due to their characteristic shape and almost futuristic looks. So I think you can imagine the delight I felt when during my random stroll on the interwebs a few months back, I stumbled upon the following concept car. Back then, I tried building a Lego version of it and got quite far. But due to lack of pieces I had to abandon early. I have since bricklinked a thing or two and want to redo the model from scratch. I think the actual car doesn't even exist in reality yet, and I think this is actually a rendered image. If I remember correctly, it is a concept that they want to try to build in reality in 2020. Personally I think it's the least car-like looking car there is (if you only count serious car models). If you forget the wheels and decals, it could be modern architecture as well. What's also cool is how the black wheel arches are actually almost shaped like Technic panels. I will be using the wheels of 8070, 42039 et al. These are slightly less than 9 studs in diameter, which justifies the following side view: The planned functions are: front steering rear drive, driving a fake engine suspension doors (powered by the damped springs also used in 8448) There's little space, so I don't count on having a gearbox. With a bit of luck, I can find room for a 2-speed, which at least gives the idea of a gearbox. But it probably won't be a proper "supercar" in the Lego sense of the word. We'll see, and I might need some help from you guys with this later on. OK, let's start. All I have so far is the two suspension modules. Here's the front suspension: First thing you might notice is, I'm using the long wishbone arms. Personally this is what makes the suspension much more interesting to myself, because it's more challenging to make it work and looks much more like F1-type suspension. Also you see I'm using only 1 small spring per wheel. The suspension travel is very little (about 1 stud) so I hope having 1 spring per axle is enough. It'll have to be though, because the mechanism isn't very strong, so a stronger spring will result in parts coming loose. The black axle on the left is the steering input, to that's where the rest of the car will come. Thanks to the pins with pin hole, the 5x7 frame is pretty rigidly attached to the whole thing. The chassis will be connected to that 5x7 frame. The rear suspension is unsteered, and therefore less spectacular. But it holds the differential: Those two modules is where I am right now. I do want to have said beforehand that I'm really not good at recreating existing car bodies, so it will be difficult and I will take some slack here and there. But how fortunate is it, that Lego has the perfect color for this car. Older Technic fans know these panels from the great Offroader 8466 and its smaller brother 8465. I'm actually not even a fan of the old panels, but this car is really the perfect opportunity to put them to use (and indeed, I bricklinked some, so I have a nice collection of them). Unfortunately though, these four pairs of panels are the only pieces in this color (except a very rare ribbed hose I don't have). So the body will necessarily be a bit crude. A body with modern pieces would probably be better, but I want to see how far I can come using these good old panels. When we get there, your feedback will be very welcome. The gaps will be filled up with black, I think. But a word of warning: I will probably add some details in a second color, simply because I find black a bit boring to work with. OK, that's it for the opening post. I hope you don't mind all the rambling I do between the pics. Next up will be a basic chassis connecting the two modules together at the right distance.
  9. Could have been a set. A great pneumatic introductory set. I think the only thing preventing it from being a set is the small pump. Lego wouldn't do it that way. But I guess it makes a lot of sense on a model of this size. Personally I would add a knob at the top of the body for rotation, as a third function. That would improve the playability I think. Also, on the boom, I would add two axles 3 and two light gray 1x2x0.5 beams to fill up the small gap behind the 1x5x0.5 beams. But as a whole I think it's a very nice model at a good scale. The colors also work very well. Well done :)
  10. General Part Discussion

    That's probably the axle with pinhole (given that it shouldn't rotate, and the macaroni piece accepts axles, not pins (as far as I know))
  11. [Review] 8069 Backhoe Loader

    Interesting how people think it's too highly rated. I think it's one of the best sets within this price range, and good to see a review of it here after all this time. What makes this set such a delight for me is the large number of functions, specially viewing the relatively low part count. This was Technic before the panel virus hit it. But you relaly shouldn't do a review and mods in the same topic. Either you review the set, or you mod it, but not both at once. That's kinda confusing.
  12. The way you mounted the wheels is really ingenious. I should get myself a few of those hubs, I never thought about using them for these wheels. Smart! For the rest, I really like your truck because of the scale (my favorite scale for trucks ever since those wheels exist). Also I'm normally not into pneumatics, but I really think they fit great here. The way they are placed on the main boom looks really convincing. I really think this is Technic as it is meant to be :)
  13. [MOC] Autosan H9-21

    This looks lovely! On the small images, I don't even notice it's Lego. That's a sign of how well built this is. My favorite parts are the curved windows, and the slight incline of the whole upper sides. Also, it even has windscreen wipers. All those black "greeblings" makes it so realistic. The interior is nice as well. The color for the seats also works really well. And all this was before I noticed it has all those Technic functions inside.
  14. I agree with this. I only realized a few weeks ago that TC12 is very similar to TC11 in that it's "vehicles" but not normal vehicles. I think it's time for a realistic contest again. Whether it's subject matter-based (such as "build a crane"), or other, I don't know. Maybe something as simple as "build a truck" and require at least 2 functions besides steering and drive. That gives a lot of freedom so that everyone can build along, whether large or small. The great advantage of the crane contest was that it allowed for very conventional builds (mobile cranes, truck cranes) as well as more original builds (such as harbor cranes and all the other things that we have seen). Also, maybe check out the competitions that has had, they have had some very good themes. They were a bit more specific than Eurobricks Technic contests (which makes the entries more similar), but this makes it easy for people to get started quickly. For TC12, I spent most of my time waiting for a good idea. I think for "build a truck" many people will have a few starter ideas popping up almost instantly. At least they can start working on e.g. a chassis or a cab and specify later what kind of truck theirs is going to be. I dont really mind what theme, but I do think it's good to avoid a fantasy theme, because we had two of those in a row now.
  15. Congratulations to all entries, and to the winners. It was a good contest that saw many interesting, original, different builds. In that sense, it is like the battlebots contest, that was a bit similar. I do notice that there is exactly one entry having 0 points. What's most interesting though is that it is the 25th and last entry. The only entry that landed on the second page in the entry topic. In this particular case where there were exactly 25 entries, I think this may have played a role in the vote. Also, why was there staff voting here? Was there are particular reason in this contest to have staff vote? Is this something that will return on future competitions? (No critique, I'm just wondering). As a last thing, I suggest making the results topic sticky. It took me a small while before I saw it, and I only noticed after the vote topic was closed without much notice.