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  1. Erik Leppen

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    On the risk of continuing about a topic people want to stop, but Anything anyone ever does anywhere is wrong to someone. Fortunately, the vast majority of things people do are right to most. In my experience, staff here does a great job at keeping Eurobricks a generally nice place. What goes well is often forgotten, because - by the nature of the work - whenever staff do well, it tends to be invisible... It's only normal that a worldwide forum with as many viewpoints as there are members, a heavy discussion sometimes pops up. Please don't forget that all the good work goes by silently, but it's still appreciated, and I'm sure many members are actually very thankful! (they don't always realize it however). It just seems to be a natural thing to focus on what's wrong, and I don't think that can be changed... I'm afraid I don't really have an unpopular opinion to help bring the topic back on track. Maybe this one: I actually really like that in official sets, internal parts have all kinds of odd colors. It makes a build less boring, is helpful to non-FOLs and helps increase the part availablity for rare colors :)
  2. Erik Leppen

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    Calling a behavior homophobic behavior is NOT the same as calling a person a homophobe. Saying "Suggesting people go elsewhere or be quiet about it *is a homophobic tactic*", as williejm does, is NOT the same as saying "whoever suggests people go elsewhere or be quiet about it *is a homophobe*", as 1974 seems to suggest. Also, to support full tolerance, you have to be intolerant to intolerance (NOT intolerant to the intolerant, only to intolerant behavior) Please make the distinction between discussing actions/statements and discussing people. Criticizing/dismissing actions/statements is OK, criticizing/dismissing people is not.
  3. Erik Leppen

    New Technic magazine

    Thanks for the download @Toastie :) I scanned through it, I think for us there's not that much new. The designer section is the only remotely interesting bit, in my view. Most of it is lots and lots of exclamation marks. As someone really not into magazines, this is one of the first things I noticed... Are all modern magazines like this? Wow, it's screamy, man. Don't people get sensory overload by just looking at this? I can't count the number of different design elements thrown at this thing. Text in capitals, colored text, all kinds of colored boxes and gradients and swoops and shapes and fonts and arrows and things, makes it look very amateuristic and thrown-together. Even sets like 42080 are well-crafted gems compared to this :/ Weird random fact: Luke Cragin says "the more functions a model has, the better I like it" yet his fave model is the ocean explorer (42064). Er, how...? The boat hardly does anything, and the mini vehicles could have been $10 sets. People are weird :/ In any case, thanks again for offering the download, but for people who can't read German: you're not really missing much...
  4. I think the decision to leave out the stickers in the review is a good one. After all, lots of folks here on Eurobricks hate the stickers with a passion (at least I do, and I'm not alone), so it's actually valuable for us here to see how a set works without, even though that's technically not a "full" review, because it wasn't how the set was "meant" by TLC. But whatever. TLC took this whole sticker stuff way too far for years now. So it was about time more people take the route and leave them out :) so yeah, I hope the stickerless review is a keeper :) It's good to see that the set is actually as good as I'd hoped. It was on my buy list already, but I'm only reassured by the review :) I do wonder what's with the part list in the book though. It used to be sorted by color, it seems to in a rather random order right now. Also, the amount of orange parts seems to actually be quite low. Oh well. At least the new perpendicular beams are used in good quantities, and finally there's a pneumatic set again :)
  5. Nice review @Jim - thanks for taking the time to write your thoughts and make those great pictures. I like how you actually write your thoughts before and after, and how they change over time. I think this is good stuff to know, and your reviews are always a delight to see and read, and different enough from @Sariel's to make both have their place in the review scene. It does make me more positive about the set. It seems to be a pretty cool set to build, with plenty of functionality going on. I can appreciate a good build, and those new "perpendicular beams" certainly help. I won't be getting this set, because I simply have no interest in these types of models, but I do appreciate it being made and I can imagine other people will enjoy building, controlling and modding it. Your video didn't seem to show the steering though, is there a reason for that? After all, a RC set should also be fun to drive around. With the low speed and large turning radius, it seems like it would take ages to drive even a single full circle. How much play value is there in actually trying to navigate a parcours (is that a word in English?)? By the way, for being bullied by a weird plastic animal on wheels for minutes on end, your cat seems to keep its calm quite well :P
  6. Erik Leppen


    I can only join the crowd with praise. This is a magnificent model, and being a C model makes it all the more commendable. This car transporter is turning out to be quite the C-model supplier, I believe. Cool to see how you replicated pneumatic or linear actuator and turntable functionality without the usual parts for those. This is what C-modelling is about, finding new creative uses for parts. My favorite function has to be those side outriggers, how you made the double motion work is pure genius :) Of course, it impossible to not compare this to 42128. Compared to that, what I like on your model is how the crane doesn't look oversized, the car lifter doesn't raise to ridiculous heights, and the truck itself doesn't feel overly long. It feels like a really compact function-dense model. There being only 2 rear axles helps a lot, even if you miss the raiseable axle function :) I like how you used the parts of the blue car for the crane. It also feels less "blocky" than the 42128 set, with more angles or rounded shapes. The only thing I don't like is how your blueprint images are using perspective. To me, wireframe images on a blue background grid should not have perspective ;) So yeah, great truck. I even like how you did the locking ratchet function for the winch :)
  7. I'd definitely go for a blue interior. You changed the body color too, so why not "update" the seat color to go with it. I think blue interior looks as good with azure as the original teal interior did with blue. I expect teal and dark azure will clash, because they have the same lightness. For the rest, your model is looking great :)
  8. Erik Leppen

    [TC20] 8880 Supercar Studless

    I'm not so sure about this one, to be honest. For me it feels a little bit too much of a literal copy. It's not (yet) within the studless build style, it just uses studless parts. The bodywork especially, feels like a literal brick-for-beam replacement... I'd use more panels and flex-axles. I do like the white interior though :) That said, you certainly get all the points for recognizability ;) and you didn't pick an easy model. And it's good to see the 4 wheel steering working, so keep up the good work :)
  9. This is becoming a really nice model. Those wheels are a big improvement, and I really like the white and yellow elements, and the lighter blue gives it the modern look, perfectly within the spirit of the contest :)
  10. Erik Leppen

    42126 - Ford F150 Raptor

    I wasn't talking about the buggy ;) The buggy is a nice set that isn't 3 times the size needed for the functions, and the RC makes that very playable. This Raptor doesn't have the RC component to make it more fun, and lacks any alternative functions that sets like 8070 or 42039 had. In fact, it's interesting you mention the buggy, @Igor1, because that one has the same 3 functions, plus RC, for 1/3 the parts!
  11. Erik Leppen

    42128 - Heavy-Duty Tow Truck

    Good to see a nice functional set. I'll probably get this one some time. Most functionality seems concentrated in the rear part, so the front may feel a bit empty in comparison. Let's see of a moving steering wheel is a nice mod to make. Also good to see the alternating 11L and 15L beams are used in a few places. I wonder if all 4 outriggers are linked. I hope so, and it looks to be the case, but I'm not sure. I'm not really a fan of the brick-built engine, but whatever. If it works, it works, and it's good there's an engine at all. I hope it's driven by both rear axles, but I suspect it isn't, to make room for the car lift. The missing air tank is kinda a bummer, I hope TLC has read the discussion and is inspired by it. In any case, it's good to see a return of the thin long cylinder in particular, and pneumatics in general. I like the color scheme, but not sure I'm a fan of the white sleeper cabin. Also the black 11x7 frame at the bottom of the cabin is a bit weird. I'm curious how the long chassis will hold up, especially if the second axle is raised (a cool feature by the way). Things that would have improved the set (even further), would be using the thinner tyres (doubled at the rear, so 14 total), and a new air tank piece. There would have been the ideal place for it, which is now flled by useless plastic. But oh well. It's a nice set, and I'm looking forward to the reviews.
  12. Erik Leppen

    42126 - Ford F150 Raptor

    I'm kinda baffled by this whole marketing discussion. Apparently, that's what you get as a company when you release dumb sets without interesting functions and act like they deserve of the name "technic". This is not a Technic set, it's a set made of Technic parts. But we can discuss all we want, the only thing we can do to make sets more interesting that would actually have any effect, however small, is not buy this crap, and get that cool tow truck instead. Or that dark-red Creator Expert pick-up truck.
  13. Erik Leppen

    [TC20] Indy Storm (8445)

    I like this model, it's very clean and well paneled. I'm not sure I'd be immediately reminded to the original 8445 set, until I notice how the sides move together with the raised engine cover. It's alsmost too black-and-white. As a set, this would definitely be plastered with ugly screamy stickers. You might want to toy around with yellow as a secondary color somehow? Not sure that would improve anything though, but it may be worth trying. But right now, because it doesn't have color other than white, and it's so clean, it feels as if it's a "template" of some sort. By the way, nice usage of the new black 3x2x1 panel extender part :)
  14. Erik Leppen

    [TC20] 8446 Monster Crane

    I figured the blue seats would be how Technic would do it nowadays. But if multiple people think it's weird, it's an easy change to make. Yes, I wonder about the paneling too. I could use black 5x7 panels for a cleaner look, but then I'd change the color scheme. One of my favorite parts as well, and I thought it was fitting here. Thanks :) I think I'll toy around with springs for the cockpit (thanks for bringing the offroader to mind), but I might also try using the original part. Or a lever mechanism, similar to the 42050 funny car (sorry, was the first example that came to mind :P ) Yeah, I don't like how the engine is barely visible right now. But I don't think there's room to transfer drive to the front. Also, a 6 cylinder using normal parts would be huge, and I somehow don't like the mini engines we often see nowadays :/ Edit: what maaboo35 says is true as well, lol :P
  15. I immediately knew which set I wanted to use for the contest. It was on my wishlist for a few years, mostly because of the green color and cool looks. I hope you all recognized the set: I don't have the original wheels, so I had two options: going slightly smaller, or going slightly bigger. I went for the bigger option, because it will still not be huge, it gives some room to add functions, and I can use silver rims. I don't have many balloon tyres, so I used these. I could use double tyres maybe? That would make the model much more beefy, but the front wheels might touch when steering. Functions from the original so far: Four-wheel steering with different angles. The set uses a gear ratio, I used different-length arms. I also implemented Ackermann geometry using the same trick 8479 uses. The turntable is rotated from knobs on the sides - although I used a worm gear the set lacked. The axle through the turntable is driven from knobs on the sides - I have both knobs on both sides, where the set uses single-sided knobs Functions from the original that I haven't included yet: The crane/grabber arm is still to-do. I don't know how I will raise the front canopy yet. I could use the damped spring from the original, of find something more fitting modern Technic. Functions from the original that I did differently: My superstructure is fixed to the turntable; it raises with the crane in the original set. New functions: I figured I wanted to add stuff because the model is larger and studless building allows this. Since the model looks off-road, I wanted some form of suspension. I went for "unsprung suspension" all around, so that all wheels keep touching the ground on uneven terrain. The front two axles can move with 2 degrees of freedom, keeping the model stable side-to-side. The rear axle is pendular. I'm quite proud of this solution, if I say so myself :) Also, the original has a large open space in the chassis between the 2nd and 3rd axle. I added a cylinder engine there. It's not really a typical place but I found the large gap ugly, and modern sets often tend to have engines. Style differences I added dark-gray wheel arches and bumpers. The original was quite bare-bones in this aspect. Like the original, I use some rare parts. Somehow I needed 16L axles in the chassis. Also, for the sides I used 8x3x2 Bionicle liftarms that I found a fitting modern version of the Bionicle parts from the set. Also I don't have any large green panels, so I had to find a solution with small panels. This makes it less clean, but it will have to do. I might change the styling though, not sure yet. I'm not sure yet about coloring for the chassis. Maybe light-gray, because I use a 5x11 frame in the middle, and because dark-gray and black are used in the bodywork. But the original uses a lot of black, so I might go for that too. Because some things never change, I still use Brickshelf. The folder: Love to hear what y'all think so far :)