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  1. Erik Leppen

    [REVIEW] 42114 - Volvo Articulated Hauler

    Indeed, I missed that. Sorry! Looking forward to the rest of your writeup :) I understand that you are missing some things in the review, but I don't really like the tone of this comment. You could have gone for something like this... "Thanks for the review. I am however missing some crucial things. Blabla" Not sure what the dfiference is between my version and yours, but that's then probably just lost in translation over a text-only medium. I didn't intend to hurt anyone's feelings (I never intend to hurt anyone's feelings, ever), but let's say that tone is one aspect of communication I will probably never really understand (over any medium, including real life) ;) I appreciate the well-rounded writeup and good photography, including showing aspects of the build-in-progress. I just wondered why the aspect that is the essense to the theme was missing and therefore I assumed that the review wasn't complete yet, so that's exactly what I wrote, and because I wasn't sure, I added a question mark. That's all. Also, as it turned out, my assumption was correct. So there That said though, this very point highlights the biggest weakness of this whole powered-up drama. What comes in the box, is not the complete package and if we can take any value from this little misunderstanding then it's that it shows what you're missing out on when you don't have the necessary software. The whole part that makes this set Technic falls away if you for whatever reason can't get the necessary app. So that makes this set unsuitable as a present, because you never know if the recipient has the required technology and if it will actually works.
  2. Erik Leppen

    [REVIEW] 42114 - Volvo Articulated Hauler

    I assume the review isn't complete yet? I mean, Where 's the part on the functionality? I mean, how well does it perform? How's the power, how's the steering, how's the climbing ability? How much of a problem is it that there's no suspension? How much of a playset is it? How well does the cargo bay hold stuff? What is your opinion on the offroad/climbing performance? How easy is it to switch functions between the gearbox? What's the added value of said gearbox? Is it worth sacrificing the suspension for? What do you think about the app? How easy is it to control? Would it have worked better as a manual set with a manual switch?
  3. Erik Leppen

    General Part Discussion

    I'd say it's more likely to be more than less, @I_Igor. The relative speeds of the two axles when they rotate is not constant. If axle A is perpendicular and axle B is diagonal, axle B turns faster, but after 45 degrees, axle A turns faster (in my experience this effect is most noticeable when the 2 knobwheels are in-the same plane). So this means that if the driver axle turns at a constant speed, the "follower" axle turns at a wildly varying speed. If this is part of a longer geartrain, then this can introduce a lot of friction. I would really only use knob wheels if there is any perticular reason for it, for example: the orientation of the axles matters for axles that only need to rotate very slowly or only a little (like steering) if the variable speed of the follower axle is something you actually want If there is no particular reason to use knobwheels, I'd always prefer normal gears.
  4. Erik Leppen

    Technic General Discussion

    A differential acts like an averager. The speed of the ring gear is the average of the speeds of the 2 axles that go in. 11/6 is the average of 10/6 and 12/6. So if one axle goes in with a speed of 10/6, and the other goes in with a speed of 12/6, the ring gear should turn at 11/6 times the original. When backdriven, this will be 6/11. 10/6 and 12/6 are both easy ratios.
  5. Erik Leppen

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    Never attribute to malice what can be sufficiently explained by stupidity... :)
  6. Erik Leppen

    MOC Pi Day Gearing Instructions

    I assume you mean 3.1415929...? Of course, you made good use of the fact that pi is so very close to this particular fraction (355/113). So, the next challenge would be to approximate the golden ratio to the same precision, because that number is specifically known to withstand easy approximation by fractions. For the rest, as always, good job, and as far as I know you're the only person that uses Lego and TeX together in projects. :D
  7. Erik Leppen

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    No, we can start our own toy company and do it differently. But yes, we will indeed have to accept that TLC: 1. has guidelines to begin with; 2. tries to follow those guidelines; 3. made a mistake; 4. made some people angry and 5. chooses by themselves to try to fix the mistake. The choice, in the end, lies with toy companies whether or not to release a set, with shop-owners whether-or-not to retail it, and to buyers whether-or-not to buy it.
  8. Erik Leppen

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    Liebherr is not a (mostly) military company, and a crane or a mining excavator is not a military vehicle. Osprey is (mostly) a military company, and this aircraft is (mostly) a military vehicle. Yes, it's a gray area. But that doesn't mean that you can say nothing about what falls on which side. Again, their statement may not be consistent (you can't be 100% consistent) but at least their statement isn't selfish. Ours is. Nobody loses anything over not having 42113, especially AFOLs. if 42113 where the only Lego available Technic set, you'd be correct. Edit: also, please don't make ungrounded assumptions about my personal surroundings. How and where I live has nothing to do with this discussion, keep it outside of it. Play the ball, not the man. I'd love to see that happen.
  9. Erik Leppen

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    To be honest, I'm with the protesters and I really, really don't get the point of this stupid petition here on this forum. Sorry to say but that makes us (where we = Eurobricks) just the same as we make out those German piece association people to be, except that they actually have a point and we don't. We just want to buy plastic pieces. What they say is because this is a licenced set, a third party that is involved in military operations, may receive revenue from a children's toy. This makes it different than sets like 42066, that had no such licence, and is the reason they don't want to market the set. How is that so hard to understand. Yes, there are sets about vehicles used in coal mining. Using that as an argument for 42113's normal release, is a logical fallacy called "whataboutism". "What about 42055?". Is it such an awesome worldchanging set that we can't do without? Come on. We, AFOLs, of all people, are the ones that can design a better Lego aircraft ourselves. We need this set the least of everyone. It's an interesting set, sure, but it's not revoluationary. Please instead of whining, go make your own aircraft, and put in on rebrickable. We can do that. and not a single penny will go to that company. Apparently, this set is against TLC's guidelines. Otherwise they would have issued a statement that it isn't, But they pulled back the set. This means they know they are in the wrong. In my opinion this is a totally stupid move by TLC to even begin producing such a thing without looking into the company they arranged a licence with, and it's about time a group like this stands up against it.
  10. One solution is to control the first and last axle independently, and use a beam to interpolate the intermediate axles. Works like a charm on small models. On large models, probably needs a stronger way to do this.
  11. Erik Leppen

    [B MODEL] Go-Kart (42102 alternate)

    Smart little model. The engine even being functional is the best surprise of all. Smart part usage using the LA bracket there, and love that little red exhaust pipe. But the whole model looks great and even quite large for the set. The only minor gripe would be the vertical steering wheel, but that doesn't seem fixable in any way. To me, this is what B models should be. Different from the A.
  12. Erik Leppen

    Buildings scale 1:25, made by Pinnacle

    My first thought was, aren't Technic figures roughly this scale? But I measured one and it's about 9 cm in height, so in 1:25 that would be 2,25 meters, which is not very realistic. They're more like 1:20. Also, an obvious problem with them is that there are no girls. What about brick-built figures? They're sure recognized as being Lego, but they may not be as "expressive" as specialty figures, and harder to change/pose. If the proportions of minifigs are off (which I agree!) then maybe friendsfigs (minidolls) are a way out of this. Visually, I personally like those better, however their limited posability is a major downside. The problem with scale is that if you multiply your scale by a factor x, then areas are multiplied by x-squared (x^2 or x*x) and the amount of space it takes is multplied by x-cubed (x^3, or x*x*x). So twice the size means 4 times the area and 8 times the space. The factor for parts will be somehere between 4 and 8, I presume. And yes, I can certainly recognize the idea of being "used" to a particular scale. Will you show a few pictures of some of your builds here?
  13. Erik Leppen

    General Part Discussion

    That same 135-degree elbow part is in the Mickey/Minnie Mouse set in black, 14x if I remember correctly. Seems a useful generic part. Not sure yet what for, but I'm sure people will find all kinds of uses. If anyone knows the radius (inner/axis/outer), that would be useful information.
  14. It was a matter of time before this topic would appear. I found the end axlehole to be a bad idea from when the part was first introduced (and also mentioend this on Eurobricks). The black ones are newer, so they will show the same problems next year... I did expect it to take a bit longer though. I'd say, if the part is not usable anymore, just order a replacement part from TLC. They're still in production, I suppose. If TLC get lots of replacement part requests for this part, I hope they notice the problem.
  15. Erik Leppen

    What's a good Technic starter set in 2020?

    Does he already have some sets? If not, I'm not sure going with 42082 right away would be good. I mean, it's (almost) the largest set out there. When I got into Technic as a kid, it took a while before I got to the large sets (I was below 12 though). The Ducati motorbike 42107 may seem interesting, with its gearbox, steering, drive and suspension. :)