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Found 13 results

  1. ejred

    HMS Enterprize (1774)

    [/url] Hi all, this is my first sailing ship in at least 30 years. But I went all-in. This is also the first adult MOC for which I have bought "my own" bricks, rather than relying on whatever (admittedly copious) odds and ends my sons had lying around at a given moment. Anyway, my creation is a fully-rigged minifig-scale (1:38.4) historical LEGO model of the 6th-rate frigate HMS Enterprize (also spelled as Enterprise), launched in 1774. I know that class is a bit "over-exposed," but the size was right (the end result is 5 feet long bowsprit to boom, just possible for me to lift), the plans were readily available on the web, and it's a lovely ship. My intent with it was to meld model and toy--it has a lot of working features and internal play spaces. In this post I'm basically just going to focus on some of my favorite pictures, rather than bogging down in a lot of text. But if you are interested there is more to see: - I have a ton of pictures on Flickr with info in many of the descriptions: - I have a MOCPages page with more info: Also, I'm happy to answer any questions here. And if there are picture angles or subjects that I neglected, let me know and I will snap them while I still have my photo setup in place. I hope you will like my product, it's been about 8 months of work. Throughout that process, seeing what is being done on the Pirates board here has been a big source of encouragement! HMS Enterprize - Gunports Open (Bow Quarter) HMS Enterprize - Waterline Stern HMS Enterprize - Stern HMS Enterprize - Waterline Bow Closeup HMS Enterprize - Forecastle HMS Enterprize Meets The Brick Bounty HMS Enterprize - Crew HMS Enterprize - Decks Overview HMS Enterprize - Captain's Quarters (removed from hull) HMS Enterprize - Captain's Quarters - Great Cabin Interior HMS Enterprize - Racing Neck and Neck on the Foremast HMS Enterprize - Launching a Cutting-Out Expedition! HMS Enterprize - Well Met, Fellow Traveller! HMS Enterprize - Into the Sunset Thanks for your interest, input and inspiration!
  2. Creaking along slowly through the Moruth Swamps, the Goblin's new waterborne siege engine makes it way to the front lines. Larger, stronger and more heavily armed than the first generation Siege Ship, it is formidable force in open water/ ship to ship combat. I will admit, I skimmed through the Cat 2 entry requirements, and built this without taking pictures of it in construction. If the judges let me slide, great, if not I will promptly remove it from the category and build something else, just let me know. Thanks! And thanks for looking!
  3. Nuju Metru

    [MOC] Class 8 Frigate "Agamemnon"

    This warship was my holiday project... since I was separated from my normal assortment of fantasy parts, I opted to build something that I don't normally build: a spaceship. I had tremendous fun overcoming certain challenges while building this huge thing. I worked, by necessity, almost entirely with pre-2014 bricks. Building in a color scheme of scarce colors forced me to get more creative on many instances. I'm pretty satisfied with the end result, here, considering my limitations. Here are some things you probably can't tell from these pictures alone: --The cargo bay doors slide simultaneously open on both sides when you turn the click-jointed axle stopper above them. --A panel attached to the observation dome can be removed to showcase the command deck inside. --The hangar bay doors open on both sides, and the "Orestes" small fighters can be stashed in there. --The plasma turrets rotate (okay, maybe you could tell on that one). Thanks for looking! I appreciate your feedback.
  4. Hey all, it's been quite awhile since I was last able to build, but I just couldn't miss the Colossal Castle Contest - especially with a warship category this year. So, Instead of building a handful of rushed entries, I decided instead to pour my heart and soul into a single entry. (Pictures link to Flickr) I decided to revisit an idea I had when I built my first ship a couple years ago. I hadn't managed to make it work then, but I have come a long way as a builder since then. The technique ended up working even better than I had hoped, allowing me to build a sturdy, frustration-free hull with multidirectional curvature and minimal attachment points. This enabled me to make the sides of the hull removable, and to add an interior. The walls you see belowdecks are actually attached to the backside of the ship's frame, meaning that no matter which side is removed, the cabin will always appear as a complete cross-section. In addition, the entire ship is modular, allowing for the removal of the mast and rigging, forecastle, stern decks, hull, and even the main deck, which slides up over the mast. I really wanted to go all-out this year, and, inspired by JKBrickworks' working torsion-spring ballista, I decided to add a functional artillery piece to the deck. This was very challenging, as JKBrickworks' model is over 16 studs wide (much too big for mounting on the ship). Effective torsion springs took up too much space, so I instead lashed together flex tubes and built a scaled-down winding/ratcheting system that is similar to JKBrickworks' original design. It worked, and the ballista you see will wind, hold, and launch multiple projectiles across a desk. Finally, the ship features a working rudder and tiller, all-LEGO rigging (including the rat-lines, which are cut and sewn-together nets), deployable anchors, three projectile types for the ballista (bolt, harpoon, and ball-and-chain), crow's nest mounted crossbow, working doors and hatch, and a full crew including the VIP passengers, captain, navigator, sailors, cook, naval warfare officer, ballista crewmen, marine detachment commander, marine boarder, "Leatherhead" marine sharpshooter, and expeditionary marine. I hope you enjoy this build as much as I enjoyed building it! As always, comments and criticism are welcome and appreciated, and there are (and will be) more pictures on Flickr. Happy New Year!
  5. Mark of Falworth

    CCC 14 - Moravian Warknarr

    (CCC14) Moravian Warknarr by Mark E., on Flickr (CCC14) Moravian Warknarr by Mark E., on Flickr My third entry to the CCC! More pictures in this album.
  6. Usually my shipyards just build new ships for use in the fleet of MAESTRO. But with the right offer anyone can request a ship or the refit of one. A while ago I heard that Corrington needed one of their captures refit; I heard it was supposedly the strongest Warschooner ever seen in these waters. Of course, I can't not look at such a unique ship. So I decided to let my shipyards take on the challenge of refitting it. The moment it arrived here I was surprised - it looks like it was almost meant to be a frigate, until someone decided they wanted a schooner instead. No surprise, considering that this ship had been build by pirates, who are known to change their minds often. But the quality of the build was surprisingly good - there wasn't as much to repair as I had suspected; the worst were the sails which were completely destroyed in the battle - it fought hard, but had to surrender eventually. Lets hope it doesn't have to do that again. Hereby I present to you: the former Blood Mean, now named HMS Badger in the hands of Corrington, refitted under undisclosed conditions by Monezterrel shipyards. Here we see the Stern of the HMS Badger. And the obligatory view of the bird. ___________ This is first build I've build in this scale, and I'm think it turned out quite well. I'm especially proud of the way the curve and tumblehome (although it is almost not noticeable) turned out, the only part I feel like it needs to be redone is the bow, but I just have no idea how to do it better.
  7. Hi there, I've started a MOC on LDraw a few month ago and I really would like to share it to get some advice and good ideas! This is my first MOC and the work is still going on. I took the Imperial Flagship 10210 as a start, and gave it another deck. The idea is making a ship of the line, as the glorious vessels built in the XVIII century. To avoid lack of inspiration and being stuck in a dead end, I started from an existing set, as i said it's only my first try. Feel free to give me your opinion and ideas to get it right, and to share your work of course :)
  8. SkaForHire

    GNAR Voting Thread

    Welcome to the voting page. Here are the rules: If you are an Avalonian or a Nocturnan, then you are voting on which side (Kaliphlin or Mitgardia) has won the arms race in your opinion. If you are from Kaliphlin or Mitgardia, you are picking which guild (Avalonia or Nocturnus) has the more impressive fleet. Please post your name, your guild, and who you believe won in the match you are deciding. IE: Scarst from Mitgardia, I vote for Avalonia. or Skaforhire from Kaliphlin, I vote for Nocturnus The list of ships posted below has been arranged by Kai (Thanks Kai!). Remember to take the whole fleet (Merchant Marine / ship of the isles / swamp boat and Warship) in account when deciding. The individual winners will be announced when the Judges have finished judging. All votes should be in by July 5th anywhere in the world. Kaliphlin: Merchant Marine: The VanHorn - robuko The Wayfarer - Gabe The Ahok - nstickney The Sapphire - Thomas of Tortuga Deniz Aslani - Mike S Warship: The Grimm-maiden - TheUtilityBelt32 The Sirocco - qiadris Battling the Waves - Kai NRG Barqan Dromon - Gabe Minik Akrebi - Mike S Mitgardia: Merchant Marine: The Half-Brother - MKJoshA The IceStorm - Garmadon Warship: MNR Thorgills - Tomsche The Aurora of Mitgardia - Etzel Ormr hinn víðfǫrli - The Holdfast - mccoyed The Serpent's Pride - Infernum Sea Bull - Hammerhead Avalonia: Ship of the Isles: The Nendril (category not specified) - HammerBro The Swiftsure - Bregir Gylden Abiron - -Carson Haupt- Warship: The Sea Bull - Hammerhand The Mirror - Gilbert Despathens Nocturnus: Swamp Boat: The Nocturnian Boar - Lord Vladivus Nocturnian Patrol Boat - MassEditor Warship: The Smiling Phantom - Emma
  9. A GNAR warship entry for Nocturnus: The Smiling Phantom The Happy Wizard captains this dark ship and its crew of Shadows, wreaking havoc in naval warfare. The Smiling Phantom is a sleek warship from Nocturnus whose main purpose is to quickly sail in close to an enemy ship, sneak a Shadow on board, and sail quickly away; she rarely engages directly in battle. This Shadow then possesses the enemy captain, giving Happy control over the crew and ship; chaos ensues… A few more photos are on flickr.
  10. qiadris

    [GNAR] The Sirocco

    The Sirocco The Sirocco is a Kaliphlin vessel that often patrols the eastern coast, hence the name (for the eastern wind). This is a warship entry for the Great Naval Arms Race (GNAR), a mean medium-sized war cog with veteran sailors, experienced troops and a wizard from Sultan's Gate for extra damage and support spells. The clear wood and lavender accents are deceiving, as most of its victims have discovered. Today, the Sirocco is testing new gear, new people and old wood in a test sail. The captain is learning how to use a new artifact, the sextant, a recruit has just joined, and Tiin Mar, leader of the Tower of Wizardry, is consulting with the adjunct wizard. Do not hesitate to click on the images for better resolution (in Flickr) and a bit longer description on some! Commentary: I believe the forecastle and the sail could be improved. For the sail, I did try making a custom one, but doesn't seem to be my thing, but I am quite happy how using the lateen sails from Pirate Ship Ambush worked out. They are far too rectangular (as opposed to square) but it works. For the forecastle, all tips for improvement will be appreciated.
  11. LordBrickleton

    HMS Whisper

    [pid][/pid] 158D This being my first post, coming out of a Dark Age, I present His Majesty's Warship, The Whisper. She is a 16 gun, 2 mast, fast frigate. Her crew totals 15 sailors, 5 marines, and 2 officers. She is a 3 deck ship, with fully accessible Gun deck, Gallery, Captain's Cabin, and working capstan. more photos here: Thanks very much everyone, criticism is most definitely welcome! Regards, LordBrickleton
  12. Commodore Ariel Brickson

    HMS Defiant, 12 guns-brig

    Well, even if isn't 100% complete; I decided to present my flagship today and now. My stock limitation was a permanent problem, but I think that I solved it with my humble methods... First of all, a few pics without crew, to see the details... The bow, notice the owl as figurehead and the bell: Now onboard, the capstan; functional but really fragile... The gun deck, clear and ready for action, with it's 8 guns: The quarterdeck, with the helm, 4 carronades and a small place for the commander to examine maps etc... The masts, the weakness of all my ships, not so pretty as the rest of the ship (probably when I put the sails will be better): Returning to the bow, the anchor, one of my favourite parts, because it's totally improvised: And now, the ship with the crew: The Commodore (myself), examining the map... At the stern, the row boat: "DING-DING, DING-DING, DING!!" _Sail ho! _Full broadside...! _...FIRE! For finish; the HMS Defiant sailing with my other ship (builded just yesterday and finished today), a bombardment ketch provisionally named as HMS Thunderer: That it's all, I hope you liked it. (The HMS Thunderer will be presented soon, but I will wait some days because I usually moddify my ships a bit every day a few days after it's construction (or a few weeks, in the case of the HMS Defiant...). Comments and critics are welcome. Greetings from Spain, Commodore Ariel Brickson.
  13. tchuk-norst

    MOC: Brickbuilt Man-o-War Airship

    Here it is! After $270 and a lot of waiting, the Man-o-War Class Airship! -Statistics- Name: Tian Requiem-Class III Warship Designer: Alfred Thruster Date: Completed in the Year of our Elluir, 1765. Rotors: 4 Thrusters: 2 Guns: 18 7.62x51mm machine guns, 2 8mm anti-landcraft guns Crew: 1 pilot, 18 gunners Length: 36.03 m Height: 7.41 m Width: 3.03 m Pieces: 3754 It's fairly modular, and could be readily expanded for more guns. Here it is with the top off. And here is the trusty pilot. More images are on my Brickshelf gallery, if you are interested.