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  1. Dang, had not realized I had not posted here yet :( I'll just leave a Cat A link here as a late entry. It was entirely my fault and I understand if it cannot be entered.
  2. Thank you all :) @MKJoshA, those are new bandanas, picked that pair from the ninjago hoverhunter I found at 66% discount
  3. The possibility of a plague is something Avalonia cannot afford, and one of the first measures taken was to set up road blocks at regular intervals to prevent scared villagers (scared of the plague or the drow, or both) from making matters worse. The roadblock at the ruined tower of Ker Tazal, near Calder, is not the most impressive. In fact, it could be said it is one of the worst, a simple ladder blocks the path. But it works.The soldiers do as they are told and question travellers, wear protective cloth that covers their mouth and nose, and also keep an eye out for drow. Anders and Paul, on duty today, have had a rather quiet morning with few travelers. Right now they have just stopped a man and a young girl, travelling with a dog. It does not look like they will be much trouble. He says his name is Arthur and they come from Brevis. They seem look honest folk, and healthy, even if a bit weary of a few days in the road, but orders are orders: they will have to wait here for a patrol and be taken to Calder.
  4. Like Infernum commented, you really have developed a well-defined look for the Zugal. Always a pleasure to stare at your MOCs.
  5. The Swashbuckler and the Battle Godess look like great additions for Historica. The wizard is a little... child-like perhaps, but I don't recall seeing the "collar cloak" in that color before, and I guess his staff is cool. The bow from the Dino Tracker can also come in handy.
  6. Heh, my issue is not distance (after all, using a forum online is fine) but rather language. I could join the Danish LUG but my Danish is... okay-ish, so I'd have to google translate most posts :P Haven't really felt the need for bulk ordering anyway *shrug* I guess it will come with time :P
  7. I´d say Challenges are the main event, and community builds, like, "side quests" :P but on the other hand, having an awesome community build with as many members participating as possible sounds great
  8. qiadris

    [GNAR] Barqan Dromon

    Release the Kraken! :D We have nothing to fear with such an excellent ship defending our waters.
  9. qiadris

    WoN Phase II: Battle at Hell's Gate

    With every one of your threads, you make my mind a tad more scared to hear the name of Anfauglir Awesome work
  10. qiadris

    Character Intro- Kashifa ibn Mu'adh

    Nicely done! I really like the last shot, it's the most narrow and at the same time shows the most of the entire MOC, plus it captures the air of mystery and discovery of treasure hunting. +1 for DoH credits
  11. qiadris

    Opening the Gates

    Well done once more :)
  12. Welcome to Kaliphlin ;) I finally have internet on the new place, woho! They can always die tragically :D I actually considered arming the GNAR ship with Greek/Barqan fire, but after some research it seemed it only would make sense in a drommond, and I didn't feel like 60 oars and oarsmen :P
  13. qiadris

    A Child's Dream

    Really cool build, saw it at work a couple days ago and couldn't comment. It really made me go "wow" with the use of colors, and the towers are just wonderful, both in technique and color. +1 for wall technique#2, round walls and towers and art (who knows, the kid might grow to be an artist :D).
  14. qiadris

    Freebuild Arena MOC

    Bravo, the opening/closing is genius! And also crammed with little details that really give life to the scene. Definitely looks like a vibrant city, +1 for Anthropology: City Scene. I have to agree with Gabe on Governing Body tho, that would usually be something more like a city hall/chieftain hut/throne room.