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  1. Commodore Ariel Brickson

    New horizons.....

    Really impressive advance in your naval construction . Definitely, I will need more cannons... How have you done for improve an small frigate into a ship of the line in so relatively little time? I need months only to get my first hull parts (via exchange in other forum) and convert my old ugly brig into a little corvette ... Commodore Ariel.
  2. Commodore Ariel Brickson

    My lego ship collection

    Really an impressive fleet; considering that I only have two ships... My favourite, obviously, the british one . Greetings.
  3. Commodore Ariel Brickson

    WIP frigate HMS Vendetta

    Really nice ship, I love this colour scheme. The solution for the stern ir really interesting...I will have it in mind in the future... Greetings, Commodore Ariel.
  4. Commodore Ariel Brickson

    Full-hull French Frigate (WIP)

    Really impressive :pir-oh: !!! The structure seems perfect, the gallery is beautiful, and the mast are promissing . Hope to see more soon . Greetings from Spain, Commodore A. Brickson
  5. Commodore Ariel Brickson

    HMS Enterprize

    Really lovely ship . At least I see another british warship with this colour scheme, I thought that mine was the last. I will remember well were this topic is... in case that in the future I can build a frigate... **sigh** Greetings, Commodore Ariel.
  6. Commodore Ariel Brickson


    This frigate is improving moment after moment. The new bow it's really cool. I don't know if I say this before, but I love the helm... Friendly, Commodore Ariel.
  7. Commodore Ariel Brickson

    WIP: hornet

    It's a good start; I hope to see more progress soon. May I ask under what flag will sail this ship? Greetings, Commodore Ariel.
  8. Commodore Ariel Brickson

    Macaw fortress

    Fascinating, thanks for answer. I have to revise many sets... Greetings from Spain, Commodore Ariel.
  9. For when a new Pirates theme???

  10. Commodore Ariel Brickson

    Macaw fortress

    Nice bluecoat fortress. I have to ask... from where you have taken that spiral stair?? (or how you have done it?) It looks really fine. Friendly from Spain, Commodore Ariel.
  11. Commodore Ariel Brickson

    Another ship

    Cool ship, I think that it's relatively easy to improve it (at least in theory): a more narrow bow, more length, and perhaps a second mast (I don't know how much parts you have to do such things, I only say it)... Can we know the name? Friendly, Commodore Ariel.
  12. Commodore Ariel Brickson


    I don't know how; one time I see the page and my face was something like *huh* . And it's also the problem that it's in dollars, while my currency is the €... Anyway, thanks for the advice. Greetings.
  13. Commodore Ariel Brickson

    [MOCPages Find] Randolph Rosenbacher's HMS Victory

    A really impressive ship . The stern it's a bit disproportionated in my opinion; but I'm sure that this it's the best that one can reach at this scale... Greetings, Commodore Ariel.
  14. Commodore Ariel Brickson

    HMS Defiant, 12 guns-brig

    Thanks for comments. @ManInATopHat: fortunately, I have enought yellow bricks to make this colour scheme and repeat it in two different ships (and I think that I have enought for a third one if I make something really small like a sloop), but unfortunately, I don't have enought black bricks and bases... @Sebeus I: I also think that the anchor it's perfect for this ship, but by the moment I can only make one, at least in this colours... About the shots; it's true that I don't have parts to make it in Lego, but anyway, I prefer to make them in cotton, it's more realistic; even if this is the first time that I use this trick in Lego (I used it before in Playmobil and Tente (another build toy native from Spain) so many times that I adquired some experience in using it, and it's also a distinctive part of my works... with other special trick). @Captain Golden Hook: I considered to put a gaff sail in the main mast, (in fact, in the first moments, there was one, but was too fragile and I had to make the mast higher); but with the actual mast I don't know how to make it; there is no place were I can put the sprit... but I'm still working on it... In fact I considered to put a tiller in a first moment, but it will make more difficult to put the row boat... Friendly from Spain, Commodore Ariel Brickson.