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  1. Very bright and colorful scene, great job with the minifig posing!
  2. Nice use of the crown pieces..very creative.
  3. Imposing hall and nice microscene to support the story!
  4. Absolutely stunning Gideon..I am enjoying looking at all the details. I really enjoy that you have spent years fleshing out Barqa and the land around it..
  5. Blufiji

    CHALLENGE IV: Category A: Själens Torn

    Good landscaping and nice work on the water techniques. Like others have said the tower is creepy..
  6. Amazing work LJ as usual! I love the color combinations, and the use of white fits perfectly. It helps break up the earth tones that usually find in desert builds. The minifig posing is superb and the built onion domes are a great touch.
  7. Blufiji

    Challenge III: Cat. A: King Or Puppet?

    That floor is pure excellence.
  8. Awesome entry, I like the choice in color patterning!
  9. Blufiji

    [AoM House Phase I] Goatherd's Hut

    Very quaint, love the little hideaway.
  10. Blufiji

    Challenge III - Category B: Palisade

    Very nice palisade, I can imagine the ditch being filed with pitch and spears.
  11. Blufiji

    [MOC] Ayra

    Imposing centaur indeed!
  12. Blufiji

    Wyvernstone Village

    Full of that Avalonian goodness. Great work on the architecture and color scheme.
  13. I can see some inspiration taken from the Reach, but I enjoy your added touches. I love the round stone/wood hut combos, and the back story is superb.
  14. Blufiji

    Finding a profession, first try

    Great work on the lil details.
  15. Blufiji

    [MOC] The Spirit of the Standing Stone

    Nice atmosphere on this one. Love the use of the deer.