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  1. Blufiji

    [MOC] The grand market square of Rindael

    Very nice lively bustling build!
  2. Blufiji

    [MOC] Pirate Islands

    Thats fun!
  3. Blufiji

    Island Villa

    This is build is based off the "Over-the-Water Private Island Butler Villa with Infinity Pool" in the Sandals Resort of the Caribbean. Thanks for looking!
  4. Blufiji

    [MOC] The Pale Tree [Freebuild]

    Nice dead tree (I am assuming it is dead). Very ominous and well designed
  5. Blufiji

    Wither Woods Windmill

    I enjoyed the video, great work on design and functionality especially after what i am assuming are several redesigns in the top.
  6. Blufiji

    [Freebuild] Hot pools on the hunt

    Based off of the hotspring monkeys from Japan? Nice work.
  7. The minifgs are well thought out and fill the variety found in the lands. Good work.
  8. A very detailed and and lively biuild/scene. Nice work on the weapons rack.
  9. Blufiji

    Life in Allanar Forest

    Very nice work, I like the well top the most, and you always do well with interiors.
  10. Blufiji

    [Freebuild] Teal River Fortress

    Thank you all! and yes it really is Teal hahaha
  11. Wonderful camera work and excellent atmosphere!
  12. Sitting along the mighty Teal River which runs out of the great Avalonian forests, Teal River Fortress is the new strong hold of Lord Valan, a newly knighted warrior in the service of the verdant lands of the west. This is the home of my Avalonia Character Valan. Well it has been a long time since I was able to contribute, but it feels good doing it again. Life changes and upheavals really do take a toll on the things you love to do. With that being said, I am happy this community is still here and thriving, and will slowly integrate myself back into it. I look forward to seeing all the awesome works I've missed and I hope you all enjoy the build.
  13. Blufiji

    [Freebuild] Skaldar Port

    The buildings remind me alot of a build SK did back in the day with the various textures. I enjoy the sense of community I get from the build, with the tight-knit buildings, the little details (such as the cat on the roof), and the overall business of it. Well done sir.
  14. Blufiji

    Borders of The Enchanted Forest

    Oh that is very pretty well done.