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  1. Sea Haven

    Thanks Gunman, the lime was something I stumbled on and just kinda ran with it! Thanks Mrc! I appreciate it Faladrin, though I will admit the back section (what you cant see) is lacking a bit. There was some inspiration from the Iron Islands in this, thanks Goth! Once again, I always appreciate your in depth critiques and thoughts. As a counter to your first tweak, my mind had this build oriented with larger islands further out and the building facing the shore. In that regard, the islands in the front are actually more inland vs the main island. However i see your point as if you are looking at the front of the building facing out to see. In that regard you are absolutely correct! In regards to your second tweak, you are spot on and it that was something I had to compromise with in the end. Thanks Henjin! Thanks Maestro! who knows, there might be a series 2 on the horizon... Thanks SK! I thought that details would be pretty cool to have.
  2. Watchtower at Fahrin Falls

    I see alot of influence from Legonardo in your style, and i will say you are doing him justice with your technique. Keep it up!
  3. Braving Nocturnus

    Very organic and realistic shaping. I really like the section on the left with the broken wall.
  4. Solitary Existence

    Very Nice, good use of color to help it stand out against the snow.
  5. Sea Haven

    Yea the build really lacked color in earlier versions, and while not exactly realistic or practical, it did flow with the overall concept. When I split the buildings up, I thought about the concept of a lighthouse tower or something of the like. Ill do my best to keep surprising you lol. Thanks Garm, as far as your nitpick goes, that is a clever observation. I try to be relatively realistic in my builds regarding stonework, shaping etc, and I did not think about that. Probably because I was worn out in trying to get a concept down I liked. Maybe next time haha. Thanks LW! Yea I think Garm was in a way pointing that out as well. Another issue I had was with balancing the size of the buildings with the size of the rock itself. Titus will attest to this, in earlier versions the buildings nearly over powered the landscape, so i had to tone it all done to make it seem somewhat harmonized. Thanks for your observation Kai!
  6. Sea Haven

    Located just off the eastern coast of Mitgardia among 2 dozen or so sea stacks and islets, Sea Haven is the small keep of Lord Askvoll and his family. The castle is centrally located among one of the larger rocks jutting out the sea, while the other islands shield the keep from the high waves of the many storms that pass through the area. Inspired by the coasts of Oregon and Scotland. Happy building and thanks for looking!
  7. A journey to Mitgardia

    A very nice build indeed Goth! As others have stated, the interior is really well done sir!
  8. The Western Wall of Lleidr

    Looks very good. This has a wonderful blend of color and texturing, and I really like the chain holding up the slanted wall-a great detail!
  9. Very well thought out, both in descriptions and minifig designs!
  10. The South Gate of Lleidr Castle

    Lovely use of color and the irregular base is a nice touch. It really does have that abandoned fortress feel, though judging by your teammates builds, these outlaws are a bit less honorable than what you are used to haha. My only critique would be the lack of rock work compared to your teamates builds, but you've already stated you were pressed for time so that's a moot point. Great job regardless!
  11. Lleidr Citadel

    You all did a great job texturing and matching your builds to each other. I will admit I'm a bit bored of the run down Ces look, but nonetheless this is very pleasing to the eye. Great work all of you!
  12. Foyodran Tower, The Void Valley

    Very dark and gloomy place..no wonder nothing lives there with all that lava around.
  13. [AoM]:popcorn, anyone?

    Clever use of the corn pieces, and the building texturing is nice.
  14. Moruth Swamp Outpost Redux

    I see you put some effort into that intro lol. The overall build really flows together, but the use of color for the actual house is really what sets it apart.
  15. @MassEditor hahahahahaha don't tell them that, let them think I look good. The funny part is I have a picture of the real people behind those minifgis..and yes Goblin's do handstands!