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Found 5 results

  1. Blufiji

    Twilight Hovel

    Jeric is one of the few humans who makes his permanent home in the depths of the Twilight Forest that surrounds the Reach. He is a skilled hunter and outdoorsman and enjoys the peace that the forest brings...
  2. The Maestro

    Braving Nocturnus

    A lone Avalonian champion attemps to brave the harsh world of Nocturnus, fighting off all kinds horrid creatures, to please his lovers father . A romantic story of sorts, which unfourtuantly comes to a rather nasty end... For the CBC - RPG category Inspired by the game "Dark Souls III" the build is not based on any location in particular but the area "The High Walls of Lothric" was probably the biggest inspiration. It also doubles as a ruin in Nocturnus. An absolute pleasure to build and would have to rank very high on my favourite builds list. Unfourtuantly I am suffering from writers block (an thing I haven't come across before), which is not great as I have a convention in 3 weeks and I have hockey tournuments on both weekends to make matters worse. So after a couple failed concepts I don't have much of a idea of what to do. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Hope you enjoy and C&C welcomed
  3. Creaking along slowly through the Moruth Swamps, the Goblin's new waterborne siege engine makes it way to the front lines. Larger, stronger and more heavily armed than the first generation Siege Ship, it is formidable force in open water/ ship to ship combat. I will admit, I skimmed through the Cat 2 entry requirements, and built this without taking pictures of it in construction. If the judges let me slide, great, if not I will promptly remove it from the category and build something else, just let me know. Thanks! And thanks for looking!
  4. Blufiji

    Moonstone Peddler

    Zant, shrouded in an aura of invisibility, approached Tshv'ok silently, until at the last moment, he appeared within feet of his favored tradesman. "I hate when you do that..." Tshv'ok said in an annoyed tone. "I know..that's why I do it. And besides, you've seem to have gotten accustomed to it since I've been meeting with you more often, so now I need a new amusement, but that's for another time. Do you have what I asked for?" Tshv'ok replied "Yes, in these sacks are as many moonstones as I could gather in the time you gave me. This seems a bit out of your scope these days, so I can only help but wonder that are you planning." Zant spoke excitedly, almost as if he were a child getting his first enchanted pie. "You know what is about to happen in these lands in the next few months. Battles will be waged on a scale Nocturnus has not seen in thousands of years. Armies are gathering in all corners of this land, and Raavage is setting up the pieces to eventually wipe this land clean of all who oppose him. You know my business very well Tshv'ok, I deal in death, and it's about to become a high commodity. I will use these stones to capture as many defeated warriors and fallen civilians as I can, and in my doing, these souls will help fuel Raavages ambitions to bring Nocturnus, and eventually all of Historica, to heel!!" Tshv'ok looked blankly at the necromancer, took a moment and finally spoke, breaking the silence..."As long as I get paid..." Starting to kinda get back on track with the Civil War stuff..I know this may be random but I have a plan that will eventually tie this into my own little storyline. Thanks for looking!
  5. Blufiji


    The swamp outposts of the Moruth had served as the lifeblood of the defenders in the initial salvo of the Nocturnus invasion. The Black Spire had pushed deep into the Darklands, yet they could not secure a complete victory. Initially, Raavage had dismissed these backwater outposts as trivial, and concentrated his assaults upon the cities in the East, particularly Abyssian. However, he has realized the error of this strategy and has recently ordered his Drow allies to scout and destroy any of these outpost they come across. An hour ago, the young crocodile warrior has moving shipments through the back country at one of these outposts. Now his comrades were dead, and he is being pursued by two of the attackers. He has taken refuge from the uncovered still waters inside of a mangrove grove. Unfortunately, his pursuers, well aware of the fact that the dense foilage grows only along the groves in this area, have correctly guessed his hiding spot. Now they drift silently through the trees, bows trained for any sight of movement. They will either kill him, or capture him, it makes no difference. As one of the dark elves aimed his bow upon the area he was hiding in, the warrior croc mouthed quietly... "I will not be a slave in the deep..." With that, he slowly raised his spear to just below the water's surface, gripped it with both hands and prepared to attack. Another build for the Resistance.