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    New Ships Ahoy!

    Alright it looks like there was only one entry for sloop and that was kolonialbeamter with Mignonne. Congrats Kolonial! And the winner for the Frigate is.... Admiral Croissant with Persévérante! Congrats Admiral! Both winners will be given a small plaque on the forecastle of the respective ships. Thanks for competing!
  2. LordBrickleton

    Venetian War Galley

    Incredible build! I love the pic with the reloading of the cannons! I would love to see a close up of how you attached the oars...
  3. LordBrickleton

    New Ships Ahoy!

    Currently in the running for frigate is croissant with persévérante and kolonial with flour de lys and moomin with Cerberus . Thx for the ideas guys! Entries for the sloop are still being accepted!
  4. LordBrickleton

    New Ships Ahoy!

    I have purchased 2 more hulls recently, and I'm hoping to convert them into fully completed warships. One will definitely become a 4-6 gun sloop, and he other will be a 20 gun frigate. I'm currently in search of appropriate names for both. I was considering making the frigate French and naming her l'aigle, (Eagle). Any help appreciated. Suggestions will be rewarded with a plaque on the ship if your name is chosen!
  5. LordBrickleton

    Lonely Pylon

    Wonderful build! Love the rock details and ramp! Maybe a spiral staircase up the interior?
  6. LordBrickleton

    L'Impérial - First Rate Ship of the Line

    Incredible build! I can't wait to see it brick built! Shame she's a bluecoat vessel...
  7. LordBrickleton

    HMS Whisper

    The gold mini fig is supposed to be a bow spirit. I'm not quite sure where I got him...
  8. LordBrickleton

    HMS Whisper

    Thanks Matteo! I did notice the bulky-ness of the galleries, but i didn't see how it could be helped. And i never was very good with ship classifications...
  9. LordBrickleton

    HMS Whisper

    [pid][/pid] 158D This being my first post, coming out of a Dark Age, I present His Majesty's Warship, The Whisper. She is a 16 gun, 2 mast, fast frigate. Her crew totals 15 sailors, 5 marines, and 2 officers. She is a 3 deck ship, with fully accessible Gun deck, Gallery, Captain's Cabin, and working capstan. more photos here: Thanks very much everyone, criticism is most definitely welcome! Regards, LordBrickleton
  10. LordBrickleton

    The 120-gun Ship of the Line Sans Pareil

    looks great! incredible scale! Might consider adding some brick built guns for some extra detail .
  11. LordBrickleton

    Full-hull French Frigate (WIP)

    Looks great so far, cant wait to see more! Will you add custom rigging?