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Found 7 results

  1. The Merchant Confederacy is vilified group of human-hybrid traders throughout the galaxy. The offspring of enslaved humans, those fortunate enough to escape their bondage banded together in a loose confederation of traders, merchants, pirates, brigands, and colonists. Their biological makeup varies widely and causes great unease to the elites in the A.L.I.E.N. societies. A well renowned leader within the loose confederacy is Captain Bridge Callahan. Upon hearing rumors of a coming invasion, he has pieced together and commissioned a scout ship, "The Libertine," to investigate the G.A.T.E. C&C greatly appreciated.
  2. A great deal of experimental aircraft were developed by the ƧCǣ airfactors in attempts to break Trans-Atlantic and time airborn records. The Lightning Volt was on such jet. While it got to a certain point in deveolpment a more promising design prototype shelved the L-V project. Mothballed for a long time it was built to flight standard by an eccentric pilot. Sooo... I was building Adventurer planes but these sky-fi ones keep escaping instead. It is technically created for Adventurer's to use but it of course fits here better than Action and Adventure. I was trying for some bare-bones look in areas as if the jet is experimental and I love using the spinner crowns in planes and the cable/wires at the front are actually reigns from Friends and the Star Wars Bantha.
  3. Pigbrick

    [MOC] War Machine: The Red Dove

    Hi, Just finished building this and taking photos Full Album here:
  4. tchuk-norst

    MOC: Brickbuilt Man-o-War Airship

    Here it is! After $270 and a lot of waiting, the Man-o-War Class Airship! -Statistics- Name: Tian Requiem-Class III Warship Designer: Alfred Thruster Date: Completed in the Year of our Elluir, 1765. Rotors: 4 Thrusters: 2 Guns: 18 7.62x51mm machine guns, 2 8mm anti-landcraft guns Crew: 1 pilot, 18 gunners Length: 36.03 m Height: 7.41 m Width: 3.03 m Pieces: 3754 It's fairly modular, and could be readily expanded for more guns. Here it is with the top off. And here is the trusty pilot. More images are on my Brickshelf gallery, if you are interested.
  5. Here is my first-ever render! However, since it is sci-fi, I post it here, right? I looked around and that seems to be correct. If it isn't, I apologize admins! Behold, the Indomitable Rush! This ship blatantly steals ideas from both my Man-o-war airship and my Manticore mech. But the end result, I think, still looks original.
  6. hjmediastudios


    So I've got my new Cuusoo project up. It's a mix of dieselpunk (think Jon Hall's stuff), steampunk, and classic Adventurers themes. I've made sure to include characters that are fairly interesting (with lots of parts that customizers should like)... And if you're the type to be more inclined to create vehicles, you're well covered thus far: That's for sky-fi fans... And this bad boy is for the mecha-lovers out there. If you're interested in supporting, do it now! If not (or even if you're already a rabid fan), comments, criticism, and helpful pointers would be greatly appreciated.
  7. tchuk-norst

    MOC: The Airborne Jade

    Behold! The Airborne Jade! Originally a cargoship, this adventuring vessel was first commandeered by it's heroic pilot, Edvar Figgens, after he had an encounter with the Musina's Royal Air Police. Being an adventurer, Figgens of course did not pay for the airship but merely jumped into the controls while it's original pilot was eating a spicy sausage. Adventurers are not complete without a few scantily-clad females. Figgens has two. One was originally the mistress to a wealthy crime lord in Bulava. The other was part of the crew that manned the Airborne Jade when it was still a cargoship. Their names are unimportant, they are just garnishes, in the old heroic chauvinistic fashion. This was a really fun build. Please tell me what you think of it!