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Found 18 results

  1. SkaForHire

    GNAR Voting Thread

    Welcome to the voting page. Here are the rules: If you are an Avalonian or a Nocturnan, then you are voting on which side (Kaliphlin or Mitgardia) has won the arms race in your opinion. If you are from Kaliphlin or Mitgardia, you are picking which guild (Avalonia or Nocturnus) has the more impressive fleet. Please post your name, your guild, and who you believe won in the match you are deciding. IE: Scarst from Mitgardia, I vote for Avalonia. or Skaforhire from Kaliphlin, I vote for Nocturnus The list of ships posted below has been arranged by Kai (Thanks Kai!). Remember to take the whole fleet (Merchant Marine / ship of the isles / swamp boat and Warship) in account when deciding. The individual winners will be announced when the Judges have finished judging. All votes should be in by July 5th anywhere in the world. Kaliphlin: Merchant Marine: The VanHorn - robuko The Wayfarer - Gabe The Ahok - nstickney The Sapphire - Thomas of Tortuga Deniz Aslani - Mike S Warship: The Grimm-maiden - TheUtilityBelt32 The Sirocco - qiadris Battling the Waves - Kai NRG Barqan Dromon - Gabe Minik Akrebi - Mike S Mitgardia: Merchant Marine: The Half-Brother - MKJoshA The IceStorm - Garmadon Warship: MNR Thorgills - Tomsche The Aurora of Mitgardia - Etzel Ormr hinn víðfǫrli - The Holdfast - mccoyed The Serpent's Pride - Infernum Sea Bull - Hammerhead Avalonia: Ship of the Isles: The Nendril (category not specified) - HammerBro The Swiftsure - Bregir Gylden Abiron - -Carson Haupt- Warship: The Sea Bull - Hammerhand The Mirror - Gilbert Despathens Nocturnus: Swamp Boat: The Nocturnian Boar - Lord Vladivus Nocturnian Patrol Boat - MassEditor Warship: The Smiling Phantom - Emma
  2. On the great lake of the Trifork, where multiple rivers meet, Beorthan has joined the vessel Swiftsure on a patrol. From the deck of the ship he greets two elven traders, approaching the city with their cargo.... The Swiftsure is a "Ship of the Isles" commisioned by the city council of the Trifork to patrol the lake, which shores the city stand on. It is larger than the typical "Ships of the Isles", but maintains the speed and grace of the smaller patrolcrafts normally travelling the narrow channels between the Mystic Isles. This was a requirement from the start, as a swift and manouverable vessel with the capacity to sail the lake, as well as the deep sea was needed. Its speed, together with the shallow draft and sleek hull, allows it to follow most other ships and boats whereever they may go to escape, while the broad fighting platforms fore and aft gives it the necessary punch in a fighting situation. Normally, its main purpose is customs and rescue duty, but if necessary, it will be able to hold its own against almost any other vessel traversing the lakes and rivers of the Trifork. The Swiftsure is rigged as a Xebec, allowing it to hoist both square and lateen sails on its long booms. Thus, with the right rigging and an experienced crew, it will be fast both before (with square sails), and when tacking close to the wind.(With lateens.) Further, it has oar propulsion, giving it great speed and manouverability in still weather. The oars are driven by three oarsmen through a clever Mitgardian gear mechanism with leg powered boost function, allowing the oarsmen to really put their backs into it when needed. At the back, a large rudder gives the vessel the necessary steering power to be effective both at high and low speeds, and allowing the Swiftsure to turn in a very short radius. Apart from its crew of well-disciplined sailors (and their experienced captain) the vessel is armed with a powerful ballista, able to fire a deadly bolt almost halfway accross the lake with reasonable precision. Any comments and critiscism is welcome. I quite liked how this one turned out, but I am always interested in improving! I would like to claim UoP Credit for "Trade and Law": "Shipping by sea/Water". May the brick be with you Bregir/Beorthan
  3. Thomas of Tortuga

    {GNAR} The Sapphire

    The Sapphire is a heavy galley of Kaliphlin, used for transport of large or valuable cargo up and down Historica. A renowned treasure hunter is riding the Sapphire back to Kalihlin, after exchanging her latest find for a unique chicken golem from Omurtag. Each oar is powered by husky slave rowers. (Note that many of them are wearing police uniforms and Viking helmets. There's probably some Norweigian rock band that dresses like that. Moving on...) A cookstove on deck provides hot meals for the crew. It's set on a bed of thick clay, so stray sparks won't reach the wooden deck. The lavishly furnished cabin. The ship has excellent defenses, such as crossbows and this light-weight ballista. The bow is armed with a modified version of the Barquan Fire system first developed in Kaliphlin. Swift and powerful, the Sapphire will continue to ply the waves around Kaliphlin for years to come. I originally was going to use these hulls for a commandeered Mitgardian vessel, but then I saw Gabe's Barquan Dromon. I decided to use the hulls as the basis for a Kaliphlin ship instead, and I think it turned out rather well. Thanks for viewing! EDIT for UoP claims: +1 Waves +1 Shipping by sea / water +1 Minifig posing
  4. Here's my entry for the Warship GNAR category, the Serpent's Pride! An ever-proud Mitgardian ship, equipped with crossbows and a crew of strong Mitgardias, including sir Infernum himself! The captain! Shields and crossbows. Front (prow?) view! Turn this turntable and... The anchors are lowered! Another full view. And finally a view of the water! Ifernum's Comments: Finally got this up! Almost forgot, good thing it was cloudy out today! I love how this turned out, especially the sails (the masts are movable), the deck, hull, and play-function anchors. This is the first MOC I decided to keep together, and it's been sitting on a shelf in my room for the last month. Sadly, it was dropped and smashed on the way back to the shelf after I took these pics. May it rest in pieces. Thanks for looking!
  5. This is my entry for the "warship" GNAR category. The dromons are the heavy hitters of the Kaliphlin navy. Developed in Barqa, where the use of fire siphons was first employed in naval warfare, they are a devastating force, especially when deployed in formation. Thier heavy rams are proven ship-killers, and the prow siphon can throw a fire attack well over 30 metres. With the expansion of the fleet, construction of many of these intimidating ships have been contracted to the Peregrinus shipbuilders, who have been hard at work sourcing the finest timber from local and Mitgardian stocks to complete the order on time. Here, a newly built ship, The Kraken, is being sailed in convoy with others to join the rest of the fleet in Barqa. The Peregrinian shipwrights have also added thier own touch to the dromons - 4 mini catapaults to hurl pitch bombs at the enemy. Lord Sansael has taken the opportunity to deliver this batch of new ships personally - he also takes the time to discuss the latest developments in naval strategy with The Kraken's new captain. C&c welcome as always - thanks for looking peeps!
  6. -Carson Haupt-

    [GNAR] Gylden Abiron

    During the Revolword conflict, the county of Burnby began funding shipbuilding and other naval endeavors in the Mystic Isles. One if the commissioned ships was the Gylen Abiron. A light ship of the isles, it's name means Golden Revolution. Originally it referred to the uprising against Revolword, but now it refers to the fight against the drow invaders. Armed only with a pair of archers, an elvish ranger, and the hatchets, knives and daggers of the crew, it role is mainly to patrol the channels. During storms, the sails are furled to prevent them from being torn away. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I'm really glad I got this in in time, I've had it done for a while but procrastinated on taking pictures. Also, I'd like to apologize for the crummy photography. I couldn't use my regular camera. I'd also like to ask for the following credits: Either waves of flowing water. Not sure which would apply. C&C greatly appreciated!
  7. mccoyed

    (GNAR) The Hold Fast

    Somewhere off the Southern coast of Varlyrio... The Hold Fast, a Mitgardian Privateer sails away from its latest spot of pirating. Captained by a Mitgardian of unknown origins, called One-Eye. The ship is a large, but fast caravel that preys the waters of West Historica, particularly the Tradewind Bay, the waters north of the Mystic Isles, and the coast of Varlyrio. Varlyrians are a favorite target of One-Eye's. The Hold Fast's crew comes from all across Historica. Here we see a Lupine from the Wither Woods, Mr. Crowls and he is looking on the most recent prize taken by One-Eye and his crew with some degree of trepidation. Noticing this, Legs Al-Bara, a Kaliphlin sailor and master swordsman, approaches to reassure him that The Hold Fast will make a clean getaway with their treasure. Deirdre, an Avalonian girl who has an adventurous streak and joined One-Eye's crew some months back, leafs through the decoy flags on the forecastle. The crew uses these to buy time when chased by hostile ships. If they can convince an enemy that they're friendly by flying the right flag, it might give them the breathing room they need to make off before they're caught. These flags have also gotten The Hold Fast into some ports that otherwise wouldn't have been all that hospitable. Since she made them herself, Deirdre takes special pride in them. Still a bit shaken from their last fight, assistant quartermaster Timmermans, hides out in the rowboat to sort himself out away from the rest of the crew. An orphan from a cave-dwelling clan of Southern Mitgardia, Timmermans was adopted by Big Bald Barrington, One-Eye's closest confidant and the ship's quartermaster. Usually Timmermans stays out of the fighting when The Hold Fast takes a prize. Last time, though, he got a little too close and probably saw some unpleasant things. Speaking of which, Big Bald Barrington (also Mitgardian) shares Mr. Crowls' concerns about their latest exploits. He is showing One-Eye a map of coastal Varlyrio, cross-checking directions given by their best lookout, Mr. Samjacks, who hails from the untamed regions of Varlyrio. Behind BB Barrington and One-Eye, Colin, the cabin boy and brother of Deirdre, looks out on the water with Black Holly, fierce fighter and archer from Nocturnus. Colin's not the type to let anything bother him for long and he loves the sea. Black Holly is less easily impressed, but she has a soft spot for Colin and his boyish enthusiasm. Up in the crow's nest and amidst the masts and rigging of the ship, Mr. Samjacks is looking out for a hidden cove that he remembers from his youth, perhaps a good place to hide in case they've attracted too much attention from the Varlyrian navy. On the foremast, Willy enjoys a snack in his favorite spot. A consummate sailor, Willy is more at home here than he ever could be on land. The Hold Fast has seen its share of scrapes and close calls. Let's hope our buccaneering heroes get away from those pesky Varlyrians with their big score! Notes: There's a lot more pictures on my Flickr. Including many detail shots normally found in ship builds. There's also a few more crew members and stuff like that. I didn't want to post too many pics here as I'm not sure if there's a limit or not. Please have a look at the flickr album here: I'd also like to claim the following UoP Credits: Architecture: Advanced Windows (Half stud offset)
  8. A GNAR warship entry for Nocturnus: The Smiling Phantom The Happy Wizard captains this dark ship and its crew of Shadows, wreaking havoc in naval warfare. The Smiling Phantom is a sleek warship from Nocturnus whose main purpose is to quickly sail in close to an enemy ship, sneak a Shadow on board, and sail quickly away; she rarely engages directly in battle. This Shadow then possesses the enemy captain, giving Happy control over the crew and ship; chaos ensues… A few more photos are on flickr.
  9. StickFig

    [GNAR] The Ahok

    My entry on behalf of Kaliphlin for the Great Naval Arms Race Contest (also Approved UoP DoH credit for Trade and Law: shipping by sea / water): While the Ahok is really only a shallow-bottom cog used to ferry customs inspectors from the pier to merchant ships arriving in Kaliphlin's harbors, don't tell that to Capt. James T. Kaulk or his pointy-eared first mate. In his mind, every time the Ahok sets sail it's to defend Kaliphlin against the invading horde - and in the end, his boat could be used to move boarding parties in a naval battle... if no one else was available.
  10. Usually these little ships travel in fleets of three or more, but this one got separated running a heavy sea up in Mitgardia. Of course, technically Kaliphlin ships can't be damaged by ordinary gales, but this seems like it might not be an ordinary one... perhaps the Drow have got it up to keep the cotton this ship was carrying from reaching Avalonia? Or maybe not. I just wanted some big waves! The skipper watches out ahead to make sure they're not near land. This is my entry for the Warship category of the GNAR... yes, the ship is more of a boat, but a bigger one wouldn't have fit in that nice border! Also, the boat splits apart (after removing the rubber band only a couple technic pins keep it together) in the middle of the mast (which itself is a rather interesting design, I thought). A picture of that wouldn't have been very much to Kaliphlin credit however. I'd also like to claim PU DoH credit for waves (hydrology), flowing water (hydrology), and minifigure posing (general building). Comments are welcome!
  11. HammerBro

    [GNAR] The Nendril

    While building up my county, I wanted to establish a remote Elven city and the result was Gondolin. Its origins try back into the ruins of Ferodin that are in the forest. Here I have made a ship of Gondolin and some characters to add to the story. Elven forces of Gondolin Gimrog Ferodin was the great kingdom of elves, but now it is merely ruins just Northwest of Enthall. Long before men came to inhabit the villages that united to form Vanhorn, Elves ruled over the Forest. Territorial battles were common and one such battle laid siege to Ferodin and left it to be reclaimed by the forest it lived in. Rumors exist of the tomb of the Great King Filond being hidden amongst the ruins. The remnants of its people fled to the Western coast of Avalonia and are said to have sailed on to other lands. Of the elves who fled from Ferodin, there was Zenithorne, a lieutenant who, with his last company was somehow separated from the refugees. Now realizing the mistake, Zenithorne moved to regroup with his kin, but the attackers dived him and his company. Unable to get past the enemy, He accepted his fate and pushed his company Northward. After several days, they came the falls of an unknown river and all agreed that there was something magical about this place. Zenithorne and his company remained at these falls for several months and finally decided to establish a kingdom, which was named Gondolin. Zenithorne was crowned King and Gondolin remains one of the last of the Woodland Elf cities. During its height, Ferodin was a great economic power and its bank became renown for security and wealth. An Elven city located in North of Vanhorn and on the Falls of Rhondurin, Gondolin was previously a city apart from Vanhorn, but with new elven representation in the Council of Vanhorn, Gondolin has joined Vanhorn for the benefit of trade and some participation in the affairs of Vanhorn. The city is made of granite walls and straddles the River above the falls. King Ebronshir, descendant of King Zenithorne rules over the city. His close friend and top General, Gimrog, bears a great war hammer, named Cedulil, and is the main correspondent between Vanguard and Gondolin. Gimrog is also in command of the Navy of Gondolin, which is comprised of many small, light ships that can easily navigate the streams that lead into Rhondurin and the great river itself. The colors of Gondolin are Dark Blue, Light Blue, and Gold to honor the natural colors of the Falls of Rhondurin. What King Zenithorne and his soldiers noticed at the Falls was something that has long been hidden from the world of Men. The Falls have special powers that must be mastered before they can be used. Zenithorne spent long days wading in the water and by the time his wife bore a son, Zenithorne could muster the strength of the water at his command. He became master of the River and spent his elder days wandering along the banks. During one such excursion, Zenithorne found a gleaming sapphire on the riverbed. Plucking it from the waters, he realized he had found the heart of Rhondurin and named it Aquilan. It was this stone that granted the powers of the river to Zenithorne. He earned it and it was only then that Aquilan made itself known to the worthy individual. Zenithorne had his smiths fashion a golden necklace and set the stone in it. When Zenithorne died, the necklace was passed down to his son and Aquilan followed the line of Kings to Ebronshir, who now wears it. When the King dies, the jewel will pass to Emilule, his son who is currently at 58 years of age, still quite young for an elf, and he will become the sixth King of Gondolin. A curious part of the powers granted by Aquilan, the children of the one who bears it will always be born with blue eyes. Since the Kings of Gondolin have been of direct blood decent, all who ruled after Zenithore have had blue eyes. King Ebronshir Prince Emilule And Lieutenant Zenithorne Thanks for viewing! C&C Welcome
  12. This is my entry in the "Merchant Marine" category of GNAR. I am also applying for UoP credit for the following units: Hydrology-waves, Trade/Law-Shipping by water and Life in Kaliphlin. The Wayfarer is a standard Peregrinian merchant ship, built for long voyages over ocean waters. She and others like her are mainly used for trade or exploration, but are also suitable for conscription into the Kailphlin navy in times of war. Their hardiness and generous hold make them ideal for use as troop carriers or support ships. Due to the recent instability in Historica, all Peregrinian merchant-class ships have had thier bows reinforced for use in ramming and boarding, and armed guards are more frequently present during trade voyages. A closer look at the bow section, with the main below-decks storage hatch and anchor winch. The ship's cat makes sure that any stowaway pests don't eat into the consumables on board! A closer look at the stern area, with lifeboat, unimpressed swabbie, cabin entrance and wheelhouse deck. (The wheelhouse deck also doubles as a useful vantage point for archers during a battle) I also tried to include some power functions in my build. Initially i tried making the whole ship rock back and forth, but that was a bit of a disaster. I then went for the simpler option of making sections of the waves move. You can see a short video of the waves in motion on my Flickr. (Sorry, i couldn't work out how to embed the video here. If anyone knows, can they please enlighten me? ) Hope you have enjoyed looking at my build peeps! C and c welcome as always.
  13. Lord Vladivus

    GNAR: The Nocturnian Boar

    Lord Vladivus and his troops often utilise boats and ships to navigate the Moruth Swamps. One of these is the swamp boat "The Nocturnian Boar", a small, lightly armed vessel crewed by zombies. It is single masted, and can be propelled by oars should the need arise. It is armed with a single ballista for seeing off adventurous raiders. Here, one of Lord Vladivus' trusted Lieutenants, the Necromancer Krell, oversees the deployment of a Shadowmere Guard raiding party from the Nocturnian Boar. As ever, more photos on my Flickr. C+C welcome!
  14. qiadris

    [GNAR] The Sirocco

    The Sirocco The Sirocco is a Kaliphlin vessel that often patrols the eastern coast, hence the name (for the eastern wind). This is a warship entry for the Great Naval Arms Race (GNAR), a mean medium-sized war cog with veteran sailors, experienced troops and a wizard from Sultan's Gate for extra damage and support spells. The clear wood and lavender accents are deceiving, as most of its victims have discovered. Today, the Sirocco is testing new gear, new people and old wood in a test sail. The captain is learning how to use a new artifact, the sextant, a recruit has just joined, and Tiin Mar, leader of the Tower of Wizardry, is consulting with the adjunct wizard. Do not hesitate to click on the images for better resolution (in Flickr) and a bit longer description on some! Commentary: I believe the forecastle and the sail could be improved. For the sail, I did try making a custom one, but doesn't seem to be my thing, but I am quite happy how using the lateen sails from Pirate Ship Ambush worked out. They are far too rectangular (as opposed to square) but it works. For the forecastle, all tips for improvement will be appreciated.
  15. DrColossus

    [GNAR] [WIP] The Eikmarr

    The dwarf Kabbi, entering his fourth year serving as mate of the merchant marine cog Eikmarr, the Oak Mare, stood before the mast and swayed slightly. He looked through the bottom of his now-empty bottle, and waited for more shouts from the hold. He knew his Captain’s moods. "The world is mad today, Birla!" Olli, the ship's captain, jabbed his finger at the map while he shouted. The dwarf girl Birla looked on, impassive; rages did not frighten her. "We limp from one port to the next, everywhere from the Bay of Storms to Butcher's Bay, and we can't unload even a single cargo! Why, oh why, did I pick now to invest so heavily in Kaliphin silks? No one wants silks now!" He paced a few steps before yelling up to the helmsman "More easting, Vigfuss, more damned easting!" Vigfuss, the helmsman, leaned on the tiller and rubbed his chin with his free hand. He had taken the once-unthinkable step of shaving his beard a few weeks ago to impress a girl in Nocturnus. A deep and quiet voice came from the sterncastle above. Mr. Ash, he was called - and only ever Mr. Ash. "The merchants smell trouble, Captain," he said as he sighted thoughtfully down the shaft of an arrow. "When war comes, silks lose their worth. We will yet see days when basic bread will fetch a king's price." Birla's sister, the dwarven shield-maiden Birna, watched as Mr. Ash loosed an arrow and effortlessly brought down a crow 400 yards away. No one ever asked whether he was human, elven, or something else; and certainly no one asked if he had a name other than Ash. She sighted her crossbow at a gull, much nearer, but decided not to shoot. The harsh light of the late-winter sea made her long for Pikesteel and the comforts of her family's hall. The ship plowed on, searching for a friendly port amidst greater signs of trouble and unrest. ------ This is very much a WIP! I've made a cog with a sort of exaggerated sterncastle, more to reflect the way they were drawn in illustrations than the way they looked. I haven't quite worked out a sail yet, but I've got a brickbuilt one coming along if I can figure out how to attach it. (2 large white wing pieces attached to a white space shuttle body piece). Would appreciate any input and thoughts as I bring it along to completion. I don't want to make it too ornate (it is primarily a working merchant vessel) but anything to make it look good would be gratefully accepted. Thanks!
  16. -Carson Haupt-

    [GNAR] - Gylden Abiron (wip)

    So here's my Wip for the GNAR. The front hull is done, I'm waiting to place an order to finish up the back/tweak the rest. I'd really appreciate it if you'd leave some feedback regarding proportions and sail set ups. I have since changed the figure head. The preliminary mast here is just a place holder. And here's the updated figurehead. I'd appreciate your thoughts and suggestions. This is my first ship, so I'm pretty unsure how to go about doing this. Also, Gylden Abiron means Golden Revolution in old English.
  17. robuko

    GNAR The VanHorn

    The VanHorn is a former Mitgardian privateer, detained for its own safety while its brigand crew was slaving in the Gulag Archipelago. She is now flying under the Kaliphlin flag on a mission of mercy to deliver oil and armour to Avalonia. Sme of the former crew have renounced slavery and opted to take Kaliphlin citizenship, and they are joined on this leg of the journey by PGTC enforcer Urthrak Rockbiter and two elven emissaries from the Western Isles. This ship is for the Merchant Marine category. My duty is done with this. I am not building a ship again. This build is inherently very unstable out of water, with heavy fragile parts on top and it fell over and shattered all the damn time
  18. TheUtilityBelt

    [GNAR] The Grimm-maiden

    The Grimm-maiden was a gift from the Nocturnans before the war with Revolword. It was then modified to be a Kaliphlin warship. Being powered by the souls of children (really hyper children), it is the fastest ship in Kaliphlins navy. The ship is owned by Carter Dirk and is usually housing a party for the crew. The captain is an elf from the Wither Woods who goes by the name of Garyette Forest-Mother. The ships defenses are made up of 4 mounted crossbows and 3 archers, two of wich are Dune Rangers, the other an elf. (also from the Wither Woods) [GNAR] The Grimm-maiden by TheUtilityBelt32, on Flickr Bowsprit by TheUtilityBelt32, on Flickr Bow by TheUtilityBelt32, on Flickr Deck by TheUtilityBelt32, on Flickr Bridge by TheUtilityBelt32, on Flickr Soul Prepulsion by TheUtilityBelt32, on Flickr Well, this is my GNAR entry and I hope ya like it matey! All C&C welcome