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  1. MRCA II Adventure

    The other sets up the all-inspiring homeward bound journey, where you either are ship wrecked by sirens and have to feed your crew to a cyclops, or you are joined by two dogs and a cat for some crazy hi-jinks. Those are the only two options after an adventure, sorry.
  2. Another reason public accounting to NPCs should not exist. Now, it should be an adventure MRCA to spy out who is paying who. Sounds good to me... you can now buy spies with your armies! [don't take that as new rules, Bregir will have a heart attack]
  3. It does... somewhere, I will have to find it. Silver
  4. Book II - Kaliphlin: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    He was against the Spire, as he promised his supporters. There was the establishment of Gearsport there, but I don't think anything else happened. The DK never followed through and gave the land away either. Whoever plays that guy is really slacking. Good to see you back NM!
  5. The original point of the thread was to have an entire index of all builds by month. I still support that idea. They already can --- you just have to deal with your faction's politics if they don't like the idea.
  6. Sorry, I have been away from the game for the last week.... I know some questions have mounted up. I was wrong, you are right, I didn't realize we had gone with the results of the first parts of the challenge already and that GARM had announced the outcome -- I thought in my head that after all the parts of the challenge were over then things switch hands! Anyway, lets just say that this editor is Mardiran at heart and hoping for a reestablishment of the King, while publishing very pro-MAR papers.... lol It is a 5LA, I am sorry for any confusion. UnMOCed MAR vessels
  7. Maxim, as we talked about in PM -- they didn't go to FU, they were on the shores outside FU. The distance between puebloto and the other side of the island are about 20 miles - this is a distance that could easily be crossed in time to resupply - especially if the fleet knew it was about to hit FU. Also, this is a MAR island, with 3 MAR settlements, there are plenty of men willing to fight here. Skaford heights by skaforhire, on Flickr I could have just reported the battle statistics.... I didn't do anything here -- none of those MAR ships are MAR ships, I had nothing to do with that fleet other than rolling the dice and making up a story to go along with one heck of a battle. No game mechanics were altered, and the same opportunities that have always been in the game when it came to combat were used. The privateer fleet was built better. There is no mechanic for being worn down in combat and entering another combat. That would be an incredibly hard mechanic to make without some heavy programming. I am sorry you disliked the story, but if I would have reported the dice rolls, and that is it, wouldn't that have been worse for the game than putting together a story to tell? The dice rolls came first, I added the story. So the holes in the story can be attributed to the newspaper reporting what they thing is the truth, in the end that list of ships were the ones left standing on each side. I am not sure what magic bunnies you are claiming, because never has a rule been changed. I am sorry that you think that there is no consequence to poking another nation. But in all honestly, their war plan has been completely weak -- they attacked once and stuck ships in front of your harbors once, the NPCs have not had an impact on ESL at all other than maybe a few vessels taken. You take casualties for once, and you think I am rigging the game? I had no part in sending that fleet. Nor did the NPC MAR recruit any PCs other than offer a letter of mark. MAR hasn't made a battle plan with anyone, and their next three moves (if the war goes that long) are already planned out... They are there to beat up on, but you can't just walk over them. Pick up your pieces and fight. I just want to reiterate... the story did not happen first, it comes from the result of the rolls.
  8. To clarify, Kingsport is firmly under the thumb of Mardier now (since about November I believe) KPA has been decidedly pro-MARDIER the last couple issues, this one is no exception – the use of “OUR” means Mardier’s in most cases, unless they directly say here at the KPA or something to that extent. PART II Picking up with our spy in Convict Town: “ The Eslandolan Vessels in the town began to strike an alarm. They too had realized there was an extra ship, and none of the vessels looked as if they had been through a battle. The extra ship was probably not a capture. However, I knew that our privateer fleet had left Puebloto two mornings past, and I assumed they had made their way here after hearing guns in the distance. Sure enough, as the Eslandolans entered battle formation in the bay, the incoming convoy dropped the ESL Jack and raised the MAR colors. We were saved!” The reports of the action have got back to us here at the KPA, and this is what followed: The ESL fleet lined up in line of battle and spread into three squadrons. Logan’s Nightmare was manned by a fresh crew taken from Convict Town, while Capt’n Bones was manned by a prize crew. The line attempted to sail out of the bay, but the wind shifted, giving neither side the major advantage. The first to reach each other was the Puck’s Jest, Catfisth, and Hade’s Trumpet of the Mardieran Privateers and the ESL ships Wolf II, Great Scott II, and Soldier – the smaller ESL ships were no match for the privateers. Soldier was hit in the powder magazine by the first broadside from Hade’s Trumpet, while Wolf II was borded and captured by Puck’s Jest and Great Scott surrendered to the guns of Catfish. Things progressed poorly for the ESL fleet, as the wind shifted completely in favor of the privateers. The Queen Anetta’s Revenge, captained by the dread pirate [er, privateer!] Captain Morgan, sailed fully into the ESL line of battle, with three broadsides the Dragon’s Revenge was ravaged – she sunk about two hours after the battle. The QAR quickly maneuvered to her portside, brought guns to bare on the Blessed Angel. The Angel surrendered, but as the QAR approached, they brought down the white and attempted to board the QAR in a hand to hand action. Morgan rallied his crew, and had his boatswain go below deck during the fight and light the Angel’s powder magazine. He then pulled off and was barely clear of the ship when the Blessed Angel exploded. Meanwhile, Logan’s Nightmare’s crew was not up to the fight, and surrendered to Hera’s Fury after a few minor exchanges of fire. Poseidon’s Revenge got caught up with Capt’n Bones, their rigging entwined, and it seemed as if Poseidon was about to fall, when the QAR came up behind the Bones and raked her with grapeshot. Her captain killed, they surrendered. Finally, ESL struck some luck as the Jade Piranha was sent to the deep by the Morning Fog after only five minutes of fighting. The Morning Fog then turned on the Peregrine, and after another 20 minutes of firing, the two engaged in boarding action. The Peretrine, a privateer, had sunk the Golden Snake after it overpowered it by three times as many guns, and in revenge, after the Morning Fog took the Peregrine, it put much of its crew to the sword. The privateer Corporal Milton, was able to capture the Cardinal, with a long fought fight that bloodied both decks. At this point, the Puck’s Jest had doubled back around to the back of the battle line, and moved in on the Morning Fog. After the Fog’s captain, first mate, second mate, boatswain, surgeon, and marine captain were all killed, the ship finally struck its colors and Puck’s Jest had another prize. The Catfish, engaging its former brethren, Peregrine took a shot to the bow that was inseparable after the battle, and she now lies at the bottom of the bay. At this point in the battle, only the captured Peregrine flew the flags of ESL – yet Captain Morgan would not have that. The QAR moved in and boarded the Peregrine, killing most of her crew and taking the ship one plank at a time. At the end of the battle, the Mardier Privateer Fleet was victorious, with no vessels of Espanola escaping. They were able to rest and repair for two nights on the shores outside of Convict’s town, when a new navy came over the horizon – this time it was ESL’s The Impressive Trador Ships fleet looking for their sister fleet. The Sea Rat Privateers were up for the challenge. They sullied forth from the beaches and made their line of battle, again flying ESL jacks, with new captures manned to battle and taking their place in line. Throughout their rest, many in Convict Town were convinced to sail for the privateers – this shows the loyalty of Eslandola! Commodore Matt Lenoir of the Purple Reign saw through this ruse. He ordered a full attack, and a spearhead maneuver to sever the privateer line. The Cadence, a capture from Mardier, led the line, and quickly found its victim, the Logan’s Nightmare, with a weak crew. They forced the surrender and kept sailing after a small prize crew was able to sail the Logan out of the battle and back to Convict Town. However, the second ship in the spear, the Raging Fire, met the full guns of the Puck’s Jest, and Davey Jones claimed every man on board, as Raging Fire was extinguished by Puck’s broadsides. The ESL warship Tribute fought hard, but the Hade’s Trumpet managed to board her and haul down her flag. Captain Morgan’s luck from the first day did not hold, as he was unfortunate enough to come up against ESL’s greatest flotilla. After a brutal assault by both the Purple Reign and the Migery, the Queen Annetta’s Revenge went to the bottom. Nobody can recall seeing what happened to Morgan, but it was determined after the battle that Migery had struck his ship its final blow. Hera’s Fury attempted to board Purple Reign, but the crap MAESTRO troops were able to repel the invaders, and counter attack Hera’s Fury. They took the ship, and placed a prize crew to operate the guns in the continuing battle. Also Poseidon’s revenge was sunk by the mighty guns of Migery. The privateer Cardinal was taken by the Blue Bonnet. However, the repaired privateer Peregrine was able to take the ESL vessel Blue Bonnet at the end of their battle line, while the Corporal Milton, back in the hands of the Sea Rats, was able to board and overtake the HMS Pendragon. The Sea Sweeper was taken by the Peregrine after minimal fighting, and the whole rear of the line was falling apart for the Eslandolans. Commodore Matt Lenoir turned what was left of his fleet on the center of the Sea Rats line. The Migery was able to force a boarding of Puck’s Jest, but a frenzied Sea Rat crew repelled, and ultimately captured the Migery. Hera’s Fury was able to take the Sea Rats’ new capture, the Tribute, and this led to Puck’s Jest taking offense to the Hera’s Fury and Tribute in enemy hands, and laid four broadsides into the former, foundering her, and sending her to the bottom of the bay. The Hade’s Trumpet boarded the Purple Reign, and Commodore Lenoir was captured and tied with his men on the deck of the Purple Reign. Half of the crew of the Trumpet got on the small boats and rowed over to the Tribute and took her by surprise, while Puck’s Jest forced the surrender of the Sleeping Siren II. Meanwhile, back on the deck of the Purple Reign, Lenoir had gotten loose and got weapons to his men. While the prize crew was whooping and hollering about the other captures going on as the battle was winding down, Lenoir and company took them from behind and began to sail the vessel back towards Convict town. Hade’s Trumpet saw its prize leaving, and opened up hellfire upon the Purple Reign using explosive shot. The sails caught, and the mast came down, igniting the Stern castle. The commodore knew the ship was lost, and in the remaining longboats, he ordered the ship abandoned. But they were not out of hot water yet, the Puck’s Jest opened fire on the boats, and sunk one, killing all aboard. Lenoir knew that he needed cover, and fast, so he did the unthinkable. He rowed straight for the Sleeping Siren, now in the hands of a very thin prize crew from the Puck’s Jest. The enemy crew tried to bring the long guns to bear on Lenoir, but he zigged and zagged to the Siren. His men went up the side and were able to fight and free the captive ESL crew. Together they took out the Sea Rat’s crew, and got the sails set before the remaining Sea Rat ships could narrow their sights on them. The Siren raced into the harbor of Convict Town, and the battle was over. Victory is Mardier’s! and surely this means that ESL, now powerless in the far seas, will soon fall! The final tally of ships left from the battle of Five Fleets: Eslandola Sleeping Siren II (4A, Capt Wolf) Dark Spirit (2A, Kai NRG) Logan’s Nightmare 5A SEA RATS Puck's Jest - (5HA) Hades' Trumpet (formerly Strumpet) - (5HA) Peregrine - (5A) Corporal Milton - (5HA) SEA RATS CAPTURES Tribute (4A) Blue Bonnet (5A) Migery (5HA, ESL) Cardinal (5HA) 4A “Cadance” Morning Fog (5HA) 4A Capt’n Bones – Wolf II (3A, Capt Wolf) Great Scott II (3A) HMS Pendragon 5HA
  9. Kingsport Advertiser and Ship List Special Edition, MAY 617 [This section was quite long by itself, so it was printed as a special edition, ship results are still on their way. Anybody who wants to MOC any of these actions, should, and post a link on this thread] The Battle of Five Fleets PART ONE [Sorry had to go to work in the middle of the write up] Oh, dear reader, we have this most special of editions that reports the most factual and true account of the Battle of Five Fleets that you have heard about from the rumors coming from the far isles. It is known that our grand fleet has blockaded many of Eslandolan ports. And by this time it is no surprise to many of you that Garvey’s Rear Admiral Akabarra, Admiral of the Yellow, sailed on our fleet at Elysabethtown and forced Admiral Yomta, of the Grey, to yield that port. The survivors of that battle have already made port here in Kingsport (MOC of this Wanted!) To provide us with some consolation, what was left of our Grey fleet shelled Weelond in response for two days before returning back to this port. But now I must tell you have the horrific story of what has now become known as the Battle of Five Fleets. Our two small navies who were bottling in the Eslandolan money-grubbers at the ports of Trador and Convict Town (Fuerte Unido for you of Eslandolan persuasions). Eslandola sent their finest fleets against our small, insignificant, but greatly effective fleets. The first fleet that we have learned was called “The Impressive Trador Ships” fleet sailed for Trador to meet our Commodore El’Reily. On the 28th of last month, the ships met within site of the settlement. El’Reily, having the wind at his back set forth to attack the much larger “TITS” fleet. [Seriously?] The eight vessels of the ESL fleet came at El’Reily in a three squadron formation. El’Reily’s flagship “HMS Blue Bonnet” took the brunt of the shots from Raging Fire and Tribute, and was boarded and finally taken by the former after losing 90% of its crew. El’Reily was killed in the action, but heroically gave his final orders – “Fight until our dying breath, may this ship never fall!” His words shall most certainly be enshrined in the Hall of Naval Greatness back in our glorious capital. His words inspired the rest of his fleet to fight until the very end. The HMS Cadance was taken by The Tribute within the hour, but the smaller vessels, HMS Trigger, HMS Peter, and HMS Longone were all torn to shreds and sunk by the Purple Reign and Migery of ESL. Thus the TITS fleet opened up Trador for trade once more. A resident of that port wrote a small account to a the rag they call a newspaper, which we copy here: “We were starving, no supply could get into Trador, when over the horizon came our wonderful fleet. Within an hour and a half, three of the blockaders were at the bottom of the ocean, and the two largest ships were captured. The leaders of our rescuers came to town, and we held the closest thing resembling a parade in their honor. We had a feast that evening, but morning was all business for our new naval heroes. Knowing that the FUN fleet was due to rendezvous, Commodore Matt Lenoir of the Purple Reign ordered his fleet back to sea. We now await news of our combined fleet’s actions.” Here at the KPA, we have learned that the second fleet, of eight vessels, called the “Fuerte Unido Navy” sailed for our small blockade fleet at that port, commanded by Commodore Petra Vrinsky. After piecing together reports that came from our settlements on Isla de Medio, this is what transpired. Vrinsky was anchored within the natural bay that protects much of the southern coast of the island, and Convict Town. He had five ships, his flagship HMS Logan’s Nightmare was a mighty vessel who had taken many an Eslandolan ship in the last year, well up to the task of blockade duty. She had one of the most decorated careers of the war. The FUN fleet seemed to be joint commanded by Captain Ben Zwitsers, and other famous ESL captains. It consisted of three flotillas as well, and what we have learned is that it got the drop on Commodore Vrinsky at night on the 30th, rounded the head of the bay, and smashed Vrinsky’s navy at anchor. Vrinsky had the forthought to burn his ships, but Logan’s Nightmare and Capt’n Bones (a privateer) were both extinguished by the enemy and captured by Morning Fog and Cardinal. Vrinsky was captured by the enemy, but many of his officers swam to shore. Our fleet got off at least a few volleys before Vrinsky saw that it was a losing effort. At this point Convicnt’s Town was liberated. One of Vrinsky’s men stayed behind and kept watch of the town from a hill a few miles out. A celebration was in full swing the night after the battle. At about the same time, Vrinsky’s first officer, Jan Rebold made it to La Puebloto on the other side of the island and reported the results of the battle. What happened the next morning was related to us by a spy in Convict Town, and printed here for your pleasure. “As the morning came on, a fog blew into the harbor. Many of the town’s residents, new to this island, were still partying in honor of their victory and liberation. Not one soul, save the crews of the Eslandolan ships, was sober. For some reason, the commanders of their fleet had not allowed for celebration, and it seemed were ready to take to sea as soon as possible. I noticed that the fog began to burn off around noon, and their fleet began to set into the bay. This is when the tower bells rang. On the horizon, and whole fleet of eight vessels came into view, they flew the Eslandolan flag. The town recognized them as the fleet that was dispatched to Trador to break the blockade. The celebration in Fuerte Unido intensified when they realized that they had been victorious. As the fleet, flying Eslandolan Colors came closer, I may have been the first that counted nine sails… I knew what this meant instantly“
  10. There is no rule on how many unused licenses can be held. I can't give a definite date, if we feel we are close enough by the end of the month, then we may forgo a mid-april MRCA and run the MRCA II at the end of the month. I think that is the earliest you can expect MRCA II. However, we will take your point into consideration and try to give enough time for everyone to see the new rule-set more than a few weeks before launch.
  11. The Naval Licensing and Prize Court

    That is exactly what it is. half is construction, half is paper work. It says this in the rules (or it did in the beginning anyway.) This is why Sea Rats pay half, there is no paperwork, but there is still materials.
  12. I feel if someone had a cricket handy, that this cutting could be really easy, and done in mass numbers quickly. Anyway, as always, these look great, Ayrlego!
  13. Stop spreading viscous filth! Gods Save the Queen!