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  1. Lo var Lachland

    [MOC] - M1126 Stryker ICV

    Holy cow dude. The angles on this are absolutely fantastic. The scale is perfect. Armored vehicles/ICVs are not my forte, you did a really good job with this one.
  2. Lo var Lachland

    HMSS Kristján, Coastal Defense Monitor

    Thank you :D
  3. Lo var Lachland

    HMSS Kristján, Coastal Defense Monitor

    Thank you!
  4. Lo var Lachland

    HMSS Kristján, Coastal Defense Monitor

    Thank you! This build was a really fun one.
  5. HMSS Kristján [BD-45]"Aðmíráll-class" Coastal Defense Monitor Royal Svallbjardian Navy Commissioned February 1939, launched June 1940.Armament as Launched:Two dual high-angle fifteen-inch main guns with an effective range of 30,000 meters.Four 3.5-inch secondary-defense guns.Six 20mm anti-air mounts.Three dual 40mm anti-air mounts.Three five-inch dual HA/DP anti-ship/anti-air guns. One Aviastar AR-350 scout seaplane.General Information:Top Speed 22.3 Knots. Compliment of 450. An operational range of over 6,000 kilometers. The HMSS Kristján was an Aðmíráll-class Monitor built-in 1940 to protect and patrol the expansive water borders of Svallbjard. Designed to defend against both air and ship targets, the Kristján was well-armed with two dual 15-inch high-angle turrets and three dual five-inch dual-purpose guns. In addition to this primary armament, the warship also carried various 20mm single AA guns and four three-inch ship defense guns. With a seaplane launch, Kristján was very effective as a reconnaissance vessel and supported Arctic exploration operations and winter joint-training operations. She also held a fairly speedy top speed of 22.3 knots, allowing her to hastily change location and keep up with supporting ships easily. Throughout her career, which spanned 23 years, Kristján outperformed most of her foreign counterparts. She never sunk a hostile warship, yet did participate in many joint-exercises. She was widely regarded as one of the most modern Coastal Defense Ships when she was launched and was well-loved by her crew. Serving in the navy well into the 1960s, Kristján was the final Coastal Defense Monitor to ever serve in a modern navy and her retirement was bittersweet for those who had spent time on or around her. Alas, the days of slow floating bunkers were over, and Svallbjard was looking to the future of anti-ship missiles and guided-missile destroyers. After serving for 23 years, Kristján was transferred to Tórshavn, where she became the second museum ship in the fleet since the founding of the navy. She stands there today, her imposing superstructure and mast inviting young guests to explore her many decks and corridors. Since the first crew was assigned to Kristján, the departing complement would sign the bridge, welcoming the new blood to the family. The signatures, although faded, still sit in the bridge, protected by a layer of plexiglass. HUGE HUGE HUGE THANKS to Admiral_Plackbar for sacrificing his CPU to allow me to do this render. The muzzle-flashes and water base were made by him, the ship and the editing were done by me. First time doing this, I am absolutely going to do it again. All built in Stud.io.
  6. Lo var Lachland

    [MOC] Guided Missile Cruiser Steypireyður

    Also wanted to mention that another Destroyer and a hydrofoil are on my building radar. I should have the hydrofoil done in about a month because of my schedule. Stay tuned for that.
  7. I'm really late to the party but as a fellow shipbuilder I just had to share my absolute awe in this build. What a beast. I love the bow shaping. Fantastic fantastic job.
  8. Lo var Lachland

    [MOC] 2020 International Workstar Rescue Utility

    What a beauty, I remember my LEGO Fire days. Still have an old Freightliner Engine lying in a box somewhere...
  9. Lo var Lachland

    [MOC] Guided Missile Cruiser Steypireyður

    This is a fairly modern Cruiser. It's based off of three American ships, the Spruance/Kidd, and Ticonderoga, which were used well into the 1990s. I am planning to build a few more "modern" warships in the future, including a frigate, hydrofoil patrol ship, escort carrier, and DDG.
  10. Lo var Lachland

    [MOC] The MONT-BLANC massif

    Topography meets LEGO? Oh man, this is my dream. I absolutely love it. Ever thought about going the extra mile and adding trees and using different elements to signify various rock formations and angles?
  11. Lo var Lachland

    [MOC] Guided Missile Cruiser Steypireyður

    Thank you! It's my second ship with this unique bow technique. It's challenging but oh so rewarding. Glad you like it.
  12. HMSS Steypireyður [CG95] "Steypireyður-class" Guided Missile Cruiser. Royal Svallbjardian Navy Commissioned March 1986, launched October 1988. Armament as Launched: One Mark3 5-inch autocannon with a range of 14.3km. Two quadruple "harpó" anti-ship missile tubes. 162 Vertical Launch System missiles in eighty one dual-tubes. Two Close In Weapons System (CIWS) anti-air guns. Two quadruple anti-submarine "Archer" missile launchers. One Anti Submarine Warfare TH-31 "Flying Fish" helicopter with a Mod.6 anti-submarine torpedo & one S&R TH-31 "Flying Fish" rescue helicopter. Two hull-mounted anti-submarine triple torpedo launchers. Six .50 machine gun mounts. Eight chaff countermeasure launchers. General Information: Top Speed 32.5 Knots (60 km/h; 37.4 mph) In the mid-1980s, the Svallbjardian Navy was investigating the possibility of designing a fleet flagship that could serve as a military power-projection and tactical tool. In 1986 they settled on the model of the Steypireyður and constructed one in Tórshavn. Only one ship of her class was ever produced, and the ship remained in active service until 2010 when she was finally phased out in favor of a more neutral military doctrine. Armament-wise, she is laden with firepower. 162 VLS tubes and eight harpó anti-ship missile launchers allow the Steypireyður to deal with any fire-support or anti-ship mission required. She is also armed with two Close-in Weapons Systems and an early-model Mod3 5-inch autocannon. From her inception to her decommissioning, the Steypireyður was a vital tool in projecting Svallbjardian naval power and interests. She was affectionately known as the "Big Box," a reference to her large, flat superstructure. Throughout her time in the Navy, the Steypireyður also participated in multiple peacekeeping missions and NATO joint-operations. She is not the fastest ship in the fleet, but she is the largest and most intimidating, and the crews who serve on her speak highly of the "Stór Kassi." Compared to the bow section of the ship, the stern is relatively clean, housing the helipad, rear VLS battery, and towed sonar array. The helipad is large enough to accommodate most light and medium naval helicopters and the hangar can hold two TH-31 Flying Fish helicopters completely folded and stowed. Sensors on the Steypireyður include underwater-based passive and active sonars, Electronic Warfare sensors, radars in multiple band frequencies, weather radar, and radio antennas. In addition to this, the Steypireyður relies on airborne AWACS and early-warning aircraft to detect and rely enemy ship locations to the cruiser far before she could spot them on her own.
  13. Lo var Lachland

    Custom LDD bricks and fixes

    Everything worked really well, thank you very much for the visual resource.
  14. Lo var Lachland

    Custom LDD bricks and fixes

    Honestly, screenshots and/or a video would be very helpful.
  15. Lo var Lachland

    Custom LDD bricks and fixes

    Alright, glad you clarified. I've used Terminal before so that's not a big deal.