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  1. Lo var Lachland

    (MOC) OSS Scimitar, [K09]

    I have a whole history written up. I'm planning on posting some of it in the future along with future builds. In the meantime, check out my Flickr for more builds and Oskenian equipment, including armor.
  2. Lo var Lachland

    [MOC] Type38 152mm Naval Gun Schematic

    No worries, and thanks! :)
  3. Lo var Lachland

    [MOC] Type38 152mm Naval Gun Schematic

    I have the build here: OSS Scimitar
  4. Lo var Lachland

    [MOC] Lego Expeditionary Light Tank M8 "Buford" AGS

    Looks like a massive caliber-gun for a light tank. Is it a 105mil?
  5. This is a build I did in LDD and then vectorized. It's a fictional 152mm triple-mounted gun emplacement designed for Oskenain light & heavy cruisers. Deciding to share it here because it's not something you see in LEGO very often and I wanted to get your guys' opinions. Thanks :)
  6. Lo var Lachland

    Operation Valiant Sweep- -1/16/20 - 3/9/20

    Rip, LDD is my life right now lol. Are micro builds considered fair play not just for this OP but for the game in general?
  7. Lo var Lachland

    (MOC) OSS Scimitar, [K09]

    While I work on other ships with much harder, rip-your-hair out hull techniques, I took a break and went back to the basics with the Scimitar. I designed it to have a basic studded bow design built primarily from 1x2 slopes. It took me around a week to complete on and off. Satisfied with the result, I also went on to build a heavy cruiser in the same style. It's not what I'm used to, but certainly is a fun weekend project. The backstory for the "Democratic Dictatorship of Oskenia" goes much more into depth than I care to post on Eurobricks, but in short, it is a Mediterranean-focused country founded in the late 1700s. This ship is one of their escort frigates. OSS Scimitar: "Saber-class Escort Frigate." Commissioned April 1939, launched August 1940. Armament: 8 152mm main batteries in a 3x2x3 format with a range of 16 km; 6 total torpedoes in 4 twin MOD 60 launchers with a capable range of over 10 km; 12 AA batteries ranging from 20mm to 90mm; 4 90mm secondary/AA batteries for anti-ship defense. General Information: top speed of 28 knots at full, 10 knts full-aft; A complement of 454 officers & men. Ships in Class: The OSS Scimitar is an Oskenian Escort Frigate designed in 1940 during the onset of the Second World War. It was designed as a cross between a light cruiser and a destroyer, escorting convoys with depth-charges and high-speed. This particular frigate is painted in a "Nightwatch" disruptive camouflage for night-time operations. The stern of the Scimitar, showing the 152mm triple mount guns and the four twin-mount torpedo tubes, in addition to all three rangefinders, surface radar, twin funnels, turret #2 air-identification paint, and Oskenian flag.
  8. Lo var Lachland

    [MOC] AP-32 Phage

    Incredible shaping. Well done.
  9. Lo var Lachland

    [MOC] Dakar Truck

    Whooo Wee! That is one GORGEOUS vehicle you got there. Amazing work.
  10. This is my rendition of the USS Fletcher, the WWII American Destroyer. So far I've worked on the hull quite a bit and added depth charges, as well as the first aft turret. Some Oerlikon AA guns are also in a mount, and the second deck is in progress. I will update this post in the future with updates. Stay tuned.
  11. Lo var Lachland

    [MOC] USS Intrepid; "The Fighting I"

    Did a moderator blend these topics? Because i didn't want it blended. Grr.
  12. Lo var Lachland

    [MOC] USS Intrepid; "The Fighting I"

    Thank you! Murica!
  13. I had to report one of these videos a few months ago to MyDifferentUserName, a popular LEGO Gun channel, due to the selling of instructions for his Springfield M1903. I was very disappointed when Jimbricked began making irrational decisions and calling both parties children. It's fine to showcase a build, but no credit is not okay. Thank you for addressing this issue.
  14. Lo var Lachland

    [MOC] USS Intrepid; "The Fighting I"

    Thanks much! Took quite the struggle to build this ship. :)
  15. Yo Murdoch! You 'member meh? XD

    1. Murdoch17


      Yes! You posted quite a few rescue creations on MOCpages if memory serves (right?) How have you been? I haven't been on MOCpages in 6 months....

    2. Lo var Lachland

      Lo var Lachland

      Same here. I was actually about to post a MOC telling people where I've been. :P