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Found 8 results

  1. More pics under the spoiler. Comments and criticisms welcome!
  2. Peppermint_M

    [MOC] Kestrel - SkyFi Plane

    The Kestrel is another of the Goodbury Mechanical's faster planes. A jet-propeller hybrid created by the engineers and innovators on the path to a true jet plane. Goodbury are leading the way on development of super fast and manoeuvrable planes and one day hope to create a true Jet Plane. This is one of my "classic" builds: Create a whacking great engine/motive element and then strap the other bits to it. I love playing with the more metallic parts for building a super powerful looking motor. With that built, I added in somewhere for a pilot to sit and some wings so it would go in the sky. This top view shows the propeller and motor through to the back jet, the whole construction is virtually a cylinder from end to end. The wings, cockpit and canopy were added a while after I had built the engine, so I chose a good colour contrast for the more brooding metallics and blacks and a canopy that added another splash. The wings were set up to match the brutal look of the engine. I hope you enjoy this SkyFy build of mine.
  3. Peppermint_M

    MOC: SkyFy Sparrowhawk

    Goodbury Mechanicals is proud to present the Sparrowhawk, a new aeroplane utilising Jet-Propulsion! Designed with the aim to break the sound barrier, hopefully the first to do so. The plane has been put through its paces and will be ready to try for the speed record soon, our brave pilot is ready to take off. It has been a while since I built Sky-Fi, or added anything to the Goodbury product line. So here is the Sparrowhawk, I love to use dark tan and metallic shades. The speed champion hubcaps look great for vents and I used binoculars to create the pew-pews. Top View, shows off the angles I used in construction, it is also useful to show off the printed/stickered tiles I used for flare. Side view, shows off the sides of the jet engine. Unusually for me, I built this plane fuselage first. I most often create the engine/propulsion unit and put the wings and cockpit around it. It took me ages to decide the best engine type to use for the fuselage I had created. The "egg" parts make for a super mean looking engine that could power a plane to unknowable speeds. The rear view of the jets. I love using the ninjago spinner crowns for planes, they just look so cool! I hope you enjoy my SkyFi MOC, it is a genre I love and one I have not shared a pane from in a long while. Comments etc are welcome.
  4. tchuk-norst

    MOC: Brickbuilt Man-o-War Airship

    Here it is! After $270 and a lot of waiting, the Man-o-War Class Airship! -Statistics- Name: Tian Requiem-Class III Warship Designer: Alfred Thruster Date: Completed in the Year of our Elluir, 1765. Rotors: 4 Thrusters: 2 Guns: 18 7.62x51mm machine guns, 2 8mm anti-landcraft guns Crew: 1 pilot, 18 gunners Length: 36.03 m Height: 7.41 m Width: 3.03 m Pieces: 3754 It's fairly modular, and could be readily expanded for more guns. Here it is with the top off. And here is the trusty pilot. More images are on my Brickshelf gallery, if you are interested.
  5. Here is my first-ever render! However, since it is sci-fi, I post it here, right? I looked around and that seems to be correct. If it isn't, I apologize admins! Behold, the Indomitable Rush! This ship blatantly steals ideas from both my Man-o-war airship and my Manticore mech. But the end result, I think, still looks original.
  6. tchuk-norst

    MOC: The Airborne Jade

    Behold! The Airborne Jade! Originally a cargoship, this adventuring vessel was first commandeered by it's heroic pilot, Edvar Figgens, after he had an encounter with the Musina's Royal Air Police. Being an adventurer, Figgens of course did not pay for the airship but merely jumped into the controls while it's original pilot was eating a spicy sausage. Adventurers are not complete without a few scantily-clad females. Figgens has two. One was originally the mistress to a wealthy crime lord in Bulava. The other was part of the crew that manned the Airborne Jade when it was still a cargoship. Their names are unimportant, they are just garnishes, in the old heroic chauvinistic fashion. This was a really fun build. Please tell me what you think of it!
  7. tchuk-norst

    MOC: Sky-fi "Emuir's Breath"

    There is a red and gold blur that disrupts the blue cloudless sky. As you squint you can make out some of the details. Then it is upon. And you don't have any time left. Behold! "Emuir's Breath" I was really inspired by Jon Hall's sky-fi planes on flickr. I used some of his techniques on this build. And now, as is my custom, a period picture. Here is a side-view. As usual, more images are on Brickshelf (when moderated).
  8. tchuk-norst

    MOC: Sky-fi "Dagger's Edge"

    Built by the greatest minds from Atta-tech, Dagger's Edge is the deadly, Imperial-made counterpart to Emuir's Breath. It's pilot is Lord Jelerek Bovin, a Premier Knight of the Emperor. And, as per usual, here's an aged photo. C/C is appreciated. More photos on my Brickshelf (when moderated).