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Found 57 results

  1. Hi!I don't know if this build is enough 'action figure' for this forum, but at least I have seven brick-built Toa to show here, and their weapons. I hope you can appreciate the scenery as bonus! Back in August I created an entry for the "90th Anniversary: Bionicle Theme Celebrations" contest on Ideas. My build is a tribute to the theme that loved for years: Bionicle. I grew up with Bionicle "Mask of Light: The Movie", and it's still one of the very few films I rewatch sometimes. The world of Mata Nui, the Toa and the Matoran, the different environments and strange architecture, and the soundtrack too, still resonate with me. With this build I wanted to capture the essence of each Toa and display them in their natural environment. The Toa Nuva, being my favourites, formed the basis of my designs, but you'll see hints of Toa Mata and Metru. I gave each Toa a unique build, but with some features shared between them. The most challenging part were their masks, because of the limited space and because I really wanted those to represent Toa. I feel like if I'd build these masks in alternative colours, it would still be possible to tell which design belongs to who. The weapons were also fun to make. I also varied their heights: Pohatu is one of the shortest, while Kopaka and Onua are significantly taller. As you can see, I used Mixel ball joints, technic pins, hinge plates and bar-clip connections to give these guys a nice range of motion. Unfortunately, no wrist articulation and the feet can't turn side to side. Some of the masks are a bit fragile, and all Toa are prone to fall over because they are top heavy and have relatively small feet. So on the whole, playing with them is certainly possible, but in the end a little frustrating. In the model, I attached the Toa with studs under their feet, and in the case of Takanuva with stud with shaft pieces to the side of his feet sticking into the ground. Makes life easier when moving the build around. Look closer into the background and you may notice a carving of the Great Spirit Robot! Thanks for reading! C&C appreciated!
  2. I wanted to redesign Onua Mistika life based on a concept drawing made by the owner of the brickshelf account MuffinToa and his Project Nuva. MuffinToa thanks for the inspiration if you see this. DISCLAIMER: I have no intention to claim all the glory for this design idea. and i'm not trying to commit plagiarism of any kind. I used Lego program called Studio 2.0. The options including masks are severely limited but i did my best. Onua Nuva/Mistika Inspiration Image: UPDATE: NEW RENDER IMAGES ADDED Front Back
  3. Hi everyone! This is the first part of a series of revamps I've recently done of the Phantoka and Mistika sets in the CCBS style of BIONICLE G2. In this thread I'll post my revamps of the six Toa. You can click on the images to go to my flickr profile, where you'll find some more. I have to mention that these are heavily based on [this]( revamp of Tahu Mistika by Lewis Hammond. Without further ado, here they are! TAHU POHATU ONUA LEWA KOPAKA GALI I hope you enjoy my take on these characters. Next week I'll post my revamps of the six Makuta. Have a nice day! :)
  4. Howdy all! I’d like to show this expansive modular MOC that I’ve worked on and tinkered with for the past couple of months. It’s called BIONICLE Legacy: Storytelling with LEGO Bricks because I aimed to build something that conveyed what the theme represented to many fans, and the impact it had upon release 20 years ago. Even if you haven’t been overly fond of or familiar with the BIONICLE theme, I hope you’ll still take a few moments to check out this project! I’m very hopeful and proud of this project, but it has been struggling to gain the needed attention to progress, and it clearly won’t get very far without your help and support. I greatly appreciate all support, comments, and shares. Fingers crossed! :) Uploading images proved to be a bit tricky, but you can also find higher-res images at Flickr:
  5. I finished (or maybe I'm just halfway through?) a series of Piraka and Toa Inika tributes/revamps. Had lots of fun, and heaps of nostalgia, reading through those ancient Bionicle texts then figuring out how I could be most faithful to each character. Which one of these is your favourite? Check out my Flickr for quotes, flavour text and design write-ups, and my Instagram and Twitter for more photos!
  6. I've finally decided to part ways with Bionicle (sorry Constraction Forum!!!). Maybe I'll get back into it if we ever get a G3, but for now, I'm selling all of my G1 sets. Will sell only as a lot via eBay. I am very open to offers, so don't let that price discourage you. Just be fair - there's a ton here! Contacting me via eBay is the best way to make an offer or to ask a question. Feel free to ask! Read the full description on eBay. More pictures on eBay as well.
  7. Steven the toa of flight

    Toa form

    So I found a toa Stone and I transformed into a actual toa instead of a protector front view side view (reflective gold armor) back view (thruster pack for extended flight) other side view (wrist mounted rocket blaster)
  8. Kalhiki

    Toa Mata Revamps

    It's been a long time coming, but I've finally completed my Toa Mata revamps. Group shot by Kalhiki, on Flickr So this was a project that I've been wanting to complete for a while. Basically the goal was to have revamps of all six Toa Mata, however, there were a few conditions to this goal. Mainly, I wanted to use the original feet, weapons and masks since those are the most iconic. In terms of design, they needed the back gear (even though it does nothing here aside from added aesthetics), and they had to be no bigger than the original Toa Mata (actually ended up being shorter). There were some other design aspects I wanted like the chest balljoint (and Gali's socket chest), using the Toa Metru head, and general proportions (Onua and Pohatu). I started the builds with the limbs since I wanted to use that boat stud technique. Once that was done, it was off to the torso. Took me a while to figure out a good waist articulation method, but the Mixel balljoint was definitely the way to go. Overall, it was kinda tough trying to figure out how to build so small. Once I had the limbs, I was pretty much locked at that size. All that was left was to get the parts for everyone (lucked out and found all the Toa sans Pohatu at a flea market), and the end result is what we have here. I'm quite happy with how they turned out. Some colors needed to be altered since they weren't available. Also had to change the eye colors since I wanted to use the Metru heads, but I feel the substitutions made worked out well. Few more pics, spoilers for cleanliness. ONUA POHATU GALI KOPAKA LEWA TAHU More pictures on the Flickr album including front and back shots, and a size comparison.
  9. The Mugbearer

    The Toa Hagah

    The Hagah were an elite group of Toa assigned to Makuta Teridax. When his betrayal was uncovered, the six went rogue. All of them, except for Norik and Iruini, were captured and mutated by Roodaka into Rahagah. Norik and Iruini lasted a little longer before surrendering to the Vortixx and succumbing to her powers. The following designs are based off Demitsorou's drawings, particularly this Toa Hagah lineup. Norik, a Toa of Fire, was the leader of the Toa Hagah, Possessing infinite patience, unusual for a Toa of Fire, Norik was an exemplary leader and a hero. He wears the Great Kanohi Pehkui, Mask of Diminishment. Bomonga, a Toa of Earth, was the deputy leader of the Toa Hagah. He used to be a quiet type, preferring to work alone and employing stealth tactics. Despite that, got famous for wrangling a Tahtorak Dragon by using his Mask Power to become as large as the beast itself. Bomonga wears the Great Mask of Growth, shaped after Great Kanohi Hau. Iruini, a Toa of Air, may seem grim and even cynical, but deep inside he cares a great deal about his teammates. He used to be the only Toa Hagah to ever raise a concern over Rahi, showing his devotion to the safety of the Matoran. Iruini wears the Great Kanohi Kualsi, Mask of Quick Travel. Kualus, a Toa of Ice. Always eloquent and classy, even as mutated Rahagah, Kualus enjoyed the company of avian Rahi. He wears the Great Kanohi Mask of Rahi Control shaped after Great Rau. Gaaki, a Toa of Water, wears a Great Mask of Clairvoyance, shaped after Noble Kanohi Ruru. The mask has an unfortunate habit of activating on its own and impose great stress on its wielder, which made Teridax’s betrayal all that much painful for Toa Gaaki. Pouks, a Toa of Stone. He’s loud and boisterous and believes in direct approaches in everything, which makes him come off as brutally honest at times. Pouks wears the Great Mask of Emulation, shaped after Great Kanohi Elda. All models are made in Lego Digital Designer, rendered in POV-Ray and post-processed in Adobe Photoshop.
  10. Mitch Henry

    Miua, Toa of Water

    I've had this MOC together for some time now, but I just made a eurobricks account. I hope I did this right. Miua was created to be something of a self-MOC for my girlfriend. She never grew up with Bionicle like I did, but I thought she may like the rich lore. She's not crazy about it, but she's not disinterested, in fact she encourages me to continue MOCing, which is nice. And even though she's not as captivated by MOCing and Bionicle as I am, I wanted to include her in some way, and Miua (MYU-ah) was born! I made sure to have her input on every step of the process, just to make sure she'd like it. Blue was picked because it was her favorite color, and I had a blue Rau. She didn't really like the Rau until I told her the power it grants the user, as she loves languages of any kind. In fact, Miua got her name from a combination of Mizu and Agua, the words for water from Japanese and Spanish respectively. Another of her interests is fantasy of all kinds. Hence the sword and daggers. Unless I giver her some kind of crossbow in the future I don't plan on giving her any weapon that fires. I like this as it represents both her interests and provides a clear contrast to Zeren, a MOC designed around sci-fi soldier characters and firearms. Anybody who plays Soulcalibur may recognize some of these poses, as many of them were ripped right from some of the characters. Full Album available here
  11. [Digital Render] Toa Komas (Friends OC) by Artemiy Karpinskiy, on Flickr This is Komas, an OC of my friend Sue, who have recently pledged to my Patreon. Here's a rotational GIF as a bonus: * * * If you like what I do and you want to see me create your OC, a favorite Bionicle Character, or something else, feel free to look up my Commission Info! I also run a Patreon page, so please consider supporting!
  12. Logan McOwen

    MOC: Gadu, Toa of Stone

    Builder's note The idea behind Gadu here was to use more classic-styled G1 elements then I'd usually be comfortable doing, while still maintaining a cohesive design language throughout - not the repeating details throughout the classic pieces I chose, such as corrugated tubing, oblong notches and round shapes. I also wanted to dabble with moving away from the usual structure for the TW2 gearbox, ending up with a twisting abdominal region rather than a twisting waist.
  13. So Bionicle is, for the second time, going away to the Obsolete and Retired Products Graveyard, to be laid alongside Hero Factory, Ben 10, and Galidor, among others. It's very sad it was cancelled so early it it's re-birth, barely halfway through it's second year. To celebrate it's second life through Ekimu and the island of Okoto, I have created this MOD of set 71312. (My alternate motive was because all that trans-light blue doesn't strike my fancy) It features a golden hammer with darker accents, and golden armor with an companion shield. It is also missing the main part: the mask of Creation! Sadly, the mask is not in LDD, so I left it off. Here is it at Bricklink: http://www.bricklink...age?P=20477#T=C The back of Ekimu features a part of Tahu's golden armor from the final series of original Bionicle from 2010. The hammer is mostly taken from set 71312, while the shield is from both set 70795 and 71312. The missing mask is found once more! (It's actually already in my possession, so I only need to order 99.9% of the model to complete it.) LDD file: http://www.moc-pages...1469920961m.lxf ...and yes, this MOD is 100% build-able in real life. I checked.
  14. Hi-Rez Gallery: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=565256 { DISCLAIMER: These models contain painted, modified, and non-Lego pieces. If any of these make you run crying to your mommy, consider skipping this one. } { DISCLAIMER: I am not a creative or artistic guy. I've borrowed lots of ideas for these. See list at bottom of the post. } For those unfamiliar: The Toa Mangai are the cannon group of Toa who guarded Metru-Nui, including Lhikan. We know next to nothing about them. I've remained true to the established elements of the toa, the presence of Lhikan, Tuyet, Nidhiki, and Naho, their known weapons, and the fact that we know one of them had a Kakama. Everything else, as far as I was concerned, was up for grabs and invented by me. { DISCLAIMER: "B-b-but... those aren't the masks listed on the wiki!" Those were chosen via poll well after Bionicle was dead. My personal head-cannon overrides such a tiny and uninformed representation of the fandom. } { DISCLAIMER: "B-b-but... the wiki says that one mask is the Mask of Fusion, not Mechanics!" Those fannon-to-cannon Kanohi are largely ridiculous and I've rebelled against them since Day 1. } { DISCLAIMER: "B-b-but... Toa of Plantlife are green and BLUE!" One problem there. Plants. Aren't. Blue. } Thanks to: Whom I took inspiration from: Ben/Chromega ; Munkeymunkey ; Fenrek ; lots of others, I'm sure. Check out my other galleries including the Toa Hagah (updated) and the 42 Rahkshi!
  15. One Very Agile Cat

    Toa Krakt and Arva the Ghost

    Haven't posted here in a while since I've fallen out of Bionicle with the 2016 sets, but I really wanted to share this. There's a bit of a history with this duo. Krakt started out as a joke, making a Toa entirely out of the infamously brittle lime green socket parts to tempt fate. Hence his name. It started as a very simple Inika-based design with a bog-standard build. I came up with a simple backstory for him, again, revolving around the joke that a MOC like this was not long for this world. But I actually kinda got attached to the idea of an elderly Toa, so I improved him a bit and made him a friend out of whatever parts I had on hand. Fast forward like a year and many, many revisions later and the two are far more complex and thoughtfully designed. Krakt is still at his core an Inika-inspired build, which fits in with his mundane origins as just another run-of-the-mill Toa. But his proportions were tweaked, especially the torso, I added detail like the filled in limbs and overall just defined the body shape. His fake arm is intentionally HF to make it stand out as artificial and not entirely sophisticated. Arva is a unique torso build, half system half technic, with a Mixels ball joint in the neck. Really neither are anything super special, just fancy builds of mundane designs, with a little history to them. A little bit of backstory on them: Thanks for looking!
  16. Takanuinuva

    Bionicle 2015 Toa Mods

    I made some much needed improvements since the original post. So I figured it warranted a new topic for them. So without further ado here they are Gali http://www.brickshel...5/Toa/gali1.jpg http://www.brickshel...5/Toa/gali5.jpg (With Kivoda and Gold Mask on stand) http://www.brickshel...5/Toa/gali6.jpg (Wearing Gold Mask and secondary weapon function) http://www.brickshel...5/Toa/gali7.jpg (Vs Skull Strika) Kopaka http://www.brickshel...Toa/kopaka1.jpg http://www.brickshel...Toa/kopaka5.jpg (With Izotor and Gold Mask on stand) http://www.brickshel...Toa/kopaka6.jpg (Wearing Gold Mask and secondary weapon function) http://www.brickshel...Toa/kopaka7.jpg (Vs Skull Warrior) Lewa http://www.brickshel.../Toa/lewa01.jpg http://www.brickshel.../Toa/lewa05.jpg (With Vizuna and Gold Mask on stand) http://www.brickshel.../Toa/lewa06.jpg (Wearing Gold Mask and secondary weapon function) http://www.brickshel.../Toa/lewa07.jpg (Vs Skull Slicer) Onua http://www.brickshel.../Toa/onua01.jpg http://www.brickshel.../Toa/onua05.jpg (With Korgot and Gold Mask on stand) http://www.brickshel.../Toa/onua06.jpg (Wearing Gold Mask and secondary weapon function) http://www.brickshel.../Toa/onua07.jpg (Vs Skull Basher) Pohatu http://www.brickshel...Toa/pohatu1.jpg http://www.brickshel...Toa/pohatu5.jpg (With Nilkuu and Gold Mask on stand) http://www.brickshel...Toa/pohatu6.jpg (Wearing Gold Mask and secondary weapon function) http://www.brickshel...Toa/pohatu7.jpg (Vs Skull Scorpio) Tahu http://www.brickshel...5/Toa/tahu1.jpg http://www.brickshel...ahu5.jpg (With Narmoto and Gold Mask on stand) http://www.brickshel...5/Toa/tahu6.jpg (Wearing Gold Mask and secondary weapon function) http://www.brickshel...5/Toa/tahu7.jpg (Vs Kulta fighting alongside Protector Mask Ekimu) Group Shot http://www.brickshel...015/Toa/toa.jpg More pictures in the gallery http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=564494
  17. "When Kopaka, Gali, and Lewa unite their powers and forms, they become the mighty Wairuha! With the strength and wisdom of three Toa, Wairuha is ready to protect Okoto from whatever threats it may face!" After building my own Toa Kaita Wairuha with the 2015 Toa last year, I was eager to give it another crack with the 2016 versions. Surprisingly, this year's Wairuha turned out even better, even considering difficult-to-use parts like the new torso armor! Of course, I doubt Akamai will work out nearly as well... but then, he didn't last year, either. This model uses only the parts from the three component Toa (not including their respective creatures). I'd love to try and build a Creature Kaita to go with this, but so far the even more limited parts selection has made that challenging. Pose 2 Pose 3 Front View Back View Weapons EDIT: Finished "Creature Kaita"! "Uxar, Akida, and Melum combine their forms and powers to form Haikara, the Great Creature of Wisdom! With the strength and wisdom of three elemental creatures, Haikara is ready to assist Wairuha in the battle against evil!" I finally succeeded at creating a "Creature Kaita" to go with Wairuha! This model not only manages to make good use of the parts from the three creatures, but also packs in some impressive functionality and augments Wairuha well when united. Back View United, Back View EDIT 2: Instructions for Wairuha are complete! Instructions for Haikara are coming soon! EDIT 3: Instructions for Haikara are finished as well!
  18. LiLmeFromDaFuture

    Tahu; Toa Mata; Ta Koro's Protector

    - Last year I became re-fanatic with the early lines of BIONICLES 2001–2003. I reread and looked at all the magazines, comics, books (especially Makuta’s guide to the universe) that I had about them. I went up online to scour YouTube for reviews of several sets from those lines—I was especially fond of the Rahi ones. I planned to set on a mission to collect all sets from those lines—a mission I have yet to start. I then came across a website where I can replay all web games and videos, that a while ago, were once on—good times… It has always been 2001 through 2003 for me—those will forever be my favorite lines… - 2015, now we have, what I jokingly term, “HERONICLES,” because personally they are HERO FACTORY literally masked with BIONICLES. Personally, they are respectable—especially since Lego brought the whole theme back, because prior to any release of confidential information about the return, I question why would they discontinue a beloved thing in the first place (not to put blame on their later lines *cough* “Stars”—but it did introduce the new Hau mold). The products though, are not what I anticipated. I remember when my brother told me images of the new sets were surfacing on the internet, when I found some decent images of them, I was hoping they were prototypes, fan made, or something! Where’s the sophistication? Where’s the skeletal-esque figure under all that excessive clad of armor plates? - I wasn’t not at all too fond of the new color scheme, well because I was looking for something more of the original Toa Mata (you know, orange, light/dark gray, tan, lime, etc.). It kinda reminds me of the Knights’ Kingdom figures when they attained new, shiny, armor—more armor is not always best option to make things look more invigorating! Then the masks, I will just say I like Pohatu & Kopaka’s most, but then again, for all of them, I wish they went with some of the earlier designs from their concept art, which resembles more of their originals. The gear feature is an enjoyable feature, but that reminiscence of that mechanical incarnation that the earliest years of BIONICLES simulated is quite loss under the clad of armor and the simplistic part alternatives. - But oh well! I did not come here to bring up a rememberable past or to gripe about change… umm… or have I already? Besides, isn’t it why most of us or even a reason why EB is here today, because we’re not completely satisfied with the entirety of Lego’s products? Well, somewhere down the line of rediscovering old things and discovering new things, I was tinkering with a red and medium blue Matoran torsos. I flipped the torsos sideways, in a clockwise manner, held them together in the form of a new torso, and pondered, “Hey this resembles the torso of a spartan soldier from the Halo series!” - Well I haven’t made any Spartans yet, but I had this astonishing idea to re-imagine Toa Mata Tahu with greater sophistication and stature, but minus the swivel arm action. In addition In tribute to the pristine era of Bionicles, I remain genuine to the original color scheme our favorite red, hotheaded Toa dons, but to also, the certain colors axles and pins were available at the time. Indeed, that is dedication. In most cases you will find deliberate uses of black Technic axles, light grey & black pins(w)axles, light grey Technic bushes, light grey gears, original Technic ball joints, etc. - On Tahu, I happen to use a few System elements for the hand and sword, as well a couple of minifigure arms & hands for thumbs—but that is all! Additionally, something that not so pure, is that I modified a Technic pin connector by which connects the ball joint on the chest. I as well permeated the axle connector of the head with super, so I could lodge mask(s) in a fixed position, since the head cannot actually accommodate the small mask. - To top it off, I wanted to come up with a term in BIONICLES that meant revamped. I had somewhat of a list for possible names to choose from, then I finally settled on the one that sounded and looked BIONICLE-ish enough: "Owihou." It is completely my fiction and I guarantee you will be "without" any chance of finding anything related to it on the internet. Enjoy!
  19. Logan McOwen

    MOC: Kurkar, Master of Stone

    Kurkar, Master of Stone Held in high regard by the villagers he protects, Kurkar is an incredibly presumptuous Toa, who holds a lot of self-pride. Kurkar’s unique swords can be used both traditionally, or thrown in a fashion which traps an enemy against a wall. Kurkar’s Mask of Illumination allows him to dazzle his foes during battle, and also illuminate dark places. Front Front, 3/4 Angle Back Skeleton, Front Skeleton, Back Shoulder plating structure Foot filling Casual Apologies for the lacklustre photography, I rushed taking this pictures.
  20. The Mugbearer

    [LDD] Rixec

    Rixec by ArtieStroke by Artemiy Karpinskiy, on Flickr Rixec is an OC Toa of Psionics that belongs to a Tumblr user ArtieStroke. I have made this MOC by their request. Here's their drawing of Rixec that I was using as a reference:
  21. Pate-keetongu

    MOC: Toa Deleva

    Toa Deleva is a half-KAL, half Toa of Plasma. He was ripped in half by Skakdi maradeurs and fixed with experimental KAL technology by Dark Hunters in Odina. The hunters were a bit daft, though. They didn't take his mask of speed away, so he simply ran out of the fortress. Well done, that man. Splitface's torso armor was the starting point here. The shaping of the (more) organic side is my favorite part here. The round HF armor add-on is a wonderful piece. More on Cyclopic Bricks. Enjoy!
  22. Logan McOwen

    MOC: Toa Tahae

    TOA TAHAE Once a lowly thief, Tahae was transformed into a mighty Toa by a mysterious relic she had stolen. She uses her new-found power to control and intimidate. Front Back Pose Weaponry Toa Tahae utilises ToaLeewan's LW1 gearbox design, and uses pieces from the XSZ Iron Patriot figure.
  23. Logan McOwen

    Bionicle Toa Alternate Builds

    So, RaySkull's "Bionicle Protector Alternate Builds" thread has proven to be pretty popular. So, I thought it'd be neat to have a similar thread, but for modified Toa! Feel free to share photos of your modified Gen2 Toa in this thread, along with relevant building techniques and ideas. So, I'll start this off by showing off my modified Lewa. This was made to answer mine and a friend's question of how Lewa would look with a transparent colour in his scheme. Push came to shove, and more changes were made! So yes, Talons! Those are inspired by some concept art for TMoL in which Lewa Nuva had talons, presumably for perching on tree branches. And the pink thorns? I wanted to emphasise Lewa's new-found control of plantlife in a unique way, but also wanted to break up the colour scheme a bit more. Oh, and his gearbox is a notch lower, so he can move his head. And now, some photos of him in adrenaline mode!
  24. Here is my modifications for all Toa Okoto that I made few month ago, since for me everyone have something to fix. I was trying to not making too big changes and left them as much original as I could. Big gallery: Gali: - silver torso changed to gunmetal version, - gunmetal shells from arm changed to blue shells, - yellow pieces in axe changed to one gunmetal piece, and gold spear added to top of axe, - silver axe blades changed to gunmetal blades from Lewa, Tahu: - red mask changed to trans-orange mask, - silver feet changed to gold feet, - added red calf, - shorter legs for better fit to feet, - silver hands changed to trans-orange hands, - changed red simple torso to red detailed torso, Lewa: - changed green simple torso to green detailed torso, - rebuild of his axes (now it looks like axes), silver blades from Gali, - silver feet changed to green feet, - little shorter arms, Onua: - rebuild of his maul, - moving shoulders rebuild to stiff version, - silver torso changed to purple detailed torso, - extension to bones removed, and added longer bones instead of that, Pohatu: - silver shells from legs and arm changed to brown/dark orange shells, - silver hands changed to black hands, - longer legs, - silver armlet added to left arm, - trans-lime bones changed to black bones, Kopaka: - spear silver blade changed to ice blade, - shield new mount to hand, new position of shield, - silver torso changed to white detailed torso, - yellow gear rack changed to white gear rack, - trans-blue hands changed to white hands, - feet changed to Mata feet, - more slim calfs, Fight!
  25. The Chosen One


    Hello everyone! I want to show you my latest MOC - Luxael. Photos are clickable (you also can read description on Flickr, if you want). Hope you enjoy, any comments are welcome!