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Found 8 results

  1. Hey guys, thought I'd try to flesh out my CCBS skills for once. I was really handy with the G1 constraction system, but with CCBS it just doesn't feel like things fit together right for me yet. And then I saw the contest. I absolutely love Bionicle, and I would kill to have a signed art book and a complete G2 collection. But murder is illegal, and wouldn't get me the signed art book, so I had to build. I think I have the legs and body down pretty solid, I might add wings to it, but I'm not feeling like it's done. Any criticisms or advice? This is the main body shot. I don't have the mask of ultimate power, since I can't find any of the new sets at my Target, ToysRUs, or Lego Store, but I made do with what I have. And this is a close up of one of the hands. I still haven't built any weapons for Makuta, Lord of Shadows, but it's possible to place them in his hand due to a technic hole from the technic beam w/ ball joint I'm using to support the thumbs. One thing I'm really worried about is filling out the stomach, below the chest. I built this off of a heavily modified and stripped General Grievous, which gives it sizable bulk, but it does lack attachment points for more shells. Photo for scale. He's more than twice as tall as Tahu, and probably uses 4 times a many pieces. I don't have a cape large enough in my collection for him, unless I decide to cut up a t-shirt, which I don't have any black ones to use. This MOC is in essence my farewell to Bionicle, in the wake of its cancellation. Any criticisms? I want to get this thing polished up before I enter it in the contest.
  2. I noticed this didn't have a topic, so I made one. Mind blowing, I know.
  3. I didn't get many Bionicle sets last year, but I am planning to get more in 2016. Is it worth it to get the 2015 Toa or should I just skip them? I'm going to get the Mask Maker vs. Skull Grinder, mainly for the small version of Ekimu and the Mask of Creation in pearl/gold. Are there any other 2015 sets I should get before I get on with 2016?
  4. Chilly_Productions

    Is Gen 1 Still Canon?

    I was just wondering if gen 1 of Bionicle (Mata Nui) is canon anymore?
  5. Here is my modifications for all Toa Okoto that I made few month ago, since for me everyone have something to fix. I was trying to not making too big changes and left them as much original as I could. Big gallery: Gali: - silver torso changed to gunmetal version, - gunmetal shells from arm changed to blue shells, - yellow pieces in axe changed to one gunmetal piece, and gold spear added to top of axe, - silver axe blades changed to gunmetal blades from Lewa, Tahu: - red mask changed to trans-orange mask, - silver feet changed to gold feet, - added red calf, - shorter legs for better fit to feet, - silver hands changed to trans-orange hands, - changed red simple torso to red detailed torso, Lewa: - changed green simple torso to green detailed torso, - rebuild of his axes (now it looks like axes), silver blades from Gali, - silver feet changed to green feet, - little shorter arms, Onua: - rebuild of his maul, - moving shoulders rebuild to stiff version, - silver torso changed to purple detailed torso, - extension to bones removed, and added longer bones instead of that, Pohatu: - silver shells from legs and arm changed to brown/dark orange shells, - silver hands changed to black hands, - longer legs, - silver armlet added to left arm, - trans-lime bones changed to black bones, Kopaka: - spear silver blade changed to ice blade, - shield new mount to hand, new position of shield, - silver torso changed to white detailed torso, - yellow gear rack changed to white gear rack, - trans-blue hands changed to white hands, - feet changed to Mata feet, - more slim calfs, Fight!
  6. All pics link to Flickr! Description: The villagers of Okoto play this ancient sport to bring pride to their villages. The first villager to shoot a gem through the hoop three times wins the ceremonial mask. They are armed with weapons to knock away the opponent's gems and shooters to fire their gems through the hoop. Two score counters are also included. Background: This year I was able to attend the LEGO Inside Tour for the first time. The 34-person group I was in, which toured from the 19th of May to the 22nd, was the second tour group for 2015 and the 28th since the LEGO Inside Tour began. The most thrilling part of the LEGO Inside Tour, for me, was getting to meet and spend time with so many LEGO designers and others who help to make the LEGO Group the company that it is. However, the biggest surprise for me was connected with the building competition at the end of the first day. All tour participants were invited to think like a LEGO designer and design a potential set to meet certain constraints. The designers would judge them the next day before announcing the winners at an awards ceremony that evening. The parts provided for us included many BIONICLE pieces, but I was one of the only builders to create a primarily BIONICLE-based creation, since that is the style of building that comes most naturally to me. When I finished my model at around 10:20pm, a lot of other builders were still working on their own creations, so I didn't get to see what my model was up against until the awards ceremony. To my amazement, the model I created won first prize! It was the first BIONICLE creation to win first prize in the history of the LEGO Inside Tour. The designers liked that it had a clear play scenario and hit the desired price point almost exactly. I was awarded a LEGO set and a brick-built trophy printed with the Inside Tour logo. And yes, they let me keep my creation! Bonus pics:
  7. Aanchir

    [MOC] Skull Ripper

    (All pics link to Flickr) Function Video (5 seconds) I was realizing the day before yesterday that the 2015 Toa have one strategic advantage over the 2015 BIONICLE villains: none of the villains appear to be able to fly. So I thought I'd even the odds. Obviously, I had to use a few placeholder parts, but I still think it conveys the general idea I was going for. Skull Ripper includes 87 pieces total, and so I imagine she would hit about the same $15 price point as the other skull villains. Skull Ripper's torso features the same Technic function as Skull Basher's, but here it serves two very different purposes. From a standing position, it allows Skull Ripper to stab an opponent with her talons. In flight, it allows her to flap her wings. Ideally, I'd prefer Skull Ripper to use Tr. Blue instead of Tr. Light Blue, but from a practical standpoint I found that I had a more useful range of pieces in Tr. Light Blue. Thoughts, comments, criticism? Please share! This is my first MOC I've completed to my satisfaction in a few months, so I'm very proud of it, but I'm sure there's room for improvement!
  8. "Really. This is why you summoned me?" These dudes, trained and given elemental powers by the big man Pohatu himself, protect Po-Koto while he's off on business. Skinny Asymmentry over there has a sword. He stabs. Bigmin Mac Widensteen on the other hand, has striker eureka capabilities in his chest and a big glove. We're safe.