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Found 11 results

  1. I've finally decided to part ways with Bionicle (sorry Constraction Forum!!!). Maybe I'll get back into it if we ever get a G3, but for now, I'm selling all of my G1 sets. Will sell only as a lot via eBay. I am very open to offers, so don't let that price discourage you. Just be fair - there's a ton here! Contacting me via eBay is the best way to make an offer or to ask a question. Feel free to ask! Read the full description on eBay. More pictures on eBay as well.
  2. Steven the toa of flight

    Onu Matoran ranger

    This onu Matoran is a ranger for the Onu-Koro guard and defends the tunnels from invaders
  3. One Very Agile Cat

    Toa Krakt and Arva the Ghost

    Haven't posted here in a while since I've fallen out of Bionicle with the 2016 sets, but I really wanted to share this. There's a bit of a history with this duo. Krakt started out as a joke, making a Toa entirely out of the infamously brittle lime green socket parts to tempt fate. Hence his name. It started as a very simple Inika-based design with a bog-standard build. I came up with a simple backstory for him, again, revolving around the joke that a MOC like this was not long for this world. But I actually kinda got attached to the idea of an elderly Toa, so I improved him a bit and made him a friend out of whatever parts I had on hand. Fast forward like a year and many, many revisions later and the two are far more complex and thoughtfully designed. Krakt is still at his core an Inika-inspired build, which fits in with his mundane origins as just another run-of-the-mill Toa. But his proportions were tweaked, especially the torso, I added detail like the filled in limbs and overall just defined the body shape. His fake arm is intentionally HF to make it stand out as artificial and not entirely sophisticated. Arva is a unique torso build, half system half technic, with a Mixels ball joint in the neck. Really neither are anything super special, just fancy builds of mundane designs, with a little history to them. A little bit of backstory on them: Thanks for looking!
  4. The Chosen One


    Hello! This MOC is a remake of my old self-MOC - Onu-Matoran Fert. You can read full description on Flickr, if you want (photos are clickable). Any comments are welcome!
  5. I've been wanting to recreate Generation 1 characters in CCBS for a while. The main problem was that I wanted to use the old Mata heads (so I could fit both old masks and krana), but conventional methods of attaching said head to a CCBS torso looked ridiculous. Solution? Build a new torso. First up is Bingzak Kongu, displaying the Matoran build: I partially used the Mask of Light movie as a guide when building these; it mostly influences the neck and the shape of the arms. Full skeleton in the first picture. The second shows where the chest plate attachment and neck socket fit. The black bracket piece doesn't connect to the socket directly but it keeps it from jiggling around much. Can't say I care for the back much, but it's not an eyesore. Next up is Narmoto Vakama with the Turaga build: The Turaga are a bit more broad and wide than the Matoran to accommodate the sockets for the legs. Vakama features his stole from Mask of Light. Full skeleton along with a better shot of how the front and neck joint connect to the rest of the torso, similar to the Matoran build. Shot of the back. This is the biggest problem with the Turaga build: it's very boxy. Adding the stole (connected by the four exposed studs) helps somewhat. The light bley pieces will be changed to black once I get ahold of some. "Back! Back you foul creature! One more step or I'll--" (Wrong villain, I know, but ssshhh. ) You can really see how the back sticks out here. Again, not a fan, but I don't currently have a solution. Bonus: Turaga Korgot Whenua! Giving him his hunch was as easy as connecting the neck to the back of the head instead of the eyestalk. He needs Dark Bluish Gray hands but those will have to wait until I get some. Thanks for looking! Comments and critiques are highly appreciated.
  6. Hey, I experimented with some cloth and wire, and ended up with some rather striking ponchos for my beefed up Po-Matoran. Then I went out in the desert and took some pictures of them amidst the creasote and dirt.
  7. The one on the left hails from the town of Mediellan in the center of the White Dune Sea, near Onu-Koro. This matoran staunchly defends his hometown from violent rahi under the Makuta's influence. His name is Naiit. The other, Lelan, is a rug merchant in the iron and adobe landscape of the shoreside city of Dondo. Comments? Criticisms? I welcome all!
  8. Lord-Vorahk

    Why Hydruka?

    Who remembers these guys? They formed the second pair of small sets from 2007, and I have to admit that I never got either of them, so I can't really say anything for their build quality. What I can say is that they had no recoloured parts, no new parts, and, story-wise, no personality. They were just Rahi. I can't help but think that they weren't a good choice for the sets. 2007 had, in all likelihood, the best Matoran design. The only real hinderance was the use of Mata arms to allow for the shoulder-blaster, and in fairness, with the parts available at the time, they couldn't have done better (I find that Metru forearms and CCBS limbs can do the trick nowadays). Good designs, nice parts usage, great mask recolours, and they looked much more like upscaled versions of the classic body style than the Metruan did. However, we only got four small sets, and then two of them weren't Matoran. Sure, we got more Matoran later, Sarda and Idris, but they were only available in a larger set, and somehow only got one mask recolour (Was it too much to ask for a blue Huna and a red Ruru?), and were the same colours as the two Hydruka, leaving us without a small Onu-or-Ko-Affialated set for the year. To make matters worse, there were two Matoran characters, Gar and Kyrehx, who didn't get sets, but had small, but important roles in the story.And instead we get these two. All I can wonder is... why?
  9. Hello readers! Yet another chapter of Uprising has been released. Read it here: Or you can just scrolls through the pages in this post!
  10. after seeing some topics in this forum and on bzp i was inspired to make this it might not look the best (also sorry if the picture is sideways) but it looks good enough for the first time i painted a mask here he is from an other angle and here is the mask only again sorry for the pictures being sideways
  11. Kingriedak

    Vjorma Halycon

    Name: Vjorma Halycon Age: Late forties, early fifties Element: After getting a new paintjob, she refuses to tell, but some believe she is a De-Toran, because of her acute hearing Power: Flight, Limited speed Weapon: Hardlight dagger and mace, sonicsaber, jetpack Personality: A relaxed old matoran, has a certain aura of wisdom about her, is somewhat bitter toward toa, this might just be jealousy though. Gender: Female Weakness: Her size Affiliation: Krieger's inner circle Intelligence: Fairly High Occupation: Gladiator Birthplace: New Atero Home: Baryura, Krieger's Arena/KastaneMemorial Species: Matoran Family: Husband and both sons died in CoreWar2, now Krieger's mistress http://farm4.staticf...d2f3b3212_z.jpg http://farm4.staticf...4009608f4_z.jpg http://farm3.staticf...b7a46f213_z.jpg http://farm8.staticf...8fa2b9523_z.jpg http://farm6.staticf...984d3d2fb_z.jpg http://farm8.staticf...69c594d72_z.jpg http://farm8.staticf...9d77f95f4_z.jpg http://farm3.staticf...447871c88_z.jpg http://farm3.staticf...3cc588038_z.jpg http://farm3.staticf...159f67fe3_z.jpg