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  1. Poor Disadvantaged

    Hakann, Avak, Vezok, Kongu, Nuparu and Matoro: 'Stylized Tributes'

    Thanks everyone! I'm grateful for the feature, and glad to hear you like these. =) I totally get why people dislike Bionicle; all those specialized molds (and heavy lore) that made Bionicle loveable for some was what made it unappealing/divisive for others. 'ConstrAction' has definitely come a long way since, it had to adapt once the entire buildable action figure theme was canceled. Which is absolutely for the better in my eyes; the 2020 BioCup on Flickr showcases the sheer range of things a mix of these elements can achieve! It's was a guy, but I built him to look quite agile/athletic and graceful/elegant - I also see feminine traits there for sure! Yeah, you can never go wrong with Teal haha. Oops, bit late but I'll change the link so it goes to the gallery as well. Thanks for pointing it out. Thank you kindly! <3 Me too, the Piraka were all written with a great mix of sinister and whimsical, and the Inika had an entertaining group dynamic. I think I remember seeing your Vezon during that BZP contest, even little changes to a mask/face can add so much to a character's personality! Matoro absolutely stands apart yeah, I got that a lot. I started with his old Matoran mask but I found it a bit too plain for a character who went through the character development he did. The aim was to emulate his Mahri Mask while evoking its power of reanimation/raising undead, which had the side effect of making the whole thing look very 'edgy'. It's entirely possible I added too much, but I've found too much of something is often the right amount. =P The other six (and maybe Vezon) are definitely on the way, I'll try to get them done sooner rather than later!
  2. Poor Disadvantaged

    [MOC] The City of Utopia

    Impressive stuff, you absolutely deserved your top spot in the placings. Good luck this round!
  3. I finished (or maybe I'm just halfway through?) a series of Piraka and Toa Inika tributes/revamps. Had lots of fun, and heaps of nostalgia, reading through those ancient Bionicle texts then figuring out how I could be most faithful to each character. Which one of these is your favourite? Check out my Flickr for quotes, flavour text and design write-ups, and my Instagram and Twitter for more photos!
  4. Poor Disadvantaged

    [MOC] Artemis, Huntress of the Moon

    Artemis, Huntress of the Moon by Poor Disadvantaged Made to complement Kevin Huxtable's Apollo for Contest #75 on BZPower.
  5. Poor Disadvantaged

    Jayko, Eagle of Talonjay

    Lord Vladek's Shadow Knight army is marching toward the capital, the banner of the Scorpion looming from the Moorlands. Though few in number, King Mathias’ gathering of heroes stand defiant in the face of evil. Danju, Wolf of Alendan – Wise, Noble, Ingenious. Jayko, Eagle of Talonjay – Quick, Swift, Focused. Adric, Ox of the Farmland – Pious, Fierce, Resolute. Good knights of Morcia! Who else will answer the call to arms?
  6. Thought I'd make a Self-MOC that’s representative of an in-universe species that’s not yet-another-blimmin-Toa, so here’s a Skakdi (Piraka). Had a blast with the colours, especially the Metallic Blue, and blocking the black to represent skin – these abs are plastic-hard.
  7. Hey, really appreciate that. My entry for Category A has been posted (it shouldn't infringe on the 'Graphic Enhancement' rule, I wouldn't think?), I'll see if I can cook something up for the other category as well. Good luck everyone!
  8. Poor Disadvantaged

    [Galidor Category A] WotFace

    WotFace by Poor Disadvantaged, on Flickr This little guy just wants to expand the mind and open up as a person. By expanding persons and opening up minds.
  9. Howdy Eurobricks people, new bloke here. Found this contest from Prince Galidor’s Flickr, and I’ve got an entry for Category A prepped to go. Just inquiring (probably on behalf of others as well as myself) about the second rule that requires all entrants to have been members before March the 31st – is it possible that this could this be reviewed? I fully understand how that’s necessary for voting, but it just seems strange that this should apply to entrants as well – wouldn’t this be unfavourable for both competition and attraction of new members? If the contest and prizes were intended to be a Eurobricks member exclusive from the start, then I’ll be content with that decision (can’t say I spent that much time on my entry) – but I’d appreciate it if we could get an explanation for this rule, or if it’s straight up reconsidered. Cheers.