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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everyone! This is the first part of a series of revamps I've recently done of the Phantoka and Mistika sets in the CCBS style of BIONICLE G2. In this thread I'll post my revamps of the six Toa. You can click on the images to go to my flickr profile, where you'll find some more. I have to mention that these are heavily based on [this]( revamp of Tahu Mistika by Lewis Hammond. Without further ado, here they are! TAHU POHATU ONUA LEWA KOPAKA GALI I hope you enjoy my take on these characters. Next week I'll post my revamps of the six Makuta. Have a nice day! :)
  2. Things have been pretty dry in here ever since the sudden cancellation of Bionicle's second run, so I thought I'd throw something out there, just to make things a little less dead if not anything else. Maybe it's a dead topic, but just some thoughts: Ever since the end of G2, I've been collecting old G1 sets I missed out on, particularly with canisters (It's a life goal of mine to own 1 of every canister and display them on a wall, but that's a different topic). So I stumbled across a nice lot on eBay which had 10 canister sets of different types for a very reasonable price, so I jumped on it. 3 of them happened to Mistika sets. I didn't own many of those guys back in the day, as I was occupied with the new Star Wars Clone Wars sets at the time. I like to think I've matured since, but I bandwagon hated on these guys (and other things, don't look at my posts from 4-5 years ago please) for quite some time without really giving them a chance. The lot contained Gorast, Bitil, and Gali. Having recently acquired the rest of the Toa and previously owning Krika, I now own a full set of Mistika, And honestly, I kinda like them. The Makuta, which I think most would agree fared better, are pretty great villain sets in my opinion. Each offers a bit of a different build and takes on a character of it's own. It's the Toa that seem to get a lot of hate, so lets talk about them. Starting with Gali, I thought I would despise this set before cracking open the canister and building it. After I did, however, I'm quite happy with it. Does it resemble the original Gali? not really, but I don't think that disqualifies it from being a good set. There could definitely be some more blue, and the mask is, uhh, interesting. But these aren't fatal flaws in my eyes. My main issue comes from the lack of a secondary weapon, as the way the gun is held officially is pretty awkward. Placing it in a single hand, however, makes posing tons of fun in my view. I feel maybe a scythe or spear like weapon could have gone nicely here, but alas. Nothing a few spare parts can't fix though. Onua is my favorite of the litter. The black and silver are balanced, and the red highlights go very nicely with the rest of the set. The other Toa probably could have benefited quite a bit from a little more color like that. Now I complained that having only one weapon was kinda lame with Gali, yet here I think it rocks. The way It's assembled with the black shield thing attached to the gun and the silver shield on Onua"s arm gives me a tanky vibe that I love. Think the heavy from team fortress 2. Not to mention the mask looks badass. all these things combined, and you've got yourself a great set. Tahu Mistika I don't have many excuses for. I guess the mask sorta resembles the Hau with that front thing, but it's pretty ugly otherwise. I'm just not a huge fan of this one. It doesn't pose well to me. The shield is a neat idea, but kinda clunky. I'm still kinda with the haters on this one. These are all just my thoughts of course. By all means, share yours. Are the Mistika horrid abominations? Average sets suppressed by hate memes? or hidden gems?
  3. InfurnallDragon

    Onua 2015, the In-Depth Look

    I was bored, so here this is. Idk if I will do it for the other toa or even the protectors, but here this is. Here I have with me is my Toa Onua Mata from 2001. Despite not being the first set I got, despite not being one of the high priority sets I plan to get, he is perhaps my favorite of all the sets. There is something really cool about him having two clawed arms with the function and- well wait STOP! *tosses Onua aside*[actually sets Onua gently aside] I do not have a 2015 Onua in my possession, but what we all have right now is the new, early promotional images. For this reason I will not compare & contrast 2015 Onua's image to my physical Onua, but rather this other promotional image of Onua Mata from 2001. (Both will be at the bottom of the page for your own comparisons). And not just the image of Onua Mata, but promos of every Onua iteration to date shall be compared. That is the theme of this, not to look at the sets themselves here just the images for fairness. This thread was mainly to share my thoughts on 2015 Onua compared to the other iterations of him, and is also for discussion focused on him and his many forms without any other toa or characters involved. There are a lot of things can be discussed about the pair of clear images of Onua's set, but not enough room in Official Bionicle 2015 for all of them. This is pretty much an examining of ONUA THROUGH THE AGES Armor (The Medium-Length Section): Head/Mask (The Shortest Section): Tools (The Other Shortest): Build/Shape (The Longest One): So, did I miss something? What have you noticed about Onua? What is your theory on his arm's? You don't have to read my Wall of Text, but go ahead and run what you do read through your own judgement. Images Used in my Analysis:
  4. So, it's been mentioned that originally, the heroes for 2008's storyline were going to be the Toa Mahri in new bodies. Do you think the Toa sets would've been any different if they had been designing them with the Mahri in mind, or maybe that the Phantoka/Mistika are more suited to be the Mahri?
  5. Transparency for Effect

    Mistika prototypes closer to 2002 Toa?

    Do we have images of the prototypes of the Toa Mistika that were supposedly closer to the 2002 Toa Nuva?