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  1. bjj8383

    Brickshelf up, down..who knows!

    If you go to my flickr, or anyone's flickr, it defaults to "photostream" which is a confusing jumbled mess of everything you've uploaded. It looks like a photo album projectile vomited on your screen. If you go to my brickshelf, it defaults to a nice orderly view of separate, organized folders. There isn't even on option for vomit-screen.
  2. bjj8383

    Brickshelf up, down..who knows!

    Same. Nice separate organized folders?
  3. bjj8383

    [MOC] Toa Mangai (group)

    Rustoleum Antique Brass Matallic
  4. bjj8383

    [MOC] Toa Mangai (group)

    They aren't supposed to fit with Lhikan's build. These Toa all came from different locations and different teams to defend Metru Nui in a time of crisis - they are not "related."
  5. Hi-Rez Gallery: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=565256 { DISCLAIMER: These models contain painted, modified, and non-Lego pieces. If any of these make you run crying to your mommy, consider skipping this one. } { DISCLAIMER: I am not a creative or artistic guy. I've borrowed lots of ideas for these. See list at bottom of the post. } For those unfamiliar: The Toa Mangai are the cannon group of Toa who guarded Metru-Nui, including Lhikan. We know next to nothing about them. I've remained true to the established elements of the toa, the presence of Lhikan, Tuyet, Nidhiki, and Naho, their known weapons, and the fact that we know one of them had a Kakama. Everything else, as far as I was concerned, was up for grabs and invented by me. { DISCLAIMER: "B-b-but... those aren't the masks listed on the wiki!" Those were chosen via poll well after Bionicle was dead. My personal head-cannon overrides such a tiny and uninformed representation of the fandom. } { DISCLAIMER: "B-b-but... the wiki says that one mask is the Mask of Fusion, not Mechanics!" Those fannon-to-cannon Kanohi are largely ridiculous and I've rebelled against them since Day 1. } { DISCLAIMER: "B-b-but... Toa of Plantlife are green and BLUE!" One problem there. Plants. Aren't. Blue. } Thanks to: Whom I took inspiration from: Ben/Chromega ; Munkeymunkey ; Fenrek ; lots of others, I'm sure. Check out my other galleries including the Toa Hagah (updated) and the 42 Rahkshi!
  6. bjj8383

    [MOC] Goat herding Turaga

    Totally epic
  7. bjj8383

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    The central piece here... what is it and where should I look on bricklink? I've tried looking through what I can think of, mainly Bionicle & Hero Factory, and haven't been successful. Any help appreciated!
  8. Hello, I am an American collector and a HUGE Bionicle fan, and I've been trying to track down some of these sets for YEARS. About 6 years ago I managed to get my hands on the red and blue "Toa" (see image links below,) however, I was never able to find the yellow or green ones. I would DESPERATELY like to purchase the yellow set and green sets, but I've never been able to find out how. I've sent emails to the various Russian wholesale websites that seem to sell them, like the one I link to below, but I never hear any reply. Does anybody have any suggestions about how I could purchase these sets from America? If you have any, I'll take them off your hands. Any help would be VERY VERY appreciated! In particular, all I'm really interested in are the MASKS for Kanohi-MOC'ing purposes, but I'll buy the whole sets gladly. Thank you! Green: http://www.yts-holdi...d_ot_5_let.html Yellow: http://www.yts-holdi...n_ot_5_let.html Blue: http://www.yts-holdi...keana_ot_7.html Red: http://www.yts-holdi...yii_drakon.html
  9. bjj8383

    [MOC] Particle Accelerator

    I love sciencey Mocs!
  10. bjj8383

    Central, Hong Kong (1:265)

    Professional quality!
  11. bjj8383

    [MOC] Steampunk Typewriter

    Detail blows me away.