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  1. Kalhiki

    [REVIEW] 75300 Imperial TIE Fighter

    Thanks for the the review! Looking forward to picking this one up. I've passed on previous TIEs simply due to their prices, so this being more affordable solves that problem (same with the new X-Wing). Proportions may not be entirely accurate, but that's an acceptable sacrifice for having a TIE that doesn't break the bank. I can only hope the new TIE and X-wing usher in more of these smaller-scale ships. The Slave I would be more than welcome, as would the Falcon if that's even possible.
  2. Kalhiki


    Agreed with Lego David: the Meltdown headpiece is nicely used! Really gives it a feathery look. Fantastic build all around!
  3. Kalhiki

    [MOC/DIY] 14 Dots bracelet designs!

    Oh, these are nice! I think Royal really shows off what can be done with Dots, as opposed to the usual "stick tiles on the bracelet." The chains really add a unique flair to the look, and if I saw someone wearing it, I don't think I'd immediately think "that's Lego!" (Though that could be said about a lot of these.)
  4. Sweet baby Jesus, this is one of the most impressive builds I've seen in quite some time! I absolutely adore every aspect of it. The detailing, architecture, environment, everything. It all fits so well together. I especially like how you did the rocks. The boulders and stone path both have a very cartoony fantasy vibe to them that I haven't seen anywhere else. Very unique! Same goes for the water and waterfall. I also really like the Goblin buildings. They have a very distinct, rickety look, but the designs and colors keep them grounded in the world so they don't feel out of place when compared to the architecture of the Elven buildings. And of course, that's saying nothing about the sheer scale of the build! Not only visually impressive, but also impressive in size. There also seems to be a weird optical illusion going on. Maybe it's the photography or maybe it's that aforementioned "cartoony fantasy" aesthetic, but to me it looks smaller than it really is. It's only until I see the minidolls that I start to realize how big this display really is! I'm sure there's more I could say, but I'll refrain to save everyone from a wall of text. Seriously, amazing build.
  5. Kalhiki

    DJ Mak Megahertz

    That's really nice! I love the head with the sunglasses and headphones. Really creative! The only thing I wouldn't mind seeing is maybe a bit more color to break apart all the silver. And just a suggestion, but Breakout Stringer's speaker armor wouldn't look out of place somewhere on the build.
  6. Kalhiki

    [MOC] Modular School

    Wow, that is impressive! I'm surprised that, despite needing to accommodate an entire student body, the place doesn't feel too cramped. Excellent work!
  7. Kalhiki

    Exo-Force Revamps (CCBS)

    Oh, this is fantastic! I've been thinking an Exo-Force reboot would work great as a CCBS theme. These MOCs only cement that belief. Now if only such a thing could be made reality. Onto the builds specifically, you've done a great job capturing the look of the originals. I'm also impressed that, despite having some unconventional armor layouts, they still remain solid and cohesive in appearance. They could certainly pass as official sets!
  8. Kalhiki

    Crash Bandicoot

    I always gotta appreciate the little details: I love the use of the scissors for his pants tie. Genius!
  9. I don't know... Maybe I'm in a minority, but I'd rather these contests not happen. Part of what I enjoyed about the characters without canon appearances was all the creative designs people came up with. So I guess that side of the contests is fine. But then selecting a winner and saying "this is official, nuts to the rest" is kinda... I don't know. I get more enjoyment from seeing the cool mocs than I do having a definitive canon design.
  10. Well that's... Different. In the best way possible. I love them. Always cool to see stylized/alternate takes on characters. I'll mirror Lego David in saying I prefer the Piraka revamps (though that's not to say anything negative about the Toa!). Avak is definitely my favorite for being absolutely horrifying. Also nice parts use with the Rhotuka launchers for the base! As for the Toa, Kongu's my favorite. Beautiful colors and design all around!
  11. Kalhiki

    Toa Mata Revamps

    A while back, I had made some Toa Mata Revamps. They were... Alright, but I felt I could do better. This is the result. Group Shot by Kalhiki, on Flickr (Sorry, didn't realize Pohatu was so far back.) I can now say I have a Toa team I'm happy with. There's more on the gallery.
  12. Kalhiki

    [MOC] Kongu, Toa Typhoon

    Found the video for convenience's sake. I was right, it was BrickVault. The MoC's shown around the 2 minute mark.
  13. Kalhiki

    [MOC] Kongu, Toa Typhoon

    First saw this guy on... BrickVault's Youtube channel? I think that's who it was. They feature MoCs each week. And good lord, the beef on this guy. The shaping and the textures look so cohesive and work really well. Also dig the gears in the chest. Always loved the look of mechanical details underneath armor.
  14. Kalhiki

    Which Themes Deserve a Reboot?

    Funny, I was just thinking Creator would be the perfect place to get some Classic set reboots. Though I wonder if including minifigures in some Creator 3-in-1s would help with that Classic feel. Like, if we got a knight in the Mythical Creatures set, it'd feel more like something from Castle. Or if we got a diver with the Deep Sea Robot, it'd feel more like something from Aqua Raiders or something similar. Either way, I'd love more Classic inspired Creator sets. Give me something Pirate-y or Spacey.
  15. Kalhiki

    Future Action and Adventure Themes

    I had an idea. At first it started as a way to get some old themes back. I thought it'd be neat to see a a sort of "Classics" line that had Castle, Space, Pirates, and maybe some others all under one branding. Basically multiple themes in a single line. But then I figured... There could be some action theme potential there. Have some time-travel element where the main characters go to different periods in time. And they could have different costumes based on where they are. Something like that. And maybe each wave could be a different period. So, like, we'd have a half a year as a Pirate theme, half year of Space, etc.