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  1. I don't know... Maybe I'm in a minority, but I'd rather these contests not happen. Part of what I enjoyed about the characters without canon appearances was all the creative designs people came up with. So I guess that side of the contests is fine. But then selecting a winner and saying "this is official, nuts to the rest" is kinda... I don't know. I get more enjoyment from seeing the cool mocs than I do having a definitive canon design.
  2. Well that's... Different. In the best way possible. I love them. Always cool to see stylized/alternate takes on characters. I'll mirror Lego David in saying I prefer the Piraka revamps (though that's not to say anything negative about the Toa!). Avak is definitely my favorite for being absolutely horrifying. Also nice parts use with the Rhotuka launchers for the base! As for the Toa, Kongu's my favorite. Beautiful colors and design all around!
  3. Kalhiki

    Toa Mata Revamps

    A while back, I had made some Toa Mata Revamps. They were... Alright, but I felt I could do better. This is the result. Group Shot by Kalhiki, on Flickr (Sorry, didn't realize Pohatu was so far back.) I can now say I have a Toa team I'm happy with. There's more on the gallery.
  4. Kalhiki

    [MOC] Kongu, Toa Typhoon

    Found the video for convenience's sake. I was right, it was BrickVault. The MoC's shown around the 2 minute mark.
  5. Kalhiki

    [MOC] Kongu, Toa Typhoon

    First saw this guy on... BrickVault's Youtube channel? I think that's who it was. They feature MoCs each week. And good lord, the beef on this guy. The shaping and the textures look so cohesive and work really well. Also dig the gears in the chest. Always loved the look of mechanical details underneath armor.
  6. Kalhiki

    Which Themes Deserve a Reboot?

    Funny, I was just thinking Creator would be the perfect place to get some Classic set reboots. Though I wonder if including minifigures in some Creator 3-in-1s would help with that Classic feel. Like, if we got a knight in the Mythical Creatures set, it'd feel more like something from Castle. Or if we got a diver with the Deep Sea Robot, it'd feel more like something from Aqua Raiders or something similar. Either way, I'd love more Classic inspired Creator sets. Give me something Pirate-y or Spacey.
  7. Kalhiki

    Future Action and Adventure Themes

    I had an idea. At first it started as a way to get some old themes back. I thought it'd be neat to see a a sort of "Classics" line that had Castle, Space, Pirates, and maybe some others all under one branding. Basically multiple themes in a single line. But then I figured... There could be some action theme potential there. Have some time-travel element where the main characters go to different periods in time. And they could have different costumes based on where they are. Something like that. And maybe each wave could be a different period. So, like, we'd have a half a year as a Pirate theme, half year of Space, etc.
  8. Kalhiki

    [MOC] Deep Sea Hardsuit

    I don't know, that seems a bit too obvious. I wouldn't have thought to use it the way you did.
  9. Kalhiki

    LEGO Ideas - Central Perk Coffee of Friends

    Yeah, sorry, lol. (That's what I get for not completely reading the title.) Thought it was a catch-all for the new Ideas announcements. Thanks for pointing that out and sorry for the slight derailment. Carry on.
  10. Kalhiki

    [MOC] Deep Sea Hardsuit

    Finally a use for that weird half-sphere piece that you used for the torso. This is nice. Very simple and clean, but has a lot of personality and charm!
  11. Kalhiki

    LEGO Ideas - Central Perk Coffee of Friends

    So... Can someone explain to me Steamboat Willie? Under the Ideas Guidelines, There's the line, "Don’t base your idea on a licensed property we currently sell..." And it says they don't accept ideas based on current licenses. Going down, it provides a link to currently active licenses, and listed is Disney Characters (including Mickey Mouse). So... Why does Steamboat Willie get a free pass? Is there some loophole or just the House of Mouse flexing its muscles? Ideas Guidelines (See "What is a Product Idea) List of Licenses Though I'm personally not interested in the set, I'm also not saying it shouldn't be made. I just found it curious and didn't know if there was an explanation or something I missed.
  12. Kalhiki

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    Interesting... Gave a look at the Story Bible. Mostly stuff we knew aside from the Mask of Time. Anywho, here's the quote from the Bible about that: Personal thoughts of mine: To be blunt... I think this was a bad idea. Especially the line, "What exactly 'happened' is not important to us...". To me, part of what makes Bionicle "Bionicle" is its involved lore. Pretty much everything has been explained in G1 in regards to how the universe functions. By not explaining how the Vahi comes into play, it goes against the essence of Bionicle in my eyes. And if the two lines are going to be connected, then G2, in essence, becomes an extension of G1's story, and I feel needs to live up to its quality. Moreover, this whole "half a mask" bit annoys me, too. It was never half a mask to start with. Sure, it looks like one, but a top half never existed, nor was one intended. Which makes the mask's involvement feel like a paper-thin excuse to connect the two stories. At the end of the day, I feel it'd have been better to have just made G2 its own thing. I mean, if you didn't want to be restricted by the original's lore, why bother trying to connect them at all? I'm not saying G2 needed a deep plot (at least not as deep as G1's) in order to be good. Heck, I enjoyed G2's story for the most part. But as I said, tying the two together, no matter in how small of a way, makes me feel G2 needs to live up to expectations. Anyway, sorry for the rant. Cool that we got this material at all, but... Just gotta vent a little.
  13. Kalhiki

    Lego Dots 2020

    It was more the $6 price point, which we've never gotten since Constraction shifted to CCBS. Lowest were $10. Sadly, I'm not getting my hopes up that this'll be Constraction ever since the Jewelry line was brought up.
  14. Kalhiki

    Lego Dots 2020

    Excuse me if I'm rather disappointed by this revelation. If this does turn out to be a jewelry line, then it's just another line for me to not get excited for. Seems like Lego has been occupying a smaller and smaller portion of my budget in recent years... EDIT: AL... Accessory Line?
  15. Kalhiki

    Lego Dots 2020

    Yeah, that's also a thought. Smaller, System-based figures, and larger CCBS figures maybe? I really shouldn't get my hopes up, though. Looks like most, if not all, the Minidoll sets were in the 41- category. Though it looks like Mixels and Brickheadz are also in that number system, so make of that what you will.