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    I like video games. My favorite video game would probably be one of the Rayman games. It's a tie between the second and third. Origins was good too. However, I particularly enjoy Ni No Kuni, which ranks as a favorite.
    Movies are another interest. I enjoy action movies and a mystery every once and a while. The live action Transformers movies are favorites of mine, but my all time fav movie is The Secret of Kells.
    Any other interests? I like Steampunk.
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  1. Jurassic World 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    Loved the Jurassic World sets, so I'm pretty stoked for the Fallen Kingdom ones as well. But I'm a little disappointed that there are apparently no herbivores. C'mon, I just want a Triceratops... And an Ankylosaurus. And not sure how I feel about the Indoraptor... Eh. Carnotaurus is cool to see, though. Looks like I'll be buying all these as well like I did for JW.
  2. Future Constraction Lines

    Yes! All the yes! Hopefully it'll only be a matter of time before Lego makes these. Honestly, that's kinda why I'd want a system-based constraction theme. The Mixel joints are a godsend for brick built mechs, and with a full theme, it'd really give Lego an opportunity to extrapolate on it.
  3. Haven't bought any SW Constraction sets outside of Kylo and Grievous, but I'd totally be down for a Droideka.
  4. Future Constraction Lines

    YES. We have small ball joints on both pins and axles. Just need that but with the socket. That would be ridiculously helpful. Even more so if they could make the reverse of that. Like, ball and socket joints that connect to axles and pins.
  5. I'm still conflicted about this movie. I enjoyed watching it in the theater (aside from the runtime), but looking back, there was stuff I just didn't care for. - Rose especially did nothing for me, and I felt could've been cut entirely from the movie with very little rewriting needing to be done. - Snoke's death I'm not sure about. It was a cool twist, but at the same time, we still know nothing about this guy. I find him interesting and want to know what his story is. I guess there's always force-ghost potential in the next one? - Super slow space chase was super slow! I'm not sure if there was any way to rectify this since it was kinda necessary to bide time for other characters' stories. Eh. - The humor. Humor is good when used right, but I just felt there was way too much of it. As others have said, it felt like a Marvel movie. I mean, I'm fine with Marvel doing it because that just seems par for the course, but it just didn't really click with the SW setting and the tone this movie had. - The length. Sorry, gotta complain. It was a long movie. By the time they were having their big fight on Snoke's ship, I thought the movie was almost over. Then I remembered all the scenes from the trailer on Crait and realized there was still another almost half hour left. And the generally slower pace of the movie just made it feel longer than it was. - And on a less extreme note, Porgs were useless. Personal preference, but I really don't care for the "hoard of cuteness" type characters. 9 times out of 10, they never offer anything outside of comic relief and adorability, and the same can be said about the Porgs. BUT. There was still a lot I did enjoy. - I thought the characters were all well written. I really enjoyed Poe's rash, almost loose-cannon personality. Really fit his character especially since he's such a daring pilot and quick decision making regardless of outcome works for him. - Kylo Ren. I wanna talk about him. I really have to applaud this franchise for giving us a good villain in cinema. Too many movies these days just have one-and-done villains, and I love that Star Wars is giving Kylo plenty of character development. The whole "he could be good, but he ends up not being" was wonderful. And it really made me happy that he's still very much the villain (even more so now that he's usurped Snoke). Not to mention, his internal conflict mixed with how much of a space Nazi Hux is will no doubt be enjoyable to watch in the future. Hope they build on that for VIII. - The tone. So much the tone. This movie was pretty dark, overall (which is also why I didn't enjoy the humor too much). The Resistance is all but wiped out. Essentially, the bad guys won. How many times has that happened in recent movies. I loved it. I loved the sense of helplessness the TLJ gave off, and I can't wait to see what Episode VIII does next with this. So yeah, I think the pros outweigh the cons for me. Still, not a perfect movie, but plenty watchable and enjoyable.
  6. Gigantic Christmas Village

    Why isn't this on the front page? This is absolutely stunning. Perfectly captures that warm, old fashioned Christmas spirit I so do enjoy. I especially love the pic in the dark with only the display's lights on. Truly beautiful. EDIT: Just checked out the Youtube video and I noticed how nicely sized everything is. I see a lot of MoCs try to downsize to cram in the most detail as possible (which is understandable). But everything here looks to be nicely laid out with plenty of room for the minifigs to move about. Whether intentional or not, it's a nice touch!
  7. Original Bionicle vs CCBS discussion

    Wow. Never experienced that. I mean, I've had some squeaky joints, but nothing to the severity you're describing. Usually, a bit of working the joints wears them down to where they don't squeak. Never had to add any sort of lube to them before.
  8. DC Comics Cinematic Universe

    Yeah, I quite liked Justice League. The first half hour or so was pretty boring, but once the movie got going, it was pretty fun. Sure, there were some lows, but I feel it did more right than wrong. Also, that post credits scene. Hoo man if that didn't get me hyped for the franchise. It was worth going to see the movie just for that.
  9. MOCing Advice & Ideas thread

  10. MOCing Advice & Ideas thread

    Actually, that's a similar setup to what I used for my Toa revamps. But I really do dig your design. I'll need to keep playing around...
  11. MOCing Advice & Ideas thread

    Cookie to anyone who can build the smallest limb possible, System parts allowed. I revamped the Toa Mata recently (hope to get pics up soon, just need to order the parts I'm missing), and now I plan to revamp the Matoran and Turaga with added articulation, etc. Problem: the build for the Toa ended up kinda small. They're just shorter than the official sets. Which means if I'm going to revamp the Matoran and Turaga, I need to figure out how I'm going to possibly make limbs that small in an elegant manner. Mixel balljoints are going to be unavoidable, I think. Which made me realize, we really need Technic-compatible Mixel sockets. We got the ball, but all the sockets are attached to bricks.
  12. [MOC] Guardian Golem

    Ah! So I'm not the only one who thought wood when seeing Chewie's parts. Nicely done MoC. Love the tree coming off his back.
  13. Future Constraction Lines

    How about we not get into a discussion about which building system is better, please? Back to the topic at hand, assuming it's true, it sounds... Interesting. Has potential. But I think the thing that really makes me happy is the prospect of smaller sets being the main characters. I loved the earlier days of Hero Factory where the Heroes were all $10 sets. Later years and Bionicle G2 kinda killed that by making the figures way to big for my taste.
  14. The Lego Ninjago Movie (2017)

    I thought it was great. Maybe not as good as the Lego Movie, but far superior to TLBM (of which I was not a fan). All around a good, fun time.
  15. Elves: Episodes and Media Thread

    Had to watch the trailers without sound since I'm at work, but I can say it's visually impressive. Up to par with Mir's other works, which is fantastic. I wouldn't say I'm an Elves fan. Never bought any of the sets, haven't watched any of the show/webisodes, and haven't kept up with the story. But I may check this out since I love Studio Mir's work. And as I said, the trailers looked fantastic. But what I'm really hoping is that this ends with some sort of partnership or simply good terms between Lego and Studio Mir. I'd love to see them produce more shows for Lego. Just think if Exo Force was rebooted. Just think of Exo Force animated by Studio Mir. You can't tell me that wouldn't be awesome.