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    Lego, Transformers, blah, blah, blah.
    I like video games. My favorite video game would probably be one of the Rayman games. It's a tie between the second and third. Origins was good too. However, I particularly enjoy Ni No Kuni, which ranks as a favorite.
    Movies are another interest. I enjoy action movies and a mystery every once and a while. The live action Transformers movies are favorites of mine, but my all time fav movie is The Secret of Kells.
    Any other interests? I like Steampunk.
    ... That's pretty much it.


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  1. Kalhiki

    Jurassic World 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    Curious: Is the T-Rex Transport exclusive to anywhere here in the States? I haven't seen it anywhere except once in Barnes & Noble of all places.
  2. Kalhiki

    Jurassic World 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    Heads up: Just got the Jurassic Park Raptor Chase set at Walmart for $33. Wasn't planning on getting it, but couldn't resist the lower price. Not sure if this was just a localized anomaly, though. Also, they had a buttload of the Baby Raptor polybags, so Walmart may be the place to check for those.
  3. Gah! At work, so won't be able to watch the trailer until later. Either way, great to see we got our first look of the movie.
  4. Looks the same for me, too. Don't know what's up.
  5. Kalhiki

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Saw IW, and it was great. So yeah, great movie.
  6. Kalhiki

    [MOC] Rhinoceros Beetle- Plague Mech: Beta

    I dig the simplicity of this guy. He's cute! And that horn is kinda genius.
  7. Kalhiki

    Jurassic World 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    Never stopped Lego from re-making sets before. Besides, the old one looks like crap.
  8. Kalhiki

    Jurassic World 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    Yes. Need Spinosaurus. I could see them making a set with that and the plane from JP3. Maybe some trees to crash the plane into.
  9. Kalhiki

    Jurassic World 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    Y'know, I was a fan of the JW T-Rex Tracker. It was goofy, but it was also pretty fun. But the Transport looks so much better. Heck, even the T-Rex looks better! Can't wait to get my hands on it.
  10. Kalhiki

    [MOC] Zeren

    Niiiice. I love how filled out he is. It's like every part of him is well covered and armored. The only part I can see that isn't are the insides of his forearms, but I don't know if adding armor there is even feasible. Beefy, solid, well proportioned, well colored, and well armed. Not much more I can say! He's fantastic!
  11. Kalhiki

    Toa Mata Revamps

    Thanks for the compliments! I'm really happy G2 exists as an excuse for Pohatu and Lewa's colors. I would have stuck with G1 if I could, but the colors I needed aren't available. Though, I feel it may have turned out for the better in the end. As for the legs, yeah. I really would've liked to do the reversed legs for them. I tried to find a way to implement it, but I just couldn't find a good way to do it...
  12. Kalhiki

    Jurassic World 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    Walmart, if I'm not mistaken. I think all the exclusives are for Walmart. At least in the States. I see you're in Australia, so I'm not sure if that'll be different for you.
  13. Kalhiki

    Jurassic World 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    Now that I have a good look at prices, I think I'll just get the T-Rex Transport to start. That's the one that's really grabbing me. Then probably the Carnotaurus at a later date. The others can wait. Stigimoloch and Lockwood are the only other sets that really interest me, and that's really just due to the new Dinosaurs. Maybe the Dilophosaurus since I like the new colors? And the Juniors set with the Raptor looks pretty cute, too. Not even sure if I'll get the JP set either. Decisions, decisions...
  14. Kalhiki

    Toa Mata Revamps

    Ah! Looks like I need to order that part for Pohatu! (Don't know how that slipped past me...) Though I'm not sure about those beams for the knees and elbows... Everyone else has the (OO) beam, and I'd like to keep that part for consistency... I'll think about about. Thanks again for the suggestions. These builds are definitely not final. If/when the parts I need are released in the correct colors, I'll be swapping them out (except maybe Lewa's yellow. I've kinda grown attached to the look).
  15. Kalhiki

    Toa Mata Revamps

    It's actually not too bad of a connection. But I just naturally hold the figure at the connection to avoid it coming apart when moving things. Either way, it's not going to just snap in half while it's on the shelf. :P Not sure about the beam since the rest of the midsection is a neutral color with the Mixel balljoint, and that's the same with all the figures. The Bohrok Eyes seemed to have slipped past my detection, so I may need to order some of those. Thanks!