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  1. Kalhiki

    40580 Buildable Tahu: Bionicle returns in 2023!

    Theme restriction sucks, but luckily I planned for that as well.
  2. Kalhiki

    Best & Worst Constraction Canister Designs?

    Generally, the ones that had storyline functions I found to be the best. The Toa Mata had the Toa Canisters, Metru had the lids double as the storage pods from the LOMN movie (if you had two), etc. However, I think the Bohrok did it best. Stackable, and they doubled as nice storage where you could hang them from the lid. As for worst... Mahri, Phantoka, and any of the others that used used cardboard with a plastic "shell." Mainly because I could never figure out the proper way to open them...
  3. A simple question: Do you prefer boxes that are taped shut, or those that have punch-tabs. Personally, I vote tape. Occasionally, I like to keep the boxes, and when they're taped shut, I can easily break them down by slicing the tape on either end.
  4. Kalhiki

    [MOC][WIP] Lockdown

    It's two pieces. Specifically, an axle with stop (55013) and a ball joint (53585). Here're the Bricklink pages for them, respectively: https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=55013&idColor=11#T=C&C=11 https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=53585&idColor=11#T=C&C=11
  5. Kalhiki

    A whole lot of Transformers

    These are amazing! The alts and bot modes are both incredibly well done! The vehicles are so clean, they could easily be put in a lego city display and people would be none the wiser! Robots in disguise!
  6. Kalhiki

    Witch's Windship remake

    Wow wow wow! That looks amazing! (And just as impractical as the original lol.) I love how much more substantial the ship is here, with the full interior, etc. And it just oozes a wonderful fantasy vibe. Despite how goofy the premise is, I can easily see how this would operate and function in a fantasy setting. And the dragon is lovely as well! Nice and chunky and a a beautiful update to the original dragon.
  7. Count me in on the Slave 1! So happy I don't have to pay $100+ to get that ship. I also really enjoy the smaller scale easier to play with a swoosh. Don't take up as much shelf space either. But god damn, are we never going to get a new version of Jango's Slave 1? After what they did with making the Carnage bust a repaint of Venom, is it too much to ask the same for the Slave 1? Same build, different colors. And this smaller scale would make it less of an investment, too.
  8. Kalhiki

    [REVIEW] 40516 - Everyone is Awesome

    I had to look up the modern Pride Flag because I'm not well versed on such things, and it looks like all the colors are accounted for! Personally, I'm not terribly interested in this set, though the monofigs look cool as a novelty thing. Just don't really feel the need to have it as a display piece. Honestly, the biggest gripe I have about it is that I feel it was a missed opportunity to have the individual colors be separate "modules" in order to rearrange or pick and choose, which would allow you to only have a few colors on display at a time. Looks like it would be possible to at least make Trans and Non Binary flags and almost the Asexual flag (missing gray), based on the images I've found. And for the MoCists, making strips in other colors would further the ability to make specific flags.
  9. Kalhiki

    Monkie Kid TV Show Thread

    Glorified ad... I get that. There were times when I felt "lol this is just wanting me to buy set X." But still, I feel the show does enough to establish itself aside from that aspect. Like, ultimately it's a show designed to sell toys, so it's too be expected. And I see no issue with the episodic format of the show. I'm perfectly happy just watching the characters go on adventures together (hell, Journey to the West primarily consisted of the "villain of the week" format for its story). I don't need some grand plot to keep me invested. So long as the show's fun to watch, I'll gladly tune in. I also can't say I agree with the sentiment that if you've seen one, you've seen them all. I'll admit, not all of the episodes jived with me, but there were plenty of standout episodes/moments: Also, this is just Season 1, so I imagine they're more focused on introducing and developing the characters at this point. And if the Season 1 finale and Season 2 premier are anything to go by, they seem to be building up to a larger plot, and I'm excited to see where that eventually goes.
  10. Kalhiki

    Monkie Kid TV Show Thread

    To each their own, I suppose. I find it incredibly fun and funny. There were plenty of times that got a good chuckle out me, which I find rarely happens with Lego's usual sense of humor. Sure, it's not reaching astronomical heights in terms of plot and characters, but it knows what it wants to be, and excels at it. I can appreciate it for what it is, had a lot of fun watching it, and it captured my heart. Love it. Also I don't see the 11 minute episode length as a detriment. It's still well paced and gets the most out of it's runtime, and that's all that really matters.
  11. Kalhiki

    Monkie Kid TV Show Thread

    Oh that's awesome! Can't wait for the new episodes! I recently finished watching all that's been available and loved it! Seriously, this is one of the best shows I've watched. It's beautifully animated, voice acting's great, and strikes a good balance of being comical while still taking itself seriously. I really hope that Google Drive stays alive. And if not, Lego really needs to bring this series to the west. It's too good not to watch and really deserves more attention from a wider audience.
  12. Kalhiki

    [REVIEW] 75300 Imperial TIE Fighter

    Thanks for the the review! Looking forward to picking this one up. I've passed on previous TIEs simply due to their prices, so this being more affordable solves that problem (same with the new X-Wing). Proportions may not be entirely accurate, but that's an acceptable sacrifice for having a TIE that doesn't break the bank. I can only hope the new TIE and X-wing usher in more of these smaller-scale ships. The Slave I would be more than welcome, as would the Falcon if that's even possible.
  13. Kalhiki


    Agreed with Lego David: the Meltdown headpiece is nicely used! Really gives it a feathery look. Fantastic build all around!
  14. Kalhiki

    [MOC/DIY] 14 Dots bracelet designs!

    Oh, these are nice! I think Royal really shows off what can be done with Dots, as opposed to the usual "stick tiles on the bracelet." The chains really add a unique flair to the look, and if I saw someone wearing it, I don't think I'd immediately think "that's Lego!" (Though that could be said about a lot of these.)
  15. Sweet baby Jesus, this is one of the most impressive builds I've seen in quite some time! I absolutely adore every aspect of it. The detailing, architecture, environment, everything. It all fits so well together. I especially like how you did the rocks. The boulders and stone path both have a very cartoony fantasy vibe to them that I haven't seen anywhere else. Very unique! Same goes for the water and waterfall. I also really like the Goblin buildings. They have a very distinct, rickety look, but the designs and colors keep them grounded in the world so they don't feel out of place when compared to the architecture of the Elven buildings. And of course, that's saying nothing about the sheer scale of the build! Not only visually impressive, but also impressive in size. There also seems to be a weird optical illusion going on. Maybe it's the photography or maybe it's that aforementioned "cartoony fantasy" aesthetic, but to me it looks smaller than it really is. It's only until I see the minidolls that I start to realize how big this display really is! I'm sure there's more I could say, but I'll refrain to save everyone from a wall of text. Seriously, amazing build.