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    I like video games. My favorite video game would probably be one of the Rayman games. It's a tie between the second and third. Origins was good too. However, I particularly enjoy Ni No Kuni, which ranks as a favorite.
    Movies are another interest. I enjoy action movies and a mystery every once and a while. The live action Transformers movies are favorites of mine, but my all time fav movie is The Secret of Kells.
    Any other interests? I like Steampunk.
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  1. MOCing Advice & Ideas thread

  2. MOCing Advice & Ideas thread

    Actually, that's a similar setup to what I used for my Toa revamps. But I really do dig your design. I'll need to keep playing around...
  3. MOCing Advice & Ideas thread

    Cookie to anyone who can build the smallest limb possible, System parts allowed. I revamped the Toa Mata recently (hope to get pics up soon, just need to order the parts I'm missing), and now I plan to revamp the Matoran and Turaga with added articulation, etc. Problem: the build for the Toa ended up kinda small. They're just shorter than the official sets. Which means if I'm going to revamp the Matoran and Turaga, I need to figure out how I'm going to possibly make limbs that small in an elegant manner. Mixel balljoints are going to be unavoidable, I think. Which made me realize, we really need Technic-compatible Mixel sockets. We got the ball, but all the sockets are attached to bricks.
  4. [MOC] Guardian Golem

    Ah! So I'm not the only one who thought wood when seeing Chewie's parts. Nicely done MoC. Love the tree coming off his back.
  5. Future Constraction Lines

    How about we not get into a discussion about which building system is better, please? Back to the topic at hand, assuming it's true, it sounds... Interesting. Has potential. But I think the thing that really makes me happy is the prospect of smaller sets being the main characters. I loved the earlier days of Hero Factory where the Heroes were all $10 sets. Later years and Bionicle G2 kinda killed that by making the figures way to big for my taste.
  6. The Lego Ninjago Movie (2017)

    I thought it was great. Maybe not as good as the Lego Movie, but far superior to TLBM (of which I was not a fan). All around a good, fun time.
  7. Elves: Episodes and Media Thread

    Had to watch the trailers without sound since I'm at work, but I can say it's visually impressive. Up to par with Mir's other works, which is fantastic. I wouldn't say I'm an Elves fan. Never bought any of the sets, haven't watched any of the show/webisodes, and haven't kept up with the story. But I may check this out since I love Studio Mir's work. And as I said, the trailers looked fantastic. But what I'm really hoping is that this ends with some sort of partnership or simply good terms between Lego and Studio Mir. I'd love to see them produce more shows for Lego. Just think if Exo Force was rebooted. Just think of Exo Force animated by Studio Mir. You can't tell me that wouldn't be awesome.
  8. Constraction custom parts

    Oh my lord. Articulated limbs. Its what I've always wanted. Say... Any chance we could see some other articulated parts? AvToran limbs or 1.0 Hero Factory limbs would be stellar. Just something to keep in mind. ;)
  9. Future of constraction

    Yeah, wishful thinking on my part. But I just feel if Lego were serious about revitalizing Constraction, a Big Bang theme would be a great way to go about it. I'm just thinking about the competition, really. While I have nothing to back this up, Ninjago returned at the end of 2014; a few months before Bionicle returned. And the next year, Nexo Knights was released. I just feel that had a part to play in Bio's end as it may have drawn people's attention away from the theme. As for future themes, I keep going back to Exo Force. After Invasion from Below, I'd love to see the minifigs and CCBS mechs idea be extrapolated upon. Then, we could have CCBS mechs, minifig pilots, and System playsets. A bit of everything!
  10. Future of constraction

    Once Nexo Knights ends (is 2018 the last projected year?), I can honestly see some kind of Constraction theme being Lego's next Big Bang theme. But not in a way we've seen it before. I'm in the camp that sees Mixel joints as the future and potentially a cure for CCBS's lack of presence. I keep looking back at 2001 where Lego was struggling. Bionicle, and Mindstorms for that matter, were heavily marketed to get the company back on its feet. And in the time Bionicle was around, System continued to grow in the background and become stronger. By the time Bionicle ended, System was strong enough to carry the company without issue. Basically, I figure there was a shift in general consumer interest somewhere in Bionicle's run where more people became more focused on System, which nowadays leaves Constraction in a niche. I really think Lego should focus on developing the Mixels system. Perhaps some CCBS/Mixels hybrid to introduce System fans into Constraction's building system. As I said, I could see the next Big Bang theme being something as such. It would make it the next big thing, with plenty of marketing potential, probably a tie-in TV series, and little other competition from other themes. I just think trying to revitalize Constraction by only using CCBS and only making CCBS figures is a futile effort with today's market. It needs something different, something fresh, and more importantly: something to tell non-constriction fans that there's something worth checking out in Constraction.
  11. MOCing Advice & Ideas thread

    Sorry, I was meaning to take pictures, but I completely forgot. I try to post some if I remember, though I've also been thinking about redesigning the body I've made... The Mixels joint frame looks pretty neat. I've been wanting to mech build with those pieces. However, for the MoCs I'm wanting to make, I'd prefer using Technic. Of course, I have no problem using System, so maybe some blend of the two? Shouldn't be too hard... I'll need to play around.
  12. MOCing Advice & Ideas thread

    If we're giving ideas and tips for MoCing, can anyone suggest some tips for building small? I'm wanting to make some... Approximately 5 inch tall humanoid builds. Preferably custom-built limbs since I already have a body design I'm fairly happy with. Though if someone could give advice on how to get some good waist/hip/mid-torso articulation, it'd be much appreciated. My goal is to have a base design that I can change up to have the characters look distinct, but still part of the same team.
  13. LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    Oh my lord, that Destiny's Bounty is glorious. Definite buy. The other sets looks fantastic as well. The Green Dragon, Water Strider, and the Lightning Jet particularly have my interest. I wish I was more interested in the Temple... Right now the only thing I care about in that set are the Lions. Maybe I'll Bricklink them... But still, nothing beats the Bounty. My god.
  14. Haven't been collecting SW Constraction, and while appreciate them doing something different with the inclusion of the Speeder Bike, it's not enough to sway me to purchase the sets. Wake me up when an original Constraction IP comes around.
  15. LEGO BrickHeadz Wishlist and Ideas

    I'm not too interested in the Brickheads line, but I'd be down for a Lilo and Stitch. And Wall-e. Basically, if I'm going to get these sets, it's going to be of characters I absolutely adore. I don't want to get super invested into these things (as much as I love the SD aesthetic in general).