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Found 7 results

  1. BrickWild MOC - Water Slide

    Though I built this in LDD years ago, I've tweaked it up and added a nifty signboard!
  2. As the 2010s comes to an end, I would like to wish all our LEGO builders a Happy New Decade of the 2020s!
  3. Who let the dogs out? ;-) A colourful, cheerful, crowned canine takes centre stage in the winning design as our official poster for the 2018 Adelaide Fringe. Originally Created by Sydney-based graphic designer Jacqueline Daniel, the poster celebrates the Year of the Dog with a balloon version of the Chinese horoscope. Ms Daniel, whose winning design was picked out of more than 300 submissions, said 2018 would be the year for Fringe-goers to unleash their festive spirit. “My poster design is about crowning everyone who joins in on the festival and unleashes themselves into the night,” she said. “With the jewels of the festival to light their way, they will experience the true treasures of the Adelaide Fringe.” Adelaide Fringe Director and CEO Heather Croall said the design was a perfect fit given next year’s festival opening would coincide with Chinese New Year celebrations and the Year of the Dog. “We asked poster competition entrants to represent the playful, inclusive and cheeky spirit of the Adelaide Fringe, and we feel that Jacqueline’s design has really embraced that brief,” Ms Croall said. “She has given us a quirky new mascot with a royal flair and surrounded by diamonds to highlight that the Adelaide Fringe is the jewel in the crown of Australian arts festivals.” In keeping with Adelaide Fringe’s open access nature, there is a long history of the official poster being chosen from a design competition that anyone from around the world can enter. This year saw over 300 entries submitted. The festival will run from 16 February until 18 March. This is the second time a poster coincided with a Chinese horoscope (2007's celebrated the Year of the Pig). Adapted from this OC by Artisan Bricks:
  4. [Digital Render] Toa Komas (Friends OC) by Artemiy Karpinskiy, on Flickr This is Komas, an OC of my friend Sue, who have recently pledged to my Patreon. Here's a rotational GIF as a bonus: * * * If you like what I do and you want to see me create your OC, a favorite Bionicle Character, or something else, feel free to look up my Commission Info! I also run a Patreon page, so please consider supporting!
  5. The Mugbearer

    [LDD] Makuta Takarrah

    Makuta Takarrah by Artemiy Karpinskiy, on Flickr Takarrah is an OC of a Tumblr user makutatakarrah. She is a Makuta that came to be during the war with the League of Six Kingdoms. Takarrah is a kind and caring type, unlike most of her brothers and sisters, and was not supportive of Teridax's plans, following him only because she couldn't oppose him. After Makuta was defeated, Takarrah have migrated on Spherus Magna along with other ex-inhabitants of Matoran Universe. Takarrah specializes in Avian Rahi, however her current projects are aimed towards Visorak and development of Hordika anti-venom.
  6. The Mugbearer

    Kahlahnee, Master of Pain

    I longed to make a MOC of my favorite OC anti-hero. And now, thanks to New Years which brought us Darth Vader, me and Demitsorou finally managed to tear almost all of our Bionicle sets apart to assemble him. Master of Pain by Artemiy Karpinskiy, on Flickr Kahlahnee is an OC of mine, a cursed Toa of Ice hailing from the twisted realm of Karzahni. Its ruler have crafted a powerful Mask of Suffering as a punishment for Kahlahnee's uncontrollable violent outbursts, which were the reason he's been sent to Karzahni in the first place. His weapon is a baseball bat. Don't ask me why.
  7. The Mugbearer

    [LDD] Rixec

    Rixec by ArtieStroke by Artemiy Karpinskiy, on Flickr Rixec is an OC Toa of Psionics that belongs to a Tumblr user ArtieStroke. I have made this MOC by their request. Here's their drawing of Rixec that I was using as a reference: