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Found 25 results

  1. (This may have been done before but I’m not familiar with any previous endeavor so I will make and post this nonetheless) LEGO SPACE, beginning in the 1980s, has had many factions, some being Blacktron, Spyrius, UFO, Space Police and more. Since beginning in 2010, the LEGO theme “Collectible Minifigures” has had many figures belonging to different space factions. However, not all of them belong to a pre-established faction, so this post will be made to not only detail the different space factions that have appeared in the various CMFs but primarily to assess those that are NOT preexisting factions, many of which have still not been given names as far as I’m aware. Since many figures are a part of factions one can posit that all space figures derive from and are representative of a particular faction (they don’t have to be but I will consider them as such for this post.) First, there are the: PRE-EXISTING, ALREADY ESTABLISHED, LEGO SPACE FACTIONS: Standard LEGO Space Agency (identified by the classic space logo): S1 Spaceman, S6 Intergalactic Girl, S7 Galaxy Patrol (dubbed “Space Marine” by some), S12 Space Miner, S15 Astronaut, S21 Space Police Guy, S22 Alien Creature, S22 Robot Repair Tech*, and S24 Brown Astronaut *The Robot Repair Tech’s look is complete enough and technologically advanced enough that it could not be made by someone or something without the necessary resources (they have a mining operation in space per the S12 space miner (perhaps a space-offshoot of Rock Raiders and Power Miner?)); it has a general, almost “focus-tested” look, like a modern civic/mainstream look (even arguably trying to look “cutesy”), like those of town/city buses, advertisements, maybe even streaming services, etc.; it is not Blacktron, Spyrius, or any other faction as its colors most align with the variety present in the standard space agency’s output; many have theorized that the standard space agency has a very wide reach (S22 Alien Creature shows that non-earth beings are enlisting/joining) and may even be rather fascistic and/or totalitarian (semi-jokingly but Space Police 3, Alien Conquest, S7 Galactic Trooper, and Galaxy Squad do put forth much compelling evidence: (some of these elements are now diminished a bit due to the existence of the S22 Alien Creature)); taking all this into account, the faction with the most reach, necessary resources, and that would have presence in the civic sphere, would be the standard space agency. Blacktron: S3 Space Villain, S11 Evil Mech, S19 Galactic Bounty Hunter Galaxy Squad (presumably an offshoot of the standard space agency but I will include it as its own faction since no such figure has the standard space agency logo): S13 Galaxy Trooper; this figure has on its chest armor, in the same places as all human Galaxy Squad minifigures, the same, exact symbols as them, except the symbol on their left has a gap in the middle of it (this symbol is present on the back of the S13 Galaxy Trooper’s armor as well.) I have never seen this mentioned anywhere before which is a bit disappointing. Alien Conquest aliens’ faction: S8 Alien Villainess UNESTABLISHED LEGO SPACE FACTIONS FROM THE CMF SERIES (I’m not familiar with every symbol used by a LEGO space faction so some of these may actually be from preexisting factions): S1 Robot: This could just be a helper robot made by the standard space agency. If it is representative of a species or faction, then the colors of their ships and overall aesthetics would presumably be light gray and silver with very plain/non-intricate designs. S3 Alien: It uses the Sqidman/Squidtron head but doesn’t seem to be of that same species (and according to the lore, Squidman may by the only alien of his kind (which is why he created Squidtron.)) It is most similar to the Alien Conquest aliens’ faction. Assuming it is a part of a faction and like the other factions their outfits and even skin colors match their vehicles and overall aesthetics, the ships for this species would be lime green, purple, gold, light gray and/or dark gray, and maybe silver and a light blue (perhaps just as highlights.) S6 Classic Alien: Assuming its ships are those of what is commonly ascribed to it, they would be modern-looking UFOs, retro UFOs, or anything apparently sighted. S8 Evil Robot: This could be an unaffiliated character, perhaps an experiment gone wrong or something of an outlaw, but assuming it is representative of a particular faction, then the vehicles and overall aesthetics would be black, red, and gunmetal. They almost seem like the LEGO space equivalent of the Borg. S9 Alien Avenger: The “Avenger” in the name relates to this description I found on (and the Portland version too) which reads like an official LEGO description so I’m going to post it here: “This alien species is constantly being bullied by others, but enough is enough! The Alien Avenger has bulked up, collected armor, and fashioned his own laser pistol to take out those who would threaten his home world!” It sounds like this species has been hurt by and/or caught in the fights of the standard space agency, Blacktron, Galaxy Squad, etc. This fits in to the overall situation of LEGO space, which is many space factions most of which competing or at odds with each other. This makes this avenger species seem more pacifistic from the start, donning their weapons as a means of defense. I personally am rooting for them. Their ships would presumably be bulky, consisting mostly of dark gray and bronze with silver highlights. Before knowing the figure’s official name and reading its description, to me this figure looked like it could’ve been a part of a species that was the LEGO space equivalent to the Klingons or the Star Wars EU/Legends’ Yuuzhan Vong. S9 Battle Mech: This figure doesn’t have any of the Galaxy Squad symbols but it looks almost exactly like one and it came out in the same year, included in the year’s first CMF. Though it lacks any symbols, it may be a part of Galaxy Squad and simply something similar to the S12 Dino Tracker, S19 Jungle Explorer, or even S9 Mr. Good And Evil, where the figures either belong to a theme or are remakes of older figures; S12 DT is a part of the Dino theme, S19 JE is Johnny Thunder, and arguably S9 MG&E is Monster Fighters, which is arguably further supported by a cover image used for the LEGO Worlds Monsters pack (even the S2 Witch and a differently-colored variant of the S1 Zombie were arguably, retroactively made into Monster Fighters minifigures with the set 850487 Halloween Accessory Set/Pack, whose box-art is very similar to if not exactly that of the Monster Fighters sets.) S6 Clockwork Robot and S11 Lady Robot: These are likelier to be none-space figures but they still could be considered or classified as such. The aesthetics of their vehicles would be blockier, feature gears, dials, cogs and lights, and colors such as light blue, red, gray, silver, pink, purple, and yellow. S15 Laser Mech and S16 Cyborg: These are seemingly both of the same faction/kind. These figures stand out from the others in that they are the only non-established faction to have two, different figures (not counting the possible S6 and S11 clockwork robots, but they are just differently gendered versions anyways) and to have a figure referenced in a rather substantive way; the Cyborg is on the S19 Game Champ’s “Space Game” (for the Game Box) cover. The aesthetics for this faction, assuming they are not a part of a preexisting one (addressed soon), would be primarily light blue and black with lime green highlights and maybe some silver. If these figures are a part of an already existing faction, then they would seemingly be a part of the 90s Insectoid faction in a way similar to the aforementioned S9 Mr. Good And Evil, S12 Dino Tracker, and S19 Jungle Explorer, where they are made intended as certain figures and/or belonging to certain themes but are not explicitly mentioned as being such; the aesthetics of the Cyborg could be considered an updated version of the Insectoid faction’s aesthetics (Roboforce is second likeliest but Cyborg’s aesthetics feel more Insectoids-like.) S17 Retro Space Hero: This figure is either an unaffiliated hero or a part of an older/retro version of the standard space agency. Its aesthetics, which would carry over to its vehicles, are those of old, science fiction pulps (pulp magazines/comics) and serials. S21 Alien: This alien appears to be in a prison jumpsuit (it may not be but since it was in the same series as the Space Police Guy and was seemingly intended as a companion minifigure, I assume it’s a prison jumpsuit.) If it is a part of a group or faction, then per Space Police lore, especially that of the most recent incarnation of the theme, this alien is a member of Brick Daddy’s Blackhole Gang. S24 Robot Warrior: This figure may be Earth-based, seemingly being from an anime-type vein or a Japanese media vein like the S20 Super Warrior (“Super Sentai” it has been fittingly referred to) (both figures are “[blank] Warrior”.) Its aesthetics are those of common, action-oriented anime stories, similar to how the aesthetics of the S17 Retro Space Hero are old science fiction pulps and serials; I don’t think I have to explain what colors or styles it would consist of then. FIGURES THAT DO NOT COUNT BUT WILL BE MENTIONED SINCE THEY ARE RELATED TO WHATEVER DEGREE: S17 Rocket Boy S23 Cardboard Robot SPACE REFERENCES PRESENT WITH OR ON OTHER FIGURES: (Already mentioned) S19 Game Champ’s “Space Game” (for the Game Box) cover S20 Space Fan’s shirt has a classic space spaceship (there is also a saturn planet sticker on the pants which may or may not be a reference to the standard space agency’s logo) S21 Violin Kid’s shirt is white with a small, black collar (or that’s just the neck opening and a shadow), covered with Blacktron logos FIN If there is anything I didn’t mention let me know
  2. I got my hands on some mecanum wheels that are compatible with Technic axles, although it's a tight fit. It might be interesting for those who are playing with robotic sets from Lego. The advantage over building those from Lego parts on your own should be that they are smaller and the rollers have curvature for smoother ride/more traction. I bought those on my local marketplace for ~12.99 USD a set including shipping, but there's no manufacturer packaging, only info is 48MM-K on the wheel body. Those seem to be available on aliexpress. If you don't know what those are about, here's a good explanation: My video is just a test of the wheels themselves to see if they work as the initial feel of the rollers is that they may slide, but once there is some weight put on the chassis, they have proper traction. It would make more sense to have them spread further apart like in the example forklift in explanation video and have precise control over each wheel, so four motors + powered up hub makes more sense than what I did there taking those for a first spin.
  3. Nom Carver

    Tiny robots

    I was thinkering with some bricks and came up with these little fellows, they seem to me to have a little videogame vibe, like megaman enemies: IMG_5710 by Nom Carver, en Flickr This one looks like bastion from overwatch: IMG_5711 by Nom Carver, en Flickr IMG_5712 by Nom Carver, en Flickr Another one IMG_5718 by Nom Carver, en Flickr IMG_5719 by Nom Carver, en Flickr And another: IMG_5722 by Nom Carver, en Flickr IMG_5726 by Nom Carver, en Flickr This one was already around: IMG_5715 by Nom Carver, en Flickr IMG_5716 by Nom Carver, en Flickr
  4. Howdy all! I’d like to show this expansive modular MOC that I’ve worked on and tinkered with for the past couple of months. It’s called BIONICLE Legacy: Storytelling with LEGO Bricks because I aimed to build something that conveyed what the theme represented to many fans, and the impact it had upon release 20 years ago. Even if you haven’t been overly fond of or familiar with the BIONICLE theme, I hope you’ll still take a few moments to check out this project! I’m very hopeful and proud of this project, but it has been struggling to gain the needed attention to progress, and it clearly won’t get very far without your help and support. I greatly appreciate all support, comments, and shares. Fingers crossed! :) Uploading images proved to be a bit tricky, but you can also find higher-res images at Flickr:
  5. So I am trying to find some pieces related to another topic I made and look at the rcx sets for fun and see the prices. They were so cheap! I found one that sold for about 100 dollars that was in good condition. If you also wanna see them you can search rcx on bricklink.
  6. I build fully functional Battlebots replicas. This is an overview of my latest robot, a replica of Son of Whyachi.
  7. BrickCan 2019 ran a series of robot combat matches over the convention weekend. I present a 25 minute highlight reel of the fighting. It features 12 robots, many of which drew direct inspiration from the competitors from the Battlebots TV show. I've also included pictures of the competitors which competed. A basic summary of the rules: -Two pound weight limit -must fit in a 45x45x45 Lego stud box -Power controllers, receivers, batteries may be third party. Motors and all other parts must be must be Lego and unmodified. -Battlebox is 8' x 8', match time limit is 1:30. BrickCan Bots 2019: The Greatest Hits Axe to Grind Friend Zone
  8. Mitch Henry

    [MOC] Pinhead and Armstrong

    Pinhead, the brains of the group, cares little for his simpleminded partner Armstrong's constant rambling about rabbits... More photos Two MOCs who weren't originally meant for each other. Armstrong was originally meant for a group build and Pinhead was originally named Plague Mech: Fire Ant.
  9. PaddyBricksplitter


    SEE, a mechanical menace terrorise the citizens of the moon! SEE, a buzzing wall of death banned in 20 countries! SEE, the crazy mixed up world of 1981! SEE Gigantor Attacks! Presented in Gigant-A-Vision
  10. Col. Brik

    [K-G09] ARC Bots

    Mission: G09 ARC Bots Keeping up with my lack of effort and work ethic I now have graciously stolen the ARC Bot designs and started producing them
  11. Antak

    Exoforce Sledgehammer

    You can probably guess which side I favored at this point, I generally like bad guys more, plus the robots were so cool. This Mech was designed for Mecha One's second in command, who I never got around to naming. Like just about everything I build, It has lots of armor and lots of guns, but the cockpit on this one is especially cool, plus it has an epic feature built into its feet. I also used carefully trimmed stickers to add detail so it fit the theme better. Meet the sledgehammer; The cockpit is a 2 part design, with the canopy flipping up first, followed by the frame. Th side view shows just how bulky it is, plus a good look at the stickers I put on its arms and wristblades The main feature, of course, is the feet can fold up and it can roll on wheels. The thrusters on the legs are just there for extra speed, not flight. It obviously can't balance on its own in this configuration, but it rolls really well. The trick of course, is that most pilots wouldn't expect such a bulky battle machine to move so fast, causing them to underestimate it. Thanks for looking!
  12. Antak

    Exoforce Shadow Stalker

    The Bridgewalker (7713) is still one of my favorite lego sets ever. I really wanted another mech in that style, and after 3 tries, finally came up with a design that looked good. Amusingly, It uses parts from 3 earlier mocs. The Mech is very streamlined compared to the brigdewalker and only requires a single pilot. Its a little bit bigger than a Golden Guardian. I designed it with the jungle mission in mind, but it doesn't have a minibot (too hard to integrate without looking weird) Its a powerful search and destroy mecha, with advanced scanning equipment and powerful weaponry. The tubes thread through the entire torso, and add to the alien look the mech has. The legs are very sturdy but with extremely limited movement, Chicken legs are really hard on knee joints it turns out, and this thing is heavy. This cockpit (with a few modifications) has been used on 3 different mocs. I like to recycle good designs whenever possible. The head is well armored and covers most of the pilot. The laser cannon was lifted from another mech as well, I used the old chrome light cover as an emitter. The minigun spins, I used a rod instead of an axle to attach it. Here it is facing off with Hitomi's new battle machine, Shadow Hawk.
  13. AtomicDave

    [MOC] Explorerbots

    Explorerbots, a team of exploring mecha with pilots. I've started with an Ocean Explorer, Subterranean Explorer, and Space Explorer. Plan to also create a Jungle Explorer, Mountain Explorer, Weather Explorer, and others. Ocean Explorer: Subterranean Explorer: Space Explorer: Minifigs: This is my first MOC project, any comments and feedback are greatly appreciated. You can also comment or support this on Lego Ideas at
  14. GeneralWashington420

    Mini Moc - Robot Pirate Island

    A band of imperial soldiers find Robot Pirate Island! bNA9H4Y 5knJNGR DJgWNdC YJFFmfT FonUZNb
  15. Space Police XVIII

    model 75075 heavy defensive robot's a pair of combat robots, meeting a maintenance guy somewhere out in space. Yup, just slightly modified AT-AT microfighters. I meant to replace that stupid neck hinge with a ball joint and...things happened. I slipped. There was an earthquake! when I came to the chassis were widened by one, details swapped around, some other changes made.... there were supposed to be different assemblies to fit on the back, but I ended up only building one type. Here's another look at those quads, just because.
  16. Brickovery

    BRICKOVERY -Lego Transformer

    Cześć! (in English: Hello!) I live in Poland. I am keen on transformers and Lego so I connected my hobbies. I build Lego Transformers. I want you to check my YT channel: BRICKOVERY. There are lots of interesting MOCs (My Own Creations) like: G1 Grimlock, Shockwave, Caricature Optimus and more. I would be grateful for your comments, suggestions and subscriptions. ;)
  17. FinalFeature

    Deadpool vs Green Lantern

    The merc with the mouth gets in a fight with the law and not the normal kind either. Deadpool and Green Lantern duke it out in various combat styles from Giant Robots to 80's Arcade games to plain old pie throwing. If there's any one you don't mess with it's Wade Wilson. Starring Courtney Leacock as "Comedic" Deadpool NeonIcyWings as "Serious" Deadpool Jack Rizzo as Russian Mobster Bill Karalius as Green Lantern Cliff Thompson as Braniac and Braniac Drone 3 Thanks for watching!
  18. Well, I've decided to venture outside of my comfort zone in Technicland, and post some of my stuff here. I've got a number of small and medium size Bionicle and Hero Factory creations that I feel do not justify their own threads, so I'll post them all in this thread. My first thing for this thread is a Bionicle update of a Galidor alien called Ooni. I have no idea if that is the name of the species, or the individual, or whatever, but i kind of like the freak. Ooni is also the only Galidor set I own, and I have a number of fond memories of playing with him. My copy is complete, aside from the other head. If I recall, there was no configuration of Ooni that looked good, and used all of his parts, so that was quite annoying. Anyway, I originally created this thing for the Battle For The Golden Mask contest, but as I was ineligible to enter, he was put in storage until I brought him out now. If I were to enter him, I would have given him a backstory involving being a horrible, twisted freak of nature from another dimension, who has a touch that causes everything around him to mutate horribly. Anyway, on to pictures. Bionicle Ooni by Saberwing007, on Flickr I kept all of his major features, including his weird jaws, color scheme, 4 arms, 4 legs, and 4 eyes. Ooni closeup by Saberwing007, on Flickr But, he is far more stable and poseable, and has opening jaws as well as poseable thumbs. Ooni Details by Saberwing007, on Flickr Given that the small arms on the original are more mechanical looking, I did the same on mine, with the Glatorian fists in DSG. Ooni Roar by Saberwing007, on Flickr Apparently, some village was able to snap a blurry photo of the beast roaring at nothing in particular. This is for almost ruining Lego forever! by Saberwing007, on Flickr Ooni attacks Ooni for almost ruining Lego forever. He deserves it. Also, this is literally the most dynamic pose I could get out of the original Ooni, as he is not really good for that, though not for the ratchet joints so much as weird proportions. There is probably going to be more creations to come, and if anybody wants instructions or more pictures, just let me know.
  19. PaddyBricksplitter

    [MOC] A Late Delivery

    Hi All, Another Sci-Fi, robot, pizza, apocalypse related MOC from me. I know is a very over subscribed genre these days. It's called "A Late Delivery" And yes, I do know I'm weird.
  20. No line is complete these days without a mech set, right? Superheroes, Ninjago, Chima, Galaxy Squad… the list goes on. Here's one of two The LEGO Movie January mech battle sets: Set Title: MetalBeard's Duel Set #: 70807 Theme: The LEGO Movie Pieces: 412 Minifigures: 3 and one third Year of Release: 2014 Price at release: USD 35 Just browse the pictures? Flickr set INTRODUCTION Mechs aren't really my thing, but LEGO definitely knows how to make them look exciting. The little Ninjago Fire Mech made me want to buy it just for the mech, and it looks fantastic. But bigger mechs don't usually do much for me. I only ever got a few small Exo-Force sets, but nothing bigger. MetalBeard is interesting of course because he is a mech, but he's still a bigger-size mech and didn't interest me. Let's see if building him changed my mind. BOX A couple mechs battling and minifigures running around fill the box. Or, rather, it's more like MetalBeard is holding the Micromanager at arm's length and toying with it. Not much of a duel if you ask me. Somehow MetalBeard always knows where the Robo Skellie is, since he's discharging a cannon straight up as the Skellie jumps at him. The back also highlights things like the sausage and bone MetalBeard keeps in his chest (which I think I actually forgot to photograph… oops). Sorry, Robo Skellie is actually Skeletron - another '80s space theme that never was along with Executron. The other figures aren't the most exciting necessarily; you'd have to want the mech to want the set, I'd say. INSTRUCTIONS Since the box is square, and the instructions are also square, they have almost the exact same art. The instructions show just a little bit more, I suppose. Since I haven't mentioned it before in any of these reviews - see the little blue arrow symbol showing you to flip the thing around in step 8? There are SO MANY OF THOSE in these sets. Maybe it's just because I've never built 13 sets so close together before, but these sets have you flip things over and around like crazy in the builds. Maybe this is necessary, but sometimes I felt it was extranneous and I could've figured out what to add without flipping the assembly around. MINIFIGURES These minifigures are actually pretty cool. This is the first ever bley skeleton, so that should definitely come in handy to people. As I've been saying, the Robo SWAT are always excellent, and this one gives you another printed helmet (though the printed cap in the Melting Room is cooler). MetalBeard has a nice piratey face, with a lovely new pirate hat print that's very nice and LEGO-y. Finally, Frank the Foreman might not be so exciting, but he's got nice new multi-purpose torso and leg prints, and a nice new face to boot (he looks like he could be Garbage Man Grant's twin to me). The two regular figures have good back printing. Here's a more complete look at MetalBeard's face as well - a nice addition to eye-patch pirates if you ask me. COOL BITS and EXTRA PARTS I should've included the sausage in this, since sausages are cool, but I frogot. Anyways, this set has the new shark mould that is very similar to the old one. The only differences are the gils on the side and the fact that it more universally attaches to studs on the bottom; the old one has an awkward 1x2 space to attach, whereas this one can be stuck down in the middle of a big plate if you like. The binoculars are new (I believe) in gold, and the wind-up thing is rare to see in sets. You get two of these cool bits as extras too! No extra shark sadly… surprise! Other nice extras are the pistol, skellie parts, and printed key-hole tile. (Did I mention there are no stickers in this set? Well there aren't any stickers!) SET - MICROMANAGER This is one of two bigger Micromanagers. It definitely has a different type of appeal - the others are cutesy, whereas this one looks silly because of its tal spindly legs. It's kind of like an AT-ST with a box as its head. The sides are pretty ugly unfortunately since they have fold-down flick-fires and also have to be designed for the top to fold open. This leaves them looking messy. The back has another mysterious attachment point to attach to nothing. Maybe eventually LEGO will tell us these have some use? As I mentioned, flick-fires fold down for your enjoyment. These are actually usable since they're out in the open, giving you plenty of room to manuver your flicking-finger of choice behind them. I tend to use my left pinky. #jokes This is the only Micromanager with room inside for a pilot, which seems to me like LEGO's desicion to give a Tank Droid, Droid Gunship, or Vulture Droid a pilot. Aren't these things robots themselves with their own robot brains? Maybe this is just a passenger seat for when the Robo SWAT gets tired, or something. This thing isn't super-duper pose-able, but it can pose well enough. The hand design, also used on a few other Micromanagers, works superbly for holding minifigures since the horn pieces are made out of a bendy material (and have been for a while, though they originally were regular hard LEGO). SET - METALBEARD Here he is, the name of the set, MetalBeard! I think opinions will be split over this guy. Some people will love the crazy look, but I'm more in an 'ugly mess' camp. The concept is cool, but in real life his colors are muted overall and it just looks ugly to me. He's also a lot smaller than I expected. He's bulky, but pretty short and doesn't feel 'big' overall. Even though I don't dig the overall look, there are some good parts in there nonetheless, like the new 1x2 slop in dark brown, the dark orange pieces, 2x2 jumper plates in dark red, more gold, just to name a few. There's actually a single dark orange cheese grater piece on one leg (which you can see a bit in this picture), which I believe is exclusive to this set (but will probably pop up in others since I can't see why LEGO would cast it in that color just for this set. MetalBeard can carry his big sword attached to his back, and has a swinging ancor on one leg (it swings freely do to friction-less pins). Besides that, not much detail on the back. Keen-eyed observers might have noticed a black clip under the gold flag on MetalBeard's flagpole. That's an extra piece and not supposed to be there, but the pole and flag don't have enough friction to keep the flag up by itself. At least on mine, the flag falls down the pole without that clip there. That's what I'd call an NNPU - not nice parts usage. The ice cream for smoke (because MetalBeard has an engine?) is an NPU though, and it's nice to see this NPU in a set since I've been seeing it in MOCs for quite a while. It brings it out to more people, like kids, who might not have thought of that before. The hand doesn't have an attachment point for the sword, but MetalBeard can still hold it fairly well. Sadly, and this is why I don't love mechs, MetalBeard can't pose all that well. What's the point of a mech if you can't actually pose it? Is it fun for kids to just hold a mech in each hand and smash them against each other? Ok maybe, but still I'd rather be able to pose my mechs as an AFOL. This is the 'most interesting' thing I could come up with without him toppling over. MetalBeard can nicely turn 360 degrees at his torso, but the peg leg seriously impedes leg posing. COMPLETE SET and CONCLUSION I can't say I like this set much. I tried to keep an open mind despite not loving bigger mechs, but MetalBeard feels dull and ugly and this is probably the worst Micromanagers due to messy-looking sides. I actually like MetalBeard a lot more in these pictures than I like him in real life - under nice lighting his colors kind of pop, but in real life under every-day kind of light he's pretty drab. Dark orange and dark red are nice colors, but when mixed with mostly dark colors like dark grey, dark brown, and black they kind of fall flat (I liked dark orange far more back in the Orient Expedition Scorpion Palace, which used a lot of white, for example). Parts-wise, I suppose this set is pretty good. Plenty of interesting parts, and plenty of parts in general for the price. The minifigures are also pretty good and useful. If you're somebody who likes to part out sets and can use the minifigures, this is a decent buy, but I'd say for everybody else it's underwhelming unless you personally really like the look of MetalBeard. I, on the other hand, would recommend any of the five (slightly cheaper) USD 30 sets over this in a heartbeat. Only one more review left: Rescue Reinforcements. Also a mech set, but (review spoiler alert) that one actually had me pleasantly surprised. Coming soon!
  21. ATX Lego Maniac

    [MOC] Mixel robot

    All are complete sets of 3, except the red. I was unable to find the red bird one. Used the fire for hair on the red. Really wanted the gray to be bulkier, but ran out of parts. I really like how the orange turned out. Had the most difficulty with blue and brown because of fewer joints.
  22. Clone OPatra

    REVIEW: 70800 Getaway Glider

    Actual set, or just Western parts pack? We're looking at… Set Title: Getaway Glider Set #: 70800 Theme: The LEGO Movie Pieces: 104 Minifigures: 3 Year of Release: 2014 Price at Release: USD 13 Browse the pictures? Flickr set INTRODUCTION This set always looked enticing. Not because the glider was great, but because the western minifigures looked terrific, it comes with a horse, and there are some neat rare parts like the cow horns and chicken in metallic. So is this anything more than a minifigure and parts pack? Let's see! BOX The box is small and boxy, with a nice western background. It's a small set, so what you see is what you get. And what you see looks enticing. On the back it seems that the glider is true to its name; it helped Emmet get away. But for some reason the robots ditched their weapons. The top gives us our character names - it seems the sheriff is trying to fool people about his mechanical identity, while the deputy doesn't care much. INSTRUCTIONS The instruction manual is small and comes folded over to fit in the box, both of which you'd probably expect. Plain color scheme, easy to follow, yada yada. Apparently I didn't take a picture of the sticker sheet, but you'll be able to see the four stickers on the finished model. MINIFIGURES As it often happens in small sets, the minifigures are a real highlight. The two western figures are terrific - the sheriff has an awesome new hat mould with extra-folded sides, and a wonderful new gigantic mustache piece that goes around his neck, like most beards. His torso and legs are also wonderful. The deputy also has terrific western printing without any grey skin showing, so it can easily be used for human minifigures. He features the Lone Ranger-style hat, exclusively in brown. Both robots also feature exclusive faces, which help diversify the evil bots across this line. I found it interesting that LEGO reverted to the old pistol mould (as opposed to the megabloks-ish Lone Ranger one), but it's great, since the old mould is really much better. The deputy has the new robot gun that appears in this line, a nice new addition to the LEGO weapons arsenal. Everybody has some appropriate back printing as well. EXTRA PARTS The extra parts are actually worth noting in this set because you get an extra cow horn (and this is only its second and appearance), and an EXTRA MUSTACHE! That's right, an EXTRA MUSTACHE! I was truly thrilled to see this. SET - HORSE & CACTUS In my opinion, one can never have too many horses. The more people you can mount on rides for a MOC, the better. So it's great to get horses in small sets, as that makes them easier to build up in great number. As usual, this one comes with bricks to "make it nude" and a saddle for the sheriff. The cactus is a cute little build, and green is always a desirable color, so I like it. SET - GLIDER Now for the "meat" of the set: the glider. Honestly, it's kind of cool looking, but I think most AFOLs would agree that the parts are more interesting than their sum. I mean, we're talking about five of the new 1x2 slope in dark brown, two of the new clip with hole for rod pieces in grey, two cattle horns, a dark brown barrel, and a metallic chicken. That's some great stuff for a small set. Even the four stickers are useful for western builders. I can't help feeling that this set was actually made for AFOLs craving some western stuff to help build western MOCs. I'm sure it wasn't actually, but it kind of feels like that with all the great parts that are worked in. Not much to see from the back. Plain and simple backside. COMPLETE SET and CONCLUSION Terrific minifigures and a terrific small parts selection for a low price. Need I say more? If you like western at all, go buy this set! It's that simple.
  23. Henchmen4Hire

    Minibots Galore!

    Would be neat if we could get at least 1 or 2 new mini bot designs posted a day in here, make it a community project and all that jazz. Feel free to post as many bots as you want! Who doesn't love a room full of robots? Here's a quickie:
  24. I have been stalking the forum for quit a while and I have build a few of my own moc's, but this is the first model I want to share. After reading this great thread: And remembering this fun mechanics: I wanted to make a shorter model that looked like a dog with only four legs and which could walk and turn with only a single motor. In the end I couldn't get any other legs to work with only one motor. Either the legs wouldn't stabilize the model well enough or there would be so much resistance in them so that the single motor wouldn't be able to run them both. In the end I used Isogawas legs and just made a slightly shorter insect model that can run and turn with a single motor. Thanks to Fourlords for his LLD that helped me understand Isogawas model.
  25. fallentomato

    Police Show Commercial

    "Police Show" is a show about police. Hope you enjoy!