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  1. Rack for Kanohi v4 (PLG Kraahkan added!) [MOC]

    It was there when there wasn't yet PLG Kraahkan. And right now I think about replacing silver MoL with that transparent one.
  2. Rack for Kanohi v4 (PLG Kraahkan added!) [MOC]

    This is rack for Kanohi from G1, not G2. Mask of Creation from G2 is there because there wasn't any in G1. But on my desk, next to that rack, stands Ekimu and Makuta from G2 with MoUP (Here pic with old rack seen here).
  3. My Rack changed a little since last time (here old version). I made it more stable, add PLG Kraahkan, and two Ignika's from 2006, one in Bionicle Heroes Style, and second in Voya Nui Online Game Style. It looks great on my desk. Gallery:
  4. Little update. I get second Ignika in Bionicle Heroes Style too. Gallery:
  5. Surface isn't totally smooth like in original Bio masks, so sanding could help, but I'm not expert in that and I don't want to damage it. But even without sanding it's good enough after painting.
  6. I bought mask here (link) and I pointed it using Citadel Auric Armour Gold paint. Big gallery:
  7. White Strong & Flexible Polished
  8. Yes, Sadly they berley stay together, and even a little touch makes G1 Vahi fall off.
  9. I hope you don't that I post pics of my painted G2 Vahi in that thread. Big gallery:
  10. Shapeways MOUP

    I needed to grind sides of glatorian head, so mask could fit, but mask was a little floppy, so I put someting on top of head to block mask from moving.
  11. Umarak the Destroyer Mods

    I painted my modded Umarak horns in gold. Gallery:
  12. Shapeways MOUP

    So I painted mask in Citadel's Auric Gold, and now looks perfect. Big gallery:
  13. Shapeways MOUP

    I never earlier painted so small objects with not spray paint, you have some advices? which brush to use?
  14. Shapeways MOUP

    It's tight enough to stay stable on head, and there is no problem taking it off.
  15. Shapeways MOUP

    So I bought Villiger MoUP in White Strong & Flexible Polished, and painted it in gold. But I couldn't find gold like lego, so I just used normal gold paint in spray. Gallery: