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Found 5 results

  1. Took me long enough to upload these, but here are my Akamai and Wairuha that I built in early 2015. Gotta say, I was (and still am) pretty happy with how they turned out. Sorry for the slightly blurry picture. Gallery when public: Features more pictures as well as in-depth looks at their builds if you want to make them yourself! Little background: I left out the gear functions since I was going more for looks and stability over playability. In terms of looks, I based their appearances mostly on the Mata Kaita in their color layouts and weapons. Unfortunately I couldn't give Akamai his club, so I just gave him backhand spikes of doom. Their builds are roughly the same. The shoulders and arms are pretty much identical, structurally-speaking. Their pelvises as well since I wanted them to share similar skirt armor. On the whole, I think their similarities are a benefit as it ties the two together as a team. Of course, I did take some artistic liberties. I made them much more armored up and almost Samurai-esque. Also gave them some extra flair: Wairuha has an extra set of blades stored on her (yes, I identify Wairuha as female) back, and Akamai uses Pohatu's boomerangs for some back wings (I guess he has a jetpack now?). you may also notice I left out Onua's purple and Lewa's yellow. They just clashed way too much with the rest of the colors. If you're curious about Wairuha's feet, I used a similar design on another MoC. Actually quite stable. I just didn't want to give her goofy clown shoes, so I went with smaller, spike-toes. That's about it. Really looking forward to doing the same with the 2016 Toa.
  2. "When Kopaka, Gali, and Lewa unite their powers and forms, they become the mighty Wairuha! With the strength and wisdom of three Toa, Wairuha is ready to protect Okoto from whatever threats it may face!" After building my own Toa Kaita Wairuha with the 2015 Toa last year, I was eager to give it another crack with the 2016 versions. Surprisingly, this year's Wairuha turned out even better, even considering difficult-to-use parts like the new torso armor! Of course, I doubt Akamai will work out nearly as well... but then, he didn't last year, either. This model uses only the parts from the three component Toa (not including their respective creatures). I'd love to try and build a Creature Kaita to go with this, but so far the even more limited parts selection has made that challenging. Pose 2 Pose 3 Front View Back View Weapons EDIT: Finished "Creature Kaita"! "Uxar, Akida, and Melum combine their forms and powers to form Haikara, the Great Creature of Wisdom! With the strength and wisdom of three elemental creatures, Haikara is ready to assist Wairuha in the battle against evil!" I finally succeeded at creating a "Creature Kaita" to go with Wairuha! This model not only manages to make good use of the parts from the three creatures, but also packs in some impressive functionality and augments Wairuha well when united. Back View United, Back View EDIT 2: Instructions for Wairuha are complete! Instructions for Haikara are coming soon! EDIT 3: Instructions for Haikara are finished as well!
  3. MightySlickPancake

    Toa Kaita and Protector Kaita

    Goodevening all, Me and my brother bought the new bionicle sets over a week ago (in the UK) and we have been really enjoying them, however we have been discussing the supposed 'combiners' that lego are currently using with the toa + protectors weapons. We decided to have a go at building them both and some kaita of the protectors. Akamai Wairuha Protector Akamai Protector Wairuha Battle! I hope you like them, more images can be found on brickshelf as soon as its public. - Mightyslickpancake
  4. Can't believe that this hasn't been a major topic before. Heck, it might've been, it's just been buried under other things since then. Nevertheless, what is your favourite combiner? I'm not asking for the best one, because clearly, that is Gaardus! Don't deny it, he is a work of art. As for my favourite... Well, I rarely got enough sets from a wave to build a complete combiner. I certainly never acquired enough titans to do so (And if I did, I wouldn't have dismanted them to build it anyway. My titans only get dismanted when I cannibalize too many parts to repair them) So my favourite is actually Bohrok Kal Kaita Za. He was the first one I had all the components for, but even then, I could work out what went into him just from the picture of the completed model in the back of Tahnok Kal's instructions, so I built him before I even got the arms, with Gahlok and Lehvak replacing them. Once I did have him complete, he was just fun to play around with, and easy to return to his unmerged form. However... Lava Hawk is adorable. So, what's your favourite?
  5. Transparency for Effect

    Does anyone know about 66158?

    Released in Korea only were apparently two exclusive Piraka "Kaita" sets, combiners of each three that resembled Irnakk. One looked like this: And the other looked like this: I can't seem to find any higher quality image or anything else surrounding this set. Can anyone help out?