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Found 22 results

  1. Hi guys, I want to have a tachometer to test my MOCs RPM and I am considering four options: Building it with LEGO (I have seen videos of LEGO tachometers (Nico71 is a great example) and they worked quite well but centrifugal tachometers are big and not really accurate, because you have to calibrate it yourself). Buying some sort of RC tachometer (I can't find any at a good price that could be attached to my MOCs. Buying the LEGO speed computer. Use gear ratio calculators and not buy or build anything (I will need to switch on the computer each time I want to know something, because I don't think there is any mobile app for Android to calculate LEGO gear ratios or at least I couldn't find it). What should I do? Any advice of which one to buy if you choose second option? Thank you in advance and sorry for my poor English, I hope you can understand it. EDIT: 5th option: Making it using Arduino but I think it's quite difficult/expensive to make it work as accurate as a "real" tachometer.
  2. I've finally decided to part ways with Bionicle (sorry Constraction Forum!!!). Maybe I'll get back into it if we ever get a G3, but for now, I'm selling all of my G1 sets. Will sell only as a lot via eBay. I am very open to offers, so don't let that price discourage you. Just be fair - there's a ton here! Contacting me via eBay is the best way to make an offer or to ask a question. Feel free to ask! Read the full description on eBay. More pictures on eBay as well.
  3. Hello, all! I am looking to sell my Venator MOC to be able to work on some more projects! The model is composed of 2849 pieces, is 80cm long, 41cm wide and 23cm tall. The model weighs approximately 4KG. With your purchase, I will include the instruction manual free of charge! All of the pieces are 100% Lego® and the majority of the pieces are new and in fantastic used condition, only used to build this model and sourced from Bricklink! There are a few part substitutions but these will be noted and most are on the interior! I am looking for somebody to buy, collection only in England. Please let me know if you or anybody else would be interested! Kind regards, Ellis.
  4. In order to reduce my vast Lego collection I have decided to part from numerous sets in the Superheroes and Star Wars themes that I no longer feel as attatched too. I want to charge reasonable prices as would much rather sell on here than on the horror that is eBay and with this site feel that the people purchasing the Lego it will go to a real happy collector :) I will give a sensible price next to each of the sets but am happy to accept offers. There are a number of sets still in my wanted list that I would be very happy to trade for either new or complete with manual and box, I will list these towards the bottom. All my sets for sale come in good condition from a serious collector and all contain the manual and original box. Unfortunatley I am only willing to ship to the U.K and price of postage is not included in the price but am very happy to be given a sensible offer for postage rather than doing so on my own accord. I have a an eBay and paypal account I can use to verify myself with that has over 1200 positive feedback scores. All the best and hope all you Lego collectors are having a fantastic weekend :) Sets for sale or trade; - Lego Star Wars 7965 Millenium Falcon £80 - Lego Star Wars 7661 Hyperdrive and Booster Ring £45 - Lego Star Wars 75093 Final Duel £50 - Lego Star Wars 75082 Tie Advanced Prototype £30 - Lego Star Wars 750100 First Order Snowspeeder £20 - Lego Star Wars 75049 Snowspeeder £25 - Lego Star Wars 75152 Imperial Assault Hovertank £20 - Lego Star Wars 75135 Obi Wan Kenobi's Jedi Starfighter £15 - Lego Star Wars 75099 Rey's Speeder £10 - Lego Star Wars 75164 Rebel Battle Pack £6 - Lego Superheroes 76058 Ghost Rider & Spiderman Team Up £12 - Lego Superheroes 76021 Milano Spaceship Rescue £60 **REST HAVE ALL BEEN SOLD** Looking to Trade for any of the following; - Lego Batman Movie 70908 The Scuttler - Lego Batman Movie 70906 The Jokers Lowrider - Lego Batman Movie 70904 Clayface Splat Attack - Lego Star Wars 75172 Y-Wing Starfighter - Lego Superheroes 76080 Ayeshas Revenge - Lego Superheroes 76081 Milano VS. The Abilisk - Lego Star Wars 9526 Palpatines Arrest - Any of these BrickHeadz; Hulk, Captain America or Iron Man
  5. Welcome, to my listing! This listing is for a minifigure scale First Order Snowspeeder. The model was designed by @TheBrickBuilder14 and I have his express permission to sell the model. I built this a few months back with 95% new bricks, this cost me just over £35 to Bricklink. I am selling the model for £28 including postage. You can find the LXF here: The model has slight modifications and a single substitute two 1x1 black bricks on the bottom instead of two dark gray 1x1s this sub is not visible. If you would like to purchase this please email me at:
  6. Well, I've come back to Technic, but I need to get a set toadd some good pieces. Criteria: I can only spend up to $200 Canadian Dollar$ It need some nice wheels I don't mind buying from brucklink/Amazon/eBay, etc I'm wanting pnuematics, LAs, differential(s), frames, PF isn't required. Thanks for your future suggestions!
  7. Hello all Eurobrickers! Today is a great day for the community as a MOC is making its long awaited release to the public! That's right, Mortesv's UCS-Scale Nebulon-B Medical Frigate now has plans ready for purchase The purchase of these plans includes a professional grade manual totaling at 1,493 pages, the LDD files used to create the manual, an excel spreadsheet covering the 531 unique parts lot and their quantity, and a bonus LDD file that contains to scale models of fighter ships to put next to Nebulon when it is on display! So to recap, a purchase of these plans includes the original LDD files, a 1,493 page instruction manual, an excel spreadsheet parts list, and a bonus LDD file with to-scale fighters. The final price for this awesome bundle is 50 U.S Dollars ($50). If you are interested in purchasing a copy, please PM me or send an email to The final MOC contains 5,728 pieces, which would make it the largest Lego Star Wars set if it were released on shelves. The ship measures about 4 feet long when completed! A lot of hard work went into this project on both the designing end and the manual end, and Mortesv and I are very excited to give everyone the chance to build this awesome MOC! Here are some images from the manual: May the force be with you and happy building!!!
  8. There's a similar thread over in the Licensed forum (http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=118184) but it's mostly devoted to DC & Marvel parts. Also, I know some members of the Star Wars forum do not venture outside of the Galaxy Far, Far, Away here on EB, and this thread could be of use to them. If the mods deem this thread unnecessary, that's fine with me. The list is a little bare at the moment, but it changes a lot, so check back in this thread and at the Lego website for updates. 75094 Shuttle Tydirium Han's Torso- #6112600 Leia's Hair- #64807 Rebel Commando Torso- #6112435 75139 Battle on Takodana Finn's Hair- #21778 Finn's Torso- #6127357 75059 Sandcrawler Forest Green R4 Dome- #6078955 75105 Millennium Falcon Dejarik Table- #6127398 75106 Imperial Assault Carrier Agent Kallus' Hair- #6114885 75093 Death Star Final Duel Luke's Torso- #6114392 Palpatine's Legs- #6080459 Luke's Dark Tan Hair- #4557944 10236 Ewok Village Leia's Braided Hair- #11261 75098 Assault on Hoth Luke' Torso- #6129000
  9. Hello everyone... per an article I read a few weeks ago, the German National Football Team minifigures are going to be released on May 14th... that is just a few days away from today... for those AFOLs who have no access to buying directly in stores that are across the pond or next to the border of Germany, how would you go about acquiring a complete set?... I want to avoid eBay if at all possible, so any AFOLs out there willing to help those of us who are stuck?... (not sure if there has been a discussion devoted to this - my apologies if there is already)
  10. Mr Greeble

    Should I buy the Batcave?

    Alright - Should I buy the Batcave set? It seems super cool, but it's also really pricey. Also, is there a way to get it a bit cheaper?
  11. Hey everyone, Here is my Wants/Haves thread. If you have any of my "wants", or want any of my "haves", comment bellow. Thanks, -Brandon (RBC) Haves: CMF S10 Roman Commander (x4-5) CMF S10 Medusa (x1) CMF S11 Barbarian (x3-4) CMF S13 Rockstar (x1) CMF S13 SEALED Polybag (x2) Dragon Masters torso (x3) Classic Crusaders shields (x3) Lego set #76022 Super Heroes X-men Vs The Sentinel (SEALED) - $85.00 (+shipping) OBO Kingdoms Lion shields (triangular) (x 5) Wants:
  12. Hey guys, I'm trying to build up a size-able force of Outlaw-themed minifigures, and I am looking to buy trade for AS MANY AS POSSIBLE of each of the following items: Headgear: Black Minifig, Headgear Hood - xAs Many As Possible Black Minifig, Headgear Hood - xAs Many As Possible Black Minifig, Headgear Helmet Castle with Cheek Protection Angled - x As Many As Possible Black Minifig, Headgear Helmet Castle with Neck Protector - x As Many As Possible Torsos: Shields: Armor:
  13. Hello, As the title says: I'm looking to buy The Boss/Super Roborider set 100% complete (for bother versions of the model.) I'm willing to pay 15-25$ via PayPal, not including shipping. USA only sellers, please. But we can work out something if you happen to be in Canada. Thanks.
  14. BlackVagrant

    Lego Finance 101

    Just a short poll for everyone in EB Forum. As 2015 kicks in, i see many local Lego stores and mono stores are pretty busy with buyers rushing to get the new 2015 sets and CMF series 13. I wish i can join them in the sweep, but i'm still pretty much trying to keep my monthly spending within the limits. So here i am, wondering how do the rest keep up with Lego expenses.
  15. Usually I don't post topics like this, but I have been increasingly become frustrated over the past few years over the presence of "lego investors". I would like to invite discussion as to what people think about it. I do realize that people are free to do whatever they want - the secondary market for Lego is extremely valuable and they do provide a useful service, since they perhaps add liquidity to this market. Is lego investing that profitable? My first reaction when I started to think about this topic is whether or not is it worthwhile. These days it is starting to sound more and more like the day-trading movement - a crowded field driven by internet forums, filled with people trying to make a quick buck. I highly doubt it is that profitable. In the early days, there were probably a few people who got lucky since they had multiple copies of the UCS Falcon (or Green Grocer or whatever sets skyrocketed in value). They sold them, and now everyone wants to replicate that. However, the vast majority of sets do not behave this way. In terms of total time and effort "invested", it seems like a terrible idea. Suppose that one is a Lego investor of extraordinary ability and one is able to sell their sets with a 30% markup on average (note that a lot of series have not risen in value at all since their discontinuation). Over the course of one year, if one turns over $50,000 worth of Lego, one makes a tidy profit of $15,000 - seems amazing, right? However, first consider that $50,000 is about 500 mid to high end lego sets (average $100). To make this work, you would have to sell about $200 worth of Lego every single business day of the year!! The amount of work that must go into this must be insane - posting on ebay, reposting on ebay multiple times (due to expired auctions, no one buying your listing), dealing with flaky buyers, driving to the post office, spending time shipping at the post office, buying inventory. Also consider the hidden costs involved - ebay fees, taxes on new items purchased, shipping fees, gas, shipping supplies, the opportunity cost of not working somewhere else. Worse yet, some people "part out" their sets hoping to sell the individual pieces for more than the total value of the set. I once saw an internet posting where someone was complaining about the amount of work that needed to part out 80 (!!!) identical copies of a star wars set. These people must have either no other skills they can use in real life, or must be in a state of complete delusion to resort to this type of masochism. The other thing to consider is that a lot of inventory does not sell or move quickly. In order to sell this much lego over the course of the year ($50,000 in our hypothetical example), one would need significantly more Lego in inventory over the course of that time. Where does one get the capital to buy thousands and thousands of dollars worth of Lego? Where does one store all of this? Do they all live in storage warehouses? These people's houses must look like cases from a "Hoarders" episode. Analogously to the day-trader movement, the vast majority of Lego investors probably make nowhere near the amount of money they would like to - probably better for them to pick up overtime hours. Who buys these sets? These days, who are the people that are buying the Green Grocer (or Carousel or whatever sets these investors like) for $1000? Is it someone who actually thinks that the Green Grocer is intrinsically worth $1000 to them, and it brings them that much pleasure? Is it another investor (maybe more likely)? Are these sets actually being sold, or are they just sitting in the market? If anyone has insight into this, feel free to share. Why the obsession with minifigures? Why would I spend $25 on a few minifigures from a set, when I can purchase the entire set for $60? I suppose the only reason is that if I lost a minifigure and wanted to replace it. However, many times if I punch in a lego set number into Ebay, there are many more results for the minifigures in the set, rather than the set itself. Impact on me I am fortunate in that I am not that into the pet favorites of the Lego investor world (Lego SW, LOTR, Carousel, ...). If someone gave me a Green Grocer (and I didn't know the price), I would think it is alright, but I wouldn't get super excited either. Many times, on my local online buy and sell, I can sniff out who is a Lego investor. Their main characteristics are 1) Lots of listings for the typical sets, 2) High prices, 3) Refusal to negotiate. Most of the time, I just avoid them and purchase from someone who happens to be selling something I like for whatever other reason. Almost always, one gets a worse deal from a Lego investor. Killing the spirit I know certainly that if I got into lego investing (just for the sake of the money), it would kill my interest in Lego as a hobby. Who would enjoy spending countless hours each week parting out huge numbers of sets, constantly reposting ebay ads, etc.? It is also disappointing to search for information regarding a set on the internet, only to be greeted by a page which does a side-by-side comparison of the set with others on its investment merits (what is its ROI going to be? when is it EOL?), disregarding any of the characteristics that makes it an intrinsically good Lego set. What can we do? I am the last person to make normative claims regarding other people's behavior - Lego investors can do whatever they want, whether it is to their own benefit, or their own detriment. Some of my own thoughts: - To the contrary, I think that a complete set is worth more than the sum of its parts - I don't "part out". Furthermore, I don't value particular subsets of a Lego set (ie. minifigures) to be vastly more valuable than the rest. Parting out sets reduces the number of complete sets in the market, making the complete sets more rare and costly - I would hope that a non-investor recognizes this. - Whenever possible I avoid dealing with Lego investors. As mentioned earlier, this happens naturally, since almost always their terms are not favorable (high prices). - Prevent friends from being seduced into the delusional belief that they can make thousands by just buying and selling a few Lego sets. - Encourage Lego as an interesting and stimulating hobby and toy for its own merits. - TLG: hopefully they re-release some of the inflated sets - not that I want to buy them, but just to mess with the investors :) I've already seen this happen - within minutes there are floods of panicked messages on brickpicker coming from people who have loaded up on 40 copies of the set, only to see it being re-released at half the secondary market price. Comments, feedback and discussion are welcome :)
  16. Hi there, *Not sure if this is the right thread, so please move if required.* I'm heading to San Francisco for work and have a small window to shop around and soak of the culture - i'm from Australia. So .. . Please could somebody recommend a good place to buy Lego sets in San Francisco near Market street, Tenderloin And I guess some other recommendation to soak up that culture and food Cheers in advance
  17. Hi! As the topic title says I'm looking to buy an 10201 Imperial Flagship. Unopened or opened doesn't matter I'm interested in anything as long as it's complete! I'm located in Sweden so there's that, too. :) Hit me up if you wanna sell one!
  18. ArtPromoterGuy

    How to sell custom Lego?

    Hi everyone. I am ArtPromoterGuy from bay area, California. Sorry I don't know if this is the right place to post this. But I made this custom lego piece, about 7 and half inches tall. I would love for Eurobricks friends to check it out if you are interested! I apologize if this is the wrong place/wrong way to post this. But I am new here.
  19. My inquiry from 26 July 2013 and response today 05/08/2013 Hello I would like to buy this product, Brasso Metal Polish 1ltr Price: £10.50 can it be delivered to Portugal, I've been having trouble finding a source that will send it to my address. Best regards José Hello, Yes we can. Our web site is primarily for people who live abroad. Just visit our website and add items to your basket. When you have chosen all your items just click on the checkout button in the top right hand of the screen and it will give you the order total. Choose your country and delivery option and the total cost including shipping will be displayed. Then payment can be by credit card, PayPal, or you can choose to send a sterling cheque. If you have any problems please do not hesitate to contact us. Your order is not completed until you click on the Done button at the end of the process. Regards, Richard Price, Tel:0044 (0)1304 206069 Britstore Ltd 15-17 Elms Vale Road, Dover, Kent, CT17 9NZ United Kingdom --------------------------------------------------------- So apparently thats that, problem solved on the Brasso buying issue, good price too for 1Lt. considering amazon prices and such delivery costs (and peace of mind). If they can deliver it here then that covers Continental Europe and probably other places If anyone has dealt with them and can give some testimony it would be appreciated. I also sent a request to know what other geographic areas they can cover, let's hope it's worldwide. I'll cover alternatives to brasso and other chemicals for custom work on some other topic later on.
  20. Captain Settle

    Best modular to buy

    Hi everyone! I am about to buy my first modular, but want to buy a good one first. Out of the modular buildings you can currently buy on LEGO Shop@ Home(Fire Brigade through to Palace Cinema) which one should I get?
  21. interestedpen

    Can I sell MOCs on ebay?

    Hi, I was wondering whether it's legal to sell mocs on ebay. Say for example, I made a Lego MOC of the show "How I Met Your Mother" would I be able to sell it on ebay, or would that be a breach of copyright or something?
  22. HI, i` Žic... I am looking to buy lego technic. They can be used, old,... but not damaged. Loking for all kind of: Gears, shafts, pins, connectors, beams, pistons and whole engine, chains, excentrik brick, all the tipical lego technic elements, but not wheals, strings, pneumatics,... If someone is willing to sell and if i get a good deal i am willing to buy for at least 100 euros, send me an email ( with list of parts. Thanks for your riplys. p.s. I hope someone will help me in this forum, because apperently no one wonted it elsewere.