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Found 12 results

  1. Primus

    Shadow Lord Tahu

    Master of Darkness. Destroyer of Ta-Koro. Butcher of Toa. Scourge of Mata Nui... While fighting Teridax, Tahu became corrupted by antidermis and drained of his honor. He killed Teridax and absorbed his power, becoming fully transformed into a force of pure evil. He then when on a spree of destruction, killing the other Toa and levelling Ta-Koro. Tahu acquired the Kanohi Vahi, the Mask of Time, so that he could relive the killings of his closest friends and revel in their misery...... By embracing his dark desires, Tahu has become the Lord of the Shadows... Built for the BS01 Legends and Infamy Contest. Also the mask is a Lego Prototype part I got back in 2010 in case you were wondering :)
  2. When the 'So long for sunny days'-challenge on Lowlug was announced, I immediately thought about combining LEGO's currently most populair theme with a slew of sets that, in the Netherlands at least, are being sold on the secondhand market for less than a few cents and thus wasn't so popular after all by the majority. A combination Brickheadz-Bionicle, so to speak. As soon as I got that idea down, I remembered an old promotional video from 2001 that had the Toa Mata Tahu surfing over lava and molten rocks inside a volcano, which I wanted to recreate. So I grabbed some bricks, order a lot of trans-orange parts from Bricklink and after 2 months of building, I now proudly present my MOC: Because I had to combine Bionicle with Brickheadz, the official head of Tahu had to be replaced by a brickbuild Brickheadz-ified version. And as cherry on top, I constructed a fitting mask that is only attached to the head by 1 stud. And of course I wanted the lava, just like in the real world, to glow. Fortunately I could borrow 50 trans-orange Light Stax 2x4 bricks from a fellow Lowlug-member, all of which I built into this model. And let me say, in real life, the lighting effects are even more astounding. You can view a full set of photos of this moc on my Brickshelf. And don't forget to like and share this MOC on Facebook.
  3. Kendo

    [MOC] Son of Makuta

    Hey guys , this is the first Bionicle G2 MOC I made that I find worth sharing so please , enjoy : This is ______ , the son of Makuta . The devil-like _____ is as devious and insidious as his father , but also bloodthirsty and ruthless. He wields a powerful Bident gifted to him by his father ( inspired by Hades's weapon of choice ) , which he uses both for physical combat as well as channeling his dark elemental powers. His bat-like wings allow him to take his fights to the sky ( using an Ikir like flapping function ) , often dropping his enemies after grabbing them and flying high enough for a lethal drop. Finally , his satyr-like legs draw inspiration from depictions of demons and devils having similar legs , as well as G1 Makuta from 2003. "Witness the fate of your leader Toa , witness the fate of those who stand before me . Now that I defeated him , what chance do you stand ?" So what do you guys think ? Please comment , I'd love to hear your opinions and criticism , they really mean a lot to me ! I'm also looking for a name for him so drop any idea you have in the comments . Thanks a lot for looking .
  4. Logan McOwen

    MOC: Shogun Tahu

    SHOGUN TAHU An anime-inspired re-imagining of prolific Toa, Tahu. Front Back Skeleton - Front Skeleton - Back Shogun Tahu utilises the LW2 gearbox.
  5. LiLmeFromDaFuture

    Tahu; Toa Mata; Ta Koro's Protector

    - Last year I became re-fanatic with the early lines of BIONICLES 2001–2003. I reread and looked at all the magazines, comics, books (especially Makuta’s guide to the universe) that I had about them. I went up online to scour YouTube for reviews of several sets from those lines—I was especially fond of the Rahi ones. I planned to set on a mission to collect all sets from those lines—a mission I have yet to start. I then came across a website where I can replay all web games and videos, that a while ago, were once on—good times… It has always been 2001 through 2003 for me—those will forever be my favorite lines… - 2015, now we have, what I jokingly term, “HERONICLES,” because personally they are HERO FACTORY literally masked with BIONICLES. Personally, they are respectable—especially since Lego brought the whole theme back, because prior to any release of confidential information about the return, I question why would they discontinue a beloved thing in the first place (not to put blame on their later lines *cough* “Stars”—but it did introduce the new Hau mold). The products though, are not what I anticipated. I remember when my brother told me images of the new sets were surfacing on the internet, when I found some decent images of them, I was hoping they were prototypes, fan made, or something! Where’s the sophistication? Where’s the skeletal-esque figure under all that excessive clad of armor plates? - I wasn’t not at all too fond of the new color scheme, well because I was looking for something more of the original Toa Mata (you know, orange, light/dark gray, tan, lime, etc.). It kinda reminds me of the Knights’ Kingdom figures when they attained new, shiny, armor—more armor is not always best option to make things look more invigorating! Then the masks, I will just say I like Pohatu & Kopaka’s most, but then again, for all of them, I wish they went with some of the earlier designs from their concept art, which resembles more of their originals. The gear feature is an enjoyable feature, but that reminiscence of that mechanical incarnation that the earliest years of BIONICLES simulated is quite loss under the clad of armor and the simplistic part alternatives. - But oh well! I did not come here to bring up a rememberable past or to gripe about change… umm… or have I already? Besides, isn’t it why most of us or even a reason why EB is here today, because we’re not completely satisfied with the entirety of Lego’s products? Well, somewhere down the line of rediscovering old things and discovering new things, I was tinkering with a red and medium blue Matoran torsos. I flipped the torsos sideways, in a clockwise manner, held them together in the form of a new torso, and pondered, “Hey this resembles the torso of a spartan soldier from the Halo series!” - Well I haven’t made any Spartans yet, but I had this astonishing idea to re-imagine Toa Mata Tahu with greater sophistication and stature, but minus the swivel arm action. In addition In tribute to the pristine era of Bionicles, I remain genuine to the original color scheme our favorite red, hotheaded Toa dons, but to also, the certain colors axles and pins were available at the time. Indeed, that is dedication. In most cases you will find deliberate uses of black Technic axles, light grey & black pins(w)axles, light grey Technic bushes, light grey gears, original Technic ball joints, etc. - On Tahu, I happen to use a few System elements for the hand and sword, as well a couple of minifigure arms & hands for thumbs—but that is all! Additionally, something that not so pure, is that I modified a Technic pin connector by which connects the ball joint on the chest. I as well permeated the axle connector of the head with super, so I could lodge mask(s) in a fixed position, since the head cannot actually accommodate the small mask. - To top it off, I wanted to come up with a term in BIONICLES that meant revamped. I had somewhat of a list for possible names to choose from, then I finally settled on the one that sounded and looked BIONICLE-ish enough: "Owihou." It is completely my fiction and I guarantee you will be "without" any chance of finding anything related to it on the internet. Enjoy!
  6. This is probably one of the most ridiculous MOCs to be posted here, but it is a combiner of two Toa models from 2015... Lets just say it is a combiner of the two Toa who would least like to be stuck with one another; let alone sharing the same body! Give it up for, Tapaka! Or maybe it is Kopakahu? Or just Kopaka and Loser? Walking must be a chore, especially since it seems Tahu controls one half and Kopaka the other. Looks like Tahu wants to go somewhere Kopaka doesn't... Looks like the argument is heating up and, OHHHH! Ouch, Tahu has thrown a fist into Kopaka's face! Kopaka strikes back with his spear! How will these two ever learn to get along? Are they destined to be the most powerful TwoToa ever? Or are they doomed to become the stars of: Kopaka the Cold Toa 3: Civil War. (Or maybe it should be called Kopaka vs Tahu: Dawn of TwoToa-ness, I don't know...) Hope you enjoyed this silly combiner model! I would like to see what other Twotoa the members on this forum can come up with!
  7. I noticed this didn't have a topic, so I made one. Mind blowing, I know.
  8. LordChris

    Tahu the Swordsman

    In my MOCs, I love to try and create new torsos for humanoid characters, and Tahu the Swordsman is no exception. Weilding two katana, this shorter version of Tahu is also boasting heavy shoulder armour, which was another thing I wanted to experiment with here. And a look at the basic torso: Anyways, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, just experimenting with some stuff here, like to see what you guys think!
  9. (I just noticed that the title got cut off. After the / it was supposed to say "shield," with a question mark.) I've been wondering for a while if the part pictured below, used to join Tahu's "lava surfboard" and Kopaka's "frost shield," came in colors that corresponded to the colors of the parts they're used on (silver and white, respectively). I recently looked it up and it turns out that a white one does exist (last used in 2011), and although a "silver metallic" one doesn't technically exist, I was able to find one calling its color "silver" (last used in 2003), which is close enough for me. Given that, I thought I'd pose this question: why do you think the Bionicle set designers didn't use this piece in colors better suited to match the pieces they were used on? I would have preferred if they had, because then the pieces wouldn't be so obvious or contrast so much, and I'll be replacing the piece with a silver one on my Tahu, once I get it. -Nomad
  10. Hello folks! Many people feel disappointed seeing newest incarnation of ToaTahu. Well, I can agree that some details could be made in better way (like arms) but overall I think he's a good set. Not perfect but good. Anyway I decided to give new Bionicle a chance and I bought Tahu. When I finally built him I felt that something is wrong with design - and I slowly began to improve him. And you know what? I really ejnoy this moment! So, here it is. My newest Tahu remake. Brickshelf (no collages) | DeviantArt| Flickr | Blog Don't worry if you feel that pictures are too small. If you go to my flickr/DA gallery (depending on what's your favourite) you should be able to see larger images. If you don't like collages - don't worry, you can still go to my Brickshelf gallery. I'm going to make a short video-presentation but I don't know when I'll finish it. Some details: As you can see his legs are now armoured not only from front but from behind too. I'm not sure about the side-panels but I'm afraid I don't have enough HF red parts. I decided to change his original hands into something a bit different. I came up with some new patents but finally I decided to use something simillar to MrBoltTron's concept because it looks much better. And yeah, he can hold his swords in hands! Last thing in this photo which I mention is armour which covers his gears. Don't worry, you can still rotate them (and arms) but more armour means reduced mobility. Fortunately on acceptable level :) Tahu can hold his swords on his back. The only disadvatage is that he's leaning little backwards but hey - these swords are little heavy! Anyway, for me it's still ok. Original model has a golden mask which makes Tahu more powerful. I made a collage with it: Still looks ok but I'm not sure if red one is better. You see, this construction has many golden parts (probably too much) and it needs some reds for contrast. And - what do you think about using this golden mask for Jaller remake creation? ;) Some extras: "Meet my new pet": Some of you may be wondering - what's happen to Tahu's surfing board? Well, I had so many pictures to process that I totally forgot about this :/ Anyway I hope you enjoyed my creation. And if you like you can ask me about it - I'll try my best to answer all your questions :) Best regards, ~ QQS EDIT Lava Board update:
  11. Hi Eurobricks! For your information : Feel free to share. Exo-6 BIONIFIGS Founder
  12. Kalhiki

    Cookie Tahu

    "It looks like he ate a bunch of cookies and forgot to swallow them, so they're stuck in his cheeks forever."