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  1. Hello I just installed a program called LeoCAD since it's compatible with Ubuntu 18.4. But it has no parts for bionicle or technic parts. Does anyone know where i can find downloadable zip files for parts. Also i already have a ldrawunf folder installed under view>preferences>general>downloads>ldrawunf as custom folder. Also this parts pack seems to collide with other parts already in the program, as in slopes and basebricks disappear, how do i avoid this
  2. Does anyone think that lego should attempt to create a Yoda figure in ccbs style like the others?
  3. Looks like the 4.3.11 version just gives me a black screen and crashes. IF anyone can point me to a guide for installing parts with leocad with ubuntu that would be fine
  4. Hi there, new here also known as Necross Hordika/ Ice Kopaka on the mostly defunct BZPower forum. Didn't know where elso to put this threas. I've been trying to finishing installation for Lego Digital designer latest version on my Ubuntu 18.4 laptop for me and my little cousins. Have been using Wine and PlayonLinux to help with this but i still get issues trying to finish it heres the debug log from playon linux (spoiler large text ahead) I also finished installing flash player but the says nope for me although i can see it in my list after following this guide do i get this to work? all i get right now is a sad face error which i dont understand. I'm trying here since most ubuntuforums don't show much interest in this software and i cant find any brick repositories for things like bionicle and technic. unless anyone know where that is and can guide me how to install repositories for LeoCad folders?