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    Aquazone, Adventurers, Bionicle, Pirates, Creator Expert
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    6260 Shipwreck Island

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  1. B1z

    [MOC] Ambush in the forest

    It seems very portable and sturdy Now the question is: will the Wolfpack Renegades get away with the ambush or will the Lion Knights send them packing?
  2. B1z

    MOC - The Lost Temple

    Love the Adventurers. All of the little nooks and crannies here are so fun! Solid looking build and vibrant scene - great job.
  3. You all are the best - thank you! The project has slowed down since I originally posted it late last year, but with your help hopefully it can go further!
  4. Howdy all! I’d like to show this expansive modular MOC that I’ve worked on and tinkered with for the past couple of months. It’s called BIONICLE Legacy: Storytelling with LEGO Bricks because I aimed to build something that conveyed what the theme represented to many fans, and the impact it had upon release 20 years ago. Even if you haven’t been overly fond of or familiar with the BIONICLE theme, I hope you’ll still take a few moments to check out this project! https://ideas.lego.com/projects/b5456207-ed0d-4f44-a02b-b0dae424158e I’m very hopeful and proud of this project, but it has been struggling to gain the needed attention to progress, and it clearly won’t get very far without your help and support. I greatly appreciate all support, comments, and shares. Fingers crossed! :) Uploading images proved to be a bit tricky, but you can also find higher-res images at Flickr:
  5. B1z

    The LEGO Ideas Thread

    Hi everyone, I’ve been incrementally updating a System Bionicle MOC over the past couple of months and have shared it on Lego Ideas as well. It is at a point now that I consider it complete. If you would like to take a few moments to check it out, support and share, that would be awesome and greatly appreciated! https://ideas.lego.com/projects/b5456207-ed0d-4f44-a02b-b0dae424158e
  6. Exactly. I personally don't think any one theme can truly represent 90 years of Lego adequately, but I'm interested to see what Lego does with the results of this event during and after.
  7. I was a bit uncertain myself about whether or not Space (in the poll) entailed only the grey/yellow windshield aesthetic, or if it included all the faction/subthemes. I ended up basing my final choice on the assumption that Space was being treated differently than Castle (no faction/subtheme). Either way it was tough to choose! I agree with @Kingriedak that Bionicle (from the perspective of G2 being a subtheme in this poll) hasn't had proper sets in over a decade. Not only that, but the theme hasn't received any tangible nostalgic treatment from Lego since it was retired. I'm all for Bionicle being incorporated into System (my Lego Ideas project conveys this!), but if Lego were to tackle this potential as a full theme at some point, I'd hope for an innovative reimagining.
  8. B1z

    Hi Lego fans

    @Man with beard Cool, and thanks! I tinker/build mostly digitally these days due to not having access to my physical collection, but we'll see. I've been focused on a MOC for Ideas the past few months, so I expect I'll share here!
  9. B1z

    [MOC] Ambush in the forest

    It's always cool to see techniques for building trees, I really like the way the one on the left turned out. Nice little scene!
  10. B1z

    MOC ninjago the movie LLOYD mecha

    Haven't seen the Ninjago movie, but this looks badass! And the proportions for the staff are cool. Will you take more shots at different angles?
  11. Really nice shaping on the biplane and the snowy terrain. Love that bridge, and look forward to seeing what you do with the temple. Will you add boobytraps?
  12. B1z

    What are you listening to?

    I've been listening to classical music lately, and Yo Yo Ma has been a very nice listen.
  13. B1z

    Hi Lego fans

    Hi everyone, I'm currently living in the pacific northwest of the US, and I've been very into Lego since I was very little and got an Exploriens set one Christmas. I've never had a dark ages; in fact Lego building - and simply viewing others' creations - has helped me through some stressful times. Some of my favorites themes over the years have been Aquazone, Adventurers, Bionicle, Pirates, and Creator Expert. I tend to like to build in vignettes and miniature scenes (partially out of fun and partially due to the necessity resulting from having a limited collection). Thanks for reading! :)