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Found 21 results

  1. Hi everyone! This is the first part of a series of revamps I've recently done of the Phantoka and Mistika sets in the CCBS style of BIONICLE G2. In this thread I'll post my revamps of the six Toa. You can click on the images to go to my flickr profile, where you'll find some more. I have to mention that these are heavily based on [this]( revamp of Tahu Mistika by Lewis Hammond. Without further ado, here they are! TAHU POHATU ONUA LEWA KOPAKA GALI I hope you enjoy my take on these characters. Next week I'll post my revamps of the six Makuta. Have a nice day! :)
  2. Craig Strader

    Canadian Pacific G2

    At long last I present to you all my second steam engine: The Canadian Pacific G2 Pacific I was pleased with how this one turned out especially the smokebox on the locomotive. It took longer than I wanted and that is because I had other things around me to consider. But I would see to it that it would get through for you guys. Runs of 2 L motors housed in the boiler with the IR receiver and battery box in the tender. I know it is rather bulky for a small steam engine. But I wanted to make sure that I could get in as much details as possible.
  3. So, pretty much everyone agrees the G2 storyline was a steaming pile. Not just because what what we got was bad, but because we got so little of it. I've personally rectified this with an extensive headcanon that would more accurately be described as a full-fledged rewrite of the story. And with this came a bunch of modified sets and completely original creations. All of these have been posted on twitter, bur since this forum doesn't appear to have twitter embeds, I'll just be posting the photos and text separately. So, with that being said, let's start with my Master/Uniter fusions. The genesis of this idea was that I didn't want more than one of each character on the shelf. So I combined most of the aesthetics of the Masters with the torsos and elemental creatures of the Uniters. And I also made some other very interesting changes: Also, on another note, it's good to be back. Looks like admins quietly fixed my password recovery for me (it had been so long since I had last posted that the email address it was attached to no-longer exists.). I don't expect to be posting too much here, but I do go way, way back. I was a mere kiddo when I joined, and somehow managed to not get myself banned despite the (predictably) low quality of my posting. And I recall many fond conversations I had with people here during the latter years of Bionicle's original run. Shame pretty much nobody I interacted with back in the day is here anymore. ( I still wanna know whatever happened to JINZONINGEN73. Sigh.) Anyway, I'll be back with more creations later, if people are interested in seeing them. You can also check my twitter account and see all of them instantly (There's a link in my profile now.). Just be aware I mostly just retweet political junk, so if that isn't your thing, you might as well stay way and wait for me to post more stuff here.
  4. The 7th and last rahkshi for my bionicle 2017 project, Spectrahk probably ended up with the best color schemes. I wanted a spooky, glowing look to it, as befitting something that can float through walls. The blades on the staff are really sleek and thin compared to my other rahkshi. It has the same features as the others, flight mode, G1 kraata, swiveling waist, and adjustable staff. The staff blades are a bit wobbly due to the build. I liked the look of them too much to change it though. The staff is actually modeled to look like the one on my G1 spectrahk, which used the old vladek swords And with that, rahkshi project 2016 is finished. Here is a group shot of Makuta with his sons; forgot to use the flash for that last one... As always, comments and feedback welcome! Thanks for looking!
  5. It seems like stores couldn't give these things away in 2015-2016, everywhere had them discounted heavily and still had shelves full of them. But now all a sudden they seem to command hefty prices on bricklink, and don't have many listings on top of that. Ebay deals are somewhat better, but still high. What happened? I could understand the last wave of sets from summer 2016 being pricey due to not having a world wide release, but I don't get the rest. Maybe it's just down to the fact that not many people bought them, but I'm curious what everyone else thinks.
  6. The 6th rahkshi in my group, Gurahk ended up with a really neat color scheme. Transparent orange felt like a good fit for the disintegration power. I also designed the staff to be reminiscent of the original gurahk's staff. It has lasers embedded in the center. The flight mode looks really good on this one. Rahkshi project 2016 nears completion, here's what I have so far for the last one, Spectrahk; As soon as he's done, I'll take some group shots. Thanks for looking!
  7. One of 3 g2 rahkshi I've been working on, This one is based on the old rahkshi of chain lightning, which sadly never had a story role but did officially exist. This model has a swiveling waist, functional kraata compartment, a flight mode, and mean looking staff that can split in half to form swords. There's a stage 1 chain lightning kraata in its back. I'm almost done with a Vorahk and just started making a Turahk. might do a gravity rahkshi too, it had blue and silver colors, and I have a spare dark blue head. Also, does anyone know how to embed pictures without them being giant?
  8. So shapeways had a decent cyber monday sale, and a I grabbed a couple the G2 style Vahi's. I wanted one for a moc and wanted to see what worked best, and the thoguht of an upper half to the old mask was just fun. I'm putting pictures here so everyone can see whats out there and how well it works. I just had them all printed in orange smooth and polished, its close enough to lego's color #1 G2 compatible upper Mask of time ( (Image courtesy of biosector 1) Accurate to the comics, looks great from the front. Its pretty thick too, not any real risk of breakage Looks good on the head and fits well, eject feature works. This mask ONLY fits the G2 head. you can wedge the original mask into the slot by the mouth, but its not really designed to fit. Here's the issue. its totally flat. he's wearing a cardboard cut out. The lack of compatibility to the old mask is also a drawback, and the clip loosens pretty quick from use. To be fair, its only ever shown from the front in the comic. Overall, a good choice if you like accuracy and the eject feature, and I imagine it would look good in gold paint. a poor choice if you want the combined mask (just doesn't work) or a 3 dimensional design that looks good from every angle #2 G1 compatible g2 Mask of time ( From the same seller as before. Both halves are 3d printed, with the old vahi getting a long axle running through it to connect to the upper half and the old mata head. This one looks awesome combined and fits well. Its not a perfect fit on the head though, and doesn't fit the metru head (aka the best one) at all. there's some parts that rub against the mata head too, but it fits pretty well. you can also use the av-toran head, though again there are some parts that don't want to fit. The real issue is the axle on the lower half. Its a little bit too small. Unfortunately, this means you can't fit regular axles into the 'mouth' of the upper half to connect to a head, and the connection on the lower half by itself is very weak The mask looks pretty good from the side, without the clip, there is a smooth helmet at the top that makes the 'g2' half look and feel more 3 dimensional. Th 3d printed g1 vahi is pretty nice, only one or 2 things out of place (no mouth hole for example), it would be hard to tell them apart if it weren't for that texture. Basically, this one is a good choice if you want a neat looking mask with a solid combination. but its compatibility with actual lego is poor. So while its really cool looking, I'd wait and see if the artist updates it with a slightly thicker axle. The helmet at the top also keeps you from using the head you want. (the metru or G2 one) #3 G1 style Vahi upper half ( The strangest, but, in my opinion, coolest option. This tiny piece rests on the top of a mata head... And is then held in place by the original vahi! Its a bit fiddly, but it stays on really well And looks awesome Look at how it lines up with the eye holes and 'bubbles' in the old mask. its pretty clever. Its also the cheapest option, since there is very little thickness to it looks good from the back too, a really well though out shape. Of course the drawback to this one is the compatibility. mata head only, absolutely no way to attach it to anything else. Its pretty close to the comic apearance but has no way to interact with the g2 head. #4 G2 head adaptor You can also just connect the original mask to a g2 head using this G2 adapter ( These have been mentioned in the Shapeways MUP topic, and they work quite well; Though the vahi looks strange attached to it, you kind of have to blame the vahi's odd shape and small size for that The clip works perfectly. might wear out over time, but its the best fitting clip so far for a shapeways mask. The only drawback is that it only fits 2001-2002 masks, none of the axle mounted ones. Its available without the eject feature as well. So there are most of the current options for shapeways masks of time! I like the tiny G1 version the best, but they all are neat, fun designs. If anyone is in the market for a g2 mask of time, I hope this helps! Also, a special thanks to the shapeways sellers that made these masks. I will be using all of them for something.
  9. Kendo

    [MOC] Son of Makuta

    Hey guys , this is the first Bionicle G2 MOC I made that I find worth sharing so please , enjoy : This is ______ , the son of Makuta . The devil-like _____ is as devious and insidious as his father , but also bloodthirsty and ruthless. He wields a powerful Bident gifted to him by his father ( inspired by Hades's weapon of choice ) , which he uses both for physical combat as well as channeling his dark elemental powers. His bat-like wings allow him to take his fights to the sky ( using an Ikir like flapping function ) , often dropping his enemies after grabbing them and flying high enough for a lethal drop. Finally , his satyr-like legs draw inspiration from depictions of demons and devils having similar legs , as well as G1 Makuta from 2003. "Witness the fate of your leader Toa , witness the fate of those who stand before me . Now that I defeated him , what chance do you stand ?" So what do you guys think ? Please comment , I'd love to hear your opinions and criticism , they really mean a lot to me ! I'm also looking for a name for him so drop any idea you have in the comments . Thanks a lot for looking .
  10. I decided to do a new Ekimu model for my bionicle 2017 project, with a bit more of a takanuva vibe to it. It ended up being way too close to the 2016 set, but it has some really neat details. And I'm going to modify the legs as soon as I do another bricklink order. He uses his protector mask since Makuta destroyed the mask of creation in their last battle. his warhammer was also broken, so he crafted a new staff weapon. The staff is styled heavily off takanuva's staff in the mask of light film. it has a sleek, simple look to it. Rather than kill his brother, makuta destroyed his mask and scratched out the mask maker symbol on Ekimu's chest. I used a silver sticker that I cut for this. One of the cool things about the torso is the chain and rope I added to justify the really out of place looking belt print on his left shoulder. this is more visible from the back but it lines up really well. The gearbox is not functional, I used it to spread the shoulders out and store weapons. Ekimu still has his crafting hammer and saw shield. A disk of spare ammo is on the back under the shield The hammer can be flipped forward like a cannon. As a bonus, here is a kraata containment cell I designed. Its simple but cool looking. One of my spare shadow kraata lives here now. I'm still not happy about how close he is to 2016 ekimu, so an suggestions would be appreciated. I'm thinking of giving him the double sided leg armor that the master kopaka set had, with uniter armor on the upper legs or starters.
  11. Antak

    g2 style Turahk

    Finished Turahk and Neutrahk today, I apologize ahead of time for photo quality here. I used a lot of red here, my camera doesn't like bright red. It has the same frame as the other 3, but with different chest armor, kraata chamber details, and an altered spine build to accommodate the lack of red 4 size plates. Staff is a nifty design based loosely on the original turahk staff, the shooter frame is just for show but it spins and looks cool. The 1.0 hero foot looks good but is frustrating to pose with, wish the small claw foot was available in more colors. As always, feed back is welcome!
  12. Antak

    Moc, G2 Kurahk

    The next in my rahkshi project was Kurahk. He has a similar build to Turahk, but with a better color layout, more elaborate staff, Longer legs. The staff is modeled after the classic kurahk's, And despite the gold, so is the spine. It has the usual waist function, flight mode, and dual function staff. Sorry for the cluttered background, doing a model commission for someone. I made a new spine for Turahk, This guy got the old one, which was closer to g1 kurahk's spine anyway. I need to go through bricklink and see which bones are available in white, it would make the legs look nicer. Next up is Gurahk in Blue, silver, and transparent orange. Planning a Density Control Rahkshi too, lewa green + black and med. trans green would look awesome
  13. This guy just replaced voltrahk as my favorite. Colors are amazing, and staff is everything I wanted it to be. I was originally going to replicate the planetary gear system JTO makuta had in his staff, but realized there wasn't a good way to condense it. so I went with light and cool looking instead. Staff tips spin, which is awesome with the vortex print on those trans-purple dishes. The staff looks really good split into 2 and folds under the body like thrusters in flight mode. Plus I got to use a bunch of dark blue and trans purple. The out of place looking kraata is a stage 4 gravity control. Now to begin a Kurahk (I'm going by which rahkshi head colors have a reasonable amount of corresponding ccbs parts)
  14. Finished my second rahkshi today, this one is a remake of vorahk. Its bulkier than the other one I built, since he needs a strong frame to support all that stolen strength. the staff is massive, but fairly light. its ridiculous size is deceptive, the creature drags it behind him into battle, but is swinging it easily after absorbing some power. It actually is modeled after g1 vorahk's staff piece, but HUGE. As before, there is a flight mode, multi-purpose staff, functioning kraata chamber and a waist function. RAHKSHI OF STEROIDS!!! A stage 2 hunger kraata, trying to do a different one in each rahkshi I build. And the flight mode pics are terrible. it looks hilariously stupid with the staff in this configuration. Anyway, now onto Turahk...
  15. Here’s my entry to the Rebrick “Show Us Your Makuta” contest - Makuta: Brute of Shadow! This model features a swivelling waist and swinging arms, both controlled via the knobs on his back. Entry page (give it a like!)
  16. xboxtravis7992

    Makuta's Death Chariot

    As you may have guessed by now, this is my first entry for the Rebrick Makuta Contest. My Makuta build itself was feeling a little "typical" with its small Toa size, simple build, and typical Makuta colors. To rectify this though, I had the vision of giving Makuta a vehicle of some sort, and he ended up with a Chariot that cobbled together a multitude of G1 and Technic pieces. Including a few G1 pieces alongside the CCBS parts was one of my building goals. I also built my first proper photo set up for the contest to get proper pictures. Unfortunately even then my build was to big to get a horizontal angled shot with a proper full white backdrop... I am considering a few more entries for the contest, but I fear that going bigger will just ruin my chance to use the photo booth I just barely built! Yes as I said before, my Makuta is actually just Toa sized, sharing a lot with the 2015 Toa. I like his look, but he doesn't seem as 'flashy' as some of the other contest entries. His reserved design though was intentionally done though to make him look like a "What Could have Been" Makuta retail set. Can you spot the G1 pieces? I am digging the ease of posebility in the smaller figure though! Try doing this with your monster sized titan! While the Skullie is a little cliche, I am in love with the greebled garbled look of the chariot. The Old G1 pieces really help create an 'underworld' look that I don't know if it could be achieved as easily with CCBS. For the most part this MOC is actually a combiner model, using pieces from Mask Maker vs. Skull Grinder, Umarak the Hunter, Onua Master of Earth, Pohatu Master of Stone, Skull Warrior, and the classic Vezon and Fenrahk. The wheels and plates on the chariot come from a Technic Off Road Crawler, and the G1 Manas set. You might notice I am using a hidden leg to support the chariot rather than place pressure on the wheels. The wheels can hold the model, but for static display I prefer to use the 'kickstand' leg. The chariot also has some spots to mount G2 masks on it, as if Makuta is hauling away the masks of his victims... I hope you enjoyed my entry. I am highly considering a few more Makuta builds so time will tell if I end up having quite the 'Makuta Club' to enter this contest! Thanks for looking! Please visit the actual contest entry here:
  17. After almost two whole years of story we've had some theories and discussions, but I haven't seen much talk about the headcanons each one of us created around Okoto and its characters. This topic is the right place to share this beloved and yet controversial aspect of any thriving fandom. I'll start with mine: -the toys are 100% accurate representations of the characters JtO made an awesome job in giving life to the Uniters, Creatures and Umarak, but I still think it took too many liberties (an example: the legs on Ekimu's falcon). I know sets may be gappy and all, but I still think they're solid enough to be actual biomechanical beings fighiting, hunting and living their lifes. As a consequence of this first headcanon... -the biological components of the characters are actually inside their bones We don't have a percentage telling us how much biological the Okotoans are, unlike the 15% back in G1, but we could guess it's not much more than that. And, as delicate as they are, I think these components are well protected inside their bones and armors, far from the eyes. -the side of the torso/limb left uncovered by armor is actually protected by a small magnetic field The easiness with whom mechanical parts need to be replaced created a series of consequences, the most glaring one represented by the fact that the armor covers just one side of the torso/limb. To compensate, a small magnetic field generated by the armor itself protects the uncovered area. This applies as well for torso armor. -the society of the Okotoans isn't patriarchal neither matriarchal, yet there are more males than females Onua was surprised Korgot was female, even though the legend talked about "fathers and sons", but I think this happened just because he wasn't part of their society. For the Okotians male or female is not a big deal, and while in G2 most of the leading figures were males (beginning with Makuta and Ekimu), I think it's just because there are mole males than females. Nothing suggests us that males have more power than females, and I think that in this aspect G1 and G2 are the same: females exist, they don't face any problem because of that, but there are simply less of them. And speaking of females and males... -the Okotoans don't reproduce as we do I think it's more of an energy thing. They may fall in love and such, but when they decide to have babies some sort of meditation comes in play along with their limited amount of biological components. They don't get pregnant neither lay eggs, but after the "meditation" the newborn is just there. Not much different from how matorans were made in G1, except this time love plays a role. I think those are the most relevant headcanons I have for G2. Please remember: they're just that, headcanons. I'd love to hear yours, I hope this thread sparks an interesting discussion.
  18. Ah yes, Skull Skorpio, with his aesthetically unappealing Technic whatever-the-heck tacked onto his legs... ...wait, his legs? Oh yeah. This is something I presumed the moment I saw Skull Scorpio. His tail being attached to that torso bone's pelvis via what appear to be skeletal thighs, brought up an interesting idea... What if those were his thighs? The Skull Army are reanimated, re-amalgamated skeletal warriors, crafted from the remains of ancient Okotoan residents by Kulta's dark magical powers (as denoted by the glowing orange patches on their undead bodies). But what's to say these skeletons we see bumbling around on Okoto are in the original layout that they were when they were buried? What's to say that Kulta didn't take a little bit of creative license when magicking up his spooky soldiers? My idea is that Skull Scorpios were originally humanoid skeletons, which were then reassembled by Kulta on their backs. Legs were attached to and grown from what were their spines, and their heads and arms were twisted back to face up away from the body. The original legs were left as only thighs, to which the mechanical clamping tails, amalgamated from other mechanical components in the earth, were attached to what were originally their knees. In short, Skull Scorpios are incredibly unnatural, eldritch abominations, which spit in the face of anatomy and logic. So, yeah, that's how I envision it. Or at least, that's how I try and make sense of why the heck Skull Scorpio's tail looks so goshdarn awful. TL;DR My idea is that Skull Scorpios used to be regular skeletons, but were reformed on their backs with big mechanical pinching weapons attached onto what were their knees.
  19. Hey guys! The overall opinion of G2 Bionicle across the fanbase is rather divided, so I thought it'd be interesting to make a Strawpoll to try and gauge what people from multiple communities (Facebook, Eurobricks, BZPower, The TTV Forums, Flickr) feel about the line. The poll is as displayed; To submit your answer, click here. If you don't wish to answer (or already have) and wish to view the results, click here. Once you've answered, please feel free to share the poll elsewhere to help get a larger sample size. Thanks!
  20. DraikNova

    G1 revamps

    Basically, this is intended as a general topic for MOCs and concepts of G1 sets redesigned to match the CCBS aesthetic that G2 uses, as suggested in the G2 Bohrok Concepts thread. For the sake of not having duplicate threads, please post Bohrok revamps over there.
  21. Hey guys. I've been working on something over the weekend and I'd like to keep it to myself and bask in its awesomeness share it with you. So here we go. Embedding isn't working. So here's the