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Found 17 results

  1. Hi Although a bit less spectacular than many (most) of the efforts on here I thought I’d post the first of a couple of recent projects for people to see and comment on. I know they divide opinion but I’m a big fan of the Microfighter range. I like the fun style, the playability, the low(ish) price and the Star Wars-ness of course. As a result I’ve collected 12 of them - all the OT sets and a few from the prequels and the most recent 2 from Episode 7 It was a little disappointing to only get 2 TFA Microfighters but as the theme has sets of opposing pairs and Episode 7 didn’t really give the Resistance a lot of new craft, the designers hands were a bit tied. Anyway, long story short: I designed a couple more in LDD, prototyped them from our box of bricks and BrickOwled the parts - and here is the first one. Briefly, the aim was to keep to the scale and design ethos of the Microfighter theme so they had to: Be no bigger than 12 studs in the longest dimension Be robust enough for swooshing about Have space for a mini-fig Have flick missiles or a stud shooter Have around 100 parts max (hmm..) Here then, is my First Order Troop Transport Microfighter. This one went through a load of iterations and build methods until I settled on an almost all plate-built design. Initially I tried making it big enough to sit a mini-fig inside but it was just too bloated looking so the compromise is that you can at least fit one in lying down and shut the ramp. It also wasn’t possible to fit a pilot in the control tower so I went for a gunner position instead and added a hatch. I tried to add a swivel for the shooter but it was getting too tall and cluttered on the top so settled for a fixed gun. Again, the fig sits a bit high but it’s OK. Buildwise it's really solid and quite heavy, just needs a little mod to the ramp hinge to make it more durable and it'll be done. Details I like - the engines, the ramp and the overall shape which is close enough to be recognisable within the style. Less successful - I completely blew the parts count at 141 although a lot of those are small pieces. It just wasn’t possible to get a pleasing rendition that wasn’t a solid block so from that perspective it was a bit of a failure. It's kind of in the right scale but its a bit chunkier next to other Microfighters - more like Battlepack scale, or Micro + or something. Regardless though, it looks quite funny with a group of troopers spilling out, like a cross between the Tardis and a clown’s car and I'm pleased with it. That’s about it so here’s a few more photos to wrap up. Comments and critiques welcome Cheers Joe
  2. All in the Reflexes

    [MOC] [LDD] UCS INCOM T-70 X-Wing Fighter

    After building my minifig scale T-70 i got the urge to go bigger and start an UCS version. So here she is besides her little sister, hope you enjoy the pics and build. Also a big shout out to usfighting and his amazing T-65 he made here... http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=104810, amazing model and big inspiration in making mine.
  3. Hi I just finished this and thought I'd post it. Not really a MOC as such as it's the same piece for piece (apart from 2) from the Resistance X-Wing 75125 but I liked the idea of a limited edition Microfighter and thought it would make a good base for my first forays into Bricklink/Owling parts. I'm pleased with the result - just as well since I bought enough parts to make 2 more! It makes a nice pair with the original fighter too. As mentioned, it's the same as 75125 except the orange wedge with cutout doesn't come in 4x3 so I subbed it with a 4x4 and fitted a 4x2 wedge behind. Anyway, I've got the bug for this and have a couple more TFA micros on the go in LDD that I plan to build for real shortly. cheers
  4. I was not interested in this set until I saw it half priced. I intended to buy it as a cheap source of pieces but I ended liking it a lot and spending time modifying it to make it cooler. Yes, it is that good. Most of the changes were done for aesthetic reasons, like filling gaps, adding tiles or the steering bar for the pilot. Changing how the top part opens was a must because the original hinges took away too much of the interior space. I will let the pictures speak by themselves. The mods are not too difficult to replicate, but let me know if you would like to see more pictures or further explanations. I hope you liked it.
  5. Kman860

    FO Heavy Gunner Gun MOCs

    I think it might be wise to just go ahead and start a topic for all the incoming FO Heavy Gunner gun MOCs that will pop up, so people can easily find them here. So just go ahead and post any you made/know of
  6. Hello I've been gradually working through a backlog of unofficial Microfighter builds and after a few attempts, finally got a result with the Resistance Transport from Episode 7. I will admit some inspiration to have a go at this from the version in the Lego TFA game but I didn't really study it in detail. Anyway here it is - nice to build something for the good guys after a string of Imperial and First Order builds. Its 13 studs wide and about 10 long including the cannons. 133 pieces which is a little high but many of those are small plates and studs. I was pretty pleased to be get an opening hatch in the front... ...though its probably a bit cramped in there. Colour scheme matches the Resistance X-Wing quite nicely and its a solid and swooshable little ship. Lots of engines. That's about it - you'd think the pilot would be a bit happier with it. Thanks for taking a look!
  7. Forresto


    Although its a scene that often takes much of the punches in people's criticism of the Force Awakens, I for one really enjoy the scenes that take place on Han Solo's freighter the Ervana.I especially love the sploodgy squishy squid creatures with immense maws of teeth. We all know it. The velociraptor equivalent of the Sarlacc (which now that I think about it is absolutely horrifying!) the RATHTAR. We will be getting a set of this scene but reportedly we will not be getting a Mold of a Rathtar, think Dr. Strange's set. While I hope this is proven wrong I decided to build my own! Nothing too fancy just quick and dirty that I built in fifteen minutes. But wait there's more! You can build your own! I used these instructions for a basic Lowell Sphere from the artist's website: Bruce Lowell Just add tentacles, eyes, and teeth!
  8. Hello here's the 3rd of my TFA inspired Microfighter builds - Kylo Ren's Shuttle. H 10.5 x W 10 x D 10 studs in dimension and 111 pieces, though that could be brought down to 100 with a little less greebliness. It has pivoting wings, a tiny ramp and a couple of stealthy flickfires underneath - plus room for a pilot of course. Kylo or maybe a FO crew member would be more appropriate. It's a tricky ship to do in Microfighter style because the wings are so huge in comparison to the hull, there's really no option other than to scale them right down if you want to keep inside the 12 stud limit. When the wings are folded out it's obviously a lot wider and generally it looks just a little larger than most official MFs, though not completely out of scale. I did most of the design in LDD and then bricklinked the parts. As usual, real bricks meant for a couple of design changes but actually for the better. It's pretty sturdy and playable as long as you don't force the wings past the stops. I didn't even attempt to make the wings slide down in the landed position it would have made them either flimsy or very bulky so just kept them in one piece. That's about all. Comments and critiques welcome! "Race you, Dad!"
  9. Paperballpark

    [WIP] Rey's Speeder

    This is my large-scale model of Rey's Speeder. It's currently a work-in-progress, built to the scale of the Constraction figure, and is about 64 studs long. I decided to build it because I realised that a speeder at minifig scale is never going to look right - because the minifigs aren't scaled right! If you make it to scale with the minifig height, then the width and head size of the minifig will look too big. Equally, if you scale it to the size of the head, then the minifig will look too short. Plus, of course, the minifig can't 'ride' it. So I decided to do a large-scale version instead. I've been working on it for about three months now. I wasn't originally going to show this until it was finished, as I wanted people's first sight of it to be the finished model, but I thought I'd show it off now because it won't actually be finished until late summer. I still need to replace all the white with Dark Orange parts, and also use some Dark Orange to cover the parts that are still exposed. I also need to do a net for the side of it, and make the foot-stands for Rey's feet to rest on. I haven't done a proper piece count yet, but it's easily in excess of 2000 pieces. The main thing is pretty solid, and also pretty heavy! So here's where I'm up to:
  10. Here's the second of my Force Awakens Microfighter MOCs, a Special Forces TIE Fighter. 88 pieces so well within the Microfighter piece count range plus it's a sturdy, playable little model. So far, Lego have produced 2 TIE Microfighters - An Interceptor from ROTJ and the Advanced Prototype from Rebels - but no 'classic' version - why?. I reckoned it was partly to do with capturing the wing design and making it strong enough so, to cut a long story short, I spent some time mocking up the structure with real bricks then, once I had something I was confident with, took it into LDD. It was pretty clear early on that fitting the 6 struts onto the wings was not going to result in anything strong or attractive so I decided just to go for the shape instead and leave the rest to imagination / artistic licence. The key construction element is a 9M cross axle that runs through the middle and the wings and 'beams' that contain 2x2 round plates to sandwich the whole thing together. It's really sturdy, much more so than plenty of the other MFs. The mini-blaster doubles as the antenna when it's clipped in and there are 2 flick missiles underneath. That's about all, the design would easily translate to an Original Trilogy TIE fighter with a simple re-colour so maybe I'll put one of those together too. Finally, here it is with my 'Black Leader' X-Wing micro :) Thanks for taking a look, comments & questions welcome.
  11. goatman461

    [MOD] UCS Black X-Wing 10240

    Poe's X-Wing by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Poe's X-Wing2 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Poe's X-Wing3 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Poe's X-Wing4 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Poe's X-Wing - Top, Closed by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Poe's X-Wing - Head-on, Open by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr I got rushed a bit at the end getting this ready for BrickUniverse Dallas and I've got a lot of improvements in mind. But, I'd love to hear what y'all think and your thoughts on how I can make this better. Mainly, I'm struggling with the weight and sturdiness of the wings. I'm also not happy with the front section's slope or the gaps in the front of the engine. Regardless, I hope y'all like it and kudos to thehornedrat for beating me to the punch
  12. For my new MOC, I used the LEGO Set of Rey Speeder to create a new one (minifig Scale) using only parts of the sets and none from my stock. The result is not perfect, but can be reproduced by anyone owning the set. The length of the speeder is around 12 studs which is near 4 meters like “real”. I kept the weapons/tools attach on the side. Rey can stand in the speeder as she bestride it. A parts can be placed instead of Rey when she goes down. As I said, the result is not perfect, but despite the parts limitation, I’m happy of the result. I also created an other speeder (with my stock parts) for the other minifig of the LEGO set (a "thug" of Unkar Plutt) which I called SandSpeeder (due to the color). Nothing special, but good with Rey Speeder… More pics (Full size) :
  13. When I saw the first pictures/videos of the new T-70 X-Wing I was kinda disappointed. We would get another redesigned X-Wing for the new trilogy which design changes didnt looked convincing in my opinion and bothered me. But after I saw the movie, looked at pictures and comparisons as well as some amazing Lego designs by users here in the forum, I started to like the new generation of X-Wing to the point were I actually even prefer it over the old design. Since we still have to wait some months to get a standard X-Wing Lego system scale version of the T-70 model, I went for the microfighter version and immediately knew I had to modify it (to the point that its maybe even a MOC considering how small the original is and how low its part count is) since I wasnt really satisfied with its build that lacked the unique wing design, had a stubby central body and the typical possibilty to seat a minifigure in it. Changes: - Longer central body - Wings that fold together and split appart in the correct way - Full Cockpit - Astrodroid behind the cockpit as well as engine details - overhauled base construction and colourization I am very satsfied with the way the wings worked out. The design includes the very specific differences compared to the old X-Wing with the color, engines and wings. Its not perfect since the wings overlap like the original system scale version and the body is too thick in the central part, but in this scale I had to make compromises. And now to some actual pictures as well as a picture from the original to compare to. Would like to hear some feedback from you guys Updated/final version: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ And the original build:
  14. goatman461

    [MOC] BTL-GM7 Resistance Y-Wing

    The BTL-GM7 Resistance Y-Wing, was pieced together from the larger BTL-A4 models into a more compact and maneuverable fighter. BTL-GM7 Resistance Y-Wing by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Instead of lumbering into battle and trying to ward off TIE fighters with a turret, the GM7 uses its larger engine to maximize the speed of its approach and a rotating arm to keep the engine out of the direct line of fire. BTL-GM7 Resistance Y-Wing - 4 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr BTL-GM7 Resistance Y-Wing - 3b by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr BTL-GM7 Resistance Y-Wing - 3a by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr BTL-GM7 Resistance Y-Wing - 2 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr BTL-GM7 Resistance Y-Wing - 1a by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr C&C welcomed. Be sure to vote for your favorites at
  15. If you look at the bottom left of the Finn polybag you can see a code in the exact same style as the Plastic Man Polybag, which was used to unlock the character early on in the game. HYPE!!!!!.
  16. Chilly_Productions

    Goodbye Star Wars Forum

    I am leaving the LEGO Star Wars forum due to spoilers, I haven't heard any yet, but I'm still being careful. Are you taking a break from the Star Wars forum as well?
  17. WarSquirrel

    [MOC] TFA - The Scavenger

    30 Years after the Battle Of Jakku, Rey roams the landscape, scavenging everything she can find to get her portion for the day This is a small and simple MOC I built when I was trying to build a TIE fighter. I realized I was missing pieces for the other wing and was inspired by the movie and Star Wars Battlefront to make this Rey finds a TIE pilot helmet, a rare sight on Jakku, which can fetch a pretty penny Sorry for the blurry pictures Thanks for looking - leave feedback if you would like