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Found 10 results

  1. Hey Eurobricks, It's been a bit since I posted - I've been super busy and haven't had much time for content creation. However, I've made some great purchases recently including a 7725 with DK/S/SF box, a 7760 in near-new condition, a rare poster, and recently, several sealed accessories from a US seller! I got them from eBay for good prices, not much more than used prices for these sets on Bricklink. I bought a set of points (7858 + 7859) for $60 each, a lighting set (7861) for $40, and decoupler (7862) for $140. I opened them recently on camera and learned some more about part variants - specifically, the copy of 7858 I got was the later box version, and after opening it I saw that it was a super late release of the set, from around 1992. I've opened two sealed accessory sets before - 7862 and 7860 - and it was awesome to open some more! Check out the full video below. I'm working on reviews of the train sets as well, so hopefully those will be posted soon!
  2. Reker1000000

    MISB 7750

    Well, it finally happened... I never saw one for sale until now, but on BrickLink there is a seller with a MISB 7750 listed for 9,000 euros (about $9,500). Just posting this here because I thought it might interest some of the other 12v fans out there! This is a very very rare occurrance. Edit: Also realized there's a sealed 7755 (different seller) which went up for sale since yesterday as well...
  3. Reker1000000

    Sealed 7862 opening

    Hello EB, I'd just like to mention that I recently bought a sealed 7862 Remote Controlled Decoupling from 1981 for a very good price, and I opened it on video. I'm still working on editing the complete video but I will post it to YT and link it in this topic when it's up. It was a real experience to open a sealed set! I've never opened an 80s set before. The box is in excellent condition, before I opened it still in the cellophane, and all of the parts are of course in mint condition. It even had the 1981 small train brochure. -Reker1000000
  4. Hey guys! Long time lurker/member, but have only recently started visiting the site again. Unfortunately, I've been hit with some unexpected expenses recently, so I'm selling off my sealed box collection I've amassed over the past few years. Without further ado, here's some pictures of what I have to sell (only sale at this point, no trades sorry): Rancor Pit (75005) = $85 Gungan Sub (9499) = $100 Republic Swamp Speeder (8091) = $35 UCS Naboo Starfighter (10026) = $650 Brickley (3300001) = $40 and Droids Battle Pack (7654) = $30 Brutaka (8734) = $100 Too many to list, ask for specifics! The Lego Store Grand Opening 2012 (140 out of 500 -- Nashville, TN) = negotiable and Monster Fighters promotional polybag (5000644-1) = $35 Feel free to PM me if you need another picture or clarification on anything, as some of the boxes do have wear on them or are bent/slightly scuffed; prices are negotiable! In most cases shipping is not included, though I'll never charge more than what it actually is and I'll combine if you buy multiple sets. A little info about me: live in the US (Alabama), no pets and don’t smoke, and have +22 positive feedback on the Straightshooter’s List (albeit that was from a couple years ago haha). I’d be willing to ship outside the US, but the buyer would have to pay for the extra shipping + insurance so I’d like to keep it local if possible. Thanks for looking!
  5. Matt3101

    Indiana Jones River Chase Set

    Hey Guys I have a pretty rare set that I'd be willing to sell! It's the Indiana Jones River Chase set!! It's fully sealed!! If any of you are interested you can make an offer!!
  6. Hello everyone, I would like to find out how much my sealed Lego poly bags are but didn't post this in the market topics as I don't want to sell them. I was wondering if anyone knows where to go for a quote or if anyone can give me a quote? Thanks, I really appreciate it. 30371 - Knights cycle (next knights) 5012 - (don't know the name) 30260 - (Lone Ranger polybag) 40138 - Christmas train I'll edit in some others when I've found the set numbers
  7. General Magma

    [WANTED] Darth Revan

    Good morning/afternoon/evening, I am looking for a sealed polybag Darth Revan minifigure from this year's May the 4th promotion. I would like to trade for it, so if you have one up for trade, send me a message with your wants listed and I will see what I have and what I will be able to offer.
  8. Hi all! I thought that there would be a topic like this but I searched and couldn't find anything so I will start this off. What sealed sets do you have? What do you plan on doing with them? Personally, I have only recently started to keep sets sealed and so far I only have two. 31015 Emerald Express and 5002126 Martian Manhunter. I'm not a big fan of DC so I've kept this set to sell or trade in the near-to-distant future. As for the Emerald Express, I have no clue what I will do with it. I randomly got it last week and I already have 3 so I'll probably sell it or keep it to make my current train even larger.
  9. Hello, I have always wanted the 375 lego "yellow" castle, and have passed on several occasions to get one. I want one complete with all pieces, instructions, stickers and minifigures. I have recently found two really good ones. One comes to about $300CAD with everything MINT but the box was opened and the set was displayed. The other comes to $400CAD with everything, Very good shape minifigures, and the inner bags are still sealed except for the minifigures. Will the value go up over time? It is the first lego Castle set. I am asking because the prices are eveywhere on the scales. I have seen anywhere from 150-2500. Let me know if these prices seem right, I am leaning towards the one with some sealed inner bags. Thanks!