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  1. Hello ! I am selling my gold chrome C-3po minifig found 9 years ago, and displayed since. I don't need to tell you that I never played with, you'll see in the pictures that it is in perfect condition ! Unfortunately, I didn't keep the white polybag, and this is why I am selling it way less than other sellers. The less price I found for it on Bricklink was 350$ for a minifig with scratches, on eBay, no one less than 360$. I am selling mine at 275$, this price includes secure shipping with tracking, a paypal insurance and, of course, The C-3po minifig. Here are the pictures,
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    Guess that movie!

    What's the next one ?
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    Got a box of Lego to sort!

    Always long to sort a bow of Legos !
  4. The dark tan had a change of color from 2013 to 2014.
  5. I have Shazam, Green Lantern, Batman, Black Spidey and Black Superman from SDCCs.
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    Reassembling a Large LEGO Lot (LLL)!

    I hope we'll see more sets
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    Which set should I buy?

    Take the Cave Crusher ! The minifigs are very cool, and you'll find a lot of pieces for your M.O.C. !
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    Hello from Texas!

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    Hello this lady loves Lego!

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    Hello from The Netherlands

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    Hello! I'm Enterprisingengine93!

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    Hi everyone

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    Hello from Italy

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