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  1. TechnicRCRacer

    42126 - Ford F150 Raptor

    I wish it was in normal blue, and if I recall in 2017 the Speed Champions set of the truck was blue. I’m building an entirely blue car right now and I’ve had to make some compromises. Sand blue would be neat but only the large Technic panel appears in it already and the palette would still be very limited. That being said, it would look pretty cool.
  2. TechnicRCRacer

    42126 - Ford F150 Raptor

    Yeah, you are most likely correct. I do not have those arches so I can’t confirm if the Ferrari mudguards fit in those arches.
  3. TechnicRCRacer

    42126 - Ford F150 Raptor

    Doesn’t seem to be the successor to the Defender to me, looks much more like a successor to the Ferrari from January. The part count is hard to read but looks like 1375 pieces. Also if the wheel arches are the same as 42056, the black mudguard parts are new and larger than the Ferrari.
  4. Speaking of catalog, it seems like there have been too few in the USA this year. I used to get more than three each year, but for 2021 sets I only got one in January.
  5. TechnicRCRacer

    General Part Discussion

    I wish LEGO would put extra stock of these new colors for sale online or at least use them in sets in the near future. I collect parts like these (trans-clear axle, prototype liftarm to name a few), and they are very very hard to find. I don’t want to give in to the clone bricks so rare elements like these are the best option.
  6. TechnicRCRacer

    General Part Discussion

    Excellent spot! I was wondering why it wasn’t popping up correctly on BL.
  7. TechnicRCRacer

    42128 - American Tow Truck

    This set is AWESOME! Thrilled to see two of the long pneumatic cylinders and maybe a new airtank. Also it appears that we get an 11L alternating beam!! Hard to tell but there seems to be one on each side and one on the very back folding part.
  8. TechnicRCRacer

    General Part Discussion

    I spotted part 18651 Technic Axle Pin 3L with Friction Ridges Lengthwise and 2L Axle in WHITE in the new Ninjago Hydro Bounty set. It holds the trans-light blue panels on the front end. I only see one, but hopefully it appears more in smaller sets.
  9. TechnicRCRacer

    General Part Discussion

    I guess it’s just a replacement for the Friends lipstick piece since it’s used in similar situations (like the Caterham Ideas set).
  10. TechnicRCRacer

    Generic Contest Discussion

    I love the idea of a modular car contest! I think it will be really fun if people choose to start it.
  11. TechnicRCRacer

    General Part Discussion

    I’m excited that the black bushings are back! I’ve been hearing rumors that black half bushings might be coming, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up.
  12. TechnicRCRacer

    melting and fusing Lego

    I’ve never had any parts fuse themselves together besides some old polycarbonate plates, but there are some “problem areas” in certain sets that lead to parts breaking. There are two DBG 13L beams in the bottom of the Arocs chassis that snapped in the same place after it fell off my shelf. The unreleased Osprey apparently chews through gears as well.
  13. TechnicRCRacer

    [WIP] Lexus LC500

    Very solid design! The steering column structure is excellent. Just curious, why did you choose to motorize the car with EV3? The back proportions would be easier to model if PF motors were used.
  14. TechnicRCRacer

    Scale Modeling Forum future?

    I am all for this! I always thought having the Technic forum include Model Team and not scale model-oriented builds was a bit confusing. I have seen other newer forum members also confused by this so merging them together should fix the issue.
  15. TechnicRCRacer

    Generic Contest Discussion

    I like this idea! It would be cool if it allowed for 42069-esque models, like other cars with tracks.