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  1. I’m not understanding, is this reddish orange a new color or an existing one? It’s hard to tell from the photos. Also it seems tires are not color locked anymore, surprising and cool!
  2. I've made some more progress on the model, mainly the area hosting the compressor and differential lock valve. Since this model will be packed with functions, I decided to forgo the interior of the cabin and place the two function motors and compressor inside. I also did some work on the front of the model; the red and dark green parts are placeholders. Here's a view of the underside: I don't have the remaining two wheels yet The next steps are building out the cab bodywork and roof, routing the pneumatic hoses, and building the base of the pneumatic crane arm. I imagine routing the hoses and finding places for the manual valves will be the toughest part of the model.
  3. If time permits, I plan to enter this new contest, it seems exciting! I have settled on a 6 wheel drive crane truck with rugged tires and several pneumatic functions. Currently I have the drivetrain working with a pneumatically locked central differential. Once I work out the front end, I will add the compressor and start on the crane. My plan is to have an XL motor for drive, a servo for steering, an L motor for the compressor, and another servo to operate the valve for the diff lock.
  4. I still see sink marks in beams from 2001. The main aspects I see decreasing in quality are color consistency and part tolerances. The Land Rover I got earlier this year has very inconsistent coloring and some bricks had weaker clutch power. But, when taking inflation into account, LEGO sets (price per part) have become significantly cheaper than they used to be in the 90s. I do agree that at their current price point these sets are subpar in quality and because of this I have been avoiding buying several sets.
  5. @2GodBDGloryCan you stack 2 in opposing directions and center the interface in line with the center of the driving ring to eliminate the backlash? I don’t have that part to test it.
  6. These usually find their way into other regular retail sets within a year. I can’t think of any FLL exclusive part/color combos except for the orange Technic bushing.
  7. The outer sides of the half beams are recessed inward, which isn’t seen in that CAD model. It should be significantly lighter.
  8. That counterweight is confusing — if it’s solid plastic, it must not be regular ABS because that would shrink and warp in the mold. Guess we will have to wait. If it is solid plastic, it is a shame they did not add pin holes.
  9. These new frames are reminding me of Znap… I hope those counterweight parts are actually interesting instead of decoration.
  10. I don’t think the giant model part usage has any relation to the Osprey. I’m certain millions more of those parts were made for the Osprey and they couldn’t use nearly that many in this model. LEGO makes special part-color combinations for all of their large models.
  11. A lot of non-production parts are present in the giant Peugeot 9x8 — I wonder if any will show up in the secondhand market eventually.
  12. It seems the hope for getting axles and bushes in more useful colors is centered on themes outside of Technic. The two recent recolors of the half bush have been in non-Technic themes.
  13. Someone told me to use silicone oil in pneumatics to make them work smoother, but I never had success with it because they kept sticking. If you want an oil that is essentially the same, ISO 68 hydraulic oil is a close match (I use it as lathe way oil as well). Maybe a lighter-weight hydraulic oil would be the way to go.
  14. Those lime panes suggest to me we’re getting a lime-colored Technic set in the next year or so. Also, that new plane cockpit looks excellent.
  15. That new part reminds me of the weird semi-compatible Znap parts from 1998. I have been trying to incorporate them in a Technic model recently.