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  1. TechnicRCRacer

    Technic 2021 Set Discussion

    @Ngoc NguyenI stand corrected. I’m surprised I didn’t remember, I own both pullbacks.
  2. TechnicRCRacer

    Technic 2021 Set Discussion

    Huh, I don’t recall pullbacks being 2in1 by themselves before, exciting!
  3. Looks like it! A good recolor in "Geoffrey the Giraffe Orange". I will never forget that promotional set.
  4. TechnicRCRacer

    [MOC] Rally Truck

    @Rudivdk I think your trick may have worked. For my next MOC I have started with the bodywork first. Have a look: Everything looks crooked because the hood/bonnet is not connected to the front. It is propped up by two light bley pins.
  5. TechnicRCRacer

    General Part Discussion

    I believe it comes in black as well on the roof of the Mclaren.
  6. TechnicRCRacer

    General Part Discussion

    In the 2021 X-Wing set there is a new 1x1 Technic brick with axle hole instead of a pin hole. It appears in Light Bluish Gray.
  7. TechnicRCRacer

    42125 Ferrari 488 GTE “AF Corse #51”

    This is a pretty sad set, was hoping for a different Ferrari. The panels just don’t work in my opinion. The new colors are great and I will just get those off Bricks and Pieces.
  8. TechnicRCRacer

    42125 Ferrari 488 GTE “AF Corse #51”

    Headlights look like printed 18973
  9. TechnicRCRacer

    [MOC] Rally Truck

    @RudivdkThank you for your long and helpful answer! I think MLCad is still kicking around in my hard drive, I will definitely experiment with it more. Time to try something new!
  10. TechnicRCRacer

    General Part Discussion

    Wait, you can chain them? Okay, this is something I have to try.
  11. TechnicRCRacer

    General Part Discussion

    @Doug72 My guess is that it was mainly for decoration as this was an early Bionicle/Throwbots part.
  12. TechnicRCRacer

    [MOC] Rally Truck

    @Jurss and @Rudivdk Here are some photos of the chassis: I will try them out, they may be too big. Time to pull out the 42070 again! Haha, my mistake! I misplaced my 6-pin wheels earlier and forgot to replace this one. I just replaced it! Thank you! I do not feel like I have improved on bodywork at all. The parts seem to go together in my head better than they go together in real life. I will probably try to redo the bodywork on this car side it is easily removable (not an intended feature).
  13. TechnicRCRacer

    [MOC] Rally Truck

    Thank you! I love these new tires and they were the inspiration for this build. I will definitely consider this, I am unhappy with the hood myself. I'm having trouble making it more flat because the wheels rub on the underside of the hood. Thanks!
  14. TechnicRCRacer

    [MOC] Rally Truck

    Hi! After several attempts, I feel like i finally have something presentable: Not exactly sure what to call it as it isn't really a real car, but I like to think of it as a rally truck. It has independent steered suspension in the front and a live axle in the back. It also has a dummy flat 4 engine in the front which is connected to the rear wheels via silicone LEGO band (because the chassis is too dense for any other method). More photos: I posted this here for feedback before I make instructions. Please let me know any and every problem you can see so that I can try my best at resolving it! -TechnicRCRacer
  15. TechnicRCRacer

    42124 Off-Road Buggy

    This is a brilliant idea.