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  1. It definitely struggles in high gear. It’s probably normal.
  2. Just got the Airbus helicopter for $170 (normally $210) at Costco, check it out if you’re in the western USA. They have an entire aisle of LEGO including the Icons line, it’s the most I’ve ever seen there.
  3. Did you try switching batteries? The battery box will shut off when a motor is turned on when there isn’t enough power to make it move.
  4. Rebrickable has it listed as a new element ID, so I think you are right and it is no longer beveled. I wonder why?
  5. All I can think of is one ridge cut off a ribbed hose, that has enough friction to hold on to an axle end and comes in many colors.
  6. Fair point, I guess you cannot get shorter than 6L without modifying the cable. You can make longer links though.
  7. They have done a similar latch system in the past with the old flex cables, and while fragile when opened, they hold very tight and secure when closed. EDIT: I just realized we already practically have customizable links when combining flex cable, rigid hose that is 2L shorter than cable, and 2 ball socket flex cable ends.
  8. Small update: I took this to the yearly LEGO convention in my area and won a small award. We don’t really have a Technic category unfortunately so I display under the robots and mechanisms category. I am thinking about revisiting this MOC and fixing some details, especially the sides.
  9. Just wanted to share some photos I came across at a relative's house. These were taken around 1993 I believe.
  10. I had a case of slimy tires in a 1998 set. It seems 90s and early 00s sets are prone to degrading tires. I was able to remove the sliminess almost completely (at least temporarily) with undu (basically lighter fluid). Not slimy anymore, but can't attest to the longevity of the restored tires.
  11. Wow, I didn’t realize that it had been so long since they were made.
  12. Did anyone notice part 63869 in white up by the rotor? Also I hope that black soft axle is 14L but it is probably 16L.
  13. Also in the BTTF DeLorean and UCS Landspeeder. Happy this part color combo returns!
  14. Yeah, I would prefer avoiding PU being mandatory in contests for several reasons. I was watching the Power Puller Technic set VHS and thought it might be interesting to have a contest centered around building those machines. Maybe they have to fit a certain volume like last contest and pull as much weight as possible with motors (no third party electronics).
  15. @mahjqa Here’s the video and brand of wire I used: