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  1. Brain in a vat

    Very cool! I wonder whose brain it once was... I have never seen the banana torso before, what set did it come from?
  2. LEGOLAND non-production parts

    I found some 2L Technic pins with bushes at the end in rust, a color that it has not been made in before. I am not sure if it is just dark with age or if it is actually the rust color.
  3. What Causes Lego Bricks to Deteriorate?

    I have had a fairly recent ambulance plane (I don't know the set number, but I got it two years ago) and yesterday I found that the two clips at the back had broke! I have no idea why, it was stored on a top shelf for a bit then on a dresser at room temperature.
  4. The best large ceeation I have ever seen!
  5. [MOC] Small Civilian Speeder

    That would look nice! There is (almost) always room for detail!
  6. [MOC] Small Civilian Speeder

    Yeah, I guess I agree, but a tiny jet on the back would look nice!
  7. I think I found them:
  8. [MOC] Small Civilian Speeder

    Cute! Does the trans-black plate pop off easily? I would suggest adding more detail to the rear.
  9. [MOC] Brick's'tronaut - Moments in space contest entry

    Wow, impressive! I like how you squeezed so much detail into this small model!
  10. [MOC] Two new builds

    The second spaceship is based off a set, so it is supposed to be flat. Awesome models, I like the skiff very much! Hope to see more models by you soon!
  11. Hello! I'm HeraldicBanner!

    @HeraldicBannerNice to see you finally join! Hope to see you in Sci-Fi and Technic forums!
  12. Thanks a lot! I hope to add the sides soon and I should finish this by July so I can make it to a convention!
  13. Space Monkey

    Very cool! I did not know the globe/helmet piece fit over the monkey! I need to get one sometime...
  14. Time To Charge!

    Pretty cool! I especially like how the robot is big with stubby legs! What set does the panel with electric print come from?
  15. I am loving how the front is coming together