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  1. Your Best Technic Bargains

    I got mine for $20, nice deal!
  2. Advice for my ski lift?

    Can’t wait to see it! I have always wanted to build an amusement park style ride, but every time I try it ends up way too big.
  3. Strange Motor Noise?

    I don’t have the motor, but it sounds like other non-LEGO motors I have used. It is probably just normal noise.
  4. I hope some of the cheaper H2 sets come in orange or blue.
  5. I saw something online that could do something similar. It had a link attached to a 3 x 3 bent lift arm, with another link at the other end. I have seen it used on PF remotes to change from up/down to left/right. Check the top left picture in this photo. (Doing this from phone, please tell me if this is too big)
  6. [HELP] Steering link question

    Pretty sure they are the same strength. From my experience, the ones with stoppers can only have ball joints inserted through one side.
  7. It comes in many sets. https://www.bricklink.com/catalogItemIn.asp?P=6538c&colorID=88&in=A
  8. I have all the small 2018 H1 sets now. The hook loader does have a DBG connector and has several nice parts. The pullbacks are as expected, nothing special. The engine popping function doesn't work well at all!
  9. Custum water tanks for LEGO

    Nice! Do you have a file of the tank so I can print it?
  10. RC4WD Wheel Adapters

    Nice, but the price is too high. Does anyone know of designs online so I can print my own?
  11. Bugatti Chiron + Rebrickable

    I was just thinking about this earlier! I am debating whether to take apart my Williams F1
  12. Just approved! https://rebrickable.com/sets/42074-1/racing-yacht/#parts
  13. 42071 was approved on Rebrickable, here is the link! https://rebrickable.com/sets/42071-1/dozer-compactor/#parts The Racing Yacht should be up soon.
  14. One RED shock! I like them!