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  1. Hi! Here is a small model for Bricks by the bay convention: (yes, I know, the back is bent in this photo) Features: -Steering (that's it ) Hope you like it! -TechnicRCRacer
  2. [MOC] Offroad SUV (Done already! Wow!)

    Done It's kind of ugly, but it does the job. I will try to make a video but I ill be gone fir the next week. Suggestions welcome! -TechnicRCRacer
  3. [MOC] Project Supercar X (DONE!)

    Sorry for not replying for a while, I have been sick. Here are the photos! @Didumos69 @Erik Leppen @agrof i will just use this topic then, thanks! @mocbuild101 Maybe! I'm still thinking! Should I make a video? Also some outdoor shots? Notes on the final car: I am actually kind of proud of this. It's definitely not the best out there, but to realize that my brain farted out something cool to me makes me happy P.S. See me at Bricks by the Bay!
  4. 42081 - Volvo Autonomous Loader

    Interesting! I also noticed an orange flex axle. I probably won’t be getting it because of the price and I think it is not worth it for parts.
  5. [MOC] Project Supercar X (DONE!)

    Thanks for your input! @mocbuild101True, those were just names I thought of on the spot. @Erik LeppenI was also OK with Supercar X, but I wanted to hear from other members about name ideas. @Didumos69That's a great name! I will wait to see if any other people suggest a name first. @agrofI changed the look of the rear, but the panels are not flipped. Overall, I think it looks good! Parts have arrived! Pictures later tonight! P.S. Should I post a separate topic for the finished model?
  6. Powered Up

    Meh, I liked the old train remote better. I hope so!
  7. Ideas for Mobile Roller Coaster moc

    Oh yes, those are fun! This MOC sounds very exciting and I am looking forward to the build process! Are you going to build a new truck or are you reusing the old one?
  8. Very nice! I like how the blades move in the right pattern as a normal quadcopter! Awesome video, what software did you use? Check these out:{"iconly":0}
  9. [MOC] Project Supercar X (DONE!)

    Parts have been ordered! I am working on the rear window and the taillights right now. Now for the "fun" part: Choosing a name! I really don't know what to call this Here are some names I thought of: Red Fury Destroyer of Lap Times Low Blow Brainbender Track Ripper Lap Launcher Or just Supercar X! Please suggest names! I am out of ideas!
  10. [MOC] Project Supercar X (DONE!)

    Wow, thanks for replying! I am defintiely following what others say. Stay tuned for progress!
  11. 42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    I cannot think of any smart questions to ask I do want to know @Skiing Biology God‘s question #2. @Ngoc Nguyen Don’t start this again.
  12. 42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    Looks good! I especially like the panels on the front and sides. Super happy that there are red 3x11 panels!
  13. [MOC] Project Supercar X (DONE!)

    Oh, that’s what you meant! Sure thing!
  14. [MOC] Project Supercar X (DONE!)

    I checked and they are not. That part may be changed soon. Thanks! How should I change the rear?