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  1. [MOC] RC Truggy

  2. [HELP] Buggy Motor Price

    Pretty good deal, got an 8366 for $50. TEST IT! I cannot emphasize enough! This happened to me with several micromotors
  3. What is your favourite Lego Star Wars set ever?

    Hmm... Would it be my new favorite, I have to see it myself when it is released! (I will never be that lucky)
  4. Picture frame as minifigure display

    Those look very nice! I don't have enough minifigs for a display like that, mostly classic space
  5. What is your favourite Lego Star Wars set ever?

    Yup! So is that what they are talking about? A new UCS MF???
  6. What is your favourite Lego Star Wars set ever?

    UCS MF. It is very cool! A relative of mine has one NISB. It is a HUGE box!
  7. LEGOLAND non-production parts

    Sorry to bump a slightly old topic, but this is just amazing! So many rare parts! I have ordered my first non-production part. It is a red Technic beam frame, probably a test shot. Picture soon. (Actually it will be quite a while, ordered from a faraway seller)
  8. "De-Yellowing" Modulex Bricks help?

    Why don't you find a very cheap Modulex brick in bad condition on BL as an experiment with the hydrogen peroxide? I found this video for normal bricks: Haven't tried it myself...
  9. Awesome! Glad you're continuing this! How did you find a working one? All the ones I buy all are turned to dust.
  10. This poll not working on iOS and Safari.
  11. General Part Discussion

    Huh? Is this a hint to TC13
  12. It wasn't that bad!
  13. Started building already, pretty wacky already! I will post a discussion topic soon(I have only built the rear suspension)