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  1. 10: 10 1: 6 7: 4 20: 3 18: 2 19: 1 Good luck!
  2. [WIP] Nissan Xterra

    What a beautiful photo! I love the setting and especially the glowing mountain!
  3. I would build them up. They can go for a lot! I see some tires I may be interested in
  4. [ TC-12 ] KitchenWarerior

    Wow, I am blown away! One of the wackiest racers I have seen! I like the use of common objects to make a deadly race vehicle!
  5. 4x4 Rock Crawler

    This is my favorite rock crawler because it is so fast! I have waited for someone to make a rock crawler that doesn't use a geared down XL motor How did you connect the Li-Fe battery?
  6. General Part Discussion

    That is the reflection of the table. @djm I think you're spot on!
  7. [WIP] Nissan Xterra

    Wonderful display! Both models look great! The model to the right kind of looks like a Mercedes
  8. Absolutely perfect! Please post it on Rebrickable, I would love to build it!
  9. General Part Discussion

    It looks pretty useful! Where did you get it? I have had problems where T-Beams weren't long enough.
  10. Nico71's Creations

    Outstanding model! Reminds me of what I tried to do with my Night Racer. Your model is an excellent representation of the real car!
  11. [EV3] GLaDOS

    Wow, this is stunning! Excellent recreation!
  12. [MOC] AC Cobra 427 V2

    Definitely supporting!
  13. [TC12] Fire Ant - One-minute pitch

    @LvdH What about the green band? Is it the same as the red band?
  14. Corvette C7 ZR1 MOC

    Very small and amazing! I can't believe you fit an engine into it! I have had problems with the front of my cars too, my supercar looked like the front got squashed
  15. [TC12][WIP] Formula 2.0 (Dropped out)

    Ooh, stud shooters! This is going to be interesting!