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Found 10 results

  1. Hi All, I'm looking for LEGO Prototype figures/pieces (preferably Star Wars but will hear anything out) as well as any other rare LEGO items. I recognize the high cost some of these items command and am willing to pay them. Please shoot me a PM if you have any of these items are know of someone that does! Thanks, Samuel
  2. SkyKnight

    can anyone tell me please?

    i try to find this custom hair and tail can anyone tell me where can i get this? please please i really want this so much
  3. Cloveapple

    Rubber hair

    Does anybody know of a list anywhere of the hair pieces which are made of thin rubber (like Gandalf) or thick rubber (like many of the Friends hairstyles) instead of the more traditional ABS? I'm especially curious whether there are any more thin rubber hair pieces besides the ones for Gandalf and Saruman.
  4. I thought I'd make a thread here for some custom superheroes I made with dyed hair pieces, which stops me posting them over in the Purist thread. The lack of certain hair pieces in particular colours can really limit the creation of certain characters so I have been obsessing over way to get hold of them since I started customising. My friend has been trying out various dyeing techniques (which is how I ended up with my version of Alpha Flight's Sasquatch) but he finally found one that seems to work OK on hair. It isn't super-robust - it wouldn't stand up to play - but it's fine for taking some pictures of. All the below are characters I created previously, but that look better with a custom hair piece. If anyone else has made any custom hair pieces, please feel free to add to the thread - not limited to superheroes either - that's just my obsession! Also, if anyone can think of any others I could try out, please suggest! Also, all design credits are on the Flickr photos themselves. She-Hulk: Psylocke: Black Widow: Polaris: Wolfsbane: Black Queen: Trevor Fitzroy and Bantam:
  5. After looking at some of my LotR characters I decided I would go one step further in making them stand out by giving them hair pieces. The problem is I am not sure which are the best hair options. The main characters I am looking at right now are Eomer and Theoden. Eomer in particular needs to stand out because the cloak alone just isn't doing it for me. I have tons of other minifigures with his face, torso, and helm serving as generic Rohan Soldiers and the cloak is the only thing I use to differentiate Eomer from them. Theoden is already pretty unique with his brown and gold armor but I would like a hair piece for him as well when he isn't all geared up. What have others found to be the best hair piece for these two characters? I was looking some up on BL and it seems the female hair pieces are the best for Eomer as he has fairly long hair? Which is the closest match to his hair in the movie though? I also would like to find some better hair for Gandalf and Lurtz if anyone has any good suggestions for them, though they aren't as important. Their current hair doesn't really look that good and I am sure there are better options out there.
  6. Toa_Of_Justice

    {LDD MOC} Violet Bolt

    Violet Bolt is an electric female hero. She even has electric hair. Her weapon is a double-ended lightning staff. Violet has a ferocious hatred of Voltix and a crush on Mark Surge. She often fantasizes about giving Voltix the shock of his life while saving Surge from him. Click any picture for a larger version. {LXF File} - {Brickshelf Gallery} -Toa Of Justice
  7. Hello The famous Castle Neuschwanstein by King Ludwig II. Next to the experiment of some new hairy trees and stairways, this is my second entry to the MocOlympics 2013. More pictures on flickr and MOCpages. (You can find my entry to the first MO round here. ) I hope you like it. Jonas
  8. Hey everybody, As some of you will know I am in the brisk of madly creating LEGO Tintin MOC's and so forth, so my question is how would I make tintin's iconic hair? Obviously I will need to customise a lego hair piece, I'm thinking this piece... In orange, though I will need to create the quiff of hair. I call for help from the amazing customisers or Eurobricks! Kind Regards, Sand
  9. Legopard

    [MOC] Disney - Tangled

    Hello For the third round of the MocOlympics i build a new MOC. Categorie: "Disney Princess" I build the tower from the movie "Tangled": For more Detail-Pictures and Scenes with Minifigs klick here. Feel free to leave a comment. I hope you like it. Jonas