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Found 12 results

  1. Hi everybody, Hopefully I'm in the right section. So, I don't own an Axl from Nexo Knights and after looking at the images online, it looks like his torso is made of two parts: one minifigure torso, and the top bit that attaches to it. Could anybody take a photo of the inside of the torso for me? I am very curious, I wonder if the two parts can be separated. If so, I hope the print on the bottom part covers the full torso, I'd like to use it to make a normal-sized Axl. Thanks! EDIT: Since I posted this, I have bought an Axl myself, and I can confirm that the piece does not attach through the arm holes. I believe it is glued at this point, but I am not interested in breaking it for confirmation. I can post specific photos if requested.
  2. Hey, everyone. I'm planning to start a stop-motion brickfilming hobby, and there's one piece I am looking for. I need multiple copies of the minifigure torso & arms of Velma Dinkley from Scooby-Doo. BrickLink - Part 973pb2063c01 - Velma Torso I'm having no luck finding any copies of this piece anywhere on the Internet, and the Velma minifigure tends to be very expensive. So I could use some help from you guys. If anyone has any Velma minifigures that include her torso & arms or the minifigure piece alone, please feel free to reply if you're interested in helping me and I'll Private Message you. Thanks!
  3. Hello, folks! I am working on a project, and I'm looking to see if anyone is aware of an image repository of *every single* minifigure. I'm looking for images that are consistently taken (i.e. same camera, same lighting, same minifig position, etc.). It would also be great to separately have images of all of the heads. If anyone is aware of such a repository, or knows how one would go about getting such a complete resource from Lego or the like, I'd certainly appreciate it. I've already been working with the developer for "The Unofficial LEGO Minifigure Catalog" app, and am still trying to work through talks. I'm not sure if it will pan out, so I'm looking for any other available resources. Thanks, team!
  4. I've gone through and added every standard decoration currently available in LDD to separate torsos and heads, in order of how they are in the decoration menu. The best way I've found to use these, is to grab which ones you want, separate them from the rest, select them all and Ctrl-C to copy. While LDD is open, it will remember what you have copied into the clipboard. Open your current project and Ctrl-V to paste in your desired pieces. Or you can simply press Ctrl-I (that's "i") and import the decorations files as a whole. This import method might cause some lag or crashing on weaker systems though, as you will be pasting over 300 pieces into your current project. If you are copying an existing official LEGO set, then it's better to look at the instructions, and use the former method to grab what you need beforehand. Just personal experience from using LDD for years. Torsos: Link to shared file: Some of the backs have been done, but not all. To be honest, I'm burnt-out after doing 340 of the buggers lol. Not all colour schemes are 100% correct, as most are from memory, and I'm not going to look through over 300 torsos to find the right colours. But fear not, friends. Ones that don't have the correct colours have been painted logically (dark decal has a lighter torso, and vice versa) to make them relatively-easy to find. Heads - Updated (22/06/18): Link to shared file:'s+Decorated+Heads+-+Updated.lxf Update: I've now sorted the heads into a couple of categories. From top to bottom of screenshot: Back of head decals, Female decals, Male decals, and Monster type decals. Hope you find these useful. Anything beats the awful menu that has a mind of it's own, right?
  5. Here guys, I got a few of the minifigs at a convention and wanted to know if anyone has seen them before. They haven't been opened and have just been sitting at my desk, the torso doesn't appear to be a decal or anything, so I thought i'd get your opinion.
  6. JabbaFett

    Six packs torso?

    I'm looking for a minifigures with six pack torso and no accessories whatsoever on it (not like the current series 15 minifigures' Wrestler which has a champion belt printed on it, same applies for series 5's Boxer). Any suggestions? Thanks :D
  7. Hey all, Been getting my bearings around the threads and all and I noticed something kind of worrying on the Custom Decal front. From what I've read there seems to be a difficulty with having white in you decal design. Especially if your are making your decals with something like Testors Waterslide decal paper or similar. My question is is there a reason that White can't be printed with a inkjet printer and show up on the decals. I know the reason why Metallic colors can't be done since Printers can't print metallic (which you think by now we would have ones with addable inks that can) without it just being Grey. I'm sorry if this has been explained else where I don't want to make a thread on a covered subject. But I thought I'd ask the experts. Main reason I ask is I want to have whites for the eyes of my minifigures with glasses like Good Cop's and also you got to have white for the Octan logo. Anyway let me know and I'll figure it out from the pros. Thanks all, Plokman
  8. Nekchir

    Female Torso WIP

    Apologies for crap photos. Based on what you can see, give any critiques. Thaaaaanks.
  9. I need to take the print of the lower two pockets, and nothing else, off of the below torso for a custom WS civilian Steve Rogers I'm making, but I'm not sure how to go about it. I've heard that pencil erasers work, but I don't know how precise that method would be. I've also heard about Brasso, but I'm not sure I want to buy a whole bottle, even a small one, just for one project. I had the idea of Goo Gone on a Q-Tip, but I'm not sure if that'd work. I'd really appreciate some suggestions from seasoned customizers, since this is my first non-purist custom minifigure. Here's the torso: I'll post the finished minifigure here when I have the rest of the parts.
  10. While ordering some lamp posts from Brickforge (which are awesome, by the way), I came across this: I'm working on a few custom figures, and that torso and pant would work fantastically. I pose to you this query: can anyone identify it? Does it come in other colors perhaps? Cheers!
  11. So, this is what I have so far... A kimono-like decal that I am working on... But I really want to add details to it... However when I try to do that, it begins to look like sketch rather than the clothing of a lego minifigure... Anyone have any advice on how to make it look more detailed, without making it look too "busy"? Thanks, ~Deme
  12. For the past few hours, I've been trying to make a decent decal for the torsos of a few of my minifigs. However, it has not been working out well... I cannot describe exactly what I am trying to create, as it is based off the uniform (in my head) that certain characters in a novel I am writing wear. Let's just say it is along the lines of a kimono... So, what I really am trying to achieve is the "wrinkle" effect that you see in the printing of most modern LEGO torso designs. As seen here: Note: look to the bottom of her kimono/dress for the creases/wrinkles... The "kimono" I am designing is less feminine, and completely white... so I can't just really copy the design of this one... So, does anyone have any advice on how to achieve the wrinkle/crease effect that LEGO uses to make the printing of their torsos look like actually worn clothing...such as the subtle lines on the second layer of her dress/kimono? And or any other tricks that LEGO uses when designing their torsos... Thanks, ~Deme PS: Hoping I posted this in the right sub-forum.