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Found 26 results

  1. LegoMathijs

    [MOC] Town Square Toilet Paper Statue

    In The Netherlands, people are hunting for toilet paper because the Covid-19 crisis. People are afraid the toilet paper runs out of stock, so they go to the supermarket to buy as much as possible toilet paper rolls. We have to take care of each other and the toilet paper. That's why I built this statue The Toilet Paper Statue brings people together to celebrate the existence of the toilet paper Pictures: 01_Town_Square_Toilet_Paper_Statue by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 02_Town_Square_Toilet_Paper_Statue by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr Pictures also on Flickr:
  2. Back in October, Lego launched a James Bond-themed contest on Ideas. I didn't initially plan on entering, but ultimately got an idea that I thought was original and interesting enough. I mostly did that because I wanted to challenge myself and to try to do something difficult, something I had never done before, and didn't care about winning a prize. So I came up with a Lego rendition of M's bulldog statue, seen in Skyfall and Spectre : Now, obviously this is the real version. Here's my build : I initially wanted to use slopes and curved slopes to shape the flag, but it didn't look really good, so I decided to use plates instead. The studs would help erase the stairway effect created by the different layers of plates, and create a generally smoother shape. Plus, it would make the distinction between the dog and the flag clearer. When I found out - much to my surprise - that I ended up being one of the two Runner Up Winners, I decided I couldn't let my entry stay a digital build only, so I made a few changes to the model, ordered the necessary parts, and built a physical copy of the MOC : Most of the changes are invisible : some parts that don't exist yet have been swapped for parts that do exist (like the 1x3 jumper in red, or the 1x1-1x1 bracket in white), there's been a few structural changes to make it easier to attach the head and the chest to the body, and I've added a small pedestal that showcases the MOC better, and more importantly that helps securing the arms (otherwise they'd only be attached to the body with a single stud, and could easily fall off). You can see how the MOC is built by checking the 3D model on Mecabricks, and if you want to build it yourself, you can get the parts list here.
  3. LegoMathijs

    [MOC] Hogwarts secrets

    Last week, I've made a Harry Potter MOC. This MOC isn't based on a scene of the movies, books or videogames. Harry has discovered a secret room in Hogwarts. He have to turn the statue to find a secret book. Some pictures: 01_Hogwarts_secrets by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 02_Hogwarts_secrets by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 03_Hogwarts_secrets by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr This picture shows the playable function in this MOC: 04_Hogwarts_secrets by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr I hope you like this Harry Potter MOC :) Pictures also on Flickr:
  4. Magma

    [MOC] Modular City Park

    Hi all. This is my first time posting in the town forum. I just wanted to share a MOC I built for our local Lego show "BrickExpo" in late July 2016, which I only recently had the chance to photograph properly when it was part of a recent LUG collaborative display at the Bricks at Woden School show, and then again when I set it up at home a week or so back. I wanted to build a formal park that was in scale with the Modular buildings, with the aim of having a larger display piece that could be used in the LUG's collaborative layouts. I had already prototyped corner and side modules when LEGO announced the Fun in the Park set, and that set inspired me to proceed with it. So over the course of several months in early 2016 I built all the rest of the park modules. I realised later on in the build that I needed to provide wheelchair access for the new fig, so I turned a side entrance into a ramp and made it the focus of an "opening" scene for the new access ramp. I bought the Fun in the Park set on day one of release and had an entertaining time posing figures (I did use all of them from the set, but one is out of sight on the far side), and thought up a few more minifig scenes as well. The Park also gave me the chance to try some different techniques, especially with the trees, which I made from techniques I saw online and with some variations of my own. Jokingly I refer to it as "UCS Fun in the Park". In the following two overview shots taken at the show, one LUG member built the brick-built roads, and another built the multi-coloured row of town houses in the back. Various members contributed sets etc. Overview 1 Modular City Park Overview 1 by Magma Xenoliths, on Flickr Overview 2 Modular City Park Overview 2 by Magma Xenoliths, on Flickr The Opening of the access ramp Modular City Park 3 by Magma Xenoliths, on Flickr Close up of the Statue end of the Park - a tribute to our founders Modular City Park 4 by Magma Xenoliths, on Flickr I guess I am a romantic at heart... Modular City Park 5 by Magma Xenoliths, on Flickr Kids enjoying the park Modular City Park 6 by Magma Xenoliths, on Flickr Corner Modular City Park 7 by Magma Xenoliths, on Flickr How the park is constructed Modular City Park 8 by Magma Xenoliths, on Flickr And because the park itself is modular, it can be used in a smaller configuration if required! Modular City Park 9 by Magma Xenoliths, on Flickr Larger versions of all photos can be found in the flickr album here for the extra keen: Thanks for taking the time to have a look.
  5. Count Sepulchure

    [LDD MOC] The Emperor's Balcony

    Hello folks, It's me again, this time around with a WH40K-inspired digital creation that I built for a contest of... balconies. It's a strange world, but you just have to keep building. No accuracy intended here, just general inspiration as far as architecture goes, whilst the figure strays even further off the path. But hey, the scale dictated my options... Thanks for your attention, and keep on building! .)
  6. One of the great Eslandian heroes of the war with Mardier was Maurice of Greene, Prince of Brickwall, Cousin to King Fernando, and descended from a long line of Eslandolan military leaders, Maurice led the decisive charge in the Battle of La Puebloto. Maurice fell in battle, but his gallantry turned the tide and won the day. Now, his sacrifice is honored with a memorial in Puerto Desafio. As the citizens pass by the memorial every day, many stop to admire the large sculpture of Maurice on horseback, leading that charge. Elders explain to their children the sacrifice Maurice made. A veteran of the war stops to salute the fallen leader. The Prince of Brickwall, and the Eslandian ideals he exemplified, will not be forgotten. A small art & culture build for Puerto Desafio. All C&C welcome.
  7. Bardo is known for it annual music festival, and one of the constant reminders of the importance of music in this island town is the statue of the Pied Piper at the center of a small fountain near the center of town. Children and animals seem drawn to the statue. Some say the wind plays an alluring tune when it blows around the statue at just the right direction off the ocean. And local custom has turned the fountain into a wishing well. And it's not just children who throw coins in the well; couples also believe the fountain brings good luck. A view of the full build: ------------ A quick build to add a small art & culture property to Bardo. All C&C welcome.
  8. Brikkyy13

    [MOC] [WIP] Large scale C-3PO

    In 2012 LEGO released 10225, the UCS R2-D2. It remains one of my favorite sets of all time, but I've always felt like something was missing... and now with a new BB-8 model coming (that appears to be in the same scale as R2-D2), it's obvious that C-3PO needs to be done next. So I set out to build one myself... and so far I've succeeded... kind of. Legs by Brikkyy13 ., on Flickr back by Brikkyy13 ., on Flickr Sections by Brikkyy13 ., on Flickr With R2-D2 by Brikkyy13 ., on Flickr Currently we're looking at 1295 pieces, and it can only get bigger. The original plan was to have it in scale with the R2-D2 set, but since I'm a bit lazy instead of doing measurements I just eyeballed it, using the size of his feet to judge how big everything should be. So the feet ended up being in scale with R2, and everything else accidentally turned out bigger. I didn't actually realize this until I took the screenshots, and I was too proud of my work to go back and change it. The next step is to make C-3PO's feet bigger to be in scale with the rest of his legs, and to continue working upwards from there. I intend on bricklinking all the parts and building this bad boy for my collection once it's finished. I will eventually post the lxf and/or instructions too. I'll update this post as I update the model. Any and all feedback is appreciated. Thanks for checking it out!
  9. LittleJohn

    Amon Hen

    My entry for Round 3 of the Middle Earth LEGO Olympics over on MOCpages. My category this time was Amon Hen. My opponent’s homepage. I really enjoyed this build, and it was fun to do a decent sized landscape again. I was a little apprehensive about having to build so many trees, but they ended up going quite quickly. In total the build took 8 days to complete. A huge thank-you to Graham and Michael for all their support and critiques along the way, I know it wouldn’t have turned out as well without them! Lots more pictures on Brickbuilt. Thanks for looking, C&C welcome
  10. Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Bat-God
  11. The Maestro

    A statue forgetten

    Standing lonely in the sea, a sight forgotten sailors once yearned to see. Seeming destined to be lost forever. Until now... A little teaser for a future build. Not sure when it will be built though, either soon or closer to the end of the year And I will do some more builds leading up to it. The Base style was inspired by the talented Jaaxaap. It was a fun little build to through together and I liked experimenting with the texture. C&C wanted and Hope you enjoy.
  12. So apparently some poor guy in China had his Statue destroyed by a loose kid.
  13. One of the best ways to navigate the core worlds of the Galactic Empire is as an Imperial officer. Even when his quarry is detained, government credentials provide great cover for moving prisoners through a crowd, and these subjects know the price of questioning the Empire. Monument to Major Tom by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr This Twi'lek took the Clawdite bounty hunter for a run through one of Corellia's famed urban parks, but was caught just behind the statue to Corellian hero Maj Ortom, the renowned spaceman and intergalactic explorer. Monument to Major Tom by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Now for a quick trip through customs and this runaway will be back to her betters aboard the Merchant One.
  14. Hello. I would like to build a life size Guts statue with metal reinforcement from inside. It would be 180 cm high and used only Lego bricks. The rope would be made of cloth. The only problem is the weight of the sword, I`m not sure it would be stable in this position... What You think? Guts by Ferenc Matyus, on Flickr guts1 by Ferenc Matyus, on Flickr
  15. Hello everyone! Here are some pictures of the making the life-size Superman statue (17.300+ bricks). The pics are not the best quality because i was focusing to built the statue as soon as possible... 2016-05-16 19.02.19 by Ferenc Matyus, on Flickr 2016-05-19 18.54.39 by Ferenc Matyus, on Flickr 2016-05-21 19.15.31 by Ferenc Matyus, on Flickr 2016-05-21 19.16.53 by Ferenc Matyus, on Flickr 2016-06-01 19.20.47 by Ferenc Matyus, on Flickr 2016-06-06 19.42.03 by Ferenc Matyus, on Flickr 2016-07-01 15.24.23 by Ferenc Matyus, on Flickr
  16. Sir Bricks a Lot

    Looking for a good Beard builder

    Hi, i am from germany and i try to build a Dwarf statue like in LotR or the Hobbit. but i have a problem with the upper part of the beard. i saw a MOC from Migalart of erebor and there was a cool beard on the statue on the front door to erebor. I use LDD and it makes me crazy that i can not continue my work. so i hope someone can help me with an advice or a short building instructions or something. Thx!!!
  17. Captain Hook by Rolli, on Flickr "Allow me? I am Captain James Bartholomew Hook, world's most famous crook - captain of the fine mighty Jolly Roger and its crew, honorable pirate, finder of many treasures and killer of the Croco... Okay, who am I kidding.." For some reason, Disney's Captain Hook was always a favorite of mine. Not really evil, clumsy and funny at times, having his own nemesis in the shape of a comical crocodile - and always being outwitted by Peter Pan. Or clumsy Mr. Smee. Long story short: I had to build him - in this iconic pose, including the crocodile. It was great fun and a challenge to build at this scale, especially with those limiting colors (I'm talking to you, magenta!). A pirate contest on the Norwegian forum Brikkelauget"]http://brikkelauget....o"]Brikkelauget provided me with the perfect opportunity so it had to be done :D Looking forward to hearing what you think and if you like Mr. Hook! Best Markus
  18. ShaydDeGrai

    [MOC] The Titan of Braavos

    Being based on George Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series and the HBO series Game of Thrones, I'm not sure if this belongs in historic themes or in "special" as just a sculpture, but since Martin was blatantly ripping off the Colossus of Rhodes and that was clearly historical, I think I'll post this here. (Moderators, feel free to move as you see fit) This guy stands about three feet tall (just shy of a meter) and made his public premiere at Brickfair New England, 2015, where it/I took the Brickee for Best Individual Builder (I offer a big thanks to all my fellow AFOLs who voted for me). A fair bit of engineering went into figuring out how to get him to lean/loom just right without collapsing under his own weight. The arms are cantilevered on technic beams through the shoulders. No glue or trans-clear parts are used to extra support, the shoulder joints actually do support the weight of the extended sword arm and the shield. Actually, there's quite a lot of technic action going on under the skin, the whole sculpture is pretty much a system of trusses with studs out in every direction and then it gets skinned in tiles, slopes and bows to give it its final form. The shield and armored kilt went through quite a number of revisions, reworkings and a few "why on earth am I even trying to do this?" moments, but in the end I came up with designs that generally worked for me. I hope you like them as well. Thanks for stopping by.
  19. Aid the Jedi Warriors as they stop the 501st Legion Clone Trooper from causing destruction at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant during Operation Knightfall! My entry includes four army-building minifigures: a female Twilek Jedi Knight sporting two blue and green lightsaber, a male human Jedi Knight sporting a single green lightsaber, a female human Jedi Padawan sporting a single blue lightsaber, and a 501st Legion Clone Trooper. The build for this battlepack is an ancient Jedi Master statue that appears in the film. Building it was very intriguing because I built the bottom half with studs upwards and bottom half with studs downwards (both halves are connected by a single Technic axle). You can see this demonstrated in a picture below where the statue has been separated. The separation of the statue is also the feature of this battlepack; in which the 501st Legion causes destruction to the Jedi Temple (the feature also symbolizes the fall of the Jedi Order). The arms rise and fall using the ball joint connectors and are locked together by another Technic axle piece. Buying multiples of this battlepack is a great idea because you can create your own Jedi Temple with multiple statues (just like in Revenge of the Sith) and build your Jedi and 501st Legion armies. Hope you enjoy my second entry, and thanks for looking!
  20. Wyndor's Saga: See what happened prior to this: Returning Before leaving Dalig Ulv, Rothgar took time to visit the statue of The Laughing Dwarf found just outside Treacleheim. OoC: I really wanted to get a different feel for my statue than what had already been done. Let me know what you think of the result.
  21. Hello everyone, this is my first participation in a challenge. The MOC is part of the dwarf quest - A: Ancestors and Heroes. Three dwarves are visiting the statue of famous Bofur Silveraxe. They pray for strength in the battles to come. (One of them is the commander of the attack boats I presented recently) This is also the first time I have tried some mosaic technique for the floor. This is why the result is so "modest" - other builders are already much more experienced in this sector. All the best for you for 2015! edit: Can someone correct the typo in the headline?
  22. Themis is the goddess of justice and law. After 1997, the suzerainty of Hong Kong has been transfered from the UK to China. Starting from this point of time, Hong Kong is deteriorating... The red architecture standing in front of the statue is the government headquarter and HK legislative council. Thank you for watching.
  23. Hello Once again an entry for the MELOs on MOCpages. My category was to interpret the following quote: “Let this be the hour when we draw swords together. Fell deeds awake. Now for wrath, now for ruin, and the red dawn!" I didn't want to build the hundredth Helm's Deep so i build the battle of Erebor from the Hobbit. There isn't an interpretation of Peter Jackson so far. That allowed me to build my own one. Highlight of building was definitely the dwarf monument. Explore more details on MOCpages! I hope you like it! Jonas
  24. soccerkid6

    The Owl (9)

    After having met with Steen and Elon, Glorfindel arranges a meeting with Joktan so they can work together against the hand and for Mitgardia. Their meeting place, the statue of the owl. Owls are considered a protector of Mitgardia, and this statue honors their service: Previous build: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=81865 Next build: All C&C appreciated