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  1. [MOC] Edificio Metropolis Madrid

    30.000 Gold plates !? Impressive... So it was designed by French architects ?
  2. [MOC] Edificio Metropolis Madrid

    Hello Mnnmtq. What is the purpose and story of the real Metropolis building ?
  3. Assembling Bricksburg

    @Jim Alright Jim. You confirm that i should do what i intended to do first. That is alright. I don't know why we are talking, there is no problem. @Toastie Hello Toastie. I am not sure who you writing to but in your message you say : " And this is why Jim told you to continue this conversation in private. " Sorry i might have missed that part. Where and when did you read this ?
  4. Assembling Bricksburg

    @Jim Thank you for trying to calm things but i will wait for an answer from my interlocutor. A discussion is over when one or both of the speakers are done. I know it may seem like i am getting angry, but i am not. I am simply asking questions.
  5. Assembling Bricksburg

    @Xon67 Ok. I respect you but i have to tell you what i think : I do not see any reason for sharing pictures of stuff that you reconstructed during hours and then sharing some of this stuff but not entirely. What is it ? You made it all for yourself ? What is the purpose ? Sorry but it doesn't make sense to me. The only reason i can imagine is that you are lying about what you really have. You sure did hard work and reconstructed stuff from the movie but i doubt that you did all of what you said you did. So please be honest and either say that you lied or say the reason why you are not sharing stuff. I am currently working on an animation and i need vehicles for the traffic and could also use some buildings for the city landscape. I spent hours rebuilding this car today. I still need to build other cars and the buildings. Understand that it would save me some efforts and time if you could really share some of your files.
  6. Assembling Bricksburg

    @Xon67 Nice job recreating Emmet's titan ! Ok. I can understand that you wish to keep some models non public. But what about sharing this privately with only the people who could make good use of these files ? Would it be ok ?
  7. Assembling Bricksburg

    Hello @Xon67, i just discovered this post recently. I am currently a beginner in 3d animation. I want to start with a Lego animation. I already have 1 or 2 idea for my first animation but once i'll be done with that, i'll have to find new animation material. I would really like to have scenes from the movie. Emmet's street would be awesome, along with the "Where are my pants"'s set and the cofee shop (I also like the downtown). Could you please share with me the files you said you have ? Thank you.
  8. Awesome. I was hoping someone would do it. I can't try it because i only have one LEGO minifigure and it doesn't have a muscle torso, if you can send a picture of the result, i am interested to see it. And i would also like to see it printed in a better quality, mine wasn't that good...
  9. Hello commander Turtle. Like i said, i worked quite some time on that, you can guess that i based myself on the movie and the images available on internet to do that robe. I had to do research to find these ressources. If you watched the movie, you have probably noticed the little hanging (virtual) piece of fabric that hangs over Batman's legs. That hanging part isn't reproduced on the minifigure you are refering to, it is only painted on the plastic. In that way, it is different from the outfit seen in the movie, the robe i made could be considered being a separate minifigure accessory (or clothe) that can be added/removed from a minifigure. That is a huge difference. Think again about who is in a bubble.
  10. Hello Everyone ! Long story short : After i watched Lego Batman the movie i wanted to see if the robe was real or only virtual. It was only virtual. So i decided i was going to make it real. Here is the preview of the file opened in Inkscape : Result once on the minifigure : Progress from the prototype to the last version : And here is the PNG file to print in A4 format : It took some time and work to do, so i hope you will apreciate and enjoy it. Remember that it was not possible to have Batman's robe before i do it and post it online. Don't cut your fingers and have fun with it ! (tags: LEGO Batman the movie , LEGO robe de chambre , batman , fanmade , paper robe , printable robe for LEGO minifigure , non official )