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Found 25 results

  1. darththeling

    [MOC] Levels of Coruscant

    Welcome to Coruscant. It's a build of playsets that stack on top of each other for practical, space-sharing reasons. We will be going from the tip of the penthouse down to the base of the megastructure, far underneath the surface where the seedy Underworld lies. This vertical build has been tinkered with since 2015. It started with Padme's apartment which was meant to sit alongside Palpatine's Arrest - but then I made an Outlander club and felt it might be worthy to have both builds combined in some way, since those scenes flow together in AOTC. The Federal district (Jedi Temple, Sheev's office and the Senate Building) could be a part of this, but to the side. This area is for civilian life. The recent TCW episodes which took place in the Coruscant Underworld gave us more of a sense of what life down there is like for the poorer Coruscanti residents. It compelled me to complete the vertical build, celebrating the glory that is this ancient urban city-planet at the heart of the Star Wars galaxy. Ordinarily I'm not into using too much rainbow color, but this is supposed to be a cyberpunk city, allowing for lots of light and billboard images where possible. I have a couple of light bricks but unsure where to place them to best effect. There's a few trans pieces in place that need Aurebesh, although I am unsure how to get them in transparent sticker format. Anyone have suggestions for printing onto transparency? Let's look closer at each of the sections. At the top of the tower we have the elite tier, political-class lodgings. Padme's balcony is a place she and senator Jar-Jar can gaze out and enjoy the perpetual sky traffic. This build was originally bigger with another room for the bed and an action feature to blow the window out (so Obi-Wan can chase the worm-droid) but action features seems unrealistic as the tower isn't probably sturdy enough for that kind of play. I don't see many Senator Padme MOCs and I think it's amusing to recreate the scene where she packs to go back to Naboo in a huff. Anakin is missing from this build - his speeder would be parked at Sheev's office. I did have CW era Anakin+Padme posing, maybe that looks better? Here's how it was before: Below this penthouse is the parking area, as well as another lodging area for wealthy or connected Coruscanti. A couple of space dudes wait for a bus or a taxi. This is the practical part of the build, the one that allows Bounty Hunter Pursuit a place to sit on the shelf. I realize that the Aurebesh is inverted, it's an old PSD file I can't locate but I am in the process now of creating new artwork for billboards to include in this build later on. Is TLG ever going to give us another AOTC speeder chase? If so, a little part of the scene (like below) would be such a welcome addition. This red block is meant to represent the Uscru entertainment district of Coruscant. This nightclub is inspired by the Outlander Club of AOTC. The space above the bar is an area for private dancing (CW face Secura standing in for a pole dancer. Need some Oolas for this room). Outside we see a shady character selling death sticks quite fearlessly. Bane looks to be waiting to meet up with some roughs for a job. The back panel pops off for access to the bar and club area. Tried to maintain the light fixtures look from the CW series along the handrails. We're going down below the surface now to the Underworld. Here we'll see a number of lower-income apartments, there's a tunnel/sewer type passage between the buildings with some rats. This prevents space to build any interior areas, but it allows for a hand to reach in a grab the whole tower (minus the base) for moving. There's a holophone around the corner. Around the back there are colored signs waiting for Aurebesh, billboards etc. and an improved Bith face advertisement. This also makes a good location to stage Ahsoka/Ventress duels. The lowest level wasn't something I'd planned to build, but the Blacktron baseplate screamed Cyberpunk to me so I had to. I had a big bin of parts from taking apart an old Slave-1 and a few other kits that I didn't have display space for, and started assembling what ended up being the 'base level' of low-rent vendors, who live a hardscrabble life among criminal gangs, rust and destitution. There's a Hutt down here, not Jabba or Ziro, just a commoner of the depths who loves deals on creap fruit. There are four businesses and one private residence, and I strongly suspect at least one is a criminal front. I did pull apart my Police Gunship for part of this build, but the plan is to make a Coruscant police speeder at some point. For now, police cam droids will have to do for law enforcement. Check out the conduit worm under the rusted panel! Gross. Once again, front and back together without the speeders from the classic set 7133-1 parked in place. Coruscant is a tricky location to try and reproduce. I've been coming back to Eurobricks for years getting ideas and inspirations from builds around here... there are some fantastic creations, and although I'm missing some, I just want to shout out to some members who have provided inspiration with these terrific builds. [MOC] CORUSCANTBy EtelEnzos. I doubt TLG would try and make a Betrayal at Bespin like attempt at Courscant, but this in an incredible interior/exterior playset. The tall foyers really capture the atmosphere. [MOC] Coruscant Pursuit By o0ger This entry proves how important it is to place the Bounty Hunter Pursuit at the Outlander club location - it helps to give a context to the build instead of just 2 speeders. Coruscant By Gerechtigkeitsliga The amount of detail and the sheer size of this monster is staggering! Look at the gap in the building for the air traffic to flow through - it's incredible. [MOC] Coruscant Hi-Rise, by Finnmoses. This one stretches beyond the imagination. It is so incredibly huge and tall it is simply mind-boggling the level of detail and content in every scene. Truly this is a Coruscanti masterpiece to behold. I hope it's still being proudly displayed by Finnmoses.
  2. Bricks4Ever

    Coruscant Underworld

    Hello guys ! Here is a Moc I’ve been wanting to build for a long time : Coruscant Underworld. I started this project in november and finished it in april, but then I needed some time to edit a video to give the vibe I wanted people to feel. Coruscant Underworld by Hugo, sur Flickr Coruscant Underworld by Hugo, sur Flickr Coruscant Underworld by Hugo, sur Flickr Coruscant Underworld by Hugo, sur Flickr For those interested in the video, here it is :
  3. *Your entry has earned 5 XP* 5800-I by Meyerj 5806-J by Meyerj 5816-H by Meyerj After making contact with my informant on Coruscant, his information was not what I was looking for. A holocron appears to be on Devaron. I think I will bring this back to Mic and see what he wants to do with this information. As for now I am heading for Tarsunt to see if I can location some Pyerce troops. 5799-K by Meyerj
  4. *Your entry has earned 40 XP* Coruscant - Lower Levels - Lift 654 - outside Kwazi's Chop Shop... High value targets from an Imperial Remnant have been spotted under the glow of an oversized pink krill by an enterprising elixir peddler. Zaz Sikari, a veteran Clawdite bounty hunter, with plenty of debt to pay, has already intercepted their taxi... Most residents won't think twice about a speeder dropping through the lift, except to get out of the way. But this taxi won't be coming back up. With the Imp's getaway out of the way, the Nemoidian buyers move in. This particular target had been around for a while. At the beginning of the Empire, he was an enforcer on Cato Nemoidia. Rumors persisted that he still kept Nemoidian artifacts and other unsavory trophies, and that it was in search of new, highly volatile artifacts that lured him into the deeps of Coruscant. This particular buyer was insistent on confronting the target himself. His drop team was merely there to secure the field. He would stay behind, to pay for the act that he insisted must be done. It wasn't long before the New Republic made their way down the lift.
  5. New version of an older build from 2017 - the Speeders have both been re-designed and I'm posting this again because there are now FREE downloadable instructions on Rebrickable! :)
  6. My name is Bohr Gotta, my job is travelling through the galaxy taking risky jobs for good price. This could be a smuggling work or hunting down the targets for who they are paying for. Some call us Bounty Hunters, but it's not only about the rewards, it's about the mission. You should study your target and need a lot of information is needed about the situation. I'm currently on Coruscant. I got some details about a commission in this city. The target is a Gungan named Uneew Sqaurs. Many of the Gungans remained from the republic's time here as the puppet of the Empire. These naive creatures serve the imperial bureaucracy and the members of the Naboo Resistance thought, they are traitors. Maybe one of them gave the order. The Empire is forgiving enough about our work and we have a good relationship. Unfortunately this planet is an exception, as it's a capital place, the Imperials have more attention. So for completing the mission, I need to study Uneew's life and find the best solution. I've been following him for weeks, then I find out he goes home the same route every day. There is an alley way, which is fairly isolated and dark. I broke into the house there, which fortunately seems deserted, so it will be the perfect place to do it. I'll be waiting for him here tomorrow... This job is done. I'm tired of this place's overcrowding, so now I want travel to a warmer and less populated planet...
  7. Location: Coruscant This takes place immediately following my Episode XVI entry. Part of this build was featured in my episode entry, so this is probably only eligible for partial xp... So … the rumors were true. Apparently. This holoimage came to me this morning, from one of my deep cover agents within the rebellion. How long have the rebels had it? Not long, as far as we can tell. How long until they attack? Days; maybe less. You’ll be shipping out after this briefing. So … our target is the rebel command ship? Not quite… No, of course not. With Grace, things are never that simple. This is the same Ops Room that Grace and I met in a month ago, when I first came to Coruscant. I’d come directly from Saleucami, with Tyria, two of Grace’s men and her droid. Then: A naval trooper offered to show Tyria to her quarters, but 2B said he’d been ordered to take me directly to the Ops Room. Courtesy requires me to warn you: if you attempt to draw any weapons in the presence of my mistress, I shall disarm you. In a very literal and permanent sense. Sergeant Kirana reporting for duty, ma’am. Sergeant Kirana, come in. We’re nearly finished. I follow 2B into the room as everyone turns back to their monitors. I’m a little thrown off balance. The last time I saw Grace in person she was coming off an extended deep cover op, posing as a civilian. She looked harmless – well, right up to the point where she stepped out of cover and killed a rebel gunner. Still, in my mind, I’d been picturing her as an innocuous older woman, not the no-nonsense ISB officer currently commanding the room. It looks like they’re running a joint operation with the Navy – a rare thing these days, when it seems like each branch of the military is out for itself, fighting to secure funding and territory against their rivals. The naval officer outranks her, but it’s obvious that Grace is in charge. Everyone knows it – except for the naval man - which is no doubt why he’s here. They wrap things up about 10 minutes later, and everyone slowly files out of the room, leaving only Grace and I. Tank Bait The Damsel in Distress. You look terrible. Yeah, well … it’s been a rough couple of weeks. Get used to it; it’s going to get worse before it gets better. I do have some good news – you’re not on any official ISB hit list. So … the Imp Cruiser that tried to shoot us down over Commenor? Gunning for Agent An, but once they saw you there, I think they decided to try and tie up loose ends. I got away, though. Am I still a loose end that needs tying? Negative. Turns out, the ISB Colonel who set you on Agent An’s trail was acting on his own. I’m not sure why he wanted Agent An dead, but he frakked up. He either didn’t realize, or didn’t care, that the Royal Guard was also looking for Goatm. They didn’t want him dead, though. They had other plans for him, poor bastard. Ok, so the mission against Agent An is a no-go. Won't the Colonel still come after me? He’s dead, Kirana. Along with his family, and most of his staff. The Royal Guard does not screw around. Ah. Roger that. So … what now? Now, you work for me. Work turned out to be more varied than I’d expected. A few big, joint ops like the battle at Xizor’s palace, and plenty of the kind of ‘deniable’ jobs that I’d gotten used to with my old SpecOps squad. But, we also spent a surprising amount of time doing what seemed like public relations work. Bringing medical supplies to an outer rim colony, evacuating refugees in the path of a planetary storm; we even trained a local security force that was having trouble with raiders. I don’t know if the ‘hearts and minds’ jobs came from up the command chain, or if they were Grace’s own initiative, but one thing was clear: she was playing a long game. Which brings us back to today. Now: This is Lieutenant Thrace Jepson, currently assigned to DS2 as a Weapons Officer. He needs a ride off the station, and you’re it. Um - we’re sort of overkill for a taxi mission, yeah? His father’s an admiral. Loyal to the Empire, but worried that the battle station is going to become an unsafe work environment for his only son. Probably soon. Can’t his buir get him transferred off? And look like he betting on a rebel victory? Not a good career move. But getting an admiral in your debt would be a great career move for you. I like it. I don’t know, ma’am. Sneaking onto the battle station and helping an officer go AWOL seems like… … treason? Oh, that’s rich Kirana, especially coming from you. What’s that supposed to mean? Last month, when you thought ISB forces were trying to kill you, what did you do? Did you turn yourself in, trusting in Imperial justice? No, you called me to come save your shebs, and I had to call in more favors than I like to do it. Why do you think those people owed me favors? You think they get assigned randomly each month? This is how the game is played, Kirana. There are no heroes here. No villains. It’s all shades of gray, and everybody’s doing what they can to take care of their own people. Get your kit sorted – the shuttle lifts off in 20. You'll get the details en route, but we're up against the clock. The rebels are coming.
  8. My first MOC since ages I was watching Episode II today and was a little bit upset that there is no update for the coruscant speeder pursuit. So I decided to make my own Coruscant Speeder. And with the first pictures of Han Solo sets appearing, I thought: "Lets make it Han Solos Speeder." And here it is. Totally flimsy. That is, because I only used the parts of set #75918. That made the building challenge a bit harder I hope you enjoy it.
  9. Coruscant. Sub-level 19. Pump station FK-523b. An osik place for guard duty. The pair of Black Sun goons with hand torches shine them nervously back and forth, trying to push back as much of the darkness as possible. They know someone’s coming for them. They’re expecting rebels, maybe pathfinders, so they’ve got full coverage of the two service walkways leading up to the pump station. They can almost be forgiven for overlooking the discharge pipe which empties out 12 meters above them. Especially considering that the pipe’s next closest opening is six kilometers away. That’s right, six kriffing kilometers through a pipe almost, but not quite, big enough to stand upright in, knee deep in osik all the way. Arjun's operating our probe remotely. He's had it hugging one of the hot water pipes, to make sure it doesn’t get picked up by the guards’ thermal sights. I project its display onto my helmet’s HUD to make sure the targets haven’t moved too far, check my rappelling line one last time, and signal to Kom’rk that I’m ready. Maze drops a stun-grenade down the hole and, for the Black Sun guards below, the darkest night becomes blindingly bright and the sound of rushing sewage is drowned out by an incredibly loud explosion. Note: the remaining images have been light-enhanced for clarity. One one-thousand. As soon as I hear the explosion I drop, firing straight down. Somewhere behind me, the heavy gunner blindly opens fire. Two one-thousand. I've rhapsodized before about the beauty of stun grenades. The rodian and the nikto are going to be blind and deaf for at least a few more seconds, but the gunner’s NVGs should recover pretty fast. My feet hit the walkway as the heavy gunner tries to bring his weapon to bear. Three one-thousand. Even though I’m expecting the second stun-grenade, there’s still a moment of fear when my vision whites out completely. Keeping a firm grip on the rail, I make my way toward the ladder as my teammates drop down like avenging angels of death. A burst from Kom’rk’s Deece-17 takes care of the heavy gunner and his assistant, and Maze’s slug-thrower … well, it’s extremely effective at close range. My optics reset in the few seconds it takes my teammates to descend, and I stop the rodian’s panicked flight with a quick burst of weaponized light. “Arjun, where’d the lizard go?” "Moving the probe - stand by." I'm already starting up the ladder. The service entrance to Xizor's palace is just half a klick further - plenty of places for the missing trandoshan to hide in the dark, but the dark is my ally too. The lizard's already dead, it just doesn't know it yet. Kom'rk puts out the comm call. "Shadow 2-1 to Shadow Actual. Pump station has been neutralized, proceeding into the palace." "Solid copy 2-1. Good hunting."
  10. My prize-winning contest entry for a micro-build contest where you could build anything Star Wars as long as it was done within an 8 x 16 stud width limit :) *feeble attempt at instructions for the speeders included at the end in case anyone's interested...
  11. darththeling

    [MOC] Midi? Jedi Council Chamber

    Here's a Jedi Council Chamber at a smaller than System scale, accommodating 7 of the 12 council members with just enough space for a couple of minifigs to stand in the middle. It's riffing on the similar Coruscant theme from Palpatine's Arrest, where brick supplies allowed me to piece it together. This Jedi Council lineup is based on the positions held during The Phantom Menace. Size-wise, it's just about the amount of shelf space I can afford for this playset, but it is unquestionably a long-overlooked location for an official Lego set. Plenty of figures can be crammed in there. I was inspired to finish this up and put it on the shelf after seeing Kevii23's beaut of a build (lojaco's from Lego Ideas) here. The build of the baseplate isn't very remarkable. What I would have preferred are the new connection plates from the Carbon Freezing Chamber to complete the circle. The way I did it, using regular old 2x2 plates (and) bricks with hinges creates a circle well enough but the Lego won't connect two opposite sides together properly. The studs don't line up. I managed to use a couple of 1x2 modified with hole pieces to click into place on one end but this thing is bottom-heavy overall because of the extra weight in there. The floor's just a little off kilter, but as Jedi have no attachment / possessions, no one should lose anything down the crack, rite? I tried building it higher and possibly a roof using those big round slabs that I have too many of (i.e. from the Droid Gunship) but I want this playset to match the existing Palpatine's Arrest and this location looks best without a roof anyway. Otherwise you can't see inside easily and enjoy all the Jedi sitting in the circle. Bonus pic, here's the lightsaber rack outside the Jedi Council. "Okay, who brought the red blades?" Been trying something like this for a while with mixed results but I like where this particular build has taken me. I might decide to Bricklink new connections to make the circle more sturdy, though. For now it'll do. I'm certainly open to suggestions and criticism.
  12. o0ger

    [MOC] Coruscant Pursuit

    This is my second entry in the Brickset Star Wars 'What's Missing?' building contest. 75203 Coruscant Pursuit - £49.99, $59.99, €59.99 - Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Zam Wesell This set contains 495 parts. - Track Zam Wesell in a dangerous pursuit through the skylanes of Coruscant! - Release the assassin droid from Zam's speeder and shoot at pursuers with the hidden shooters. - Chase the bounty hunter in a customised airspeeder with moveable steering vanes and a concealed storage compartment. - Activate the exploding function on Zam's speeder. - Includes two airspeeders, ASN-121 Assassin Droid and three minifigures! Here is a link to the LXF:
  13. Hello everyone! It's been a while since I made post about my MIDI-Scale starships featuring on LEGO Ideas. Lately, I finished this new image showing them in this epic combat from the very beginning of the Episode III. Considering my poor skills in image editing I'm quite satisfied with the result. You can find more info on MOCpages ( More images and informations about both ships can be found here: MIDI-Scale Invisible Hand MIDI-Scale Venator Star Destroyer Thank you for stopping by and special thanks to everyone who bothers with giving a support! Happy building!
  14. Finnmoses

    [MOC] Coruscant Hi-Rise,

    I started this massive project in the summer of 2014 but took a year-long hiatus to let it collect dust in my parents' house, only to finish it a year later. I had the most fun trying to fit all of the scenes I could into the buildings. It was challenging to light the whole thing, as well as finding a way to build it as tall as possible. In addition to inspiration I drew from the prequel trilogy, the Old Republic video games provided some neat ideas, mainly in the likeness of the citizens roaming the streets and a couple of the rooms. I tried to echo some of the classic visuals from Blade Runner and similar "cyber-slum" design motifs. Enjoy, leave feedback, and if you want to see more, hit that Flickr link! Cheers! Finn Yours truly!
  15. I will be filling this out more completely as I have time. Updated Final Version LDD File (lxf) http://www.brickshel..._jonnyboyca.lxf Old Version LDD File (Russian Nesting Doll style) (lxf) http://www.brickshel..._jonnyboyca.lxf This is my attempt at a Coruscant Jedi Temple (Prequel Episodes) in the style of the Death Star playset 10188 or the unreleased Yavin IV playset that I assembled a couple of years ago. The goal was to feature the prominent rooms and personages that appear in the prequel movie clips featuring the Jedi Temple. Most of the Jedi that appear in the the temple during the films have already been produced by Lego and these minifigs have been collected and included. The additional minifigs that are in the most part unique to Jedi Temple scenes include: Jocasta Nu, Bail Organa, the Jedi padawan that defends Bail Organa, and numerous Jedi younglings. There are a couple of council room Jedi who have not been released by Lego. However, the council room in my design only features 10 of the actual 12 seats shown in the film. These 10 seats can be fully occupied by the Jedi Lego has released that are council members in the prequel films. The main architectural feature that is currently lacking is the towers on top of the temple. The playset design behind the front facade meant I didn't find a method to anchor the towers that made me happy. External Reference Animated GIF of Rendering Entrance Reference Left/Right Stack Detatched Platforms Landing Platform Reference Command Room Reference Map Room Reference Council Room Reference Hallway Reference Library Reference Holocron Room Reference Youngling Training Room Reference Meditation Room Reference Jedi Padawan - Zett Jukassa Senator - Bail Organa Bail Organa's Speeder Chief Librarian - Jocasta Nu Jedi Youngling's
  16. This listing is for a custom LEGO Digital Designer (LDD) starfighter I have designed: Mace Windu's Eta-2 Jedi Interceptor First seen in S03E23 in the "Star Wars: Clone Wars" Cartoon Network TV series, Mace Windu's personal starfighter stands out among the other Eta-2 starfighters as one of the most interestingly-colored fighters, with a dark bluish-violet color scheme. Currently, LEGO has not made their own version of this particular starfighter, so my starfighter is perfect for filling this need Starting with the wings, I have kept the design very similar to the wing builds in #75038. The laser cannons and wing body are assembled very similarly to the original design, while there are some "touch-up" spots to improve the overall design. The cockpit is built following the new cockpit design in #75135. It is a lot stronger than past models, and it stays together quite well . Along with that, I have utilized the leftover space in the cockpit and built a seat for the minifigures when put in. I have also included two 1x3 flat tile pieces just in case you want to add custom "control" stickers for the ship. Lastly, I have updated the rear engines to make them look closer to the original ship. My design has everything you need to recreate Mace Windu's personal starfighter, and it sure won't disappoint. Here are some more images highlighting the design of the front, side, and rear end of the ship, along with a detailed view of the cockpit. If you would like to find out more about the design, you can visit the following link on MOCPages. If you are interested, I have the instructions to build the model available for purchase on eBay and Etsy. The links below will take you to the sale pages. Click here to check the listing out on eBay. Click here to check the listing out on Etsy. Please let me know what you think in the comments below, and if you have any suggestions or critiques, I'm very happy to hear them.
  17. Samppu

    [WIP] Lego Coruscant

    Hello, I am starting here a moc about Coruscant that will include: Senate Building Republic Executive Building Padme' Apartment Republic Shipyard with Acclamator Assault Cruisers as seen at the end of EP II Coruscant Underworld 1313 Scenes from above Coruscant: Battle of Coruscant, Naboo Escort and Republic LAAT carrying Obi-Wan, Mace and Yoda I post here some interesting points of progress every now and then, starting with Naboo Fighter for the escort and Senate Podium for the Senate Rotunda. Naboo Fighter still needs some minor upgrades but pretty much ready. It has two spring-loaded shooters that can be launched by pressing a button at the bottom or by pulling the joystick in the cockpit. The canopy slides also open by pressing a button, there are fiber wires to make this happen inside. Inside the structure there is a blue proton torpedo that can be launched up to 3 meters by pulling a button. With senate podiums I try to make an optical illusion by building them in three different sizes to make the rotunda look enormous. The minifigure scaled podiums are to be accessed from the great hall of the Senate Complex. -Samppu
  18. Commander Beltar

    [SoNE 9.2] "Black Sunshine"

    Please Judge this Freebuild Edit: AHHH! Just realized a part fell off before the photoshoot...Please imagine its there! Or Imagine it broke in a fight, and that's what the Imperial Patrol is for The story so far: First Day Aboard the Avenger At The Table-Before The Storm Rescue Mission Reassigned Eliminating The Competition Target Practice “Here we go again…” Evac Escape A Quick Transaction "Black Sunshine" After having missions involving the Black Sun, Beltar finally clocked in enough hours to get some alone time on his home, Coruscant. Beltar’s grandfather was a wealthy political figure in the Republic, but he had got involved in various crime syndicates over the years, he left a bulk of his possessions to his son, including a nearly mint BNTLY-1948 air speeder, one of the rarest, commonly used among the Skull Crime Syndicate back in the day, Beltar assumed this is how this one came into his possession…But first, he had to stop at his old friends, Mak’s, garage shop to pick her up… Mak: Back on Coruscant, eh old friend? I kept ‘er in the best condition I could…Was a trouble to find the parts you was missin’ Beltar: Ha! Good to see you too, always nervous, weren’t you. I’ll give you a check for all those pieces you had to acquire later, the salary of a medical officer in the empire at my level isn’t the best! Also…how many times did you taker her for a spin Mak…? I know you would… Mak: Your salary is probably better than mine down here, in these parts… And uh… Perhaps more than once… It’s a long story, but the thing is that she’s alright right now…! I was surprised that it was in the good condition that you brought it to me in! Beltar: Yea, well my good ol’ grandad loved his air speeders. Sometimes more than us. But, he got involved in some bad people, after the air speeder was shot down, he was killed, by a Corouscant gang, but surprisingly the thing was left in okay condition! Mak: You know the gang’s used to call these babies Black Sunshine’s back in the day, my father told me about it. Because apparently the Black Sun controlled the BNTLY Speeder Inc, and they sold modified ones to their partners, and rigged ones to their rivals… Beltar: I guess I learn something new every day, whether it be how to save a life or something about the Sun’s. Anyways, I should get going, vacations don’t come often! Mak: Aight ol friend! Perhaps later, I can buy you a drink! Same time as before? Beltar: Of course! Later than day while Beltar went for a ride on some familiar streets that he hasn’t seen since he joined the academy… He drove by the Falcon district, near the Eagle Bar… Something clicked in Beltar’s head. This area was controlled by the Skull Crime Syndicate, and the crate he shipped earlier this month…had the symbol of the Eagle Bar, a known hangout of the Skull C.S… As he noticed this, he spotted an air speeder out of the corner of his eye, and of course, they noticed him. And another light went off in his head, he then remembered he had seen one of them while delivering the crate, he must’ve been there to spy on the Imperials… “Gotta warn Sarge later,” Beltar muttered under his breath. And suddenly, shots fired, a chase started. Beltar knew he had to lose the Skull’s somehow, since the BNTLY-1942 was one of the smallest models built from BNYLY Speeders Inc., he saw a slight chance of fitting into the street, and he could get into alleys easier this way… Beltar: “Just a little lower, come on…” “COME ON BOYS, SHOOT HIM! YOUR AIMS IS WORSE THAN STORMIES!” “Yea, yea, yea, bossman, we got this!” “You’re all idiots….Keep firing…” “Aw, almost got him! Watch out for pedestrians though!” “SERIOUSLY? WE CAN”T LET HIM GET AWAY!” “Why bossman?” “That’s the Imp I saw on N.E.! And that’s Mr. Beltar’s BNTLY somehom!….Ha, coincidences! Lovely, lovely thing!” "Yea! We'll get 'im!" “Run! Run for our lives!” “Move! Outta my way!” “No respect for bystanders!” “THAT VIOLATES 11 CODES!” Sarge: “Wait. Is that Beltar?” “Maybe Imperials? Gotta run!” Shortly after this event, Beltar managed to lose the Skull’s through a tight alley maze, the engines where almost shot, and Beltar knew he was going to have to get this speeder fixed again. Hopefully the Skull’s don’t come looking for Mak’s Garage…or Beltar… This time, I tried to write far more than my other freebuild, because that wasn’t the best build or story wise at all. I also get better photographs! Anyways, hope you liked the build and story! C and C welcome! ~Beltar
  19. This is the next chapter of Wick Nole's story. Introduction. [soNE Freebuild] The Story Begins Chapter 1. [soNE Freebuild] A Fine Delivery Chapter 2. [soNE Freebuild] Unexpected Arrival Chapter 3. [soNE Ep. VII] "Before we leave this planet..." Chapter 4. [soNE Ep. VIII] "This is not the race you are participating in." -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Our mission on Tatooine was not successful. It seems like Black Sun knew all our plans in advance. In response to this situation the smugglers' crew Wick is travelling with was asked to follow to Corucsant and gather any possible info on the upcoming Black Sun meeting. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Unfortunately, it is not so easy to gather any sensitive information on certain districts of Coruscant. You'd need some good and trustworthy contacts, and a decent sum of credits... -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- - "Do you trust him?" - "You can never be sure. Especially here. Especially about him. But this is the best option we have." - "Our cargo should arrive soon. Let's hope he is satisfied with this." -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- A dozen minutes and plenty lines of dialogue later. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- - "As agreed, Marcus, here are the crystals you wanted. Size and quality are exactly as specified." - "Nice to work with you guys. The roof and platform are yours for today. And the building you were so interested in is right below us." - "We'd better get prepared then. The guest will start to arrive soon." -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Three Biths were the first to arrive. Most probably these are bookkeepers for this branch of the Syndicate. Or lawyers. Or both. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- And then the evening got really interesting... This was certainly some high-rank Imperial officer. It seems that the initial intel on Black Sun / Imperial meeting was true. Now the only thing to wait for is for who of the Black Sun leaders will arrive for these negotiations. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- And here it is, guarded by two bounty hunters. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Now we finally know who is "sharing" Black Sun secrets and plans with the Empire. I think other leaders of the Syndicate will be very interested in getting this information as soon as possible... -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- The build:
  20. Tasked with a new mission from the rebel headquarters, Vladivus and his crewmates have split up amongst the Black Sun in Coruscant. A Cathar lieutenant is their target, and they have positioned themselves around the sector in the hope that they will be able to follow him as he returns from the meeting. The Cathar speeds past Vladivus' position, on a modified speeder bike. Dressed as a Black Sun enforcer, Vladivus reports the sighting. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OOC: This is a bit of a rushed build, but I'm fairly happy with it. I've been wanting to try a snotted road for a while, so I figured this would be a good opportunity. Anyway, C+C is very much welcome, it's nice to build some Star Wars after rather a lot of castle!
  21. EtelEnzos


    This is my Lego Star Wars Coruscant MOC; includes the Galactic Senate, Avenue of the Core Founders, a Platform and 500 Republica Building 20150215_235234 by etelenzos, on Flickr 20150215_234958 by etelenzos, on Flickr 20150215_232709 by etelenzos, on Flickr See it on my Gallery: INFO WOOKIPEDIA -Avenue of the Core Founders: -500 Republica: -Galactic Senate:
  22. Coruscant... Councilman 1 - “Let this meeting come to order… the Guard has a new candidate for consideration… former ISB Agent Goatm An 46-1 has come recommended by several guardsmen who have witnessed his abilities as an assassin and spy. The Council has reviewed the holodisc showing his take-down of the surveillance cell on Bothawui and has read the Rebel reports related to his theft of a B-Wing prototype. We also have traced 27 questionable deaths and disappearances of Imperial officials, officers, troopers, pilots, and even guardsmen to ships in which Agent An was stationed. I should note that none of these deaths can be traced directly to An, but it is safe to say, given An’s prowess for murder, that some of these deaths could be attributed to him.” Councilman 2 - “And the possible motivations behind these attacks?” Councilman 3 - “Ambition seems to be the only correlation between the victims. Otherwise, no distinct purpose has been found.” Councilman 1 - “Perhaps our guest can shed some light on An’s activities over his… 20 year career? How old is An? Do we have any information on him prior to his enlistment?” Councilman 3 - “Nothing concrete, Councilman. His enlistment papers list his birthplace as Corellia and his age at 14; that was year 2 of the Galactic Empire. However, we have accounts of a Goatm An operating on Naboo during the Invasion 19 years prior to his enlistment,” Councilman 4 – “More testing must be done, but the Emperor will not object here; he is near-human at the very least.” Councilman 1 – “Moving on, we will now hear from a former agent with some firsthand knowledge of An’s activities over the last few years. Welcome Agent LL.” Kayotin LL – “It’s a pleasure? Sorry, I’m a little hard of hearing and traumatized at the moment. Your goons just murdered my whole crew and have been blowing up starfighters left and right.” Councilman 2 – “Count yourself lucky we needed some answers from you first. You are the mechanic who absconded to the Rebellion after your mission in the B-Wing factory, are you not?” Kayotin LL – “More like left for dead at the B-Wing factory, sir." Councilman 3 – “Agent LL, answer our questions and we will put you back to work in our hangars. Otherwise, you will join your Rebel crewmen. “Your former partner, Agent Goatm An 46-1, has been accused of a number of murders throughout the Imperial ranks. What do you know about his actions during your time together and what was the purpose of these attacks?” Kayotin LL – “From what I could tell he just didn't like the guys. He would make a point to kill specific Rebels during our missions, but he never really said why. I think he just did it for fun.” Councilman 1 – “So he WAS responsible for these 27 deaths of Imperial personnel…” Kayotin LL – “It was a few more than that…” ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Meanwhile... Goatm An, officially dead, is recovering from his wounds and using his time “off the books” to get back into space. From what he has been told, Goatm has pieced together most of his time since crash-landing on Barab II. The surviving crew of the ship had been quickly surrounded by some unknown Rebel contingent; forced down ancient roads and footpaths in an icy gorge; and cornered at the foot of a long-dead religion’s temple. When Goatm mounted a counterattack, he was betrayed by Officer VeR’s inability to shoot a Rebel gunner and blown out of the gorge. The shot from the gunner caused a massive avalanche, burying the Rebel forces and insuring VeR and Tyrus’s escape. Goatm was presumed dead. However, a guardsman of the Emperor’s Royal Guard had been monitoring Goatm’s mission and saw this as a perfect opportunity to bring Goatm into the inner circle of the Guard. A rescue team was secretly dispatched. Goatm was recovered, stabilized in surgery, and sent to an old acquaintance for cybernetic replacements. Most of Goatm’s torso was replaced along with both arms. The blast had boiled most of his intestines but cauterized much of the surrounding tissue. Goatm’s arms were lost to the cold. He now travels with his nurse-a fellow ISB agent and assassin- and a Wookiee slave in a custom light freighter commonly used by the Empire for courier details. Nurse – “Our pilot has landed and the locals are tending to the cargo, An. Do you need assistance with the merchants?” Goatm – “No, thank you. These kinds of transactions are nothing new. Please do a final sweep of the freighter; we will be selling it along with the Wookiee once these trees are off-loaded.” Nurse – “Sell the ship and Wookiee? One, who's going to buy a Wookiee? They’ll never be able to control it. Two, why are we selling a perfectly good ship? Everything else in this dock is junk.” Goatm – “The Wookiee will sell quickly; this planet loves everything exotic. And I don’t care if they can control it; better yet if they can’t. A man’s natural rights are his own; we’re just waiting for this one to realize it. “And, we’re selling the ship because we’re staying for a while, at least. I certainly didn’t shave just to wear a rebreather for an hour on the dock; the air is toxic to humans here, but only after an extended time. No, we're going to get rid of this glorified tracking device and set up in the countryside for a short while.” Nurse – “Terrible air or not, this place looks expensive. Do you really think we can buy up a place for whatever you get for a few trees?” Goatm – “Like I said, they love everything exotic and these trees won’t germinate anywhere but their home planet. The royals here will bend over backwards for every sapling they can get.” Nurse – “And why would we want stay in this expensive and toxic planet?” Goatm – “My mother grew up here, may be here now. It’s the best chance I have to find out where my father came from.” ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ “…that’s about all I can tell you; he doesn't divulge much, but when he does it’s not the typical Imperial mantra. He has his own reasons for serving the Empire; I’m just not sure what they are.” Councilman 1 – “Thank you Agent LL, your testimony has been invaluable. Troopers! Leave no trace! End transmission. “Councilmen, this leaves us much to consider.” Councilman 2 – “Time is on our side. Agent An still needs time to heal. Upon his return, he shall begin training with the Guard and when this Council next convenes, we will ultimately decide his fate.” Sorry for the long story. Please judge and leave criticisms. Thanks in advance.
  23. [MOOC] Coruscant Skytower (inspired by Madame Architect) This is not going to be a review of the RZ-1 A-Wing LEGO set so there won’t be any pictures of the box or whatsoever. Because I didn’t buy this set for the ship, but to build a MOOC made by Madame Architect. Well, just few words so. The ship is quite nice, but for me as it’s not an iconic ship of Star Wars, it was never on my wish list. I only bought it to build this Skytower. I got the set for half price, brand-new, box untouched, thanks to people who are selling brand-new Xmas present. I like Han Solo of course, and the Admiral Ackbar minifig is nice too. As a final thought about this set before writing about the skytower, I would say that I find the fins way too thick. One more thing. I had different shades of white in my set. Some bricks were creamy white, others cold white. Not nice at all once built. MOC-1128 – Skytower So I bought this set just to build this MOOC. And this MOOC is the start of something bigger I want to make. This skytower is supposed to be located in the City-Planet of Coruscant. Coruscant is like Trantor, a big city covering the whole planet and that is composed of countless buildings, districts and levels. Different styles surely compose the architecture of the planet. I don’t try to make something as close as what you can see in the Star Wars movies. Actually, what I want to make could be any imaginary city. Could be Trantor of course. Could be Earth in few centuries. Well, I stick with Coruscant, it’s suits my other sets. Once I made this MOOC – originally Madame Architect made it with only bricks from the A-Wing set – I realized that it needed some solidifications, I had to add extra bricks. I added an extra module and I’m even starting to build two more mini buildings. I just need to buy a big plate for the foundations of my city. I’ll post the pictures of the add-ons on a regular basis on this thread.
  24. Little_russian_AFOL

    MOC: Battle for Coruscant

    Hello, i am Little Russian AFOL, and today i am show for You my custom Battle for Coruscant from Genndy Tartakovsky (rus. Геннадий Тартаковский) animated shorts! Yoda and Mace fighting droids!!! eurobricks_another 001 by Little_Russian_AFOL, on Flickr eurobricks_another 002 by Little_Russian_AFOL, on Flickr eurobricks_another 003 by Little_Russian_AFOL, on Flickr Without figs: eurobricks_another 004 by Little_Russian_AFOL, on Flickr eurobricks_another 005 by Little_Russian_AFOL, on Flickr Mace falling on Vulture droid: eurobricks_another 006 by Little_Russian_AFOL, on Flickr eurobricks_another 007 by Little_Russian_AFOL, on Flickr eurobricks_another 008 by Little_Russian_AFOL, on Flickr eurobricks_another 009 by Little_Russian_AFOL, on Flickr Good bye!!!
  25. I hope it is not too late too post for the community build. Anyways, here is my latest MOC. I had completed it on saturday, but was only able to post this yesterday. I think after all it had taken me about 6 hours. For much months the idea of using dome topsfor a senate building. intitially, I wanted to do just the building, but later I couldn't resist to make a sort of interior too. I could have used a plate build dome, but I wanted it to have a smoother look. more pics on my Flickr account. overview: the top layer is builded like a Lego Architecture set, with the 1x8 tiles on the side. I wanted to photoshop a "Senate Building" text on it, but I don't know how. Could anyone explain how to easily put text in a picture, so it looks real? reference pic: actually my MOC isn't angled enough, but Lego still hasn't produced Brick, round corner 6 x 6 x 2 Dome top. I had to improvise the statues with teeth, it's ashame there are no straight versions. without the "roof": The "roof" is attached with 4 studs. when removed, you can see the Galactic Senate's Grand Convocation Chamber. The Grand Convocation Chamber: reference pic: I made it Light bluish gray in stead of Dark bluish gray because of several reasons: Because I thought Light bley looks better, the outside of the base already is light bley, and because I simply hadn't got the right pieces and enough in dark bley . Bonus pic: (bad) photoshopped image of the Senate's C&C welcome!