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Found 7 results

  1. Lord Vladivus

    Ghosts in the Dungeon

    "The dungeons? What is this?" exclaimed Alric, "Fenrir, after..." "Fear not young one" interrupted Sithanna. "We mean you no harm. This is a council of war, of which you are very much a part of. Allow me to introduce Amset Ra, envoy of the Desert King of Kaliphlin." "The Desert King?" asked Alric apprehensively. "Ana khadimaan mukhlisanaan lil Shadowmere." The mountain mummy sorcerer spoke in his native tongue. "He says he's a loyal servant of Shadowmere. So let's get back to the matter in hand." Fenrir spoke swiftly. "Rivalries and political differences matter not if we can't match the Spire. Vladivus is dead, yet his legacy stands- the Resistance. Even the might of the Desert King and Ulandus combined would falter if we let Ravaage win. We are here to see that day never comes. We stand as warriors before the end times. Amset, with me. Alric, Tauro, you may find it prudent to move away" Amset and Fenrir, staffs aglow, moved to the end of the room, where a pool of blood smouldered. As the others watched, a ghostly figure began to coalesce above the bubbling red liquid. "VLADIVUS!" exclaimed Sithanna. "But, how Fenrir? What foul magics is this?" "My dearest Sithanna. Did you truly think that death could hold me back? Krell bound my spirit to the mortal realm- due to my mixed heritage Hades itself finds it hard to retain my spirit. Without Krell, I would have wandered the void between life and death forever. Nevertheless, I do not intend to stay as a ghost. I wish to feel Gurthanol in my living hand once more, to strike the head from Ravaage," said Vladivus. With that, Amset and Fenrir levelled their staffs at Vladivus' ghost. A dark cloud, streaked with red blood enveloped the two staff wielders and Vladivus ghost. The smoke cleared, and a marvel stood before them: "I have returned". Vladivus clenched his fist. "There is much to be done." "My Lord," called Alric. "I am honoured to meet you. My name is Alric, and I am from Dronds Feelds. I helped Fenrir cleanse the rot. How may I be of service?" "Hail and well met, Alric of Dronds Feelds. I am familiar with your neighbour, Beorthan of the Trifork," Vladivus paused. "I would request your aid in helping to clear Shadowmere of, well, undesirables." He turned to the minotaur standing next to Alric. "Ah, Tauro, it's been a long time. If you would be so kind as to return to the Trifork and tell Beorthan that his alliance with Shadowmere still stands. As does the alliance between Dronds Feelds and Shadowmere." The two nodded their heads and departed, Sithanna spoke up; "What now Vladivus?" "We fight," came the grim reply. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The next step in the story! C+C welcome!
  2. Rick: "Vlad, do we really have to leave? There's plenty of women on Tiberia!" Vlad: "We've got to find land of our own. I rather think the locals have had enough of your scams, perhaps it's time to broaden our horizons! Hey, Captain!" A Corrington Captain on the small dock turned. Vlad: "Got a place on your crew for the world's best navigator?" "Oh, and the chap in the brown hat's a dab hand with a mop", he added with a wink in Rick's direction. Couple more pics in the spoiler: C+C welcome!
  3. Lord Vladivus

    A Message

    Vladivus leant back wearily against the tree trunk. Had it really come to an end on this muddy field? He frowned. This territory was Shadowmere's, but a few leagues from the city gates, and a routine patrol had marched purposefully along the road. It had started further back, where well placed crossbow bolts had begun to whittle the Shadowmere Guard numbers. Only Vladivus' elite Knights of the Inner Keep, with their heavy armour and shields had managed to withstand the bolts. All this whilst an enemy remained unseen. The scouts should have warned the patrol of the crossbowmen, but, alas, the answer had come around the next bend. Corpses littered the road, Shadowmere scouts, foul things written in their blood. A few hundred metres on, and an ambush was sprung. Vladivus, alongside Krell, and the Knights of the Inner Keep, threw back several waves of Hand of Corruption forces. They had seemed to be winning. A bellowing roar, and a warrior dressed in black armour, a tattered white cloak fluttering from his shoulders, wielding a mighty black halberd and cracking whip entered the fray, and the battle began to turn. The warrior had fought his way unerringly to Krell and Vladivus, his whip coiling tight around the former. As the whip bound tighter around Krell, his arms were pinioned, and a swift thrust of the warrior's halberd had finished the Necromancer. Vladivus didn't remember much after that, glimpses of a burning fiery portal where Krell had stood, consuming Krell's lifeforce and dragging him to the hell from whence he had come. The death of Krell had rendered the few remaining Zombies present virtually catatonic. A crunch of footsteps brought Vladivus' attention to the present. He feebly grasped for his sword, but the wound in his side, and the hundreds of Spire warriors made the act of defiance die in his throat. The warrior spoke, his voice a growl. "So this is the mighty Shadowmere then. Fallin' like runts o' a litter. I am Catastros, Captain of the Black Spire, 'n' I've a message for ye. Take yer snivelling half-blood scrawny Lordship back ter the other runts in the Resistance and tell them to kneel before the Spire or be crushed. You'll find no mercy a seccond time if yer pick the latter mind." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So next part in the collab. Not everything is going the Resistance's way! Fairly simple build, mainly to try a different ground technique, thus more story than build orientated. C+C welcome!
  4. Tasked with a new mission from the rebel headquarters, Vladivus and his crewmates have split up amongst the Black Sun in Coruscant. A Cathar lieutenant is their target, and they have positioned themselves around the sector in the hope that they will be able to follow him as he returns from the meeting. The Cathar speeds past Vladivus' position, on a modified speeder bike. Dressed as a Black Sun enforcer, Vladivus reports the sighting. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OOC: This is a bit of a rushed build, but I'm fairly happy with it. I've been wanting to try a snotted road for a while, so I figured this would be a good opportunity. Anyway, C+C is very much welcome, it's nice to build some Star Wars after rather a lot of castle!
  5. The following events take place at Shadowmere's north gate: DSC00395 by J H, on Flickr The summer months have made the swamp surrounding Shadowmere florish. Lots of plantlife, and other life that eats alive things... The road to shadowmere's north gate has been a safe route for years, and many travelers and the local populace make use of it. DSC00398 by J H, on Flickr The guard troll is standing outside the gate, watching over the people that come and go... Some lumberjacks are going out to cut some firewood in the swamp, while hunters return... DSC00402 by J H, on Flickr And other hunters hunt for the local fauna in the city's moat... DSC00406 by J H, on Flickr A tradesman is bringing in a supply of fine wine and ales from Avalonia... DSC00403 by J H, on Flickr While one of his customers allready has been hitting the bottle quite hard this morning... DSC00407 by J H, on Flickr The streets are busy and lively, though some travelers are a bit startled by the local quisine... Or is it because of the large teeth of the kazzar walking in front of him? DSC00408 by J H, on Flickr The kids in the street are playing knights, with sticks as swords.... DSC00412 by J H, on Flickr When they become older, they might buy a real sword from the local arms dealer... DSC00422 by J H, on Flickr Suddenly, a person is entering shadowmere in quite a haste... The guard troll does not like, but before he can say anything, the figure has past the gate. It is a messenger, with a letter.. Shortly there after, in the living quarters of shadowmere's main castle.... DSC00424 by J H, on Flickr While his stay at shadowmere is pleasant, Lord Mortis likes to relax in his quarters, reading alot of old lore and maps from the shadowmere library. His study of an old map is suddenly interupted by a knock on the door. Lord Mortis: "Enter" DSC00427 by J H, on Flickr The guard in the hallway enters the room.. Guard: M'lord, there is a messenger here to see you. Lord Mortis: Very well, send him in, will you? Guard: Yes M'lord! DSC00430 by J H, on Flickr The messenger enters the room.. Messenger: Lord Mortis, i bring word from Lady Sonja. She sent me in advance to inform you that she and the army will arrive in shadowmere within two days. Also she has given me this letter to give to you. Lord Mortis: Excellent, i was expecting the army to arrive sooner, but Sonja will probably have a good reason for that. DSC00433 by J H, on Flickr The messenger hands over the letter to Lord Mortis... Lord Mortis: Good man, you must be tired from bringing this message in such a hastely matter... Please ask the guard outside for the shadowmere quartermaster. Tell him you are one of my servants and that you require some quarters to rest. Messenger: Thank you M'lord! DSC00434 by J H, on Flickr While reading Sonja's letter, the look on Lord Mortis his face is turning from grim to even more grim... Encountered Raavage's forces? Been skirmishing? Local populace is forced into service by Raavage's troops? Minimal losses? I must inform Vladivus! Lord Mortis: Guard! Please summon Lord Vladivus! I have some important matters to discuss with him! DSC00436 by J H, on Flickr After a while, Vladivus enters the room. Lord mortis is standing on the balcony watching over shadowmere, pondering about the contents of the letter Sonja has sent him.... DSC00437 by J H, on Flickr Lord Vladivus: Mortis, you have word from lady Sonja? Lord Mortis passes the letter from Sonja to Lord Vladivus... Lord Mortis: Yes, and the reason why her arrival was late, is very dire. She has been fighting her way to shadowmere. Raavage's troops are everywhere rounding up entire villages! The men are given a choice, join his army, or be killed, have their village burned and their women and children enslaved. From what Sonja is reporting, alot of villages have been hit along the route she took to shadowmere, imagine if this is happening all across of nocturnus, then Raavage must be assembeling a huge army! Lord Vladivus: If what she has written in that letter is correct, we might be facing a army the world has never seen... This sure is a problem... Lord Mortis: I agree, and for me the time to just sit idle has past. Maybe rash on my part, but i cannot stand sitting here doing nothing else but reading, though i must say you do have a exquisite library here in shadowmere.. But my army will arrive within two days, and it's time to shed some blood! Please understand my lust for action, i fear if we do not act against these recruitment methods of the enemy, we might be severely outnumbered. Lord Vladivus: Well friend, if you must ride to battle, then so be it. I'll summon the royal blacksmith to take your measurements... If you are going to battle, you will need a suit of armor! Lord Mortis: Why thank you, my dearest Vladivus! DSC00444 by J H, on Flickr After two days, a large mass of men is approaching the north gate. Clad in black and red, just like the shadowmere troops.. Only these troops carry the symbol of the bat... DSC00446 by J H, on Flickr The army was expecting some relief from fighting, only to hear at their arrival that they will be leaving Shadowmere shortly for another campain against the spire... And then, there's the moment to say goodbye... DSC00451 by J H, on Flickr DSC00452 by J H, on Flickr Lord Mortis: Lord Anfauglir, it has been a pleasure meeting you and a pleasure being in your company! I sure do hope we will meet again! Lord Anfauglir: Lord Mortis, i have seen many a vampire, but very few were as pleasant company like yourself. We will meet again, i'm sure of it! DSC00453 by J H, on Flickr Lord Vladivus: The blacksmith has outdone itsself! I might have him ask to make me a suit of armor like that one too! Lord Mortis: Hahaha! And risk that i will lead your troops? Lord Vladivus, thank you so much for everything, i am endepted to you for quite some time! Lord Vladivus: Nothing of that! If you feel that you are endebted to me, than make up for it killing Raavage's troops! Lord Mortis: Lust for blood is what vampire's are good at! DSC00454 by J H, on Flickr Lord Mortis: Would'nt you agree Lady Sithanna? Lady Sithanna: I am so sad to not join you... I know the fire that drives you all to well! But my place is next to Vladivus. Maybe we will meet at the battlefield, and fight alongside eachother. Lord Mortis: And i will be waiting for that day, to have such beauty fighting alongside in battle.... DSC00456 by J H, on Flickr Lord Vladivus: It seems Mortis can be quite the charmer it seems... But before you go, i have one final parting gift. Even though we are always short on mounts, i cannot let you leave on those few tired mounts your army came with. I have ordered the stablemaster to ready our fittest mounts for you, and have them armored with what we can spare. Lady Sonja, it has come to my understanding that you love to ride a white warg... Well it just so happens we had one in the stables, and its yours now. Lady Sonja: ... My lord... That's a kingly gift! Lord Vladivus: Well if you say so.... Sorry Lord Mortis, you get the black steed with gold armor, haha! Lord Mortis: A fine beast too, maybe she wants to trade her warg for this magnifiscent steed after a while! Lord Vladivus: Well, whatever you do, be safe and i hope we will meet again soon. The party says goodbye and the vampire army marches... DSC00457 by J H, on Flickr On top of the tower... DSC00459 by J H, on Flickr OOC: Hey there! I hope you have enjoyed this story and i must appoligise for being out of GoH for a short bit! I've missed out on the kaliphlin civil war totally! But i'm back and i finally opened up a flickr account! (some more pics there too!) I will be building more for the pride of Nocturnus! C&C Welcomed!
  6. After Vladivus had discovered the rebel beacon, he attempted to stowaway on a ship bound for Kashyyyk; the Dujan. However, the budding Rebel was discovered by an astromech and a rather disgruntled engineer. R2-Q6: "Beep boop!" Engineer: "What do you think you're doing on board the Dujan?" Vladivus realised he didn't have much chance of lying, so told his story to the Engineer, and produced the Rebel beacon. It turned out the Engineer was a closet Rebel sympathiser, and promised to drop Vladivus off on Kashyyyk, and point him in the direction of the some Rebels. C+c welcome, second freebuild for SONE. I'd like this one judged! EDIT: New photos added, as I rejigged the build slightly.
  7. The Engineer dropped Vladivus off on Kashyyyk as promised. Vladivus managed to find his way to the Rebels with the use of his trusty speeder bike. Vladivus met a Rebel commander there, and they discussed Vladivus' desires to join the rebellion. However, their conversation was interrupted by a Rebel Commando sat at a scanner nearby, Rebel Trooper: "Sir, incoming Imperial troopers." The Imperial troops fired at the Rebels, but their shot were inaccurate and merely peppered the underside of the platform... ...Whilst Vladivus and the Rebel commander opened fire on the Imperials with pinpoint accuracy... ...And soon the Imperials were dead. Vladivus is now awaiting orders. SONE freebuild 3, C+C welcome. This was mainly me having some fun building Wookiee habitats! I'd like this one judged.