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  1. DarthYannick

    [Review] 75049 Snowspeeder

    Okay :) Thanks. Funny, I watched the movies so many times andf never noticed that. I will next time :) I wanted to post my reviw of the Jedi Starfighter - the yellow one, but there are few of them alreay here. So no point to add another one I suppose.
  2. DarthYannick

    [Review] 75049 Snowspeeder

    Before starting to review this set, some warning. I’m quite a newbie in the Star Wars Lego universe – just started end of last year. All the sets that I buy are the first ones of their own. That means that I don’t possess any previous old version of them. Thus I can’t compare the set I’m reviewing to the previous ones.

 I just bought the new Snowspeeder 75049 on internet. And I’m really happy about it. That’s a set I was looking for all these last months, and what I found was way too expensive. I like Lego, I like Star Wars, I love the Snowspeeder, but I’m not gonna pay a fortune for it.

So when I saw that it was back again, I knew that I needed to buy it. 

75049 T-47 Snowspeeder 
Pieces: 278
 Minifigs: 3
 Price I paid: 149pln (that’s about 36€ – 48$) – I saw it in a specialized toys shop at 229pln

 1) The box I find the box quite big, bigger than my 2 previous « small » set – A-Wing and Jedi Starfighter. I think that they could cut it by 1/3. Would be great. On the back you can see all the features and play functions of this set – the harpoon, the cockpit and the new missiles. I will write a bit more about these missiles later.

 2) The instructions

 What I like on this instructions manual, is the last page, with the inventory of the minifigs of the new sets (I presume). 

Some are very tempting. But buying a set just for them. Not for me.

 3) The minifigs Luke, Dak and a Snowtrooper.

I don’t like this kind of skirt on the Snowtrooper. I’m even thinking of removing it. But I love his backpack.

 I didn’t have Dak before, and he just looks like any rebel in his pilot gear. Has 2 faces.

 Luke is new. Of the 3 Luke I have, this is certainly the best one.

Just one thing, when the heads have 2 faces, I don’t like to see that tiny part of the print below the helmet. You can see what I mean on the picture above. 
 4) The building There are 3 bags, with small bags inside them as well. 

The first one is for the canon and the cockpit. There second one is for the one wing. The third one is for the other wing. There is one mini fig in each bag. 

Great fun building it. Just under 1 hour – the time for my baby son to take his afternoon nap. As usual, I build the set as I’m told in the instruction manual, and then I realize that there is some stuff that I don’t like or that there are some flaws. I really don’t like the new spring-loaded shooters, as for my previous set – the Jedi Starfighter – I removed them. I don’t like the sound of the spring when they are not loaded, and I think it’s kinda dangerous. I don’t want to misfire when I play close to my baby son. And for the harpoon, I removed the cable. I think that this system is not compatible with the snowspeeder. It’s such a primitive way to handle the cable. I didn’t take pictures of my transformation. Just the set as it should be once built. Something that bother me as well is that with the minifigs are inside the cockpit, and we close it, they have to lay down a little. Not such an easy way to fly the ship. 
The sticker didn’t bother me even if sometimes it’s not that easy to place them perfectly.

I think that it’s a really good looking snow speeder. But I already loved it before buying it. I love it since the movie.

 5) The ratings

 Figs: 9/10 – Nicely detailed, good enough for me. But I’m not a hard die fan of minifigs. I like them, and I can be happy with a simple one. 
Building/Design: 8/10 – Beside the spring-loaded shooters that I hate and the cable for the harpoon, the rest is great.
 Price: 8/10 BUT – I would have never bought this set full price. I found it in an internet shops with 30% off because it was their Star Wars week. I saw it in a shop at 229pln. Normal retail price is about 195pln – that’s 62$/48€. Horribly expensive. (it’s for that I try to buy the big sets when they are on sale or when people sell them – brand new – on our national eBay). 
Overrall: 8/10 – the spring-loaded shooters bother me a lot. As for the cable. Such a prehistoric solution. Hope my english wasn’t too bad ;)

  3. DarthYannick

    Review: 75038 Jedi Interceptor

    Because of you I will have to buy this one :-) I like it
  4. DarthYannick

    [MOOC] Coruscant Skytower (inspired by Madame Architect)

    Hi, Thanks for the tips :-) My big concer is the scale of the buildings. Anyway, my plan is to make a city with different kind of buildings, tall, huge, tiny, small, wide, to try to build different levels. With walkways between buildings like I saw in Canada, but way bigger of course. --- I tried to build your Jedi Starfighter. Actually I did manage. But everytime I was touching it, I destroyed it :-( Anyway, as I wanted to build this city, I didn't try to improve it. --- By the way, I'm not so good in creating something from scratch. I need a kick in my bottom to start something. So once I will finish my city, in few months or years, I presume the original MOOC I used will be gone, or may be I will only keep few parts and ideas. Who knows? But that's the principe of a MOOC isn't it? Always try to improve it. Brake it, build it again and better :D --- A question. What everybody would advice me to do to keep trace of the building process? Back everything up on LDD, or the pictures would be enough? One more thing :-) I love Foundation. I did read it so many times. :-)
  5. [MOOC] Coruscant Skytower (inspired by Madame Architect) This is not going to be a review of the RZ-1 A-Wing LEGO set so there won’t be any pictures of the box or whatsoever. Because I didn’t buy this set for the ship, but to build a MOOC made by Madame Architect. Well, just few words so. The ship is quite nice, but for me as it’s not an iconic ship of Star Wars, it was never on my wish list. I only bought it to build this Skytower. I got the set for half price, brand-new, box untouched, thanks to people who are selling brand-new Xmas present. I like Han Solo of course, and the Admiral Ackbar minifig is nice too. As a final thought about this set before writing about the skytower, I would say that I find the fins way too thick. One more thing. I had different shades of white in my set. Some bricks were creamy white, others cold white. Not nice at all once built. MOC-1128 – Skytower So I bought this set just to build this MOOC. And this MOOC is the start of something bigger I want to make. This skytower is supposed to be located in the City-Planet of Coruscant. Coruscant is like Trantor, a big city covering the whole planet and that is composed of countless buildings, districts and levels. Different styles surely compose the architecture of the planet. I don’t try to make something as close as what you can see in the Star Wars movies. Actually, what I want to make could be any imaginary city. Could be Trantor of course. Could be Earth in few centuries. Well, I stick with Coruscant, it’s suits my other sets. Once I made this MOOC – originally Madame Architect made it with only bricks from the A-Wing set – I realized that it needed some solidifications, I had to add extra bricks. I added an extra module and I’m even starting to build two more mini buildings. I just need to buy a big plate for the foundations of my city. I’ll post the pictures of the add-ons on a regular basis on this thread.
  6. DarthYannick

    [Review] The Millennium Falcon Microfighter

    Better picture of the modifications I made. Nothing fancy really ;)
  7. DarthYannick

    [Review] The Millennium Falcon Microfighter

    No I'm not. That's fine for me. What I need to change is the landing pods. Don't like them that much. But I don't have any pieces actually to suit my needs... I will after the week end. Promise :) Sorry ;-) Never really noticed that... And I saw them so many times :( Great idea :-)
  8. I introduce you to the Microfighter Millennium Falcon set. As you know, I already own the X-Wing one. These sets are kinda cute. Again, unlike the planet serie, they are made for fun and play around with them, not just for display. I like this Millennium Falcon, I mean, c’mon, it’s Han Solo starship after all! I always preferred him over Luke. But straight away after building the set, and taking pictures, I modified it. You can see what I did to my brand new Millennium Falcon below, alongside the X-Wing... Front view, Han Solo on the left, “in the cockpit”. Kind of. Front view is looking nice. Left side. Cool. Back side. I don’t know why, but I kinda don’t like it that much. Something doing with the nozzles. Right side. Cool too. But this is where I did the mods. Just to get rid of the pilot. I like the Microfighters sets, I don’t want to use the pilot. Bottom side. I don’t like it at all. I might change it one day if I find an idea good enough to get rid of these 4 landing pads. My mods on the X-Wing and the Millennium Falcon. Han Solo – New Version vs Old Version With this set, I have now 2 versions of Han Solo. On the left is the version you get with the A-Wing set, on the right, the version sold with this Microfighter. Starting with the head. A new one, with two different faces. One happy face and one worried face I presume. I prefer the worried one. Suits Han Solo better imho. Torso is the same in both version. Pants are different with this Microfighter version. Different colour and different serigraphy. I prefer this new version of Han Solo. Just because of the two facial expression. It’s kinda great for different game situation while playing. Packaging and Instructions Something about the packaging now. Small classy box. Way nicer than the Planet Serie with its big planet. Front box is the Millennium Falcon, with a very worried Han Solo riding it. Back box is busy showing you lots of stuff. The other models, the Millennuim Falcon and Han Solo alongside and with his happy face, and some ads for their mobile phone applications. It’s too much. The instruction leaflet now. Nothing too difficult while building the set. About 2-4 pieces to add per page. It takes about 10-15 minutes to build. I’m a slow builder because I always do few things at the same time…
  9. DarthYannick

    [Review] The 9493 X-Wing Superb Ship

    Thanks. For me the nose was more fragile than the wings system. Beside that, it's my first set, so I have nothing to compare with for the solidity of this system. It seems pretty solid for me. It's stable, but once open, it really need a stand. Otehrwize the wings below move up. Yes it is. I wanted this set. And it's really nice. To look at and to play with it :D
  10. DarthYannick

    [MOC] Jedi Starfighter - 75003 alternate model

    Love it :-) Will build it quite soon :) Thanks for sharing.
  11. DarthYannick

    [Review] The X-Wing Microfighter Novelty

    Okay, I will do it next time. I write the reviewsz for my blog, and then post them here, so next time I'll take the pictures you want and will upload them here :-) And I think that I should write more about the set as well, more technical I mean. Thanks :) I need to talk to my bank advisor so ;-) I only want 2 more microfighters, the Falcon of course, and the TIE interceptor. The others? Only if I have some money leftover as I want some bigger sets as well ;-) It's weird looking of course, not as feline as the bigger one, but it's very cute :-) Can't wait for my son to grow up to play with him :-)
  12. DarthYannick

    Ahsoka's Starfighter MOC

    I like this one a lot :-) Well done :D
  13. Well, this is review of one of the most iconic space ship in Star Wars, T-65 X-Wing, alongside the Millennium Falcon and the TIE Fighter (at least for me). Three spaceships I want so badly in the LEGO lineup. I just got the X-Wing 9493 set for my Xmas present :D. I finished building the X-Wing the same day. And spent another few hours trying to improve it. I still want to change few things but I don’t have the elements yet. Well let’s start with the beginning. The box is kinda huge, I think too big for what is inside. They could have cut it by half. Just the minimum to pack all the goodies, tightly. Never mind. They surely know what they are doing. Four minifigs are included in this set: Luke Skywalker, Jek Porkins, R2-D2 & R5-D8. So it’s mainly a Star Wars IV set. Tell me why there is a Darth Maul on the box? I sure didn’t get everything here. So I built the set in less than 2 hours, with a little break between the wings. And then after looking at it for few minutes, I decided to improve it a little bit. That work is still in progress so I will post pictures of the final X-Wing soon I presume. When I will get the parts. I though that the nose of the fighter was a bit too loose... So as you will see on the pictures, I modified the top nose, the back, the wings (I didn’t like the stickers and I’m waiting for few parts to replace/add) and I want to improve the weapons and get rid of the stickers for the engines. I also love the X-Wing in combat mode, so in order to keep it in that mode when displayed, I had to build a stand – I made a prototype, something quite bulky and with lots of different bricks – and I think that it’s okay. It will be very useful for pictures also. I like that X-Wing. I even love it. It was fun to build, it’s fun to customize it. And it’s really nice to have it on display. It’s also small enough to play with it (unlike the bigger set which is huge and I presume only for display). It’s kinda solid imho and I can imagine my son in the future playing with it and my future Star Wars sets. I highly recommend this set for any Star Wars fans. It’s an iconic spaceship you can see in Star Wars IV, V & VI. The ones I grew up with. The ones my son will grow up with. Of course he will watch the I, II & III films as the future ones. But you can’t start with Star Wars without starting with the older films. I don’t care if it doesn’t follow the chronology because if he watch the I, II & III first, he could be disgusted with Star Wars! And I would be depressed… Jek Porkins & R5-D8 + The Engines The Lightly Modified Blurry Nose Jek Porkins is watching you… With that picture you can see the modifications I made on top... And there you can notice the “new” back. I didn't like the empty spaces on the original version Ready to kick some TIE Fighter arses… Hope you liked the pictures :-) I try to update the post with another picture, and it's impossible to publish it. I get that : "Your post is too short" Any ideas?
  14. I was really looking forward these new Star Wars Microfighters Set. They look so cute. Unlike the Planet Series that were, imho, more for display, these Microfighters are totally for playing round with them, and are for kids. And I’m still a kid, okay, I’m an old and big fat kid, but still mentaly a kid. And sure I will play a lot with them with my son. So I got this X-Wing Fighter. I plan to get more of them, like the Falcon, the TIE Interceptor and the Star Destroyer. Actually today I wanted to buy the Falcon, but strangely, in the shop I went, they had all sets but this one. I want the Falcon because, first, I like the ship, and then, it comes with Han Solo. And Han Solo is the coolest guy in the whole universe (with Malcolm Reynolds)…