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Found 8 results

  1. Willem Guilder made his way into the darkened Council Hall. Lighting a candle, he walked up to the Admius Legistrad’s desk at the front of the room. Peering into the darkened hall, he heard a small noise in the distance. “Is anybody there?” Guilder asked. But there was no reply. It was likely just a mouse. For four years he led the Colonial Council from this desk. Now the streets were filled with rabble-rousers supporting Count Lewisham or cheering the return of King Fernando. And the Council Hall was empty. Eslandians had taken their freedom for granted; apathy (and greed) allowed the corrupt Count Lewisham to gain control of the Council. Lewisham was so despised, citizens now cheered King Fernando simply for standing up to Lewisham, something they could have done for themselves. “Does anybody care?” thought Guilder. Does anybody care that the establishment of the Colonial Council saved all Eslandians from the whims of the tyrant Fernando, who nearly got them into a war with Oleon over perceived slights that only a nightcap-throwing child could see. Does anybody care to take on Count Lewisham? Guilder had served Eslandola his entire life. Governor of An Holli. Director of the Merchant’s Colonial Trading Company. Member of the Continental Council. Charter member of the Colonial Council. When he stepped away from public life, he thought all was in good order. But nobody cared to stand up to Lewisham’s corruption. “Is anybody there?” he asked himself. “Does anybody care?” He reflected on how much good the Colonial Council had brought to Eslandians and the trade companies. “Does anybody see what I see?” he thought, as his mind wandered … They want me to quit They say, "Willem, give up the fight." Still, to Fernando, I say: "Good night, forever good night!" For I have crossed the Rubicon Let the bridge be burned behind me! Come what may, come what may For the Council! Lewisham’s lackies all say That we'll rue the day But we’ll make the Count pay Hang him by his toes! Through all the gloom I can see the rays Of ravishing light And glory! Is anybody there?! Does anybody care?! Does anybody see what I see?! I see fireworks! I see the pageant and pomp and parade I hear the bells ringing out I hear the cannons roar I see Eslandians All Eslandans Free forevermore! Suddenly aware of his surroundings again, Guilder looked around the room. How quiet How quiet the chamber is How silent How silent the chamber is Is anybody there? Does anybody care? Does anybody see what I see? *With apologies to Sherman Edwards, writer of the musical 1776. --- I decided to try my hand again at a darkened scene. Here's the full build in normal light: If not readily apparent, this build is in support of the Council! All C&C welcome.
  2. darththeling

    [MOC] Midi? Jedi Council Chamber

    Here's a Jedi Council Chamber at a smaller than System scale, accommodating 7 of the 12 council members with just enough space for a couple of minifigs to stand in the middle. It's riffing on the similar Coruscant theme from Palpatine's Arrest, where brick supplies allowed me to piece it together. This Jedi Council lineup is based on the positions held during The Phantom Menace. Size-wise, it's just about the amount of shelf space I can afford for this playset, but it is unquestionably a long-overlooked location for an official Lego set. Plenty of figures can be crammed in there. I was inspired to finish this up and put it on the shelf after seeing Kevii23's beaut of a build (lojaco's from Lego Ideas) here. The build of the baseplate isn't very remarkable. What I would have preferred are the new connection plates from the Carbon Freezing Chamber to complete the circle. The way I did it, using regular old 2x2 plates (and) bricks with hinges creates a circle well enough but the Lego won't connect two opposite sides together properly. The studs don't line up. I managed to use a couple of 1x2 modified with hole pieces to click into place on one end but this thing is bottom-heavy overall because of the extra weight in there. The floor's just a little off kilter, but as Jedi have no attachment / possessions, no one should lose anything down the crack, rite? I tried building it higher and possibly a roof using those big round slabs that I have too many of (i.e. from the Droid Gunship) but I want this playset to match the existing Palpatine's Arrest and this location looks best without a roof anyway. Otherwise you can't see inside easily and enjoy all the Jedi sitting in the circle. Bonus pic, here's the lightsaber rack outside the Jedi Council. "Okay, who brought the red blades?" Been trying something like this for a while with mixed results but I like where this particular build has taken me. I might decide to Bricklink new connections to make the circle more sturdy, though. For now it'll do. I'm certainly open to suggestions and criticism.
  3. Hoth Rebel

    [MOC] Jedi Council

    Hi guys, Last week(s) I've been atempting to recreate the model that lojaco made as a Lego Ideas set (you can find that one here: I've made this moc just by looking at those pictures, but I want to give all the credit to this builder. I've made pictures while building this so you can see how it was constructed. 1. The beginning This is how it al started. Finding the wedge pieces in LBG and especially Dark Red was the most difficult. The underside is almost the same as the Palpatine Arrest set (9526) from 2012. 2. We're getting somewhere 3. Getting ready for the floor After building the above I found out the there should have been a LBG layer under the Dark Red wedges so I had to remove all of those again to place some LBG plates under. 4. Almost there 5. End result After a few weeks of waiting for the pieces and some days building I can show you my 95% build of the Jedi Council Chamber. There are still some pieces missing and I need to work on some things, but it's ready for the public haha. I've really liked working on this and trying to figure out which pieces went where, how it was constructed and building the moc. Once I'm finished completely I will make my own scenes, but for now I will use the scene that was used for the Lego Ideas project. Sorry for the backgrounds.. I should get a whiteboard, lamps and stuff like that.
  4. mediumsnowman

    [MOC/MOD] Council of Elrond

    This has been 99% built for probably about a year now, but I just got around to finishing it up and taking decent pictures. The only "important" council member I'm still missing is Boromir. He's not cheap. C&C welcome.
  5. I had a stroke of bad luck with my camera: the cable for uploading the pictures has disappeared, and the new one I ordered did not arrive yet, and won't arrive before the deadline of the challenge. Meanwhile the main camera of my phone is also broken, so these pictures are made, yes really, with my front camera :P Ccl_Cl "Gentlemen!", said the Warden of Falconstone. "We are here together because sir uh..i-forgot-his-name has requested our help." Ccl_Op "Spyrus it is. Lord Spyrus!", replied the pale man in black clothes, from the other side of the table. "Never mind. He requests our aid to assist his master claiming his rightful title. Therefore he asks us to send a war party across the Rakath mountains, to meet up with a force of his own men." *the Warden points at the Map" "Here are our forces. There is a compagny of Lord Davok's men, those darned Bulls. And there is a regiment of our guild's main army." One of the Councillors, Sir Thornn responded. "Milord, I do see a resistance flag, don't I?" Sir Yuhda, the man right across the Warden, responded. "No, this force has been taken care of. They had been raiding our lands so we took them out." Spyrus: "Can you prove this? This is new information to my master." Sir Yvern, the Stag, sitting on the other side of Yuhda, sighed. "As far as I know, the Bulls had still sighted some of those orckind beings in our mountains the other day" Yuhda: "Oh, you and that Bull-sympathizing of yours... Since when do we believe the word of Bulls?" The Councillor that did not speak yet, now came to Yuhda's aid. "I would trust the word of Yuhda over that of a Bull, anytime. However, I don't think we should go, we would weaken ourselves too much." The Warden put another flag on the table. "A small warband would be good enough. Not everyone has to go. Yet I want someone I trust to go with them. Yuhda? Yuhda: "No, milord. I have other business to be done... yet how about you ask our doe to bring some of his Bull friends?" "Don't call me like that!", Yvern replied angrily. "Yet I can indeed ask Davok to join us, with a group of his men." "Allright then. Thornn, you will represent the Falconstone Council on this journey. Ccl_FB This build was fun! I haven't really done much interior building before. I am pretty happy with the result: I had other plans for the chairs, but I noticed I didnt have ample parts for it, yet this technique turned out well enough, for me. I'm just not happy about the banner connections to the pole, this is mainly because most of my LEGO is in a large cardboard moving box, so finding those spare parts was a huge pain, and I already had to hurry a bit :( I have been quite ill most of the week, so when I was back on my feet again the deadline came a lot closer. Tomorrow I am leaving to Swiss to perform on stage with my band, so I need to upload it now :P The sequal to this, my challenge build, will be uploaded tonight or tomorrow morning :D
  6. Previous Chapter: Rest in the Tavern --- Next Chapter: Voraal leaves Avalonia Aeldric walked up the steep steps into the Aegis realm. The shift to the dimension was seamless. It felt like walking into a room. Three heroic looking people sat at a round table with a compass in the middle. In the center, sat an elf dressed in a long gray robe. To the elf wizard's right, sat Avdar, the leader of the Rangers of Avalonia. To the elf's left, sat a fairly old looking fellow, dressed in a green tunic. "Aeldric has arrived, Vorthentus." Avdar said to the elf wizard. "Ah, i've heard much about you, Aeldric." said Feowind, the hunter. "Tell us why you are here, Aeldric." said Vorthentus, in a calm, but stern voice. "I have come to seek the council of the Warrior, the Wizard, and the Hunter. Avdar represented the Warrior, Vorthentus was reminiscent of the Wizard, and Feowind was the symbol of the Hunter. This was the Council of the Three. "What counseling do you seek?" Vorthentus inquired. "I have found a Nocturnus trespasser in the forests beyond the city of Vanhorn. The trespasser was a vampire, and he fled back to his homeland. He was responsible for slaying my family. I have come to ask if it is wise to chase after him." Aeldric said. The Three pondered this. Avdar spoke first. "This is straying from your duties back in the forests. It would not concern you." he said. "But it does concern me, he took part in the death of my family!" Aeldric revolted. "If you go after him, your ranking will be stripped from you!" Avdar exclaimed. "It was his family, Avdar." Feowind remarked. "Yes, but that does not concern his current profession!" the Warrior and the Hunter argued on, until the wise Wizard stood up from his throne. "Silence!" he exclaimed, as the area darkened with a black cloud. The cloud soon dispersed, and Vorthentus said his part. "It is my choice wether or not he goes." he said to Avdar and Feowind. He turned to Aeldric with apologetic eyes. "I am sorry for their rambling, Aeldric. If you feel this vampire lord deserves a dark fate, then it is your duty to assert your vengeance upon him. Go, travel to Nocturnus, find him, and avenge your family." he said. Aeldric bowed deeply before the council, and walked back into the realm of Historica. Ok guys, here i tried to get a "floating stone bricks" look. Kind of an anti gravity feel, but not completely. I've built a ton of builds over the summer, but haven't been able to post them until now, so if you feel like i am putting out too many builds, that's why. C & C welcome, though there isn't that much to post on. I tried to put tiles around, but as usual, i didn't have enough to cover the whole area. Thanks!
  7. My Category B build for Challenge III. This is my first build using this wall design. I think this method gives an interesting field stone effect. About 80-90% of the pieces are actually attached, the others are wedged in tightly and the build is actually pretty sturdy. See previous installment in the story here: link. Glorfindel was able to reach the Great Hall in Fjollum, just as the Dwarven and Elven representatives arrived. Once everyone was inside the hall, Glorfindel announced the reason for the meeting: "This council has been called to try and prevent a war between Mitgardia and Avalonia, and more specifically to stop the dwarven invasion of Avalonia before it is too late." The dwarven representatives gave a start at this news, as they hadn't realized their plans were known. "And what proof do you have that we were planning such a thing?" One of the older dwarves asked. "Your plans have been leaked, and some of your forces captured," Glorfindel replied. An elven lord questioned: "And how do we know that the government of Mitgardia isn't behind this plan of attack? This council could simply be a ploy to distract us and take us off our guard." "I assure you, that Valholl and Elon had no part in this scheme. If we were behind this, would we tell you our plans?" Glorfindel answered. "Besides, we both know that a war between our guilds would be disastrous for all of us, with the Black Spire still controlling Nocturnus and ready to take advantage of any signs of weakness in our guilds." Turning to the dwarves, he continued: "Now back to the point at hand, you need to call your troops back immediately. The elves now know of your plans and continuing would be suicide." "Only because of you!" A dwarf growled, "You're a traitor to Mitgardia! You talk about the threat of the Black Spire yet you aid their allies, the elves." "We are sworn enemies of the Black Spire," An elf snapped back, "Unlike you we have fought the enemy in our homeland and are only concerned with protecting our people, not conquering new lands." "Calm down," Glorfindel interrupted before the argument became violent, "Dwarves, you have no positive proof that the elves are working with the Spire, and even if they were, challenging them in their preferred environment would be foolish, it would be much wiser to simply fortify Mitgardia. The point is, both of our guilds need to work together to be able to defeat the Spire." Though it took a long time of negotiating, eventually Glorfindel convinced the dwarves to call off the invasion, and agree not to cross the border into Avalonia without express permission from the Avalonian government and therefore the Mitgardian government as well. But the crisis wasn't over yet, messengers were dispatched to call back the dwarven invasion forces, but would they deliver their message in time? First floor, with kitchen: Dragon shield mosaic: Hope you enjoy, the conclusion to my entry is at the end of my Category C thread C&C appreciated
  8. Players only, please! Confirmation | Day One | Day 2 | Day 3 Dragonishki (Darkdragon) isn't doing much, as normal. "Vwhat iz zat noiz?" he ponders, hearing the zombie behind him. Those are some of his only words. Especially considering the body of the Tiki Warrior takes his place upon death. Mercutio greets eevrybody, wearing a special helmet. "Great work, everybody. Sally was, if you can't tell by the helmet that fell out of her pocket, a Councilwoman. As was Dragonsihki. As you can see, this cute little guy surprised us by helping with yesterday's mess with Sally, so I kept him around. He's clearly not a pest. I've named him Fluffy, and I'm going to help him join my level of supremacy when this is over. Get to work." And they do. The Players (12) Mercutio Robertson - Played by TrumpetKing - NPC Kelly Lester - Played by Kristel - Wannabe Mermaid Clarissa Maplesby - Played by CallMePie - Expert People Trampler Peter Desmund - Played by Piratedave84 - Most likely to eat your face Jeffrey Norris -Played by jamesn - Corrupt Conquistador Carl Nemoss​ - Played by Captain Nemo - Hottie McHotterson Giovanni Capanni - Played by Captain Genaro - Hitman with a hint of class Monarch Timothy III - Played by Tamamono - Probably wants you beheaded Helen Inkling - Played by Hinckley - "Would you like a nice glass of wine?" Tickles - Played by TinyPiesRUs - Wants your kids to se the lions Pamela Fettucini - Played by Peanuts - Badass Mom Mikatta - Played by Mencot - Forest Witch Melinda Dugan - Played by MetroiD - Wants your scalp The Dead Kingsley of the Starfish - Played by KingoftheZempk - Criminal Mastermind - Dissolved Mid-Nap Night One - Monster Caitie Levanne - Played by Cecilie - Creepy Nurse - Beheaded reading mail Night One - Monster Bleeb - Played by Bob - Benevolent Alien Overlord - Gnawed on by a crazy cannibal Day Two - Monster Lacey Davis - Played by LegoDad - Desparate for sex - Ignored creepy sounds while bra stuffing during Night Two - Council Derek Polanes -Played by DarthPotato - Wants your credit card number - Blazed Night Two - Monster Sally Carrotine - Played by Scubacarrot - Child Arson - Fluffied Day Three - Council Dragonishki - Played by Darkdragon -Somehow came from a comic book - Eaten Night Three - Council The Rules 1. Each player will be given an alignment to play as. Each player will be aligned with either The Council or The Monsters. Any Third Party/Neutral characters have their own win conditions outlined in their roles. To win, the Monsters must eliminate all of the Council, while the Council must outnumber the Monsters. 2. Each day you may vote to lynch a player. The player who receives votes from a majority of the remaining players will be lynched. Voting must be done in the following format.Vote: Character Name (Player). No other format will be accepted. Unvoting may be done similarly, under the same format and criteria as voting. 3. A day will last a maximum of 72 hours. You may not vote for the first 24 hours of the Day thread. After 72 hours, it is now night. When the 72 hours of the day are over, please send your night action, if any, to myself using the Role PM I have sent you. The night phase will last a maximum of 48 hours. 4. The alignment of the player lynched, and any that died during the night, will be revealed at the start of the next day. 5. You may not quote or pretend to quote anything sent to you by the game host via PM.This includes all the details of your character and role, as well as any night action results. Role claims and reporting of night action results are acceptable, but in your own words only. Role Claiming should be done at your own risk. Do not attempt to use the structure of your role PM to your advantage. 6. Do not play the game outside the thread. Similarly, do not post out of character inside the thread. Game tactics and roles may only be discussed in the game thread or via PM with other players. Private discussion is done at your own risk and should be treated as part of the game. 7. If you are dead, you may not post in thread or discuss the game with any of the players. Any information you had becomes void, and may not be passed on. 8. You may not edit your posts. 9. You must post in every day thread. 10. Any questions about your role or the game must be asked in your Role PM that you received. 11. In your Role PM, you have been given a Personality Quirk. I request that you try to speak in your personality quirk a minimum of three times per day, but I will not make it a requirement. Try to have fun with it though! 12. Violation of ANY of the above rules will result in a vote penalty (1 vote for every 4 players left) on the first offense, and removal from the game on the second offense