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  1. Finnmoses

    [MOC] Star Wars Battlefront - Battle on Sullust

    That is a thing of beauty. I love the dynamic action in the way you arrange the minifigs. I'm always excited to see your new MOCs!
  2. Gorgeous! I love all the stairs and the window. Great greebles on the exterior too!
  3. Finnmoses

    [WIP] Lego Coruscant

    Hei! Another Finn building Star Wars MOCs. Good on you! It looks like you're covering everything I didn't. That naboo starfighter is great too!! Have you seen my coruscant MOC? I'm really excited to see yours
  4. Yeah, they used to put those in instruction booklets to remind you that Lego is not about following instructions.
  5. Finnmoses

    [MOC] Rebel Combat Speeder

    Kudos on digging this one up from the boneyard. Never really noticed it.
  6. Finnmoses

    [MOC] SW Rebels - Attack on Lothal

    This is great! It all fits really nicely and it's apparent that you really paid attention to the details. I love the control center too!
  7. Finnmoses

    [MOC] UCS BB-8

    That's a thing of beauty. I love the grey details on the sphere.
  8. Finnmoses

    [MOC] Coruscant Hi-Rise,

    Hey! Thanks very much. I say do it! I keep looking at parts of this and thinking there is sooo much more potential for revision. I actually gave a subtle nod to Ziro's palace, which is a little underrepresented in the 3rd and 4th-to-last photos. I like the idea of Hutts having little throne-rooms in the underbellies of civilization. It certainly drives the worm parallel home. I'm currently building an OT moc, but I might revisit this theme in the not-too-distant future
  9. Finnmoses

    [MOC] UCS A-Wing

    Aaaagghhh! Gorgeous! Everything is as UCS as it should be. Kudos!
  10. Finnmoses

    [MOC] McFlys' Speeder

    Beautiful model! I love the angles you get with the hoses. Intelligent use of rubber bands too
  11. Finnmoses

    [MOC] Coruscant Hi-Rise,

    Wow! I'm honored (for the isle-side homeboys). I had no idea this blog existed. Thanks very much!
  12. Finnmoses

    [MOC]Episode VII-The Force Awakens-First Order Walker

    Wow! What a blacksheep! The MOC itself is a very faithful reproduction. The body is so... bug-like.. The legs in the photo look quite a bit more bulky, so I'm sure you could find a way to keep it up without the stand. Kudos!
  13. Finnmoses

    [MOC] Coruscant Hi-Rise,

    I'm honored. Thanks for the kind words!
  14. Finnmoses

    [MOC] The Moldy Crow 2015 with Custom Minifigs

    That's not an easy color to work with. Looks super clean and I love the window!
  15. Finnmoses

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    I agree. This is a great idea. I now have 30 new OT stormtroopers with rebels legs, endor battlepack torsos, and advent calendar helmets, not to mention the three extras from the ISD and slave I. Good thread... Sneaky Lego marketing ploys. When will they give us what we want?