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  1. EtelEnzos

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Hogwart's roof is dark grey, only the spires are green.
  2. EtelEnzos

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    I don't know if it has been talked about before but I see that there is quite a bit of difficulty, at least in Spain, with the stock of the burrow, in stores like Toys R Us among others it is not even sold online, and in it is difficult to find it available, and when it is available the limit is 1. Do you think that this product would start to be manufactured later than the rest of the wave and that is why there are even fewer stock?
  3. EtelEnzos

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    The print for the torso is new too. I can't wait to see Flitwick!! At least the books will bring us updated minifigures apart from the repetitive students!
  4. EtelEnzos

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    At last a new mold for McGonagall!! I love it
  5. EtelEnzos

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    This year renders are very awful... I don't understand the need not to make a face for Lucius a real crap. The thing about not making the mold for the cane can be understood, I hope that if there is a next CMF it will be done ... but the reused face and the yellow color for the hair ... it was better with the color of 2010 and earlier. However for Draco I think this color fits well. The set is awesome! It's a really excellent set, what I am not sure is whether to use pink, although we have already seen that it is totally faithful to the first two films, or change it to medium nougat that I think would be less striking, which is the design I am very happy as they have adapted it. As for the rest of the minifigures I see them ok, it is a set more focused on the buildings logically and we have many Harry Potter minifigures that I did not imagine 4 years ago we would have! Nor could you expect more minifigures in this set, if the Gringotts Bank had been included maybe several eared employees but otherwise I think that with the Fantastic Beasts minifigures exchanging faces and hats we can create a nice assortment of random wizards to populate the set . Thank you Lego for all the love you are giving Harry Potter !! (except some face reused)
  6. EtelEnzos

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    In Orlando theme park the Shops from the Diagon Alley D2C are exactly one next to the other, except the Fortescue Ice Cream Parlour that is in front of Ollivanders
  7. This is my Game of Thrones Westeros MOC, this includes Dorne Fortress (HOUSE MARTELL) , Casterly Rock (HOUSE LANNISTER), King's Landing, Riverun (HOUSE TULLY), The Eyire (HOUSE ARRYN) and Winterfell (HOUSE STARK) 20150524_133818 by Etel Enzos, en Flickr 20150524_134416 by Etel Enzos, en Flickr More Photos on my Flirck
  8. EtelEnzos

    Figbarfs for the win!

    6 by Etel Enzos, en Flickr 5 by Etel Enzos, en Flickr 2 by Etel Enzos, en Flickr 10 by Etel Enzos, en Flickr
  9. EtelEnzos


    This is my Lego Star Wars Coruscant MOC; includes the Galactic Senate, Avenue of the Core Founders, a Platform and 500 Republica Building 20150215_235234 by etelenzos, on Flickr 20150215_234958 by etelenzos, on Flickr 20150215_232709 by etelenzos, on Flickr See it on my Gallery: INFO WOOKIPEDIA -Avenue of the Core Founders: -500 Republica: -Galactic Senate:
  10. EtelEnzos


    Force Awakens Lego by etelenzos, on Flickr Rey Solo by etelenzos, on Flickr See it on my Gallery:
  11. EtelEnzos


    20140226_164503 by etelenzos, on Flickr 20140226_174128 by etelenzos, on Flickr See more on my Gallery:
  12. EtelEnzos


    MINAS TIRITH LEGO MOC by etelenzos, on Flickr Battle of Minas Tirith by etelenzos, on Flickr See more on my Gallery:
  13. EtelEnzos


    See more on my Gallery: